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The House Experience Their First Vote

Published On: Jul 03 2013 10:27:18 PM EDT

Elissa is on the block but she is not the target. David is “static” that she is up because she brings down the energy in the house. Yup, a (non) accurate portrayal of the house. Elissa thinks this is the time to be honest with the house. She tells Andy she is Rachel’s sister and she was the MVP.

Another Showmance from ‘Bieber Fever’

Kaitlyn and Jeremy are an item. I personally can’t stand the guy. If you only knew the things that projected from his mouth. Maybe one day CBS will be brave enough to show these contestants’ true colors.

The Have-Nots are about to be free of their dietary restrictions. The house gets booze and some want to wait until midnight. Bieber Fever decides to drink the wine before 11pm.

It is midnight and there is no wine. The former Have-Nots have no clue where the one bottle of red wine is at. Helen is upset that someone can stoop that low and drink their alcohol. Aaryn tells Bieber Fever that the house is giving her dirty looks. Jeremy storms inside the house to tell them off while Aaryn stands by his side. She is the head of the snake and he is the muscle. Aaryn = Regina George.

Amanda comes outside to confront Jeremy. It was her idea to wait until midnight and he ruined her generous plan. He cusses at her and she says she is sick of all of this drama. He came to play the game.

Amanda loves the pizza boy. They share the HOH room for a few nights. They kiss! He makes her feel comfortable, almost like home.

Amanda wants to keep Elissa around as a weapon. She will most likely be MVP every week so she has a vote for a third nominee. The Moving Company has taken the plan to vote out David in full effect.

Live Eviction

Jessie’s last words started with a birthday shoutout to her dad. Elissa’s last word was funny with many shoutouts to Rachel. David says he is a standout guy and he should stay so he can wear a pink dress again. (He wore a dress during the contestants’ beauty pageant last Thursday).

Amanda: David
Aaryn: Elissa
Nick: David
Candice: Elissa
Spencer: David
Kaitlin: Elissa
Helen: David
Howard: David
GinaMarie: Elissa
Judd: David
Jeremy: Elissa
Andy: David

Jessie: 0 Elissa: 5 David: 7

Bieber Fever is stunned. David’s exit interview proved how much of an idiot he was. He said he was likable and smart. He says Aaryn was the type of girl he waited for his whole life. Chen asks him about the veto comp. The audience immediately laugh.

HOH Competition

BB barbeque - Split into teams of two, contestants must travel up and down a slippery slope to fill a jug with barbeque. The teams were split randomly. Aaryn and Jeremy are a team. This is bad news if they win and they seem to be moving really fast.

Find out which duo won HOH on Sunday and who did they nominate.

Best Quote Of The Night
“Nobody stands between me and my Big Brother game - not even you McCrae” - Elissa

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