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Locals react to Zimmerman verdict

Published On: Jul 14 2013 07:57:29 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 14 2013 06:30:00 PM EDT

The George Zimmerman verdict was a surprise to some, this afternoon it was a topic both at a local church and on the streets of Roanoke.

“I really didn't have an opinion in the beginning, and I did develop an opinion listening to the evidence. I felt he is definitely responsible for shooting and killing that young man, said Gregory Rose.

“I was somewhat outraged but not surprised considering some of the other incidence through the political process in the state Florida but again very disappointed, said Moises Seraphin.

The verdict in the Zimmerman case sparked a riot in Oakland, California. It's leaving some confused here in Roanoke as well. Margarita Martinez, a parent, stands on Hershberger Road with a sign in hand.

“I was dumbfounded, my thought is how can you be not guilty and how can you say you're defending yourself for something you provoked, said Martinez.

“There should be a consequence if you're going to follow somebody with a gun and they end up dead, because you had a confrontation,” said Rose.

Inside the Pilgrim Baptist Church there was a brief message of not anger, but love and forgiveness.

“My heart is sadden for actually both families, because there’s actually no winners. Two families, their lives have been touched forever,” said Pastor Dwight O. Steele Sr.