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Roanoke Regional Airport says it's prepared for the worst, in the wake of San Francisco crash

Published On: Jul 08 2013 04:37:35 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 08 2013 04:54:08 PM EDT


Roanoke Regional says it prepares for emergency situations to keep travelers safe.


"Are you nervous about traveling the wake of the crash?" asks the reporter.

" I am a little nervous, I have to admit. It always shakes you up a little bit when something like that happens," says Ellie Morris, a traveler from Seattle.

"No, I'm not worried. Why should I be? We have a good pilot," laughs Georgia traveler Libby Thomasson.

Christopher Long of Blacksburg agrees, " I'm not really nervous. I've flown very often - I go to California 3 or 4 times a year. So, I'm not really that concerned about it."

The answers, like the people, are varied.
While travelers might have mixed emotions, leaders at Roanoke Regional are confident.
They're constantly preparing for emergency situations.

"We plan for the worse case scenario and we make sure the lines of communication are open with all responding agencies -that's the most important part," explains Roanoke Regional's Sherry Wallace.

Those plans consists of yearly drills with the Valley's first responders and weekly training for firefighters who are stationed on airport grounds.
But, it's the often overlooked flight attendants in the cabin that can make the biggest difference.

Explains Wallace, "Flight attendants, their very first job are safety officers. Their number one job is to help you get off the plane iff there is an emergency,so that is their top job."

Meaning those messages at the beginning of your flight that might tune out, may be more important than you think.

" I think I'm guilty of not paying attention, I'm always checking text messages, or talking, I'm not paying attention, but I'm thinking now, I probably will be. It's way more important and kinda reminds you that it really is important to pay attention," says Morris.