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Tree house getaway in the Meadows of Dan

Published On: Apr 23 2014 08:24:09 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 23 2014 11:05:20 PM EDT

Between work, the kids, or just life itself, we all need to get away every now and again. Just in time for nice weather, WDBJ7 will show four getaways over the next month that are sure to relieve some stress.

First, let's start with a romantic location for two, with a twist of childhood memories, and a breathtaking view from a tree house.

The tree house is located in the Meadows of Dan and from Roanoke it’s about a two hour drive.

One of the first things you notice when you come through the gate, is that the tree house is actually made out of natural unfinished wood.

No need to get fancy, that's where the view comes in. The tree house sits on a ridge that overlooks Kibler Valley, it sits 2,000 feet about the Dan River, and if you just listen you can hear the water.

The tree house is ideal for bird watchers or just people who love nature in general. As a matter of fact, all three tree houses are named after raptor which means birds of prey. You've got Barn Owl, Coopers Hawk, and the Golden Eagle.

For those of you who love relaxing on the deck, you may be surprised to know that it's actually the same exact size as the inside of the tree house.

The house is built for a single person or a couple looking to get away on a relaxing weekend.

You can even see the breathtaking view from the bed.

You have the opportunity to go to the spa, and do as much indulgence as you'd like and you have access to the finest food and beverage.

You get your own robes, your own slippers, modern sinks, and a view from the shower.

Many wonder if the house is actually built in a tree. The tree house sits on very large stilts and it’s completely surrounded by handpicked trees.

And for those who can’t get away from the electronics, there's still a phone, a radio, Wi-Fi, and a cable TV.

The tree houses sit on 12,000 acres owned by Primland.

Even though you're surrounded by all kinds of luxury and activities, you feel like you're in a secret hiding place away from the rest of the world.

The activities that are available on the land include golf, hunting, horseback riding, fly fishing, ATV's, canoeing, and even stargazing from an observatory.

One night will cost you between $650 and $850, which may seem pricey but remember these are usually meant for a one night special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday as we head to a getaway that's extremely affordable and stress-busting!

To book your stay at the tree house, click here.