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Virginia Tech tradition: Corps of Cadets get their heads shaved

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:38:49 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 19 2013 08:43:41 PM EDT

For the first time in school history, the haircuts took place on campus.


You know Virginia Tech's about to start the school year when you see the Corps of Cadets with those new haircuts.

Inside MyBryde hall on the campus of Virginia Tech, one by one, freshmen cadets were lining up and getting ready for those zero length Freshman cadet Gunther Kruger, sitting in the barbers chair with a half head of long hair, I just stated the obvious, "It doesn't look right!'' The barber, Peggy Schrantz with Sportscuts' said ''No, [that haircut doesn't look right] and that's what you get for growing it out like that!''

More than 300 new cadets were getting their hair buzzed down to nothing, including new cadet Timothy Kim. Sitting in the barbers chair, Kim told Brandy Stanfill, with Modern Barber Shop, to please just take "A little bit off the sides and a little bit off the top!"

Kim got shaved like the rest of the freshman cadets. I asked Kim how the 3 minute haircut felt, he said "It hurts!"

For the first time in decades, The Corps brought all new cadets into one building to get those zero haircuts. Peter Nettekoven, the senior regimental commander for the Fall semester said, "It was hard sending cadets all over town we were wasting alot of time. Most of the time the barbers had to wait."

Not anymore, between 5 barbers and a good, efficient system, cadets were getting haircuts fast.

One cadet reminded me of Larry from the 3 stooges. I asked another cadet how the big buzz felt; 3 words; "Kind of weird."

Miranda Moses with Hokie Hair said "[Cadets are always very quiet, nervous even they know they're going to end up bald."

I saw a few cadets end up with a few knicks here and there.

Stanfill asked her cadet client if he'd ever had his hair this short, "First time you're getting bald all over? Well you look good. I asked the cadet if he believed Stanfill, he said quickly, "I don't know I need to see a mirror." Stanfill said, 'Don't look in the mirror."

Here's the kicker, these cadets paid cash for all that damage.