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Peaks of Otter Lodge Reopens

Published On: Jul 12 2013 07:07:03 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 12 2013 08:00:11 PM EDT

The Peaks of Otter Lodge doors have been closed for months. Today people from all over the world couldn't wait to experience what the lodge has to offer. And staff was eager awaiting them


Peaks of Otter Lodge have given visitors a front row view of nature for nearly 50 years. On Friday the lodge reopened its doors.

“Oh I love it. I've been walking down by the lake, taking pictures, it's beautiful,” said visitor Patty Bates.

The Lodge doors have been closed for months. People from all over the world couldn't wait to experience what the lodge has to offer, and staff was eager awaiting them.

“It's been tremendous. In fact, what's really unusual, the last three weeks while we were preparing the facility, we had barricades and cones. We still had 40 or 50 people a day work their way pass all those things, just to come to the door and find out if they could come in,” said interim general manager, Eric Frantz.

For many, the lodge is home to so many memories including weddings and proposals. Its unique charm makes it a special place.

“You won't go anywhere in the world and find that view and Shark Top Mountain out the window and a place for our guest,” said Frantz.

The lodge is under new management who has signed a 10 year deal with the National Parks Service. It hopes soon to renegotiate for a longer deal.

“My dad passed away about six years ago and there this old couple sitting over there and they look just like my dad,” said visitor, Tom Verkley

For some it's their first time at the lodge, but it won't be their last.

“Next time I want to take a hike up the mountain there, said Bates.

Visitors can expect some new changes by August. Televisions, coffee makers and wifi will be available in each room. Management promises the new amenities won't take from the room's natural feel.