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Survivor Blood vs. Water Recap: The Dead Can Still Talk

Published On: Oct 16 2013 10:25:31 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 16 2013 10:31:51 PM EDT
'Survivor' FVF Recap: Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Survivor has hyped this episode all week. Will we get a satisfying blindside? Tadhana voted out Brad. Well, Caleb openly stated his vote to the tribe. The two girls flipped along with Vytas to prevent the purple rock situation. Caleb admits his plan festered until he couldn’t keep it down. Hayden does not know if Caleb is with the girls or with the boys.

Redemption Island

Brad enters redemption island where Candice and John sleep. He wakes them up waving a white flag so they don’t hit him. He apologizes to Candice but she is quiet. John feels vindicated that Brad is there after turning on the 5-man alliance.

Brad enters the arena and Monica cries. Her loved one was voted out during the last tribal council. Probst throws shade to Candice for passing negative energy to Brad even when she has not spent a second on either tribe. She defends herself by saying that is what she hears at redemption island. Monica chips in by saying her actions hurt her. Candice replies by saying she is upset that she was the first one voted out.


The players in this truel have to take apart pieces of a crate to assemble a plank. Once the plank lays perfect, the pieces will turn into a puzzle. The three are off. Candice flies through the challenge while Brad is last. But, all three catch up with each other on the plank. Candice is the last to finish her plank. John is the first to solve the puzzle. The veteran tribe supports Brad throughout the whole challenge. He did it, Brad beats out Candice. John gives the clue to Monica but she burns it again.


Laura M gives special massages to Aras. She knows she is on the outs of the main alliance. Therefore, she hopes to trust Aras to protect her. Aras does not think this. He is faithful to the core alliance. Kat, Laura B and M are not in the core alliance. Laura B feels on the outside of the tribe because she does not have the emotional connection the others have for each other.

Monica feels demoralized for Brad being at redemption island. Tina feels threatened of Monica of the potential pair of the Culpeppers. They are dangerous if they meet up after the merge. Monica will be a great threat or great asset to Tina.


The editors gave us great visuals on the disgusting state of the newbies tribe. Bug bites cover Ciera’s body. Katie’s toenails peels off. Yet, Caleb has perfect skin according to Vytas. Granted, he butters up to Caleb for being such a mystery player. He wants to make sure Caleb feels safe so he doesn’t pull a power move again.

In efforts to redeem the viewers with disgusting shots of Tadhana, the editors beautifully crafted helicopter shots of Vytas doing yoga and the newbie 5 sitting on top of an overlook. They hope Brad was bad energy and is absence is what they need for a win.

Immunity Challenge

Players will slide down a ramp grabbing a ring along the way. The first person to throw the ring on a post scores a point. The first tribe to 5 points, win. Winners will get steak and vegetables. Monica and the Laura’s sit out. Laura M says she hates sitting out.

Round 1: Gervase vs. Caleb
Round 2: Tyson vs. Hayden
Round 3: Kat vs. Katie
Round 4: Aras vs. Vytas (Tadhana leads 3-1)
Round 5: Tina vs. Ciera
Round 6: Tyson vs. Caleb (Tadhana leads 4-2)
Round 7: Gervase vs. Hayden

Tadhana wins their first challenge.

There Is Only Room For One Laura.

Laura B feels the heat of Tribal Council. She is the odd one out of the tribe since she is a newbie. Her strategy is to be aware and start conflict between Laura M and Monica. She tells Kat that the girls talked smack about her for doing the challenge. Tyson overhears this and thinks she is annoying, Laura B. She is the easy vote. Aras tells Laura M this and its a done deal to her.

However, easy votes are the dumbest votes in the game according to Aras. Aras and Tyson scheme to put Laura M in redemption island so she can beat Brad. By beating Brad, Monica has to stick to the Galang core 5. Monica is worried if Brad can beat Laura M.

Tribal Council

Gervase talks about how much the game has changed since season 1. The players make moves from day 1. Tina felt on day 5 she played the game more than on Australia. Monica talks about playing for her loved ones. Aras detaches himself from his brother. Laura M says she is not connected to her daughter. Gervase believes that pair is close. Jeff asks if Laura B feels like she belongs on the tribe. Laura B says she does because she was on the tribe since Day 1. She mentions how disappointed her tribe was that Rupert is not with them.

Tribal Votes:

Aras: Laura M
Gervase: Laura M
Monica: Laura M
Tina: Laura M
Kat: Laura M
Tyson: Laura M
Laura B: Laura M
Laura M: Laura B

Winner’s Pick

1. Aras
2. Monica
3. Ciera
4. Vytas
5. Tyson

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