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Senator Tim Kaine visits with WDBJ7 Mornin'

Published On: Jul 22 2013 07:56:27 AM EDT

Kaine will visit the Volvo plant in Dublin before heading to Roanoke later today.

Senator Tim Kaine started of his visit to southwest Virginia with a live interview on WDBJ7 Mornin' Monday.

The Senator talked about his tour this morning at the Volvo Truck Assembly Plant in Dublin, sequestration's effect on the New River Valley Airport, and The Affordable Healthcare Act's impact on local businesses.

Senator Kaine attributes the loss of the NRV Airport's only Customs Border Patrol officer to sequestration, the across the board government spending cuts that took effect in March. He talked about his efforts to stop the sequester both before they took hold and now.

Businesses have been cutting hours for part-time workers in response to the Affordable Healthcare Act's employer mandate which forces businesses to offer employees health insurance. The House of Representatives has voted 38 times to repeal the act because of that and other reasons. Senator Kaine says he wants to talk with other lawmakers about making reforms to the Act as opposed to a full repeal.