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School supplies on the rise

Published On: Jul 26 2013 09:30:54 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2013 11:13:51 PM EDT

Parents are ready to stock up on school supplies for their kids even though the prices for those supplies continue to rise

Roanoke, VA. -

The National Retail Federation estimates that families will spend over 26-billion dollars in school supplies this year and parents say they're on the hunt for bargains.

Lauren Carter is the proud mother of two young boys. The oldest is headed to kindergarten this fall. With two mouths to feed, this mom is school supply shopping smartly.

"I'm hoping there will be coupons. Coupons are good to use but I guess going early because they have great sales right now," Carter told Your Hometown News Leader.

For this young family, school supplies consist of the absolute basics like crayons, paper, art supplies and notebooks. This mom worries about 5 years down the road.

"Computers, calculators, all those things, they're just so expensive and it seems like every child needs them now."

Carter is not alone in her thinking. A recent USA Today article states that school supplies have rise 7-point-3 percent this year alone. School supply shopping veterans like Mary Alice Patterson is a mother of three and does her homework to save some cash.

Patterson says, "I look for quality and low price and I don't bother with the coupons because there's so many deals going on."

Even though the prices are rising, stores like Kmart can't keep them on the shelves. Patterson told WDBJ7, surviving this necessary evil is about planning.

"Set rules before you go shopping if you take the children with you. Tell them straight up what you can expect to buy and don't fall victim to expensive prices. "

Frugal and smart advice that could help you and your little ones start the school year off with a little more cash in the bank.