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Roanoke Valley SPCA and Regional Center for Animal Control go their separate ways

Published On: Jul 01 2013 05:42:16 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 01 2013 06:17:27 PM EDT
Roanoke pound and SPCA go their separate ways



On any given day there are about 250-dogs and cats at the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection.

In the past, the only way these animals could get out is: their families claimed them, a rescue organization picked them or if they were euthanized.

Now, moves are being made to change that.

"I know there were some plans in the works," says the reporter.

"And the plans continue that we're gearing up for adoptions," explains Regional Center Executive Director David Flagler.

In the past, other agencies did the pound's adoptions.
Now, pieces, like hiring and procedures are being put in place so the agency can do its own.

"So, now that we're government there's a whole new mechanism and laws that we have to comply with," explains Flagler.

While the pound works to get everything in line for those adoptions, area rescues will help.
On this day, the SPCA is celebrating the separation and hosting a reception for the regional center.
Leaders there, say this move is a good thing for both organizations.

"It allows us as a RVSPCA to really focus on our mission, and that's finding committed, loving homes for the pets that don't have homes, but it also really allows us to fulfill other parts of our mission and that's the prevention of unwanted pets," explains CEO Roanoke Valley SPCA Denise Hayes.

And, that prevention is the bottom-line both groups say to saving animals.

Explains Flagler, "We have a pet overpopulation problem in the community, so as long as people are allowing their pets to breed, we're going to be in the business of euthanizing healthy adoptable animals and that is just tragic."

Right now there's no definite date when the pound will start its own adoptions.

As for the SPCA, it's streamlining its operations and reorganizing staff.