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Mold and water damage taking over

Published On: Jul 25 2013 08:58:19 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 25 2013 11:20:04 PM EDT

This month's storms dropped buckets of rain and people are spending a lot to get things back to normal

Servpro cleans up messes of all kinds and in the month of July, the company has had its hands full.

“A lot of these folks and businesses as well have gotten hit twice. Right around the 3rd of July, that’s when the big storms came in and that’s when our phones started ringing,”Kevin Lancaster, Vice President for Servpro told Your Hometown News Leader.

Several hundred calls later Kevin Lancaster and his team of specialists set out to help clean up. Here, you see them taking out entire portions of soaked and moldy walls at this Roanoke business.

“In a situation like this where the building has been flooded, we’re using state of the art truck mounted systems and what they’re doing, they’re coming in and just high power vacuums and they’re designed for flood work," Lancaster said.

After the waters subside, the more complicated problems like mold and water damage set in.

According to Lancaster, “The drywall has a tendency to wick moisture up and so now we’re going to come in and just basically remove the bottom layer of sheet rock on the perimeter floor of the entire building just to remove any of the contaminants that’s on the sheet rock itself.”

Contaminants like mold which can lead to devastating problems later if left untreated. The owners of this business were lucky; they managed to stay open while the substantial repairs were done.

“Our goal was to keep these guys in business so they can conduct and make money while we’re doing our job.”

Mold becomes a problem when you have pre-existing health concerns are young or elderly. Mold can even spread from the walls onto personal items. But Lancaster has seen worse.

“I’ve been in homes where literally floors have dropped, upstairs have dropped down, because the moisture just sat there, when unnoticed for a long time and between the mold and just the wetness and the dry rot the floor literally dropped two to four feet,” Lancaster told WDBJ7.

And that’s something no business or homeowner ever wants to deal with.