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McCrae Makes His Nominations

Published On: Jun 30 2013 10:13:41 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 30 2013 10:33:37 PM EDT

The house reels after hearing about the MVP. Most people see it as a bad thing but Aaryn thinks its a good things. She speculates that she will win it more than once this summer. #delusional

Jeremy and Judd compare the ladies of BB15. But lets be real, all of the females are like 7-9s. It is unreal. We can tell the casting directors were male-influenced. Jeremy wants a snuggle-sesh with each girl to make sure he chooses the right girl.

On the other side, the ladies judge the men. Aaryn have her sights on David. The three girls, Aaryn, Jessie, and Kaitlin, give nicknames to the guys.
David = Ken
Nick = Manhattan Big
Jeremy = The Sailor

“Who wants to see my HOH room?”

The whole gang advances up the stairs to McCrae’s room. If I had to describe his room I would say advanced and metrosexual. There are motifs of transportation, space shuttle. McCrae is stoked of his life of luxury. Everyone takes note of it and stays a while to chit-chat. While talking, Kaitlin notes how chill McCrae is of showing off his pad. He is not as obnoxious as past houseguests. Also, he didn’t get a big head like Rachel. so of course Elissa, Rachel’s sister, is pissed at her comments as she tries to keep a poker face.

The Alliance Shuffle

Nick pulls Jeremy aside to make an alliance with him. He recruits Howard, Spencer and McCrae to join. This excites Jeremy because he is already in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer. McCrae sees this as protection after his week of HOH reign. They name themselves ‘The Moving Company.’

If you thought that name is stupid then brace yourself for ‘Bieber Fever.’ This includes the showmance of David and Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin, and Jessie and Nick. David says he came in for the showmance more than the money. What an idiot.

“Being trapped in the house with Jessie is like being trapped with a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert” - Amanda on Jessie

Judd tells McCrae that Elissa is Rachel's sister. The house buzzes with the news.
Kaitlin is shocked because she talked so much smack about her sister, Rachel.

Have or Have-Not Competition

This is the first HoHN competition of the season. The house splits into 3 teams. The backyard is dressed like a campfire; squirrels are wearing a cowboy hat. One at a time, players race across a pond on a tube to collect a can. After returning, the contestants must stack 15 cans into a pyramid on top of a plank held up by their team holding ropes. If one of their cans fall then they must start over.

The teams are off and Howard is doing a bad job for TeamRed. He flips over, paddles in the wrong direction. Water is not his friend. Troublesome times strike their team as Judd stinks it up. Blue teams laps red numerous times for the easy win. But, it is not about getting first, but avoiding last.

Red team drops their pyramid and they are forced to start over. Bad news for them until Yellow team drops their stack. According to Kaitlin, this is all Candice’s fault for poor communication. Even though the rope dipped after David attempt to switch over to another player.

Yellow team out-laps Red and comes in second. Red Team is the have not team. Andy, Elissa, Helen, Judd and Howard are have-nots and have to eat slop, take cold showers and sleep in a airport terminal room.

HOH Kissing Time

This is the time where everyone goes up to the HOH room to avoid getting put up on the block. Amanda works her charm on the pizza boy. She wants Jessie gone because she has a better butt than hers. Hey, at least she is honest. Elissa confesses to McCrae that she is Rachel’s sister. He already knew so it was like wind in the air. Bieber fever wants Elissa gone because she is the easy target.

MC nominates Jessie and Candice because they are the two least liked people of the house. He wants the MVP to get blood on their hands. Is this a smart move? We will have to see on Tuesday!

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