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Stay home, stay put, stay safe

Published On: Feb 12 2014 12:00:00 AM EST


This empty room is now filled with Lexington and Rockbridge County first responders


An Emergency Operations Center just opened at 6pm Wednesday in Lexington.

The idea to be a central point for first responders to come together and streamline the response to this storm.

Early Wednesday afternoon, emergency management from both the city of Lexington and Rockbridge County came together at Lexington Police Department.

This was definitely the calm before the storm.

But, at forefront of everyone's mind the storm of 2009, where motorists were stuck and eventually started walking on Interstate 81.

They want to have a coordinated response to this storm.

First off, stay off the roads if you can.

If you have to go out, starting Wednesday night at 8o'clock, several Lexington lights will on flashing since many are on hills and there's concerned drivers won't be able start up those hills once they stop.