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New health professions building open and operating at Virginia Western

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:55:13 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 22 2013 05:58:08 PM EDT

Just in time for the start of classes, a new health professions building is open and operating for students at Virginia Western Community College.


The Center for Science and Health Professions is a 68,000 square foot state-of-the-art Health Professions Building.

The total price tag for the new building was $26 million. 

The college held its ground breaking ceremony for the building on August 16, 2010. 

The Center's communication room has 700 cables and over 70,000 feet of cable to support 650 network ports. (Each one of these ports requires additional terminations. IET staff made the additional 950 connections to the end user.)  

There are 70 wireless access points throughout the building in order to provide wireless connectivity over the entire building.

There are a total of 60 faculty and staff virtual work stations, along with new shared Ricoh printers/copiers for faculty and staff use.

The emergency announcement systems are integrated with the campus-wide system.  

There are two compressed video classrooms: (HP 129 and HP 238) that will be used by Dental, Vet Tech, and Career Switchers.  

The first floor consists of a state-of-the-art dental clinic, dental labs, classrooms and offices.  

The Dental Clinic (HP111) is an ultra-modern digital facility with 12 complete dental stations and panoramic X-Ray equipment.  

The Dental Clinic will be open to the public for free routine oral exams and x-rays.  
The total cost of the equipment in the Dental Clinic was approximately $750,000.

The second floor consists of a multi-purpose room that will be used primarily for nursing classes, but may also be used by outside groups (when available).  

The School of Health Professions is also located on the second floor, along with practical nursing, radiography and radiation oncology programs.   

The Radiation Oncology Department has a linear accelerator (HP 237) and an adjacent compressed video room.  

While the machine will be capable of x-ray it will not administer radiation treatment, it will allow our students to train on how to best position patients for radiation treatment.  

Virginia Western Community College is the only community college in the nation to have a linear accelerator of this type.  

The equipment was purchased USED for approximately $300,000.

The radiography area contains a lab with 16 virtual student stations and the X-Ray room is located in HP 235.

The third floor contains classrooms for nursing, physics, geology lab (HP 344), and general use and a large number of faculty offices.

There is a complete Nursing Simulation System (control panel) (HP 351) with two simulation rooms with state-of-the-art simulation manikins and an 8 bed nursing lab (HP 354) complete with state-of-the-art wall-mounted headwalls.

There is a nursing lab with 8 virtual student stations (HP 354) and a 30 station shared Nursing and Biology computer lab (HP 341).

The fourth floor consists of state-of-the-art Biology and Chemistry labs with proper ventilation to the roof top and designed for ultimate safety in mind.  

All labs are designed to accommodate 24 students and the support area for the labs is located between labs, so that it can efficiently serve more than one lab at a time. (The Chemistry Lab is located in HP 410 and the General Biology Lab is located in HP 422.)