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Syrian conflict could lead to wider strife in Middle East, VMI professor says

Published On: Sep 09 2013 06:44:45 PM EDT

Tension continues to mount between the U.S. and Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians.

President Obama is expected to address America tomorrow. He's going to plead his case for a strike on Syria. But would an attack from the U.S. prompt more unrest in a country riddled with violence?

“You can’t have anymore civil strife than you have right now in Syria. It will cause more civil strife through the Middle East,” said Virginia Military Institute Chair of International Studies, James Hentz. “While most of our Middle East allies are behind us, either explicitly and implicitly, where will you have strife? The places where you always have strife, unstable places where the government is not in control.”

In an interview with CBS, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warns that his country would lash out in potentially unpredictable ways if a military strike happens over the alleged chemical attack.