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Gas prices drop in southwestern Virginia

Published On: Jul 08 2013 08:14:08 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 08 2013 09:54:49 PM EDT

One gas station in Southern Virginia actually has gas for $2.59


You might not have noticed yet, but you will. Some parts of southwestern Virginia are now enjoying substantial cuts in gas prices.

In Daleville, the price is hovering just above $3 a gallon. And stations in Hillsville and Galax are much cheaper than that.

"I've been checking the prices up the highway and $3.13 seems to be the average," said North Carolina driver Mary Wellborn, "but then I saw this for $3.03. so I pulled in here. "

Ron Scotton was on his way home to Georgia when he stopped at the Dodge Store near Daleville. "Well I just came out of that Comfort Inn, and was headed to the Interstate and saw $3.05," Scotton told us, "and I had to have some. I don't even need that much," he joked.

Drivers who were passing through the area noticed, and so did locals who were looking for some savings at the pump.

"It looks better than it was a couple of months ago," said Scott St. Clair, "so $3.05 is better than $3.50 or $3.90, so it definitely makes it easier.

Robert Harris was filling up a gas can for his tractor. "As much as we mow right now, When you've got a tractor, it burns a lot of gas. I'm telling you it hurts," he said.

And while it might not last, Kim Broughman was hoping the lower prices will keep her rolling this summer.

"It makes a lot of difference in my traveling," Broughman told us. "Right now I'm on my way to Charlottesville to see my daughter, so I probably wouldn't have done that if the gas prices hadn't gone down."