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Lifeguards taking advantage of hot day

Published On: Jul 17 2013 06:43:49 PM EDT

Today, Roanoke City Parks and recreation held a lifeguard competition featuring six teams from all over the state.


Most of the day Wednesday was the perfect time to be at the pool, and not just for swimmers.

Wednesday, Roanoke City Parks and Recreation held a lifeguard competition featuring six teams from all over the state.

This heat wave is the first true sign that summer is here and the pool season is under way.

“We've had a lot of rain and thunderstorms that close the pool down or it's been a rainy day and a very slow day for us,” Lifeguard Colton Spahr said.

A slow day for swimmers, but a busy day for lifeguards.

They spent the day competing. And when they're not saving lives literally, they're practicing in their own pools, rain or shine.

“Every Saturday our pool has extrication where all our kids come in and we practice on different scenarios, sets of drills and such,” Spahr said.
“We do inservices all the time to practice a bunch of different scenarios to practice and make sure we're ready for anything,” Lifeguard Rachel Phelps said.

Pool managers say these extra drills, coupled with events like this competition are great for these lifeguards.

Not just because they practice the skills they know in pressure situations, but they learn other techniques from other teams.
“It's kind of nice, my favorite thing is kind of seeing how other teams do their rescues,” Pool Manager James Moshier said.

So while today's event was billed as competition, we'll call it practice.

But when it comes to saving lives, it's something these folks take very seriously, no matter the weather.

The original plan was for each of the six teams did almost a dozen different scenarios Wednesday.

They got through a few of them when, the competition was cut short when thunder came through the area.