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Roanoke event helps and informs parents of autistic children

Published On: Aug 24 2013 01:30:44 PM EDT


Therapeutic animals, such as llamas, help kids; especially those living with autism.


It's estimated one in 88-American children are on the autism spectrum.

That's according to the U-S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And, that's part of the motivation for an event in Roanoke, Saturday.

The Autism Awareness Extravaganza was sponsored by the Police Department and the Greater Roanoke Valley Autism Action Group.

It gave families a chance to learning more about "Project Lifesaver" -which helps police track autistic children should they go missing.

"My daughter is an autistic child. Project Lifesaver explains itself, it is a lifesaver. Her being a runner, no matter how good a parent you are, how much you watch your children, they can still get away. The kids are smart, they're quick. So, Project Lifesaver is there to help out and be there for the community," explains parent of an autistic child, Greg Alexander.

The event also gave families a chance to learn and become familiar with some of the resources available for autistic children within the community.

There were also therapeutic animals that specialize in working with the kids.