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Salem fire victims hold on to faith

Published On: Dec 24 2013 08:17:03 AM EST   Updated On: Sep 23 2013 09:47:23 PM EDT

A Salem family is regrouping after watching their home go up in flames.


A Salem family is regrouping this evening after watching their home go up in flames.

"You cry about and then you think, look how lucky we are; we're all OK," said resident Bobbie Joe Williams.

Williams is thankful that no one was hurt in a house fire that destroyed all of her family's belongings. The home was under renovation, both inside and out, when the fire started.

"I heard him hollering and I went to look. And it looked like a light bulb was on behind him, it kind of glowed," said Williams.

The glow came from a compressor that caught on fire. Williams says someone was trying to put gas in the machine.

Bob Tanner lived in the home and recalls the moments he saw the blaze.

“I didn't even believe it at first when I saw it. I saw it in the door. I knew there were people in there working. I was like shocked,” Tanner said. “I stood there, I don't know how long. The neighbor told me go get Monty, check on Monty.”

Monty also lives in the home. It was his quick thinking that saved two little precious lives.

“Then he went down and ran inside, I tried to stop him but he went in there, old crazy thing. And he brought these two puppies back out,” said Tanner.

Though their material possessions are gone, their faith stays intact.

“The good Lord, Lord is so good to us, my husband was in there. The guys were in there working they could have burned up in there,” said Williams.

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