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Giving the gift of education just got easier online

Published On: Mar 14 2014 08:40:05 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 14 2014 08:53:33 PM EDT

A new non-profit in Danville is using the power of social media to fund scholarships


A new non-profit in Danville is using the power of social media to fund scholarships.

It's a concept that's already helped dozens of people from different schools. The idea is simple: name a scholarship, ask friends and their friends to donate, then give it to a deserving student.

The idea came from Danville's own Cabell Maddux.

"We've created a platform and a space where anyone can design their own customized named scholarship," Maddux said.

His idea is called Scholarships Expanding Education, or SEE, and the website,

You don't have to be rich or poor, you just need a few bucks to donate.

"It's a great way to honor or remember someone that you love. I think this is applicable for things like weddings and retirements," Maddux said.

He monitors it all from his computer in a corner office space borrowed from the Danville Regional Foundation.

He and a few buddies are running the website now and got the idea after hearing a young man worry about not having enough money to pay for school.

The team is using crowdfunding, having multiple people pitch, instead of one person or family.

"You don't have to bring a large sum of money to the table to provide meaningful support for education. It's empowering someone to support education and on the other side it's another access point to financial aid," Maddux said.

So far more than 300 schools have signed on to accept scholarships from SEE including Averett University in Danville, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Pennsylvania State University to name a few.

Debbie Rawley doesn't know it yet, but her husband, Buddy, set up a scholarship in honor of her long teaching career at Sacred Heart School in Danville.

"This is her 60th birthday and her 34 year of teaching children," said Buddy Rawley. "In three days we raised 480 dollars."

Maddux graduated from college in May and is preparing for medical school.

So far 18 scholarships have been rewarded through the website.