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Hero the cow gets a hero of his own

Published On: Jul 22 2013 04:33:20 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 22 2013 09:45:05 PM EDT

Glenn Easton is readying to change lives by making prosthetics.


Like a doctor preparing for surgery, Glenn Easton is readying to change lives.

Easton is making the prosthetics that will help Hero walk, and eventually run again.

Hero the cow was taken in by the Selah Ranch All Animal Rescue in May after loosing his back hooves in a big freeze.
While many would've thrown in the towel, ranch owner Kitty Martin pushed to get Hero back on his feet; but money was tight.

"One of our fans who couldn't donate much found Glenn for us. She took it upon herself. She called him, she set it up. He called me and like I said it was a whirlwind all of a sudden," explains Martin.
Easton who lives in New Jersey, made the seven-hour ride and volunteered his services to help.

"We've never worked with cows, this is a new experience for us," says Easton, "But, we have worked with dogs, cats, even a kangaroo!"

Sheets of plaster of Paris are dipped in water, squeezed out, wrapped and formed around Hero's legs.

And, Hero, unlike some of his patients, is easy to work with.
It's this gentle nature Easton says may help him adapt to his new hooves.

From here, Easton will take the casts from New Jersey to make a mold. In 2-3 weeks he'll bring the prosthetics back to the ranch here in Virginia for Hero.

It's not Michelangelo's David, but these casts are a work of art to Kitty Martin.

Says Martin, "Miracles do happen. I've had a few in my life but never one to this extreme."