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IQ Center offers unique technology tool to W&L students

Published On: Dec 24 2013 11:35:04 AM EST   Updated On: Oct 16 2013 07:50:37 PM EDT

WDBJ7's Susan Bahorich shows us how this multi-million dollar lab is for much more than science experiments.


Whether you have a science background or not, you can tell Washington and Lee's latest addition is cutting edge.

"IQ Center stands for 'Innovative and Quantitative Center.' So, the idea here is to bring together all of the sciences and non- sciences too," explains Biology Professor Helen I'Anson.

This multi-million dollar lab isn't filled with beakers and Bunsen Burners.
Instead, it has state of the art microscopes, imaging and recording equipment, plus computers that wouldn't usually be offered to undergrads.

The idea is to increase interest for students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Plus, create what coordinators call, "scientifically literate students."

Explains I'Anson, "They're our most savvy generation in terms of technology and so we wanted to use that to draw them into science and math, sooner rather than later."

With all the labs and technology, obviously the IQ Center was built for the sciences, but coordinators hope teachers from other disciplines will incorporate this technology into their coursework.

"What I really like about this Center is that everything's accessible, so it's not behind a locked door. People come in here and they see a 3D printer and they say I have an idea something that I can use in my class," IQ Center Coordinator Dave Pfaff.

The hope, to engage students and bring concepts to life, no matter what the class.

"We don't know everything this center can do. I think the sky's the limit," says I'Anson.