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Localized flooding strikes Botetourt County neighborhood

Published On: Jul 22 2013 04:25:30 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 22 2013 09:41:47 PM EDT

Some people in the neighborhood say the rain was worse than the Flood of 1985.


Some people in Botetourt County are cleaning from flooding on Sunday.

Get this, some people say the rain here was worse than what they got in the flood of 1985.

The flooding gave one family an extra headache.
"I just say 'it hadn't hit me yet' but I said, the way it's going, I'll get hit probably. Yesterday was the day," said Tom Flinchum.

Stop us if it's a story you've heard before because of this summer's weather.

"It's just a muddy mess," Dottie Flinchum added.

Tom says when the water came down the street, it looked like a river.

The flooding has been kind to the Flinchum's. Nothing on July 4th, and nothing a few weeks ago.

"My parents just learned how to text because they just got the iPhone and my dad texted me a photo of his backyard flooding so he said, "we've got it, you've gotta come help,'" the Flinchum's daughter Monica Collins said.

The water kept coming into the backyard, eventually making its way into the Flinchum's pool and their basement.

Today, the backyard is looking better thanks to the help of kids and grandkids.

"We all were here in 30 minutes bringing wet-vacs and brooms and whatever we could do to help," Monica Collins said.

"It was wonderful, our children came, they jumped in here and did it all," Dottie said, "I'm just so proud of them I don't know what to do to tell you the truth."

For the Flinchum's, making the pool look good again is a long and involved process.

It's like opening a brand new pool, they said.

Like everyone else bit by the flooding bug this year, the Flinchum's will wade their way out of this mess.

A good story; one you've probably heard before.

The Flinchum's say they're just happy no one was hurt and really did just feel lucky they were able to avoid the other flooding events this summer.

They say this won't get them down and they'll be back by the pool in no time.