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Home Cookin' With Heart: Easy breakfast idea

Published On: Aug 03 2014 11:06:29 AM EDT
Lori's Home Cookin' with Heart

I like meals that are easy to make and freeze well. I discovered a great breakfast recipe due to a potential disaster.

We keep our upright freezer in the garage. One day in July, I went outside to get something out of the freezer and was aghast when I saw the door was wide open. All of the food was completely thawed, thank goodness still cold just no longer frozen. I panicked. I mean who wants to have a freezer of food to be thrown away. I certainly did not.

We had a Sam’s size bag of tater tots, which was a lot of tater tots and they normally do not freeze well after being cooked. I was not sure what to do. Then I found this recipe on Pinterest for potato and omelet breakfast bites, and got right to work. Click here for cooking directions.

Sure, it took a few hours to prepare and use all of the tater tots, but it was well worth the effort.

I changed up the recipe since my family is picky and we are not pepper fans. I made a couple dozen omelet bites with sausage, ham and chopped bacon and extra cheese. I chose not to mix the meats together. They turned out tasty; my son and I preferred the bacon and my husband liked the sausage the best. I put a dozen in the refrigerator for that week’s breakfast and the rest in packs of four in the freezer.

This recipe has endless options available for preparation. It can even be made without the meat option and just add any vegetables you like. You can get creative in what you decide to prepare with these omelet bites. Just be careful and do not overflow your muffin pan. Yes, I have done that by mistake when putting too much bacon and cheese in the bites.

This recipe made breakfast meals easy for my son during school. He would just put the opened freezer bag on a microwave safe plate for about one minute and voila a hot breakfast is ready. We have added this recipe as a regular part of our dinner plans. We will make the recipe for dinner one night then freeze the extra for breakfast over the next few days. A great timesaver in the morning when getting everyone ready for the day. This is also easily transportable. If you are in a hurry like we are many mornings, it is easy to carry in the car and eat on the way to school or work. I like providing a healthy breakfast not full of sugar even if we are in a hurry some days.