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Grand home furnishings celebrates a 60 year tradition

Published On: Sep 19 2013 04:40:08 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 19 2013 06:51:53 PM EDT

Since 1953 everyone who comes in Grand Home Furnishings gets an ice cold bottle of Coca Cola.

Roanoke, Va. -

It was 1953 at a furniture store grand opening in Lynchburg and everyone who came in got an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola.

The woman who handed out the first Coca-Cola at Grand Home furnishings in Lynchburg 60 years ago was there Thursday as the furniture store celebrated the 60 year tradition.

The grandchildren of the store's founder told WDBJ7 how the tradition began.

"My grandfather felt when someone comes to your home you should greet them at the door and offer them something to drink so for them to come to our store we felt like they are coming into our home. and ultimately we're affecting their home," said Grand Home Furnishings Executive Vice President Robert Bennett.   "So why not welcome them."

That tradition lives on.  Grand employees hand out bottles of coca cola at stores in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee, according to Bennett.

The Coca Cola Bottling Company presented a piece of Coca Cola history to Grand today to honor the long partnership.  It's  a vintage Coca Cola picture that was on display at the Grand Home Furnishings store on Valley View Boulevard.