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Woman takes plea deal for meth lab at Christiansburg apartment building

Published On: Jul 31 2013 04:11:00 PM EDT
Christiansburg meth lab sentencing



A Christiansburg woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to making methamphetamine in her apartment while two children were in the home.

Rebecca Farley will serve three years in prison, and then be released on supervised probation. On November 29, 2012 investigators found four one-pot meth labs in her apartment. One of the labs was active.

The chemical odor was so strong from the lab that deputies could smell it from outside the apartment, according to law enforcement. Officials head to evacuate the Bluff Apartments because of the meth lab’s proximity to HVAC ducts.

Farley’s sentencing was part of a plea deal.

Co-defendants Tosha Farley, Ricky Joyce, David Mitchem, and Brian Smith are all awaiting trial.



According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, investigators found four “shake and bake” style labs inside an apartment at 595 Republic Road. Two of the labs were active, according to police.

25-year-old David Mitchem, 39-year-old Ricky Joyce, 29-year-old Brian Smith, 25-year-old Tosha Farley, and 28-year-old Rebecca Farley have all been charged. Mitchem, Joyce, Smith, and Tosha Farley are from Christiansburg. Rebecca Farley is from Riner.

Two children were found in the same apartment as the suspected meth labs. Investigators say they had to evacuate the entire complex because of the labs’ proximity to HVAC ducting.

Charges against the five suspects include manufacturing methamphetamine, felony child endangerment, manufacturing methamphetamine with a child present, possession of methamphetamine, possession of meth precursors, and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and possess meth precursors.


Police are telling us very little about a situation in Christansburg early Friday morning.

WDBJ7 is trying to find out what was going on at the Christiansburg Bluff Apartments on Republic Road.

A number of officers were there overnight.

Fire fighters and ambulances were on the scene as well.

People in hazardous materials suits were going into an upstairs apartment in building G.

Animal control officers tell us they took two dogs from an apartment.

As soon as we get more information we will bring it to you on WDBJ7 and