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WDBJ7 tours brand new Blacksburg and Auburn High School facilities

Published On: Jul 01 2013 06:21:23 PM EDT
Blacksburg and Auburn High School Construction

Montgomery County's $100 million investments are right on schedule.

That's the combined cost of two brand new high schools in the County.

WDBJ7 toured Auburn and Blacksburg High Schools Monday afternoon, the first time we've gotten a look inside both schools since construction began in both in September of 2011.

The cost of Blacksburg High School is $60 million for the nearly 300,000 square foot facility.

We're also told there will be brand new sports fields on top of the 45 classrooms and 15 science labs.

Over at Auburn High School, the cost there is $40 million. Auburn is a much smaller school, with nearly half the enrollment as Blacksburg High School.

School administrators say both of these buildings are energy efficient and have more skylights than the older schools.

Auburn High School is also getting new sports facilities.

Construction on both these buildings has been a long haul over the past two years.

But again, everything's on schedule and ready to roll for the upcoming school year.