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Martinsville food insecurity rate is second highest in Virginia

Published On: Jul 23 2013 06:24:18 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 23 2013 07:16:02 PM EDT

WDBJ7's Frankie Jupiter finds what one organization is doing to help the issue.

Food insecurity means not having access to nutritious food, and it's becoming a growing and scary reality in Martinsville.

The food insecurity rate in Martinsville is the second highest in the state.

For some going to the grocery store is as simple as walking in, picking out what you want and paying the cashier. For others it's not so easy. Feeding America is breaking down the food insecurity rate for our region.

“The food insecurity numbers actually drill down so that we can understand and we can help the public and those that can help us understand that food insecurity is real, and there are times that people can't put food on the table,” Executive Director Pamela Irvine said.

To put a face on those numbers, it's people who are living below the poverty line, and those who are above it but still struggle to put a meal on the table.

It's especially hard for families who don't qualify for federal food assistance, and even when kids are out of school for the summer.

“That's a number one additional burden for the family; they have to find additional food resource,” Irvine said.

This may be hard to do when some families are already out of work and are struggling to make ends meet.

Feeding America is trying to find a specific way to stop this problem.

“We take that information and then we target those localities that have the higher percentage of food insecurity and we try to develop programs and direct distribution into those localities,” Irvine said.

If you need assistance you can contact Feeding America.