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UPDATE: Rough road in Giles County repaired after residents voiced concerns

Published On: Jul 25 2013 06:02:17 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2013 03:31:16 PM EDT

Check out what the road that leads to their homes looked like until last night. That's when the Virginia Department of Transportation finally came out to fix it.

GILES CO., Va. -

UPDATE: Some people in Giles County are once again able to get out out of their homes easily after the Virginia Department of Transportation came out to fix an extremely rough road.

Patterson Ford Road in Pearisburg was one of the roughest roads around after more than a month of storms caused damages to many roads.

We interviewed Gail Cox on Thursday, who was having trouble getting out of her home due to the poor road conditions. The Virginia Department of Transportation repaired the road on Thursday night.


5:18 p.m. Thursday : The Virginia Department of Transportation says it's working as fast and efficiently as it can, repairing roads damaged after more than a month of storms.

Maybe one of the roughest roads around is in Giles County.

This story started when a woman sent us an email in which she wrote that her road was just about washed out. This reporter asked "how washed out?" The woman said ,''It could crack your car."

We headed out to Patterson Ford Road in Pearisburg. We drove to the low water bridge that separates about 3 or 4 homes from the rest of the county. We strapped a very small camera to the underside of our truck to see the road from a very close and unstable angle.

Gail Cox said she'd be waiting for me on the other side of the bridge when I got there and she was true to her word.

Gail is tethered to an oxygen machine and stands all of 4 foot 7. I know, because I asked her. She said when it rains, even just a little bit, this stretch of Patterson Ford road becomes one big hole and that makes her 93 pounds of mad.

''I am completely cut off from the world, because I can't get nothing done," Gail said.

While we were there, a couple drove their truck to the end of the bridge, walked right into the creek, and started fishing for crawdads. They didn't drive on the ugly side. Earl Whittaker did, though, and said he drives on this rough end of Patterson Ford on a regular basis to check on Gail.

Whittaker, leaning up against the porch rail, said he's not mad at VDOT, but this road does take a beating. "See now all this rain we had it just flooded it out and washed it out and made it buckle up, and it just ain't no good," Whittaker said.

Meteorologists say some parts of the New River Valley have seen storms 18 of the last 26 days. Blame gravity for the next line, because all that rain naturally washes downhill and this 30 foot stretch of Patterson Ford is right in the way.

"Every time it rains, water comes over the top of the bridge and then it'll come down through these roads right there (pointing to the cracked asphalt that's bubbled up) where it says "end of state maintenance," Gail Cox said.

VDOT returned my call and said that fire and rescue could drive on that stretch of Patterson Ford road in an emergency. I was also told it's possible that VDOT crews could try and start repairing that road sometime tonight, that's if it doesn't rain again.