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New school year, new look at Martinsville High School

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:04:00 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 13 2013 10:58:59 PM EDT

WDBJ7's Justin Ward shows us how new construction is fitting in with their lifestyles.


The old letters still read Martinsville High School, but the entrance shows big metallic change.

"I didn't think it was going to be this nice. Cause from all the construction I was like, they're not going to have it done in time, it's not going to be ready, it's probably not going to look that good then I walked in, I was like, wooo! Oh my goodness," said Marnie' Martin.

It's just the second day of school and senior Marnie' Martin is still awestruck by new renovations that start even before she gets off the bus.

It's like walking into a completely new school," Martin said.

It's mostly all different. A new entrance, new commons area and a new cafeteria.

"The kids can get wraps to go. They can get soup and salad at one place. They will have a home cooked meal at another and another will have wings and pizza," said principal Angie Weinerth.

There's also docking stations to charge up.

Yes, the new principal Angie Weinerth allows cell phones, tablets and laptops in the school.

"They will be able to pull together. We have some some chairs coming, a few couches that can be pulled around," Weinerth said.

Those couches aren't here yet. There's still finishing touches left before the ribbon cutting later this month.

The new changes continue down the hall where there are seven new science classrooms which make room for more courses.

The old science classrooms were converted into a television studio.
And next door there's a lifelike hospital for students interested in the medical field.

If you thinking it doesn't look or feel like a high school, that's the point.

"It's almost like a college atmosphere to get them prepared for colleges," Weinerth said.

That college feel is already rubbing off.

"Everybody just seemed so sophisticated and it didn't seem like everybody was just running around. It seemed liked we got a new school and then we got new kids with new attitudes," Martin said.

It's a fresh start and welcomed atmosphere at Martinsville High School.