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Hundreds in Roanoke rally for Trayvon Martin

Published On: Jul 20 2013 09:57:20 PM EDT

Their presence has been seen all over the country in numbers, and in Roanoke, their voices were also heard.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered tonight for the "Justice for all Rally" in remembrance of Trayvon Martin. Many say justice was not served in the case of the slain teen.

"When I heard the verdict, no justice, no justice at all," said protester, Eric Otey.

"You can't kill someone and get away with murder because you though they look suspicious,” said protester Katie Lee.

Some people wore hoodies, others t-shirts with Martin's face. They met near the MLK Bridge and marched to Poff Federal Building. Some say the rally is not about race but the justice system.

“This rally means a lot to me, it's a chance for our community to come together as one, that's our goal with having it. We want people to realize the injustice that was done to Trayvon Martin wasn't a race thing, more of the justice system failing him," said protester Samaria Pope.

All walks of life joined in prayer and lifted their voices for a life some say was cut too soon.
Kenya Reynolds is the mother of a 16 year old; she says she worries for her son and is keeping a watchful eye.

"I took him to the park earlier today, I usually take him and drop him off, I mean he's 16 years old. I stayed there right with him today,” said Reynolds.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the teenager's murder, but that's the hard pill to swallow for the crowd.

"He's calling self defense but if one person has a weapon and the other don't, I don't see where self defense plays a part in that,” said protester Maricca Penn.