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Middle schoolers experience life as a doctor at Carilion camp

Published On: Jul 23 2013 05:35:38 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 23 2013 05:51:52 PM EDT

WDBJ7's Brendan King visited the camp to get a lesson with future health care professionals.


Some middle school students are getting a chance to experience a day working in a hospital.

For some kids, a trip to the hospital can be a scary situation. But, these campers aren't here for a check-up.

They're learning the skills of the person in the scrubs.
"The experience and the things that they see while they're here within our facilities is in invaluable to them," Camp Coordinator Mellissa Ferguson said.

It's Camp Carilion Clinic: a four day exploration camp for students to get a taste of what it's like to work in various health fields. It's entirely hands-on from checking blood pressure to drawing blood  

"I think that it makes learning about the careers more interesting and what I'd do on a daily basis at my job," Camper Rebecca Bradley said.

Carilion hopes programs like Camp Carilion Clinic will inspire the EMT's and nurses of the future.

"The students leave here with an engaged interest in continuing their education and I think that's a huge piece of what we're teaching them here," Ferguson said.

These campers know it can take years to become a doctor or therapist, but, "I think if I enjoyed my job that it would be worth it in the end," Bradley said.

One day, these budding nurses and doctors might just save your life.