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UPDATE: Stray horse in Montgomery County reunited with owner

Published On: Jul 25 2013 01:29:56 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 25 2013 10:24:42 PM EDT

Early Wednesday morning, this horse just showed up in the Lusters Mill neighborhood off Harding Avenue, about a mile from the Blacksburg town limits.


A horse is back to its home after a story we aired on Thursday helped the owner locate his lost horse.

Debbie Bodemer owns a home in a neighborhood just outside of Montgomery County where the stray horse kept appearing.

Debbie tells us that the owner, David, called Montgomery County Sheriff's Office after the story aired during our noon newscast. David was then put in touch with Bodemer and was able to reunite with his lost horse, "Bubba."

We're told that the owner had just moved in to a farm across the valley and someone had left a gate open, allowing the horse to get out.


It wasn't the kind of morning Debbie Bodemer was expecting.

After all, it's not every day that an 800-pound horse casually trots into your yard. Still that's what happened Wednesday morning around 7 a.m.

"My husband said 'Come here you got to see this!' And sure enough, there it was,"Bodemer said.

What looked like a Pinto horse in their well-manicured neighborhood just off of Harding Lane, was about a mile outside of Blacksburg.

Bodemer says she's reached out to animal control, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and veterinarians around town. She says she's also called local horse owners to ask if they might be missing a Pinto.

"So far," said Bodemer, "I haven't had a single call back about anyone missing a horse."

We walked to the neighbors pasture and sure enough there he is.  The horse's ears perked up and he took off in a steady gate towards Bodemer.

Carrots in her hand proved to be an easy bribe, as the horse nibbled each one away. "He's so gentle and he's so good' Bodemer said. "He has an owner, I'm sure of it."

As of 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, Bodemer said no one has claimed the horse just yet, although one man saw the story on WDBJ7, and said he'd be coming later in the evening to take a closer look.