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Patrick Dempsey, Bruce Jenner race in American Le Mans Series at VIR

Published On: Oct 04 2013 06:12:59 PM EDT
Patrick Dempsey



It's race day in Halifax County. The American Le Mans Series is in our part of the world. Crews are prepping tires and tuning up cars.

This weekend however, celebrities are behind the wheel.
Patrick Dempsey, America's favorite doctor, and Bruce Jenner, Olympic Gold medalist and a member of the Kardashian family are trading the glamour of Hollywood for high-end race cars.
Dempsey drives a Porsche.

"I get a chance to race a Porsche 911 in the American Le Mans series. This is our penultimate race of the year and this is a phenomenal track so that's why I'm here," Dempsey said.

He's no stranger to VIR. He's been here several times before.
But why take racing as a hobby?

"Why not? Racing is a great sport. Road racing's got a great sense of history in this country. It's challenging mentally and physically. I love the comradery. All of that stuff," Dempsey said.

Dempsey has taken his love for racing to the small screen in a docu-series about the American Le Mans Series.

A few tents away another celebrity is keeping up with his children.

"It's a type of track you've got to spend some time on," said Bruce Jenner.

Jenner raced in the 1980's. This weekend he's racing with his son, Brandon Jenner.

"After 23 years of retirement, my kids pulled me out of this thing, pulled me out of retirement and said, 'Dad we've this opportunity to run this Lamborghini, would you do it with us, so I'm sharing the experience with them," Jenner said.

They're not the only ones at VIR this weekend, dozens of drivers from around the world are racing in the Oak Tree Grad Prix on Saturday.