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Other missing person cases coming back into the spotlight

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:46:33 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 20 2013 12:00:00 AM EDT

At least two other Virginia teens are still missing.


No family wants to spend their day making and posting missing person flyers.

But the reality is there are still people out there missing, gone without a trace.

Alexis Murphy disappeared at the age of 17, Samantha Clarke at the age of 19 and Dashad Sage Smith also at the age of 19. Their families hoping that today will be the day their loved ones return home.

Alexis was last seen by family members on August 3. The last record of her on camera was at a gas station near her hometown of Shipman.

Murphy's Nissan Maxima was discovered at the old Carmike Six Cinema near Charlottesville, but no Murphy.

Police have in custody a man they believe is responsible for Murphy's disappearance, Randy Taylor.

This isn't the first time Taylor is a suspect in a teenager's abduction. Orange County investigators looked at him for the 2010 disappearance of Samantha Clarke. Her family still waits for answers on her whereabouts, hoping that she returns home soon.

Murphy's case rang loudly throughout social media, gaining the attention of rapper Wale and Virginia Rapper J-Willz. He recently released a song and music video about the missing teen.

Also featured in the video, a missing transgender teen from Charlottesville named Dashad Sage Smith. He was supposed to be visiting a friend by the name of Erik McFadden on the day he went missing but was never seen or heard from again.

Police say McFadden told them, Dashad never showed up.

When they tried to reach out to McFadden again, he had fallen off their radar. Police are still looking for him for questioning. In the meantime Dashad's family wants answers.

“That's my baby out there and I want him home,” Dashad’s family member said.

It's been 9 months since his disappearance, nearly 2 years for Samantha and more than 2 weeks for Alexis.

Three families wait for their return.