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Survivor Blood vs. Water Recap: One Armed Dude and Three Moms

Published On: Oct 09 2013 09:45:26 PM EDT
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John got the boot and Candice is upset. She displays this by showing the middle finger to Brad at the start of Redemption Island. The heat is on both the Culpeppers. All the anger shifts toward Brad so Monica feels the need to defend her husband. Candice calls out Brad for “hushing” women. Basically, she calls him a misogynist.

“You cut my baby, I cut you” - Candice

The duel has two parts. The first part challenges the truellers to navigate a key though rope to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces. This bag contains supplementary parts to the second part of the truel. John flies through this challenge and wins it. It is between Candice and Marissa. As Marissa’s lead dwindles, she becomes more frustrated. she asks for Gervase’s help but it is a little too late. Candice gets 2nd. Marissa leaves this game; she played well.

The King and Queen are enacted. John wins the ability to give the clue to someone. As he ponders, Candice chimes in Monica’s name. That is smart, put the target on her back. Well, Brad smelled through this. He advises her to walk it to the fire and burn the clue before reading it.

Redemption Island’s royalty loves having time in the game together. They have about 2 days of solidarity together which is nice for the couple. They are on a beautiful island together. Can someone say vacation?


Monica defends her husband’s actions to the tribe. Gervase shuts her down with logic and truth. He says Brad could play the villain on the other tribe. He does give her kudos for keeping poise as long as she could.

Tyson still has a bummed shoulder. He plays it up a little to keep sympathy from the tribe.


Tyson and Gervase sneak off into the jungle to eat coconuts. They open it different ways to throw off suspicion that someone from the tribe drank them. Laura brought back empty coconuts and wonder why there are holes in it. They think crabs entered the coconuts. Tyson and Gervase have a special bond. Major Foreshadowing, Tyson wants to work with Gervase because they lost their loved ones and Aras will work with Vytas. Hint Hint.


Brad feels like it is natural to be the leader. He wants Caleb gone because he is disconnected to the other tribe. No one will scream at Brad for Caleb’s eviction from the tribe. Caleb, Vytas, and Hayden solidify a threesome. They are worried that Brad shanked John. It could happen to any one of the guys.
Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, the two tribes will race on a boat to gather 5 huge crates. Two tribe members will solve a puzzle to unlock the right key. This key will unlock the victor’s flag. The winning tribe earns a feast of coffee and tea.

Tina and Kat sit out while Tyson plays. In a confessional, he says he is better than most people on his tribe with one arm; he just wants to win. Tadhana are on a fast start but thats the theme of every challenge. They start strong but fizzle out. History repeats itself again. The puzzle is a face-off between mother and daughter. Ciera thinks she is better at the puzzles than her mom. But, her mother outplays her time and time again. Galang continues their win streak. Tadhana has yet to win a challenge.


Brad pulls the girls aside to tell them of the plan to vote out Caleb. Ciera questions his motives but he has never lived to her. The three guys call upon Brad but he was too busy strategizing with the girls. The three guys think he might stir up trouble again. The guys finally unite with the plan to vote out Ciera.

Tribal Council

The heat is on Ciera for losing the puzzle. She takes responsibility for stinking at the puzzle and realizing that she may not be as good as she thinks. Brad feels he takes the blame for the loved ones departure. He says he might vote out someone who doesn’t have a loved one, cough-cough Caleb. Caleb feels the pressure now. He says he loves a blindside but he doesn’t want to be the butt of it. Caleb knows Brad campaigned against him. The trust is broken between the two. Caleb addressed Ciera that he doesn’t want her to go home so he is writing Brad’s name down. However, Brad will not write Caleb’s name down. Vytas and Hayden are shocked and have to ask him if he is serious.

Tribal Vote

Caleb: Brad
Ciera: Brad
Katie: Brad
Brad: Ciera
Hayden: Ciera
Vytas: Ciera

We have a tie, 3 votes for Brad and 3 votes for Ciera. The tribe votes again

Tribal Vote 2.0
Caleb: Brad
Vytas: Brad
Katie: Brad
Hayden: Ciera

Brad leaves to redemption island to meet the royalty who expressed disgust over him. He quickly puts his guard down when he enters. Will they respect him? Find out next week.

LaRell’s Analysis.

I commend Caleb for taking ownership of his game. He didn’t wait 3 days later to get voted out; he took matters into his own hands. AND he got rid of the season’s villain. Yeah, you almost forget that he is engaged to Colton.

Major foreshadowing between Aras, Gervase and Tyson. I predict Aras is the winner because Gervase choose him over Tyson. Tyson and Aras are receiving a winner’s edit. Hayden is our narrator and Ciera is the mastermind whose chips never fell in the right spot.

Winner’s Pick
1. Aras
2. Tyson
3. Vytas
4. Monica

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