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Obenshain still in the lead, Herring has yet to call for recount

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:10:57 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 06 2013 08:00:27 PM EST

It's been a race too close to call between Republican Mark Obenshain and Democrat Mark Herring.


As of Wednesday, Virginians are still waiting to find out who will be their next Attorney General.

It's been a race too close to call between Republican Mark Obenshain and Democrat Mark Herring, but the results so far show Obenshain in the lead.

Now the question is will Herring demand a recount?

Herring has the option to ask for a recount, but he has not made any announcement on whether or not he will.

If he does, it'll be a waiting game for both him and his supporters as election officials in Richmond begin the process to recount those votes.

It's been anything but quiet inside the Virginia State Board of Elections in downtown Richmond.

Officials are not only busy canvassing votes from Election Day 2013, but they’re also preparing for a possible recount.

Obenshain and Herring have been neck and neck in the race for Attorney General for almost 24 hours.

Since Herring is trailing Obenshain, he has the right to ask for a recount.

It's been eight years since the Commonwealth had a recount and surprisingly enough, it was for the Attorney General's race between Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds in 2005.

McDonnell received 27 votes in the recount and claimed the win by 360 votes.

Election officials said they are only at the beginning of a very long road.

Absentee votes and thousands of provisional ballots still need to be counted.

Under Virginia law, a candidate who loses by less than a percentage point can demand a recount. If the margin is less than one-half a percentage point, the recount is paid for by the state but campaigns must spend their own money for their staff costs.

Herring cannot formally petition for a recount until the State Board of Elections certifies the results on November 25 at 10 am.