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Survivor Blood vs. Water Recap: We Are Unity, We Are Zen, We Hate Colton!

Published On: Sep 26 2013 03:08:30 AM EDT
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The sad-booted Marissa makes her way to Redemption Island. She is heated; they blindsided her thinking the vote was for Katie. She quickly informs Rupert and Candice on the challenge and why she got voted out. Candice shed light that the reason she is here is because she called out Brad in front of everyone.


The returning tribe is a kumbaya-ing, giving shoulder massages to everyone. It is a peaceful tribe. Colton is having none of it. He came to play the game not be zen. The thing about Colton is that he plays too strong, too fast. He throws everyone under the bus. His game is to fabricate a story to person B then go to person A and say person B is going after them.

Colton on the tribe: [mockingly] “We are unity, we are peace, we are zen, we are stupid!”

- that phrase almost reminded me of ‘The Help’s’ “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” Oh, the irony!


Alpha-male Brad feels great right now. His male alliance is running the game. He shows off his prowess by catching fish for the tribe. Rachel takes note of the men’s alliance. Her strategy is to play it cool and get close to John. Ciera notices that Rachel never strategizes with the girls which makes her fishy to her. She thinks Rachel and John are working together.

Redemption Island Duel

The loved ones tribe walk into the arena as the returning tribe look with anticipation. Their faces wonder if their loved-one was voted out. Jeff informs them that Marissa was voted out and Aras immediately puts his hands on Gervase’s shoulder. Brad grins like he won.

The competitors come out and tears flow. Marissa gives the tribe a huge glare. She tells Gervase that he is the reason why she is there. Gervase doesn’t switch with her in the duel

For this challenge, the players will maneuver a long pole through a channel grasping a wooden spool. they have to stack ten spools on the top without it falling over. The first two to finish are safe. The first one to stack their spools can give a hint to the hidden immunity idol to anyone they choose.

Candice and Rupert are doing a great job. Marissa takes her time while the experienced players lap her. Rupert and Candice place their 7th spool while Marissa is still on her 6th. Rupert places his 8th spool uneven and it causes his stack to fall. Candice ends up winning the whole challenge. It is down to Marissa and Rupert. Gervase gives his niece advice on how to place her last spool. She needs to raise her shoulders to get the pole even with her stack. It works, she survives. Rupert is the first one gone from Blood vs. Water.


The tribe congratulates John on his wife’s victory. Are we seriously going to forget that Marissa was a part of this tribe? Vytas overplays the Redemption Island scenario. Whoever gets voted to Redemption Island can swap with their loved one. Who is more willing to swap? Tyson! The plan is to vote out Rachel next. This raises a flag in John’s head because Tyson is stiffer competition for Candice to face against.

John looks for the idol but can’t find it. He is in an alliance but he is finding the idol by himself. Will his tribe trust him?


Laura is doing fine without Rupert. Colton is fed up with this. He again rattles the cage with everyone. He wants to create chaos. Kat doesn’t want to play against Colton. So she tries to throw Tina under the bus to Colton. Colton calls Kat out for being shady. He makes a big scene to camp and the rest are sick of it. He said a funny line “ people need to realize this is a game not National Lampoon’s Horrible Vacation.”

The next morning, Colton feels the heat from the night before. Tyson, Monica, Tina, Aras and Gervase form a 5 person alliance. Aras calls Colton a gay Russell Hantz.

Immunity Challenge

Three members of each tribe are tied together pushing another tribemate in a barrel. There are 3 flagpoles the tribes must roll their barrel to. The person inside the barrel must untie the rope to release a bag full of balls. Once all the balls are collected, a tribe member will roll the balls into a slot. the first to land all 6 of their balls in the slot will win immunity and fishing gear.

The returnees sit out Kat and Hayden takes note. Katie and Laura are in the barrel. The tribes are neck and neck. Hayden vs Gervase in the ball rolling station. Hayden lands two before Gervase rolls one. Gervase starts to catch up to Hayden; they tie at 3. Garvase then takes the lead and doesn’t look back. Galang wins and Gervase shouts that win is for Marissa. Kat cries and gives Hayden a look. Apparently, Kat says on Twitter that Hayden threw the challenge because he sensed Kat was in trouble.


Brad is upset at Gervase. He wants to throw him in the water. The girls are in trouble knowing its 5-3. The guys tells Katie and Ciera that the vote is Rachel. Both girls doubt John will vote out Rachel and he might have the idol. They think its a trick play and Ciera might get voted out. Ciera and Katie come up with a plan to vote out John just in case he plays the idol for Rachel.

Tribal Council

The men vote out Rachel. Rachel votes out Ciera. Ciera and Katie vote out John. Rachel is sent to Redemption Island.

LaRell’s Winners Pick

1. Monica

2. Tina

3. Vytas

4. Caleb

5. Aras

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