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Virginia Tech student has string of mascot jobs

Published On: Sep 17 2013 09:05:03 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 17 2013 09:06:48 PM EDT

You might say a Virginia Tech college student has found her niche in part time jobs while completing her education.

Sarah Rapp is the Parrot at the Frosty Parrot, a yogurt shop in downtown Blacksburg. Sarah says her first mascot job was as the Chick Fil A cow. She's also been a monkey and a bloodhound and says she has to move slow in the red parrot suit.

"I have to move kind of slow when I know there's kids around me but besides that I mean you have to look up and out. So you can see like who's coming and you know do a little of this to make sure no one's right there. If it's a crowded area you know, I make it work man I make it work!" Rapp said.

So how hard is it to be a mascot? Rapp says she feels like she was just born to do it. Rapp, a communications major, is not allowed to speak when she's "Frosty", and has learned to communicate with hand gestures and by hopping up and down to make a point.

Standing next to her bright red parrot head, Rapp said she remembered getting her first job as a the Chik Fil A cow.

"[Chik Fil A] was like 'hey, you got a lot of energy. Have you ever thought of being a mascot? And I was like 'You know what, I have always wanted to be one!" Rapp said.

Over the years, Sarah, a member of the Virginia Tech track team, has also been "Mymo", a monkey for a children's gym in North Carolina. She was also hired by Blue Cross and Blue Shield to be its bloodhound mascot.

Rapp said she's learned a very specific lesson when it comes to being a mascot with big feet.

"I do wear four pairs of socks. Why? The feet are too big and I trip over them, if I don't have four pairs of socks on."

Sarah told us she's had one run-in with another mascot down the street, and her ultimate mascot job would be Hokie bird.