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Still no building near the Clearbrook Walmart

Published On: Jul 30 2013 03:39:58 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 30 2013 05:45:23 PM EDT

The Walmart has been open for more than two years.


There's an old saying in retail; wherever Walmart goes, economic development follows.

We're two and a half years into the Walmart at Clearbrook at Roanoke County and it's still surrounded by empty lots.

The obvious hope is that those lots get filled soon.

Developers from Roanoke to Richmond own these lots, but as of now, there's nothing firm in terms of developing them.

I spoke with Roanoke County's Economic Development Director Jill Loope on the phone.

She couldn't tell me much but did say things are in the works.

The current plan is to have some things lined up by the fall, but again, nothing set in stone.

Clearbrook neighbors say they really want to see the area thrive and he's got a good idea how to make it happen.   

"I think they need to build some restaurants. Get them over the hills. Got plenty of pads for them. It'd be nice to have some restaurants. Like Valley View has everything, we should be able to have it too," said Bobby Akers, who's lived near Clearbrook for over 50 years.

So here's the big question: Do we have any idea who's looking to move here.

Jill Loope wasn't able to say much; she was able to tell us that some some big, recognizable chains were still interested and we'll just have to stay tuned.