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Rescue Mission celebrates 65th Anniversary

Published On: Jul 02 2013 06:55:19 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 02 2013 07:04:54 PM EDT

The rescue mission has helped thousands in our area get back on their feet; today it is celebrating 65 years of service.

The Rescue Mission has been a saving grace for so many people. It’s celebrating 65 years of service.

“I’d probably be nine time out of ten, doing a lot of time in prison or I’ll be dead,” said resident Michael Steven Tate.

Those options are no long on the table for Tate who’s from New York City.
The rescue mission has given him a second chance at life.

“In these 20 months, I’ve accomplished more than I ever accomplished in my whole life. It was a major impact for me,” said Tate.

Tate is 37, but for over 20 years he used drugs and alcohol. For almost two years, he’s been clean and sober with the help of the organization. The rescue mission is his saving grace. He says not only has he seen the difference in himself, but those who are around him.

“I see a lot of people that graduate. I see the benefits, they’re smiling now. When they came through the door, they were mad at the world and when they leave they are smiling. They got their life together,” said Tate.

They getting together what some may have considered a lost cause.

“I can tell you one thing, in the next 65 years we will continue to help hurting people in Jesus’ name. That’s never going to change that’s something that will always remain the same,” said Development Officer, Matt King.

The mission will hold a dedication ceremony for its new transitional housing, Hope House.