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Flashing lights warn drivers on busy Roanoke road

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:27:42 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 27 2013 06:22:00 PM EDT

Hershberger Road runs right through Friendship Retirement community.


If you see lights flashing on yellow crosswalk signs on Hershberger Road it means someone is trying to cross the road.

Hershberger Road runs right through Friendship Retirement community.  Residents use a crosswalk to cross the street for breakfast, activities and to catch the bus. Employees also use the crosswalk to bring residents to outpatient therapy sessions.

In order to alert drivers that someone is crossing the road special signs are set up on either side of the crosswalk and in the island in the middle of the road. 

A person must press the button. That turns the flashing lights on and a warning also plays for the person.  It says:"Cross street with caution. Vehicles may not stop."

"We just hope that drivers will be aware and watch out for residents when they're crossing," Nicole Bruch, marketing coordinator at Friendship Retirement community said.  "They take a little big longer than most people."

When WDBJ7 was there several cars whizzed by as a man waited to cross Hershberger Road, even though the crosswalk lights were flashing.  Other drivers stopped right away.

"The reality is a lot of times drivers aren't paying attention too much and they really don't stop for them. That's something we love to bring awareness to," Bruch said.

Nearly one thousand people live at Friendship Retirement Community.