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UPDATE: Tractor-trailer crash on I-81 detour cleared in Montgomery County

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:40:28 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 29 2013 03:13:37 PM EDT

Route 460 West is down to one lane as crews work to clean up from a tractor-trailer accident.


A tractor-trailer accident on Route 460 West/Route 11 South that caused big bottlenecks Thursday is now cleared.

Route 460 West/Route 11 South is being used as a detour for Interstate 81 South, which is closed in Montgomery County because of an unstable slope.

It's not clear when Interstate 81 South in Montgomery County will re-open.


Crews are continuing to clean up from a tractor-trailer accident on Route 460 West/ Route 11 South. The road is being used as a detour for Interstate 81 South.

The backup on Route 460W is all the way to Dixie Caverns exit in Roanoke County.

But it doesn't stop there.

Remember this is also the detour that folks have to take for the southbound lane closures on Interstate 81.

VDOT says the traffic on Interstate 81 is also backed up about nine miles.

At random times, officers have to stop traffic to clean up all the debris.

"Preliminary investigation reveals that the tractor-trailer ran off the side of the road, clipped a power pole, ripping the trailer in two, and spilling the contents on the road,” Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Robert Hall said.

When the tractor-trailer struck the pole, the power line collapsed. Officers say it was within about two feet of hitting the top of other tractor trailers driving on Route 460 West. Appalachian Power, VDOT, the Montgomery County Sheriffs' Office, and Virginia State Police are working to get the road re-opened.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has several inmates also helping with cleanup.

The tractor-trailer was carrying office supplies, home furnishings, and over the counter medicine.
No one was injured, and no other cars were involved.


Emergency workers have extended the length of time it will take to get all lanes of Route 11/460 open.  It now appears that it will be after Noon before the road is completely clear.

Click here to see video of the backup around noon.

Montgomery County Emergency Services Director Neal Turner says the damaged truck will be towed to Shawsville Middle School to get it out of the road.  At approximately 9:30 a.m., Turner said he hoped that all lanes would be open in about an hour.  It could take longer, he noted, and later revised that estimate to about two and a half hours.  That put the estimated reopening time past Noon.

No one was hurt in the crash and the single tractor trailer was the only vehicle involved.

The tractor trailer crashed on the Interstate 81 detour around 8 a.m., according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.  The crash is in one of the southbound lanes of Route 11/460 near Dark Run Road in Montgomery County.  That is between Shawsville and Elliston.  Traffic is still moving past the wreck in the other southbound lane.