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Your Hometown Soap Box: Blackmail and lies

Published On: Apr 29 2014 01:55:06 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 14 2016 08:00:00 AM EDT
Your Hometown Soapbox


Young & Restless:

WOW! Is all I can say at this point! So we all know that Victor is leaving and going to another show, but who would have EVER seen that coming? NOT me! I figured the ruthless millionaire would be on Y&R until he actually took his last breath. My thing is will he escape from prison or will he end up being killed during the escape attempt? Either way he is leaving Genoa City. Things will never be the same there. He has had some really good story lines, but here lately the writers have just dragged this mess out way too long.

Who, besides me, thinks Victoria is going to become the female version of Victor? I saw this coming from a mile away. Not only is she being like Victor, but she is going to push all of the people who care about her away. She and Billy are good for each other, but only when they are not trying to get something over on one another or when they are not playing their revenge cards. Sad to see Victoria turn into the evil Victor Newman.

Hillary is having some serious side effects (my opinion) form Dr. Neville’s cure that will end up hurting not only her, but Devon. Devon is too good for Hillary. Why in the world would he take her back after all she has done to him and his family? I honestly don’t understand why Ashley is backing away from her research so easily. Hillary has nothing on her, but yet she still just gives in to Hillary and walks away. Granted, Ashely is not feeling 100 percent, but to just hand everything over to Hillary is not the way to handle the situation.

Once again Nikki is chancing the bottle and the bottle is winning. Do the writers have nothing else for the Nikki character? If not, then send her packing with Victor. Bring in some new storylines for Nikki. There has to be something she can do besides beg, drink and lie. Seriously!!

I am glad to see Noah is finally beginning to be happy again, but will Marissa be able to keep him happy or will he have another false hope of happiness? Sad that this guy never seems to find the rainbow and always ends up second best to someone or something else. I do not like Luca at all and wish he would just leave the show, but I see him hooking up with Summer even after her father and the rest of her family has advised him to move along. Luca is after Newman Enterprises and if going after Summer will assist him with that then he will do as he plans where she is concerned.

This whole thing with Sage, Sharon and baby Sully is beginning to rub me wrong. I do not, to this day, understand HOW Sage can hold this little boy and not know that he is HERS! How is that possible?? I kept thinking that Sully was going to get some kind of illness and then they would find that Sharon did not have the right blood type to save him, but so far that hasn’t come about. Not sure if Sage will ever come out of the clouds long enough to figure this mess out, but Sharon is beginning to feel as if she shouldn’t let Sage too close to her little guy. Yea, ya’ think!!!

Bold & Beautiful:

Well Liam has gotten his memory back, but not 100 percent yet. What is he going to think when he finds out the brother that saved him from Quinn is actually married to the love of his life? Not thinking this is going to go over very well. Actually I hope that Steffy goes back to Liam so they can just be happy. Wyatt needs to find someone that his brother hasn’t been with. The only women he has had any interest in since he came to LA have been his brother’s left overs. Get a life of your own Wyatt and stop trying to take over your brothers.

Who in the world would have thought Deacon would be the one to save Quinn when she was locked in the closet? Can I say that he must have been swimming for a long time because he was covered in sea weed when he came to Quinn’s rescue and didn’t she push him off the cliff a couple of weeks ago? I can’t believe he is going to help her out of this mess. Bill is not going to rest until he finds Quinn and makes her pay for the damage she has done to his beloved Liam!

Doubt that Sasha is going to like the fact that the guy she claims is in love with her is still in love with Nicole. Haha….that is what happens when you sneak your way into someone else’s place. I haven’t like Sasha since she came to town and Nicole should have never told Rick and Myah to hire her back. She needs to hit the road running back to where she came from. Once Nicole has the baby Zende and she will reconnect and Sasha will end up with nothing.

Katie has me worried. How can she be drinking like she is and not be damaging her heart further? I look for Bill and Brooke to end up together and Katie to end up either dead or in a crazy house at the rate she is going. I like Katie and Bill together, but Brooke does have a way with the men in LA.

Ridge made a big mistake having lunch with Caroline where his doctor also was dining. Now he is going to be blackmailed because the doctor knows that baby can’t be Ridge’s. Just tell the truth people. So what if the baby belongs to Thomas….that doesn’t mean Caroline has to go to Thomas. Just means Thomas is the biological father and Ridge is actually the baby’s grandpa.


Looks like the writers are well on their way to making us all wait weeks or even months to wrap up some of these storylines, but hey, I have been watching these soaps for over 25 years, so I guess a couple more weeks or months won’t matter much.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and are able to enjoy the great weather the First Alert weather team is forecasting. Remember to keep your TVs and mobile devices tuned to WDBJ7. See you all in a few.

March 3, 2016

Young & Restless:

Once again I must let you know that I am playing catch up with both of these soaps, but I know that things are getting ready to get really interesting on Y&R.

Victor in jail!!! How long will this last? Will Summer be able to make the Newmans change their mind about Victor? I, for one, hope NOT! I am tired of seeing Victor get away with everything and never suffer any consequence. Seriously, look at all he has done just in the past 18 months. He brought Marco to Genoa City to portray Jack. He had Jack kidnapped while he was on his honeymoon with Phyllis so he could pull this master plan off. Phyllis was none the wiser that Marco was NOT her husband, which makes me wonder if she truly knows her husband or not? Summer lost her husband and Noah lost his fiancé because of Victor’s vendetta towards Jack. Stitch thought his sister committed suicide, but is going to be finding out that she was murdered, but was she murdered by Jack or one of Victor’s people. I think it is about time that Victor get what is coming to him.

Sharon doesn’t seem like she is too happy with Nick and Sage adopting a baby right now. Is it because she is beginning to think that Dylan isn’t the right man for her (because he didn’t break the law and not arrest Noah) or is she truly worried that Sage isn’t ready to be a Mom to another baby this close after Christian’s death? I just wish Sage would figure out that Christian is alive and he is Sully. That would rock Sharon’s world. I have to admit, I would feel sorry for Dylan because he doesn’t know what is going on. He still thinks Sharon gave birth to Sully, but she wasn’t even pregnant. How does this happen? I know in real life there are people who do things like this, but dang how do they get away with it?

Hillary is beginning to overstep her bounds where Ashley is concerned and I do not think Ashley is going to just sit back and let her walk all over her. Not sure how this is going to play out, but it should be interesting.

Jack is doing his best to help Neil, but will Jack’s friendship be enough to get him through this nightmare he feels he is living? Not sure. Alcoholism is a disease that touches so many people and it is not one that is easily fixed or gotten rid of. Takes time and a lot of support. Just not sure that Jack has it in him to be there for Neil for the long haul and not even sure if Neil is ready this time to stay sober. I was thinking Neil and Nikki would begin a relationship during this storyline, but looks like the writers are going in a different direction with this. It will be interesting to see where this ends up.

Bold & Beautiful:

OMG! What in the world does Quinn think is going to happen? Does she really think when Liam gets his memory back he will NOT know who she is? I totally agree with Deacon when he said Quinn is going to end up in jail over this one. Liam is going to recover from his memory loss and when he does ….. It is going to hit the fan! When he realizes that he has slept with Quinn he is going to be so mad! Quinn is falling for him hard and she is going to lose her mind even more than she already has once Liam lets her know he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

What does Quinn really think is going to come of Wyatt and Stephanie when they find out what she has done? Can anyone say “annulment”? Yep, that is what is going to happen. I see Stephanie wanting to get an annulment from Wyatt once she finds out what Quinn has done. Or maybe she will have actually fallen in love with Wyatt by then and not really care. Who knows? Steffy is so flighty lately that you can’t understand what in the world she is thinking. How can she be so in love with Liam one day and then just because he isn’t returning her calls or answering her she moves onto his brother? When she called Quinn and Liam answered the phone why did she not recognize his voice? Seriously, it had only been like a week since she had spoken with him.

Looks as if Nicole has lost Zende to her sister that she didn’t even know she had. Poor girl! Did she really think getting pregnant for her sister was going to make her boyfriend happy? She couldn’t have thought it would last as long as it has. Zende isn’t the type to play second in the relationship. He needs to be with a woman who can be totally committed to him. Nicole is totally committed to Rick and Myah and the baby. Next thing I’m wondering is will she be able to give up this baby once she has it? Should be an interesting story there……


Guess we all need to keep watching to see what happens over the next couple of weeks with all these great storylines. I know I will be watching them to try to get caught up.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will chat with you all again soon.

Feb. 13, 2016

Been trying to catch up with all the goings on in Genoa City over the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t been easy, but I think I have managed to accomplish it.

I am glad to finally know that Sandra Anderson was actually Sandra Allen and that she has been found out. Sad to see she is now dead by the hands of Patty, but I hope Patty will be able to remember exactly what she was discussing with Dr. Anderson before she stabbed her with the letter opener. Nick and Sage need to know Sully is their little boy. I’m kind of thinking Sharon may begin to remember things that went on while she was locked away in Fairview on her own. Although I am confident if she does remember she will never tell the real truth. Sharon will be too scared that Dylan would leave her if she didn’t have Sully.

Billy and Phyllis are heading down a bad road, in my opinion. Not sure where this road is going to lead them, but I doubt it will lead them to the destruction of Victor Newman. People have been trying to bring Victor down for as long as I can remember (and that is a LONG time) with no luck at all. Victor seems to have way more than nine lives, that’s for sure. I was hoping Jack would begin to put the pieces together before Phyllis and Billy end up piled under the mess they are beginning to make, but it looks as if he isn’t on to their scheme at all.

Victoria proposing to Billy was not what I saw coming, but I’m sure he will accept the proposal in the end. Why not? He does still love Victoria, but when she finds out that Billy is helping Phyllis with the ousting of her dad from Newman Enterprise will she be able to once AGAIN forgive Billy?

Noah running off with Marissa may have been a huge mistake on their part. Lucca is not happy about it and now Adam is aware of them taking off. Lucca is a person who goes after what he wants and what he wants is Marissa……however he can get her!

Bold & Beautiful:

I am having a VERY hard time watching Quinn and Liam together. It is actually hard to watch! How can no one in LA wonder where Liam is? Why has no one tried to contact Ivy to see if he made it back to Australia?

I would think that Wyatt would have tried to call Ivy to at least see if his brother was there so he could chew him out, but NO. No one has tried to contact Ivy at all. How can Steffy actually think that a guy like Liam would be able to blow her off the way that he has? Seems to me that Steffy doesn’t really know Liam the way she thought she did. Not to mention she is able to just move on so quickly with Liam’s brother Wyatt. I’m sure by the end of Valentine’s Day they will be married!!!

Caroline going into labor while Ridge is away may not be the best thing to happen. I have a feeling that Thomas will step in and be there when the baby is born. With that being said will Thomas figure out the baby is his? Will he feel a special bond with the baby or will Caroline feel bad for Thomas and tell him the truth? I guess we have to wait and see.


I hope all of you have a great Valentine’s Day and wonderful weekend. Try to stay warm over the next couple of days and be safe if you must go out.

See you in a couple of weeks and maybe we will have some answers to a few questions by then. Will Liam figure out Quinn is his enemy? Will Steffy marry Wyatt? If so, when Liam comes back will she go back to Liam or stay with Wyatt? Is Thomas going to figure out Caroline’s baby boy is his? Is Phyllis and Billy’s plan going to be good enough to bring Victor Newman down? What will come of Sully? Is that little boy going to grow up with Dylan or Nick for a father?

So many unanswered storylines, but keep watching you Hometown News Leader WDBJ7 for all the answers. I know I will be watching daily to see what happens.

February 2, 2016

Young & Restless:

I am actually lost right now with all the goings on in Genoa City. I have been trying to keep up, but it seems like the more I try the harder it is getting. So many story lines going on at one time!

Dr. Neville seems to be doing his best to help Ashley, but I’m not sure he actually can. I would think she would let her family in on her illness before it is too late and she actually dies. They are doing a pretty good job at making her look ill on camera. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ashley is going to be very “thankful” to Dr. Neville soon.

Wonder if Dr. Neville knows the real identity of Dr. Anderson? Seems like he knows something because he warned Sharon about her. I certainly hope that Nick and Sage know what they are doing by having Sage committed for 72 hours to try and see what they can find out about her. While having coffee with Nick, Dr. Anderson was a bit flustered and had to leave Crimson Lights.

I am nervous about how this is going to end -- especially since Nick made sure to tell Sage that he didn’t want to do this because he would have to “make” Dr. Anderson believe the story line. I’m assuming that meant he may have to do things that a married man shouldn’t, but why would that matter to Nick? It’s not like he hasn’t cheated on his wives in the past. I know…..maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud, but it is the truth.

Not sure how I feel about this new Billy, but anything is better than the last one. I just didn’t ever get to the point where I liked watching him. I was hoping they wouldn’t kill off his character when he was in the accident, but I had no clue they were actually re-casting his role. Good job Y&R!!! Now if he would only decide if he is going to keep Noah’s secret or tell the world what actually happened? This is going to be one interesting turn of events. Especially since I think Phyllis will have a role in what happens with Billy in the next few weeks.

Moving on to Nikki, Neil and Hillary….what is up with all this mess? Hillary trying to make Nikki look bad because she was a stripper in the past! Hey Hillary!!!! Everyone who has been keeping up with Y&R already knows this and it isn’t like Victor doesn’t know it because he is the one who turned Nikki into a “lady” when he found her stripping many years ago. I’m fairly sure the entire town knows that Nikki Newman was Nikki Reed the stripper. Move on to another way of making Nikki out to be no good. This one isn’t going to work for you. Hillary is just worried that Neil and Nikki will end up hitting it off as more than just friends and she will have to go back to Devon. Devon is where she is supposed to be in the first place. I’m not 100 percent sure that Hillary doesn’t remember being married to Devon. I am kind of wondering if this is all a game to her. Like when she first came to Genoa City.

Bold & Beautiful:

Quinn is back to her old tricks, but honestly I think this time she is going to see it backfire. Liam doesn’t even remember who he is or that Quinn is a crazy lady who has been taunting him for years! What will Wyatt think of this new fix his mom has gotten herself into? Will he decide to let her do her thing so he can have some personal time with Steffy to try and make her want to be with him vs. Liam?

Steffy loves Liam, but will she be able to refrain from being with Wyatt? Probably not! After all her father is Ridge and her mother is Taylor! Neither one of them have ever been able to be faithful to a spouse or significant other.

I love that Katie is giving Brooke a kick to the curb! Brooke needs to go and find her own man. Not one that is attached to anyone. She kept going after the Forrester men until they just got tired of her and now she is trying to go after Bill Spencer again. Katie is not going to stand for it this time around. I don’t think Bill would have acted on his desire to be with Brooke because he has gotten back with Katie and has a good life with her, but Brooke can be very tempting. I’m sure that Brooke will end up with someone soon, but not after she becomes a complete alcoholic with nothing left to live for. Someone will come in and sweep her off her feet and I bet I know who that someone will be…..Deacon!

I say Deacon because there was mention earlier in the week that Quinn and Deacon were on the outs. Quinn made the remark that Deacon was in Europe visiting Hope. I’m fairly sure Brooke will either go to Europe or hook up with him there or when he returns he will find Brooke in the bottom of a Vodka bottle.


February is sweeps month so I am fairly certain that things will only heat up more on each show, but it should be interesting how some of the story lines play out. Looking forward to seeing if Stitch and Abby can handle their new lives with Max in the picture. Will Nikki and Neil end up in bed? Will Noah ever have a happy ending with Marissa? Is Phyllis going to be able to bring Victor Newman down?

Will Deacon be Brooke’s shining light at the end of the dark tunnel of life? Is Katie going to be able to hand onto Bill? Is Liam going to make a life with Quinn because he doesn’t know any better or will this turn into a Liam really knows what is going on and is playing Quinn? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist?? I would like to see Hope or Ivy make a trip back to LA, but not sure if that is going to happen.

It has been great catching up with you all this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this weather. Remember that you need to keep you TV tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap and weather needs. Oh and don’t forget you can also catch up on CBS All Access and you should download our First Alert Weather App.

See ya’ in a couple of weeks!

January 11, 2016

Young & Restless

So many things are happening in Genoa City right now that it is almost impossible to keep up, but I will do my best to get you all updated.

Billy and Victoria had split up because of his lies and now he is in the hospital fighting for his life after being beat up by his bookie and then being backed over by Noah. Yes, Noah! Noah of course had no idea that he had backed over Billy until Marissa came to him with the news. How did Marissa know it was Noah? She went chasing after him when he left Abby’s wedding and saw him pulling out of the parking spot where she saw Billy laying and fighting for his life.

Of course, Marissa has now lied to the police about what she knows to save Noah, but I do believe this will come back to bite both of them in the butt because Paul and Dylan are beginning to see that it could have been an accident. Maybe the driver of the car didn’t even know Billy was behind the car, but like Paul mentioned you would think the driver would have figured something out by now. I think Marissa changing the tires out on Noah’s car was a big mistake and one that they will definitely regret once the news is out.

I was not the least bit shocked when Jill went off on the Abbotts at the hospital. She did have some good points, but I think that she could have handled it a bit better than she did. Sure they didn’t give him millions of dollars for his new business adventure and to pay off his bookie, but he did get his job back at Jabot. Maybe Victoria did tell him to move out and that they were over, but how many times has he said he was going to change? After all the things she brought up she went home to rest and Billy had surgery and went into cardiac arrest while on the table. Where was she then??

Abby and Stitch had a nice wedding, but the honeymoon phase is OVER! Now that Max is in Genoa City and his Mom is evidentially dead, Stitch is going to have a lot to deal with. Max doesn’t like Abby at all and has now disappeared on them. Where would he have went? Will he be able to separate Abby and Stitch? I’m thinking Abby will try to buy Max over to her side. After all, she was already bragging about the nice house, yard, etc. to him, but he said he didn’t want to go. Stitch is going to take Max’s side on most things because he hasn’t been with him in so long.

One of the girls here at the station and I were discussing this mystery doctor and who she truly is and we have decided that she is probably the woman that Nick was supposed to have thrown over the balcony years ago. Remember the storyline was brought up a couple of months ago, but no one ever knew about it? I think that she was supposed to have gotten injured and was in a wheel chair or something. Victor had paid the family off so Nick wouldn’t get in trouble. Now she is fine, physically, but I don’t think she is mentally fine at all. She has stolen Christian and made Sharon think that she actually gave birth to the baby. Sharon has to be stupid to not realize that she did not give birth. SERIOUSLY!!!

Bold & Beautiful

Steffy is not having any luck when it comes to Ivy! Ivy got the restraining order on Steffy and what happens? Ivy falls down the stairs in Steffy’s presence and Liam sees it! Go figure! Then Liam tells Steffy they are “done,” but now he regrets it and is frantically trying to get a hold of her via phone because he accidently found himself in Australia with Ivy. How did Ivy not know that something was wrong when Liam went missing on the plane? Was he not gone long enough to be missed? I would think that if he just went to get her a wet towel/water that it should only take a minute, but he was gone long enough for the plane to get up in the air so he had to make the trip with Ivy.

Wyatt, on the other hand, seems to always end up with Liam’s seconds. First it was Hope, then Ivy and now Steffy. This is what I think is going to happen; Wyatt is going to get Steffy to cheat on Liam and then when Liam comes home to Steffy she is going to feel bad and try to forget what she has done with Wyatt. Then in a couple of weeks she will magically be pregnant and it will turn out to be Wyatt’s. I know….I should be writing for the soap opera instead of just doing this blog. But hey, it is what it is.

Nicole is going to have a run for her money because her friend/sister, Sasha is after Zende. I do believe Sasha is going to do whatever she can to get him to look her way so she can become a Forrester and leave pregnant Nicole on the side of the road. I can’t believe they already have Nicole showing a baby bump. I thought she just got pregnant right before Christmas??

Brooke is heading down the bad road again, and I am hoping Bill doesn’t hurt Katie again by falling for her tricks. I think she should have just went with Deacon and been done with it all, but no, she had to let Deacon marry Quinn. Now she is all alone and feeling like she needs her bottle of Vodka to keep her company.


Will Billy survive? Will Noah come clean and tell the truth? If so, will the fact that he is a Newman make Christine go after him with both gloves off? Is Sage ever going to figure out that Sully is really Christian? I am kind of thinking Nick is going to end up listening to the crazy doctor and putting Sage in the psychiatrist ward of the local hospital. Is Abby going to lose her husband to his son or will Stitch find out the truth about Ashley and go to her side? Either way it doesn’t look good for Abby.

The storylines on B&B are all about the same from one year to the next, so we can almost tell what is happening there, but I would like to see Ivy back with Wyatt. They are good together, but Ivy needs to get over Liam. I hope Brooke doesn’t come between Bill and Katie, but then again there aren’t too many more men in LA she can go to. Maybe she can go back to Eric Sr. and have a new life with him?

I guess we will just have to stay tuned to our Hometown station, WDBJ7 for all our drama needs. See ya’ again in two weeks, but until then stay warm and have a great time living life.

Dec. 18, 2015

I’m not even sure how Sage can be so close to Christian and not realize he is hers or is she beginning to feel something when she holds him?

I kind of think she is beginning to feel something when she looks into his eyes and when she hears him crying. I can see Nick’s brain doing flip flops when he is around Christian, too. Which one will figure it out first? I can only imagine how Sharon is going to react when she finds out Christian is not her son. I just hope Dylan will be able bounce back from all he is about to endure. Not only did Chelsea lie to Dylan about her son being his and getting Dylan to marry her based on that lie, but Sharon lost their baby and never told Dylan. How do you think Dylan is going to ever get past all he is about to find out? I’m hoping the writers don’t drag this out until next Christmas….

Lilly and Cain need to get back together and be done with all this mess. Lilly knows Joe is bad news. If she didn’t before he held her captive in the cabin, she does now! Will Cain be able to forgive Lilly for sleeping with Joe? I don’t see why not! After all, she has forgiven Cain for so much in the past. I’m glad Devon is now aware that Cain could have never done what he has been accused of and that he is in on trying to bring Joe down.

Will Abby go back to Stitch or will her mom end up with the love of her (Abby) life? I am leaning towards Stitch ending up with Ashley, but then again I could be wrong. I was actually thinking when she was laying in the snow and then she saw her dad she was actually dead, but I guess she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she isn’t because I see her storyline getting pretty interesting in the next few weeks.

Marissa needs to realize that she loves Noah and wants to be with him because in the end that is what is going to happen. Sure she wants to make sure that Lucca doesn’t do anything to keep her daughter from her any longer, but I’m sure Noah would be able to do more for her to get her daughter back than the drug dealer Lucca. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bold & Beautiful:

What in the world is going on with Steffy? It seems when she gets in close proximity to any of her cousins (female) they end up dead or fighting for their life.

I was sure Ivy was going to be gone, but thank goodness she survived the electric shock. I think she was right to get a restraining order on Steffy, but it doesn’t look like it is helping her much. Steffy just can’t seem to stay away. Now Liam is going to try to “talk” to Ivy and get her to see that Steffy isn’t to blame….right! I never thought that Steffy could really be dangerous, but it seems she is and that Ivy should be watching her back. I can almost see the storyline going like this….Steffy has hurt Ivy and now Liam is going to try to fix things. Will Ivy end up with Liam in the end or will she keep Wyatt? I’m betting that Liam ends up with Ivy and Wyatt ends up with Steffy -- just my opinion.

Wonder what is getting ready to happen between Nicole and her man? He seems to be ok with her pregnancy one day and then the next he is not so ok with things. I’m sure it isn’t easy on him and I’m also thinking her friend, Sasha is going to be the one to help Zende get past his unhappiness over Nicole’s pregnancy.

Talking about Sasha….what does she have on Julius? Did the two of them have some type of affair or does she know something that no one else does? Either way Julius doesn’t want the news to come out and is willing to do what he needs to keep it quiet.


Will Victoria be finding Billy laid out on the side of the street this Christmas like she did in the past or will she move on past him and his addictive habits? Is Nick going to have a happy new year with Sage or is she just going to be playing him while trying to get with Adam? Are Lilly and Cain ever going to find their way back to each other? Is Zende going to be able to get past Nicole’s pregnancy or will he turn to Sasha for comfort? Is Steffy truly scaring Ivy or is this Ivy’s way of getting back at Steffy for the loss of her cousin, Ally?

I guess we just have to keep watching our Hometown station WDBJ7 from 12:30p-2p to find out what is going to take place. I, for one, am excited to see what happens in LA and Genoa City in the coming months. I hope you all have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year. See you all in 2016!


Young & Restless

WOW! What in the world is going on in Genoa City? I have been pretty busy with work and really haven’t been able to watch each episode, but I think I have the gist of what is going on this week. Looks to me like the entire town is falling apart and I’m not too sure that everyone will be a winner at the end of these roads they are taking.

Sage seems to be a bit more on edge than normal. Which is understandable with the loss of Christian, but if I am right she is going to be even more over the edge as soon as she figures out Sully is really Christian! Didn’t this storyline get used a few years ago on Y&R or was it a different soap? I keep thinking that someone had a baby, but the baby was stolen and then the mom of the baby kept having dreams of the child and finally found the baby and was reunited. I couldn’t imagine going through something like this, but I do wonder how long the writers are going to let this storyline go on? Will Sage begin thinking Christian is hers or will she not even realize it? I hate to see Dylan go through the loss of Sully, but there is no way around it.

Billy and Phyllis have bitten off more than they can chew by going up against Victor Newman. Wouldn’t you agree? Victoria isn’t going to be able to forgive Billy for this, but then again I have said that before. I don’t see Jack being so accepting of what Billy has done, but I do see him understanding Phyllis’ side of things. When Victor was holding Phyllis hostage I was a bit worried he may just take her out then, but luckily he let her go.

I think I missed an important part of the Joe, Cain and Lilly saga, but I think that Lilly is in way over her head. Did she really sleep with Joe again to help Cain try to clear his name? Is Cain using Lilly to try to clear his name? I’m thinking Cain is going to get Lilly to do whatever he asks to assist him with what he needs and then he is going to move on. I honestly, if Lilly did sleep with Joe again, do not see Cain forgiving her. Of course I never saw Cain forgiving Lily for sleeping with Joe the first time. I do think that Cain should forgive Lilly since she has forgiven him for numerous things from his past.

Now that Marissa knows Victor is helping Lucca she should just pack up and run back to Noah because she is never going to find her daughter. Noah and Kevin would have a better chance of finding her, but she is going to mess up and lose the best man she has ever had by playing around with Lucca.

Bold & Beautiful

Ivy is one dumb girl! She knew that Steffy was not going to keep her mouth shut about what went down between her and Thomas, but instead of going to Wyatt and telling him the truth she backs out! What was Ivy thinking? Did she truly think that Steffy had changed over the past few weeks? All Ivy needed to do was tell the truth about kissing Thomas. I hope Wyatt forgives Ivy because I think she is truly sorry for going there with Thomas, but will Thomas back off and leave her be? Doubtful! He is Ridge’s son and thinks he can have any woman he wants. Since he can’t have Caroline at this moment he is moving onto the next best thing, Ivy.

Wonder if Liam is going to be so disappointed in what Steffy has done to Ivy that he actually goes to her rescue-again! Wouldn’t that send Steffy into a rampage? Especially since she is supposed to be getting married to Liam any day now.

Nicole getting pregnant on the first try seems a bit much, but for the storyline I guess it had to happen that way. I don’t see this baby making his/her way to Rick and Myah in the end. I see Nicole raising this baby, but I don’t see her doing it alone. I’m kind of thinking Nicole will end up with Rick because of the baby. Rick is going to feel an attachment to Nicole due to her being pregnant with his child. I could be wrong, but that is what I see happening.


We all know things get crazy around the holidays, but things are a lot crazier in Genoa City these days than in the past. Not sure who will come out of this mess with the least amount of damage, but it will be interesting to watch over the next few months. Will Sage have her happy ending with Nick and Christian? Will Sharon have to finally be held accountable for all the lies she has told Dylan? Is Lilly going to get her man back or end up with the one that wrecked her marriage? Is Hillary going to move on with the love of her life or will she still keep thinking Neil is her husband? What will happen with Ivy and her love triangle? Is there going to be a happy ending for Rick with this new baby?

I’m sure things won’t turn out the way any of us think they will, but I will keep my channel turned to WDBJ7 so I can try to keep up with all the drama in LA and Genoa City. I’m sure the holidays will be amazing for all the fantasy families and the decorations will be over the top, but I can’t wait to watch and see what takes place. Have a great weekend and see you again in a couple of weeks.

Nov. 20

Young & Restless

Well, I am glad that Hillary is awake, but what in the world is going to happen with her marriage to Devon? She has begun remembering being with Devon, but for some reason she is hanging onto her life that she had with Neil. Is this another game she is playing or does it have something to do with the medications that were given to her when she was in her coma and since she has come out of the coma? I am kind of wondering if she is playing with Devon this time around because she is remembering the video that Neil showed her of Devon with that woman at the bachelor party? Could this be Hillary’s way of getting Devon and Neil back for all that she thinks they have done?

If Neil doesn’t calm down he is going to tell on himself about the whole Hillary issue. Between the nurse and Dylan they are doing some serious digging into the doctor and who was behind giving Hillary all the drugs. I do think the nurse will help her sister though, if she finds out she was involved in all this mess.

Ian Ward and Patty are going to be doing some damage in Genoa City soon! The two of them hooking up was not a good idea for the people of Genoa City. Especially Phyllis! Of course Phyllis is trying to use herself as some kind of pawn to bring Ian in, but I’m not sure this is going to end well for Phyllis. Kind of worried that Phyllis may be biting off more than she can chew this time around.

Adam is really having a hard time convincing everyone that Ian was actually dead in Newman Towers. Now Victor isn’t even going to try to help him win his appeal. Poor Adam! He may have to go to prison for the full 10 years! NOT!!! I don’t see that happening at all. I am thinking that Victor is going to find Ian, but when he does Ian is going to have to come clean about Adam’s role in all this mess before Victor will let Ian go. Then, maybe Victor will be able to get Adam out of prison. I would like to see Adam with Chelsea, but only because I think Chelsea deserves some happiness.

Stitch and Abby won’t be getting married, but I do see Ashley and Abby having a battle to beat all the battles in Genoa City. I wouldn’t want to be Ashley when Abby finds out that Stitch is still in love with her mom. Can you imagine? Not me! I agree with Stitch though, she needs to be told the truth before they get married. Wonder if Stitch tells Abby what happened when he was in the fire with Ashley if she will forgive him and think it was all the trauma that made them feel the way they were feeling? I think the two of them really do have feelings for each other and they need to work it out before he marries her daughter.

I like how Cain let Joe have it about going after Lilly. I only hope that Lilly will be able to see it before it is too late and she actually loses Cain all together. I like the two of them together. Cain and Lilly have been through a lot in their time and should be allowed to have some happiness. Joe needs to move on and leave Genoa City. While he is moving on he should take Christine with him.

Bold & Beautiful

I knew it! I knew that Thomas was going to go after Ivy! I can’t believe she is stupid enough to fall for him. She has Wyatt and is getting ready to make a huge, did I say a huge mistake! Wyatt doesn’t deserve what he is about to get. I can’t believe that Steffy isn’t telling Liam what Thomas is up to. How can she keep this to herself? I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I have a feeling that Ivy is going to end up alone in the end. Thomas is going to get her in bed, she is going to lose Wyatt and then Thomas will move on to the next victim.

I was kind of thinking that Caroline and Thomas would end up together, but it doesn’t look like that is the path the writers are taking. Thomas needs to find out that Caroline is pregnant by him instead of his dad, Ridge. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! Do you think Caroline would leave Ridge for Thomas if she thought Thomas wanted to be a real dad to the baby? I think she would. You can tell when she looks at Thomas that she still has some type of feelings for him. Who wouldn’t? He is young, handsome and rich! Everything a Spencer girl is looking for.

Will Rick and Myah be celebrating a baby this Thanksgiving? I am kind of hoping that they do find out Nicole is pregnant, but I also hate that Nicole is doing this when she is just beginning to have a relationship of her own. I think that Myah’s parents are right. Adopt or find someone else to carry your baby. Leave Nicole out of it, but hey, if Nicole wants to do this for her sister nothing is going to stop her.


Looks like Dylan may end up seeing Sharon in the next couple of days. Will he be able to figure out that she really isn’t pregnant? I would hope so, but after all, like Paul pointed out, Dylan is not a real detective, so maybe he won’t be able to figure out his wife isn’t really pregnant.

Where will Patty show up? Wouldn’t it be nice if Patty and Ian found Sheila and they were all in town at the same time. That would be something to try and keep up with. I’m not too sure how this is all going to end for Phyllis, but as I said earlier, I don’t think it is going to end well.

I’m fairly certain that Ivy is going to mess up big time and sleep with Thomas, but will she be able to keep it a secret or will Wyatt know before he makes it back to LA? This isn’t going to end well either.

I want to take a moment and wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy your time with your families and friends. Enjoy all the great food and if you are enjoying some drink, please remember to not drink and drive.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please keep your TV’s tuned to WDBJ7 for all your drama needs from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thanks for watching WDBJ7.

October 30, 2015


YIPPEE!! Hillary is now awake so maybe this whole storyline will go away soon enough. Of course, her new doctor has just found her wandering around the hospital, so I’m sure she will be out like a light for a little while longer, but at least I can see an end to this mess.

I should have seen it coming when Cain ran into Hillary in the park. Only to see him be accused of acting as if he had seen her to throw suspicion off of himself. REALLY! Does Lilly truly think her husband could do all the things he is being accused of? Cain is not that kind of a person and if Lilly can’t see that maybe she needs to be with Joe, who in my opinion is the one setting Cain up.

What is up with Chloe? Yea, she has always been a bit of a nut case, but one minute she was just fine talking to Esther about escaping and even having a discussion with Chelsea about why she ran Adam over, but when Kevin enters the room she is lost and out of her mind. I think she is trying to manipulate everyone so she can figure out a way to get out of this mess and get back to her other daughter. I do believe that she has one out there, but whose is it? That is a million dollar question. It could be Billy’s or even Kevin’s.

How many of us think that Adam will end up getting time served instead of having to go to the penitentiary to serve his 10 years? ME! I think somehow he will end up going home with Chelsea. Maybe Victor will pull some strings or even Jack, but somehow, someway Adam won’t be pulling 10 years in jail.

Christian is being a little fighter right now, but will he survive being premature? I hope so. Sage deserves a happy ending. I was kind of thinking that something may be seriously wrong with Christian and Adam (being his biological father) would be the only one who could save him. Then Nick would find out the truth, but looks as if that storyline isn’t going to happen.
All of you Stitch and Abby haters might want to sit back and watch what happens because I do not think that this engagement will be leading to a wedding. Ashley is not a bit happy about it and I don’t think Abby actually thought about it long enough. She was just happy that someone finally asked her.

Bold & Beautiful
Please don’t put Thomas and Ivy together! For one that would be horrible for Wyatt, but they are cousins. I know they aren’t blood cousins, but they have been brought up as cousins. That should mean something to them. I hope Ivy keeps her senses and stays far away from Thomas. He is NO good and needs to go back to Paris.

Ridge should have already sent Thomas packing AGAIN, but Caroline thinks it will all be ok with Thomas in LA. Wrong answer Caroline! Thomas is going to find out the baby she is carrying is his. When he finds this out he isn’t going to be happy. Caroline is thinking Thomas wouldn’t have wanted the baby had he known it was his, but I think he just said that to make Caroline think he didn’t want to have children right now.

Nicole looks like she is having second thoughts about being the surrogate for Rick and Myah, but I believe she is in too deep to back out now. She looks as if she wants to tell Myah no, but then she begins to feel bad and moves forward with it all. She needs to think about what this is going to do to her relationship with Zende. He may say that he doesn’t plan on leaving, but get real Nicole, he is a guy and he isn’t going to wait around for you to give your sister a child. If he does it will surprise the heck out of me.


Didn’t see any of Sharon this week, but I guess they need to get as much of the Devon, Neil and Hillary storyline in the show as possible if they ever plan on wrapping it up. I would like to know what Dylan is doing about Sharon not wanting to see him at this time. How is she covering up the fact that she is no longer pregnant? He should be able to tell that she isn’t gaining any weight.
Hoping that by the end of next week Hillary is free with Devon and life in Genoa City can move forward to the next big drama filled scandal.
As for B&B, I am still not that into this show at this time, but I would like to see Ivy hang in there with Wyatt. They both deserve a happy ending. Quinn seems to be doing better about minding her own business, which is nice for a change. I’m sure things are going to heat up with the Forrester’s and both baby issues soon enough. Guess we just have to wait and see how it all ends up.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please keep your TV’s tuned to WDBJ7 for all your drama needs from 12:30p – 2:00p Monday through Friday. Thanks for watching your Hometown station. Enjoy the fall foliage and don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed on Saturday night.



WOW! I know it has been several weeks since I last posted my blog, but so much has happened on Y&R during that time. I have to admit that I haven’t been watching the show every day and I have been extra busy over the past few weeks, but I am going to give this a shot and see if I can make heads or tails out of all that I have seen happening.

Adam seems to have been identified as “Adam” and has been arrested for the death of Delia, but as usual his father, Victor has stepped in and paid his bail. I don’t think that the virus that has been cut loose in the Newman computers can be stopped by Adam, so Victor bailing him out for his own agenda is not going to happen. Chelsea has finally come to her senses about Adam, but will she be able to stand by her feelings and move on with her life? I’m thinking that since Adam had her subpoenaed to appear in court she will end up realizing that she can’t live without Adam in her life. Sure Chelsea wants to start over in a new place with Conner, but Adam will always be with her, so she may as well just stay in Genoa City and realize that she can’t run from her feelings.

Chloe has something to hide and I have a feeling it is a new daughter. Remember when she was in town last time and she was trying to get Billy to have sex with her so they could have another child, well I’m sure this new daughter is Billy’s. The writers seem to be setting Billy and Victoria up for a downfall in their relationship again with this storyline. Victoria has even been mentioning things to Billy about him becoming withdrawn (like he was when Delia died) and about Chloe being in town and not being very stable emotionally.

Wonder if Kevin is going to be the one who finds out that Chloe has a daughter? Will he think that the baby is his? If I remember correctly the two of them had sex on her last visit to Genoa City. How is Mariah going to take Chloe being back in town?

The Devon, Hillary and Neil storyline has me thrown for a loop. I know that Neil has Hillary hidden away in his boat house, but what I don’t understand is Cain’s attitude lately when it comes to Devon locating Hillary. Does Cain have something to do with the ransom part of this storyline? Dylan and Devon should be able to put the pieces together soon so they can locate Hillary. I can’t believe that Tad (One Life to Live-I think) is the doctor that will be saving Hillary. He sure has aged over the years.

What is going on with Sharon? Last I remember she had a miscarriage and then signed herself into the hospital because of her bipolar episodes. Actually I was thinking she signed herself in to figure out a way to get pregnant or to make Dylan think she lost the baby during her stay at the hospital. Patty is doing her best to let Dylan and Paul know that Sharon is in danger, but the doctor intercepted the note. By the way, who is this doctor? She seems very familiar to me, but I can’t place her.

I think I missed a part of the storyline with Nick and Sage because I could almost swear that she told Nick that Christian wasn’t his baby. Did I just imagine that storyline? I certainly hope that the baby survives,

but I would like to know if he is truly Nick’s. Either way he is a Newman, but will he be like Nick and be honorable or like Adam with deceit on his mind?

Bold & Beautiful

Guess Steffy is going to make Ivy pay for trying to use the video against her. Wyatt on the other hand is going to do his best to make sure that Ivy doesn’t feel awkward modeling with hardly anything on. Ivy is very pretty and she has the body to model underwear, but will she be able to morally? Ivy tends to worry a lot about what people think of her. I was kind of surprised that Liam didn’t step in and really come down hard on Steffy for making this move, but he is kind of whipped when it comes to Steffy.

Once Ridge found out that Thomas took advantage of Caroline I knew things were going to be different, but will Ridge be able to keep this secret when it finally comes out that Caroline is pregnant? NO! Especially since Brooke is aware that Ridge can’t have any more children. I don’t see Brooke allowing this lie to happen for too long. Brooke doesn’t like the idea of Caroline being with Ridge in the first place, but she will like it even less when she finds out that Caroline is pregnant and that Ridge can’t be the father.

Will Myah be able to talk her sister into carrying a child for her? I’m thinking that her sister needs to say no and live her own life. Sure Myah and Rick have given her a lot over the last few months, but carrying a child for them will be at least a year long process. That is a long time to put her life on hold. Not thinking her man is going to want to wait for that long to be with her.


Things seem to be getting really crazy on both soaps and from the looks of it will be staying that way for a while. I hope to be able to get back in the groove of watching them on a daily or at least every other day basis. Makes it a lot easier to keep up with what is going on, but as you all know if you miss a few weeks and then watch for a solid week or two you can catch right back up.

I am hoping Devon finds Hillary soon and when he does the truth comes out about Neil’s part in this. I also would like to see Adam pay for his crime, but not have to actually go to prison for it. After all it was a mistake. I don’t think Billy will be staying with Victoria for much longer, but I doubt he leaves because of Chloe. I think when the verdict comes in on Adam he will do something to make his own life worse.

As for B&B I think Ridge and Caroline will not be able to hide the truth about their baby. Ivy is going to be just fine and her life will keep improving, but will she stay on at Forrester Creations? I guess we all just have to wait and see what the next few weeks will hold.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please keep your TV’s tuned to WDBJ7 for all your drama needs from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thanks for watching your hometown news leader.

August 21, 2015

Young & Restless

I can’t believe that Hardy killed Courtney in cold blood! That is so crazy. I don’t find it too hard to see him killing Austin, but Courtney was a colleague of his. She was a Genoa City police officer. That is just wrong! Now it looks as if Noah is going to be Hardy’s next victim. Will Dylan be able to get to Noah in time? I can see the writers taking him out of the show since Sharon is pregnant again. It seems like they tend to do that. Maybe they will have it where Dylan saves Noah and Hardy is killed. That way Hardy won’t have to answer for his crimes.

I see Marissa giving into Marco and cutting him loose. She will be doing the wrong thing, but he is really playing on her with his mind games. Marco has a way of getting what he wants with Marissa. I can’t believe Jack actually thought that Victor would not be able to tell him and Marco apart. Of course Victor will be able to tell the difference. The only reason he wasn’t able to tell the difference when he shot Jack was because he didn’t know Jack was back from the “dead.”

Neil is going to an awful lot of trouble to get his revenge on Devon and Hillary. When I saw Hillary’s feet slip on the cliff I actually thought she would fall to her death like Dru did years ago, but then she didn’t….or did she and we just haven’t seen that part yet? Kind of fishy that Devon can’t locate her on the island at all. This is not going to end well for Devon or Hillary. Will Devon find out that Neil is there or will Neil be able to hide his honeymoon sabotage?

I’m glad to see Cain and Lilly back together. I think that Cain needs to forgive Lilly for sleeping with Joe, but I also think Lilly needed to see how much she hurt Cain by doing so. After all, Cain has done some really bad stuff in the past and Lilly forgave him for all of it.

It was nice to see that Michael and Lauren are making strides to be a happy couple once again. I do think it is odd the writers have not really played too much on his cancer over the last few weeks and he definitely doesn’t look as sick as he was looking. I’m wondering if the actor wasn’t truly ill during a short period of time.

Ashley seems to be digging into what is actually happening with her family and I don’t think she is going to stop until she finds out the truth. Will Phyllis break and give Ashley the information that she is wanting? I hope so! It would be nice to see Ashley go after Victor like a mad woman.

Bold & Beautiful

Ivy got what she wanted from Wyatt when she “gave herself” to him, but will it back fire on Wyatt? Ivy seemed a bit too eager for the romance to begin when she found out that Wyatt was thinking of deleting the video from her phone of Steffy hitting Ally in the head with the tire iron. Guess she was thinking that if she gave Wyatt something then he would feel obligated to her and not delete the video. Looks like she may have been right about that.

Would Ivy leave Wyatt for Liam if given the opportunity? I think so! Who knows…..maybe this is her plan. Maybe we all thought Ivy was a “good girl” when in all reality she is really a manipulative person who is only out for herself. I honestly don’t see that, but one never knows. Wyatt seems a bit worried that Ivy is after Liam again since she told him to go to Steffy for his answers. Ivy knows deep down that Liam is not the kind of person who will let Steffy get away with murdering Ally. Ivy knows that Liam wouldn’t be able to be with someone who was lying about their role in Ally’s death. Or would he?

Thomas is putting his plan to get Caroline into motion. Telling her his secret about Steffy is just one way to see how trustworthy Caroline can be. Will Caroline fill Ridge in or keep the secret. This will give Thomas some ammunition in the future if she keeps his secret. I see Thomas and Caroline being an item before too much longer.

What in the world was up with Ridge and Katie yesterday? Is Ridge trying to make Katie think that he may want her back? Katie needs to RUN as fast as the wind away from Ridge. He is no good for her. Bill is finally acting like the man Katie knew he could be and she has put a lot of time and energy into him. She needs to stay with Bill and tell Ridge to move on to someone else. Brooke is available once again, so maybe Ridge can venture back into her bedroom for a short visit.


Well, we are not sure who is going to be dying on Y&R, but I am thinking that at least one person will be. Hillary and Noah both come to mind as being murdered over the next few days. Will Neil take it to the limit and kill Hillary? Will Dylan & Kevin get to Noah in time before Hardy kills him? Maybe Noah will be the one to kill Hardy. I am kind of hoping that Marissa takes Marco out before he can do anymore damage to the people of Genoa City.

As for things in L.A. ,it looks like the hot dog eating investigator may be onto something and he may find his answers if he keeps hanging around the halls of Forrester Creations. I was hoping the investigator would make his way back into the storyline. This time he seems a bit on the comic side of things. Not quite as serious as he was when Darla was killed or even when he was investigating all the other Forresters over the years. I guess we will just have to sit back and wait for things to unfold on this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please keep your TV’s tuned to WDBJ7 for all your drama needs from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Thanks for watching WDBJ7.

Young & Restless

Adam just can’t seem to win for losing. He needs to realize that lying to Chelsea on a daily basis is not going to be what keeps the two of them together. When will he realize that he has to tell Chelsea the truth, no matter what he thinks the end result will be? I don’t see the two of them staying in France long enough to purchase a house, but then again Chelsea does seem to give into Adam and what Adam wants. Who knows if France will be their saving grace or their downfall? I think they need to go back to Genoa City and tell everyone the truth and let the chips fall where they may. We have all been told at one point in our lives that everything happens for a reason and I am a firm believer in that statement.

I had no clue who Marco’s partner was and never thought it would be one of Genoa City’s finest, but we all have seen over the past few days that it is. How he could assist Marco with murdering Courtney is beyond me. I always thought that police were like family with each other, but I guess he decided Courtney wasn’t worth saving. I am wondering now if Summer is going to be the next victim. He was listening to Summer and the others talking about Summer having the memories coming back to her and then he left after her. Will someone be able to save her? I’m thinking that he is going to be caught in the act while trying to get rid of Summer.

I wonder if Hillary and Devon’s wedding will actually take place or will this be when Neil takes his revenge out on the two of them? Colin is trying his hardest to make more money off of Devon, but will Devon cave and pay him? Devon needs to come clean with Hillary before the wedding. Let her know that he thinks he was drugged. I’m sure she would believe him. After all she knows what kind of person Colin is and what Colin would do to ensure his money pit never ends.

Jack and Phyllis need to be careful in their battle with Victor. Marco is still out there and is not going to stop until he has Jack’s life. He wants Phyllis to himself along with all Jack has, but will it happen? I have been wondering if Phyllis will be kidnapped or something during this new storyline. It would be crazy if Phyllis were kidnapped by Marco and if Shelia was brought back into the mix. Wouldn’t that be something to see?!

I guess the next couple of weeks will tell us all what we have been waiting on. Who actually killed Austin and Courtney? Is Marco going to get his way and become “Jack” again? Will Devon and Hillary have their happy ever after? Is Neil going to get his revenge or will it all back fire on him? We just have to wait and see…..

Bold & Beautiful

I was actually feeling hurt for Myah when she overheard her mom and dad discussing her at the bottom of the stairs the day of the wedding. How could he say those things and think she wouldn’t find out? I’m glad that Myah decided to clear the air before taking her vow to Rick. She needed to get her dad out of the picture. I think he was just after what he could get since he has been out of work and down on his luck. I’m glad that Myah’s mom stuck by her and told her dad to go. I actually think this storyline may have turned out pretty good.

Steffy is getting ready to make the wrong choice if she is planning on sending Ivy packing back to Australia. Looks like Wyatt isn’t going to stand by and let that happen for one minute. It didn’t take Wyatt long to put Liam in his place when he was discussing Ivy with Steffy. Thomas trying to scare Ivy into deleting the video is also not going to fly with Wyatt. Wyatt has found is soul mate and the rest of the people around him will need to back off of Ivy. Sure, Ivy can take care of herself, but why try when she has Wyatt to do it for her? I like Wyatt and Ivy together. I think they will be a force to be reckoned with in the long run.

In the end Ivy needs to come clean with Thorne about how Ally really died, but she should use it against Steffy for a little while and get what she can out of her. Make Steffy nervous for a while. Steffy has always taken what she wants, well now it is time for her to suffer a bit. Don’t you think?


For those of us that have watched these two soaps for a long time we all are kind of sure where things may be headed, but for all the newcomers it may seem like things just never end, but they do and when they do it will be time for the next big story to begin. I am so ready for the next big story to begin and for all these to end. Sometimes it seems like the writers drag the storyline’s out way too far, but I keep watching. What does that say about me? Not sure, but I am still going to keep my TV tuned to Channel 7 to keep up with all the happenings around these two towns. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see ya’ all next week.

August 9, 2015

Young & Restless

Well, last week I was wondering if Marco (fake Jack) was going to be making his way back to Genoa City & this week we all got that answer….YES and thank goodness Jack filled Phyllis in on the whole thing or she could have really been hurt if not killed! Phyllis is not going to sit back and let Victor get away with all he has done. In a sense she was violated multiple times by Marco when she thought he was Jack & it all happened because of Victor. As far as I am concerned Victor should have to pay dearly for all he has done. I know, Victor is Victor and the villain in him is what keeps some people watching, but don’t you agree that the writers are taking some storylines too far? I think that Jack has a plan to try (and I say TRY) to bring Victor down, but I doubt we will ever see the end of this plan.

Adam following Chelsea to Paris may be is saving grace with him. Who knows, maybe Chelsea will take Adam up on his offer and start over in Paris, but I honestly do not see Adam letting go of his vengeance for Victor. I think he should come clean about being alive, killing Delia and everything else that he has done so he and Chelsea can stay together. He needs to pay for his crime, but Billy also needs to pay for shooting Adam. I know that Adam killed Delia, but it was an ACCIDENT and Billy needs to realize that so he can move on. This anger he feels for Gabriel/Adam is going to get in the way of his happiness with Victoria in the long run.

Neil certainly gave Hillary a mouthful while they were stuck in the elevator during the blackout. I kind of thought it was a bit funny, but Hillary seemed nervous. I don’t think Neil is going to tell Hillary what went on at Devon’s bachelor party, but Hillary will find out. Will she find out before she marries Devon or will it be after is the question I have? Maybe Devon’s secret will stay safe for a while and once Hillary is comfortable in her marriage to Devon the truth will come out.

I don’t like Noah and Marissa together. For one I think she is too old or she is supposed to be too old. After all she was Marco’s girlfriend and he is as old as Jack, which would make him old enough to be Noah’s grandfather. Then again this is a soap and even in real life age doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. I do think the writers needed to give Noah more time to heal from Courtney’s death. I just hope that Noah isn’t going to end up hurt because of his rushing into bed with Marissa.

When the blackout came I was actually thinking that someone else was going to die or disappear, but so far I don’t think that has happened. We all know when there is a blackout or a storm in Genoa City weird things begin to happen. Maybe the writers have so much going on right now they can’t figure out where to go with the storylines.

Maybe next week there will be an end to Marco and we will know if he was truly the one who killed Austin and Courtney. Also, if he was the one who killed them then why did he do it? What was his problem with Austin and was Courtney a casualty because she figured out the truth? Will Cain and Lilly ever be able to make things right again? Is there going to be a wedding for Hillary with a happily ever after or will Devon’s little secret come out? Is Adam going to do the right thing? Not sure about any of it, but we can all hope some of this will come to an end so there can be new storylines to keep us watching through the fall and winter months ahead.

Bold & Beautiful

Looks as if Stephanie may have gotten away with the murder of Ally. Thorne is suffering so bad over this and Ivy is trying to tell him what really happened, but Wyatt keeps talking her out of it. I think Thorne needs to see the video and Stephanie needs to pay, but what does it matter what I think to the writers of this line? If they show him the video now what will they have to write about for the next 6 months or so?!

What in the world is up with Myah’s father? He is up to no good and I hope that Rick or someone in the Forrester family can figure it out before Myah gets hurt. At first I thought it was all about the big house, expensive cars and money to him, but after seeing how he looked at Rick and Myah yesterday I’m not sure of that anymore. I think he is out to hurt Myah for being transgender. Like she had a choice in the matter. Myah/Myron didn’t choose to be transgender and he needs to realize that and move on.

The wedding is supposed to take place soon, but will Myah’s father be able to walk her down the aisle or will this be when he gets his revenge on Myah for not staying Myron? Who knows maybe he won’t do anything and just let it happen so he can live off of Myah’s good fortune and the Forrester money?

Thomas coming back to town was not for Stephanie! He is out to take his dad’s girlfriend and now that Ridge knows Caroline wants to have a family that may have opened up the door for Thomas. Thomas can give Caroline a family and Ridge has told her he is too old to start a new family. Good for you Ridge! You finally realized that you are not the young man you once were. You may have to let Caroline go so she can be truly happy in her life, but will Ridge sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Caroline has true happiness in life? Guess we just have to wait and see, as usual.


Once again I have no idea where all these plots are going to end up, but I am certainly going to keep my eyes on WDBJ7 to see where they may or may not be heading. Sure it is all fantasy, but it is also addictive and for me I have been addicted to Y&R since the early 1980s and to B&B since it first aired. Sure you can go a month or two without watching and then catch up within a couple of episodes, but I am still drawn to these two shows. I hope that for those of you who watch them you get just as much enjoyment out of them as I do. I think the best thing I get out of them is knowing that my life may not be as glamorous as theirs, but my life is definitely not filled with near as much drama. I like how my life has turned out, but I also like watching the ones on these two soaps fall apart and then get rebuilt again. Keep your TV’s tuned to your Hometown station WDBJ7 and I will see you again next week. Have an amazing weekend and enjoy the weather over the next couple of days.

July 31

Young & Restless

I am beginning to wonder if Marco is going to make his way back to Genoa City to seek revenge on Jack, Victor and Marissa. I think if Marco does come back to Genoa City, Phyllis will know in an instant something just isn’t right and look into things a little better this time around. She is already wondering what is going on with Jack (or is it already Marco) now that Jack wants to go on a honeymoon again and since he isn’t the same man he was before the shooting. This is going to get very interesting, but I’m sure this time around it will be much for confusing.

I’m glad that Kevin and Mariah didn’t believe all of Marissa’s story about the accident. If they had not went to the lake looking for the car and Marco’s body then we would not have known that he is out there somewhere. Although in soap opera storylines even when there is a body as proof that someone has died they may not really be dead.

Chelsea loves Adam so much, but she can’t keep going down the road of pain with him. That is understandable, but why doesn’t Adam just come clean? Tell everyone who he is and suffer whatever consequences he has to suffer. Be a man, Adam! The longer he runs from all he has done the harder the system is going to be on him in the long run. Maybe, just maybe if he comes clean Chelsea will want to be with him, but as long as he keeps hiding behind Gabriel there is not a chance for them.

Looks like Neil is going to get his revenge on Hillary and Devon after all. Colin has slipped a little something into Devon’s glass and now he has captured him with a paid escort on his cellphone. At first I thought Colin was going to use it as blackmail, but then Colin sent the video to Neil. What will Hillary think when she sees that Devon was behind closed doors with another woman? Will she believe that Devon didn’t do anything (which he probably won’t because he will pass out) or will she just suspect that Devon did? Should be interesting to see.

I wish Cain would just forgive Lilly and the two of them be a happy family, but NO they have to keep Joe in Genoa City to become Lilly’s new love interest. I am not liking this storyline at all. I don’t like Joe and wish they would have sent him packing instead of Avery. Cain is going to lose his family if he doesn’t stop and pay attention to what is going on. Lilly has forgiven Cain for a lot of things over the past years, but she makes one mistake and he calls it quits.

I certainly hope that the writers are not setting up a storyline for Paul to be leaving the show. He is one of the better characters on the show. Paul having a heart attack is not good. Maybe they are doing this to make a spot for Heather to come back. That would be nice. I don’t think that Heather and Dylan have been introduced yet, but I could be wrong.

Sharon telling Dylan that she would walk away made me laugh out loud! Like she would ever walk away from any man on her own. Normally she has to be ripped away from them in handcuffs because she gets too crazy when she realizes they don’t want her. I just hope Dylan keeps this new baby safe from all of Sharon’s drama.

Bold & Beautiful

It is so sad that Ally is gone from the show, but they truly didn’t give her much of a storyline to work with. At first she was a shy kid coming into LA and then they had her fall in love with Oliver and she began to be more like a real person instead of a shy girl that didn’t think she was worth anything. Next thing you know she has her cousin, Ivy, in town and they become besties and Ally really begins to come out of her shell. Of course we all knew that once Stephanie came into the picture things were going to get rough. Who would have thought that Stephanie would have killed Ally? I did not see that coming. I figured that Ally would end up in a coma or a psychiatric hospital, but not dead.

Thorne is having a really hard time dealing with Ally’s death. First he loses Darla by the hand of Taylor (his sister-in-law) and then he loses Ally by the hands of Stephanie (his niece & the daughter of Taylor & Ridge). I wonder if he will ever find out the truth. Will Ivy have to tell Thorne what she knows or will this secret be kept?

Wyatt sure is moving in on Ivy and I’m kind of glad. I know and I agree that Ivy and Liam seemed great together, but Liam can’t seem to make up his mind what he wants. Once Liam finds out that Ivy and Wyatt are together as a couple I’m sure he will not like it at all. Liam can’t seem to share his ex’s well. I do have to say that it is odd that Wyatt ends up with all his brother’s women. He was married to Hope, had a short fling thing with Stephanie and now is trying to hook up with Ivy.


Not sure where all the storylines are headed after this week, but know this….we must keep our channel turned to WDBJ7 to find out. Also, don’t forget about CBS All Access if you don’t have time to watch the shows when they air.

I’m hoping by the end of next week we see some good action between the Forrester that came home to be there for his sister, Thomas & Caroline. I’m sure Thomas isn’t drawing a portrait of his father’s girlfriend because he wants his dad to approve of his drawing. This is going to be a good storyline…..Caroline just told Ridge on Thursday that he would not lose her…..yeah, like that isn’t going to happen.

Hopefully Ivy tells Thorne the truth. Maybe Phyllis will be able to figure out what is going on with Jack before it is too late this time around. What will Neil’s revenge plan actually include? Is Adam going to be a real man and let everyone know he is still alive and living among them? I guess we will all have to just keep watching. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and catch up with you next week.

July 24, 2015

Young & Restless

Looks like Noah is falling for Marissa! Will he get his heart broken? Sure he will! How can he think she is telling the truth about anything? I know/feel she didn’t have anything to do with the murder of Austin and Courtney, but if he doesn’t tell the police what he knows then who is to say they will ever be able to close the case? Is Marco really in the bottom the lake? I bet Kevin/Mariah find a way to check into Marissa’s story. The two of them will probably go to the lake and see if there is a car at the bottom of the lake. I doubt that Marco’s body will be in the car if the car is found.

Stitch really seems to be playing a lot of sides at the hospital. Is he helping Jack or Victor? Why would he help either one of them and put his new “job” at risk? Is Stitch going to be able to keep his feelings for Ashley under wraps? I think Stitch and Abby will soon be over and Stitch will be with Ashley. They just seem to fit together better. Abby is going to become a force to be reckoned with at Newman and have no time for Stitch.

Victor is going to win again! Jack will sound like a complete fool if he tells the police what has been going on over the past few months. Would they even believe him? I guess if he told the truth he could be charged with the death of Kelly and the people that were on the cargo ship. How is he going to explain “his” actions over the last few months when he wasn’t even himself? Phyllis and the rest of the family are going to have questions and we all know Phyllis won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of all this mess. This should be interesting to watch over the next few weeks.

Adam is going to have to leave town soon, wouldn’t you think? He has given up his position at Newman and has told Billy and Phyllis that he is not Jack’s son, but will Jack vouch for Adam in the end? I think Adam will be found out if he doesn’t leave town. He is not going to be able to hide his true identity from everyone for much longer. Especially since Sage has had a DNA test done on her unborn child. I think this baby is going to belong to Adam and not Nick. Ladies, we all know that it only takes ONE time and your entire life can change.

Bold & Beautiful

OMG! Did Stephanie just kill Ally? I hope not, but after yesterday’s show it certainly seems that way. I kind of liked Ally, but she was a bit odd and nuts. If they have killed her off then it will be sad, but they should have left her on the show and just sent her off to Paris with Thorne. Her dad could have helped her through all this dark emotion. I do think that Stephanie was getting through to her a little bit, but the evil Darla (which makes no sense because Darla was a sweet character) kept getting into Ally’s head.

I was actually hoping that Stephanie would be taken out by Ally and then Ivy would have been able to get Liam back, but hey, it is what it is. Ivy seems to be warming up to Wyatt a little more each day. Which may be a good thing for the two of them.

Myah’s family seems to be doing better, but I still have my fears that her dad is not really accepting that his son is now his daughter. I think he has something up his sleeve and we just don’t know what it is yet.

I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that he is unemployed and broke. He sees how Myah is living and now that Rick has proposed to her she will be a REAL Forrester and have access to all of the Forrester dollars.


There are still some unanswered questions on both soaps, but it looks like the writers are letting some of the storylines drag on indefinitely. Will we find out the truth about Marco/murders? Will Lauren and Michael actually go through with their divorce? Are Cain and Lilly going to be able to work out their marriage issues and move on?

I’m sure that Marco’s “people” will come to Genoa City looking for Marissa once his body is found, but will they think Jack is really Marco? Will Thorne’s heart be broken and his life torn to pieces over the loss of his daughter or will she pull through only to find that Stephanie is doing as she wants with the family business and see Liam is NOT going to go back to Ivy? Is Myah going to see through her father before he has a chance to hurt her? I guess we all have to just wait and see. All we can do is keep our channel turned to WDBJ7 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday. See you all next week and have a wonderful weekend.

July 17, 2015

Young & Restless

I must say things have really began heating up in Genoa City over the last couple of weeks. Looks like some of the storylines that we all wanted to see come to an end may just be getting started!

Let’s start with the Adam/Gabriel storyline. Now Chelsea is aware that Gabriel is truly Adam, but when he does as she wishes and tries to come clean with everyone she changes her mind and wants him to stay Gabriel and let Adam stay dead. Seriously! Is she going to be able to live with herself knowing the man she is with now is the man that accidently killed Delia and tore Billy’s life apart? Is she going to be able to keep this secret? My thought is NO! We all know she will try, but somehow or another the truth is going to come out.

Sage is trying to run away from the truth, but I have a sneaky felling when this baby arrives it will be Gabriel’s. The baby is going to have the same eye condition Conner had when he was born and then everyone will know or think it odd when Nick or Sage have not had this condition in their families. This is probably when the truth about Gabriel/Adam will come out.

Phyllis is doing her best to try to figure out what Jack means by the number two, but she is not having much luck. Victor knows what the two means, but do you think he is going to fill her in? NOT! Victor is hoping that Jack stays in the coma or he dies before he can fill Phyllis in on what the two actually means. I have a feeling Phyllis is going to figure it all out in the end. She was already having some suspicions about Jack not being himself before the shooting, but she never had a chance to figure anything out.

Nikki is now living with Neil to stay sober, but that won’t last long. Nikki will be with Neil before too long. I know….it doesn’t make sense to put Neil with Nikki, but in the long run nothing on Y&R makes much sense lately. Look at what is going on with Michael and Lauren. Who would have thought Michael and Lauren would ever get divorced? Not me, but it looks as if it may be taking place.

Lilly slept with Joe and now Cain can’t forgive her for it. Let’s see about this….Cain has done a lot of stuff in the past few years that he has been with Lilly and she has forgiven him for all of them, but she sleeps with one person and now he can’t forgive her. Does that even seem fair? Maybe in real life that would be fair, but not in the soap opera life. Cain needs to forgive Lilly and make their family happy again, but he isn’t going too. He is going to end up with Lauren in the long run.

Looks to me like Stitch is getting ready to move from Abby back to Ashley. Abby is so obsessed with her new position that she isn’t paying Stitch any attention and it is making him unhappy. Boo Hoo Hoo! Like he was going to stay with Abby long anyway! Abby is too childish for Stitch. He needs a real woman and it seems to me that he will be with Ashley very soon.

What is Marissa up too? Seems like she is wanting to get really close to Noah, but Noah is doing right by keeping his distance. Marissa is up to no good and he needs to keep his eyes open to that. It was nice of

her to take the letter that Sage left for Nick before Nick could find it, but will Noah figure out her scheme before he ends up hurt? Probably not. Noah never seems to win when it comes to relationships.

Speaking of relationships-what is up with Avery? I figured she would have shot Joe and then went to jail and that would be the end of her storyline, but it looks as if Joe is going to survive. Maybe Avery will admit herself into a hospital an evaluation for craziness and that will be how she leaves the show? I actually thought Dylan would leave Sharon and take care of Avery, but it seems as if Sharon being pregnant has made the two of them even closer.

I would like for the writers to finally fill us in on who the murderer is and I also would like to know where Jill and Colin are. It is like they just vanished from the show.

Bold & Beautiful

Ally is NUTS! She has seriously lost her mind. Someone will be getting hurt and my thoughts are it will be Stephanie, but I also think whatever Ally has planned is going to backfire and bite her in the butt. Darla is even looking evil in Ally’s visions. Darla was never a dark person, but here lately she is getting dark in Ally’s mind.

Looks like Ivy did the right thing and told Liam the truth about her citizenship, but it cost her Liam. Oh well, she will just end up with Wyatt. As long as she has a Spencer she will be fine. I’m sure that if Hope were to come back now she would be w/o the company of either Spencer heir. Liam is going to stay with Stephanie and Wyatt is working his way into Ivy’s heart.

Ridge and Caroline seem to be doing a good job with Forrester. The scenes with Myah and Caroline were kind of heart breaking, but they were nice. It is good to see some people getting along on this soap for once.

Myah’s mom seems to be genuine, but her dad is NOT! All he is after is the Forrester money. Once he seen how much everyone thought of Myah and that she was a valued employee of Forrester Creations he changed his mind from thinking awful things of her to wanting to have her in his life again. Even if it meant his son was gone and he was now the father to two daughters. This is not going to end well for Myah. I hope Rick can see past Myah’s dad and make sure she is not hurt by him, but I’m thinking that in the end Myah will be the one to pay the price for having her father in her life.


I hope to get back in the groove of watching the soaps since the Salem Fair is gone and my work schedule is back to some sort of normal, but these past two weeks have been crazy. Don’t forget that even though the fair is gone WDBJ7 is still selling the 60th Anniversary cookbooks. You can get one online at or you can come into the Broadcast Center on Hershberger Road. We even take orders over the phone at 540-344-7000. SO be sure to keep your channel tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap needs and be sure to pick up a WDBJ7 60th Anniversary cookbook. See you all next week.

June 26, 2015

Young & Restless

It is about to get really interesting in Genoa City. I’m kind of stoked to see how all these storylines are going to turn out. Who will stay and who will go? That being said, let’s get started with this week’s breakdown.

I am so happy the real Jack is back in Genoa City. I can’t wait until he brings the fake Jack down. Once he and his new found friend figure out exactly what the fake Jack is up too things are going to begin to move quickly. All of Jack’s family is beginning to suspect something is up and they are right, but will the real Jack be able to save his family from the fake Jack.

Will Marco end up taking Adam out since Adam knows that Marco is not Jack? I’m worried that Adam is going to be injured or even worse with this storyline. Maybe Adam will end up in the hospital and need some type of transfusion or transplant and then the truth of his identity will come out. I’m sure Jack would not let anything happen to Adam if he could help it. I just hope that Phyllis doesn’t end up a casualty in this mess. However this ends, it is going to be a bumpy ride so we all need to buckle up.

I can’t believe that Lilly slept with Joe! Wait, yes I can. She needed a storyline that shows her in a different light. Lilly has always played the good girl and for once they are actually making her out to be an adult with real feelings and emotions. She thought Cain slept with Lauren and she was going to get even with him one way or another. Sleeping with Joe was her way of easing her pain. Now she needs to figure out how to deal with all the guilt she is feeling. Cain will find out his wife and his friend slept together. Cain will see Lilly is not what he has seen for all these years. She is able to make mistakes and lie. WOW who would have thought that?

Lauren has finally signed the divorce papers, but she didn’t want to. I think she is beginning to have some feelings for Cain. Especially when she was talking to Paul at the GCAC and she told him she wasn’t having to work through the pain alone. She wants Cain, but will she get him? Sure she will! Cain is going to end up with Lauren after he finds out about Lilly and Joe.

Who in the world took Avery? I don’t think it was Joe, but who would want to hurt her? The masked person was not built like a female, so I’m assuming it was not Sharon. Besides I don’t think Sharon would go after Avery. Sharon is doing her best to keep Dylan away from Avery and taking her would only make Dylan want to be there for Avery. Try to find her, etc. Oh well, this is probably her way out of the show. I think Avery has already shot her last scene. I hate to see her go, but I’m sure she will be back at some point.

Victor seems to be worried about himself and his family since Marco has been throwing around the death threats. Glad to see that Marco let Victor know he doesn’t want to harm his family, just him, but I’m sure Victor is still going to be watching Marco’s every move.

Bold & Beautiful

Ivy is NOT going to be able to lie to Liam for much longer. She has too much integrity to keep living with Liam when she knows he wants to be with Steffy. I, for one, do not understand what Liam sees in Steffy, but they were good together when they were together. I kind of want Ivy to go along with what Quinn advises her and just stay quiet about not needing to be married. She is better for Liam than Steffy.

Besides Wyatt needs to be with Steffy. Those two would be good together. They are both adventurous, free willed & they have both been hurt deeply by the loss of a child. Granted Liam and Hope were also hurt, but Steffy knows what if felt like to walk away from Liam and Wyatt knows what it felt like to have Hope walk away from him. So, the two of them should be able to help the other heal. Wouldn’t ya’ think?

I knew that Myah would be back at Forrester Creations, but I did not see Ridge allowing Rick to come back. That kind of threw me, but then again, Myah did help in making Ridge bring Rick back. I’m just glad that Rick’s reign of power at Forrester is no longer. Ridge needs to put Rick in the mail room! Let him start at the bottom of the barrel. Caroline didn’t look too happy about Rick coming back, but she knows that Myah is needed.

Myah does love Rick and as we all have seen over the last few months is very loyal to Rick. Maybe now that Ridge has seen her loyalty to Rick he will learn a few things and be loyal to Caroline. Yea, right! Like that is going to happen. I’m actually surprised that Ridge has been as loyal to Caroline as he has for the last few months.


Looks like instead of getting answers to some of the past storylines we will just be adding more questions in to the newer ones. I still want to know who murdered Austin and Courtney. Will Marco stay as Jack or will he be found out? Who is after Avery and why? Will Cain and Lilly’s marriage be OK after her infidelity? Are they going to write Michael completely out of the show? Will Ivy keep this secret to herself? Just so many story’s going on at once and it is hard to keep up. I know, we just have to keep our channels tuned to WDBJ7 every day to see what is happening in these two towns filled with all this drama. Doesn’t watching these two soaps make you think how great your own life actually is? Yes, it does for me.

There will not be a post next week due to the holiday and the fact that our 60th Anniversary Cookbook will be in and I will be at the Salem Fair several evenings selling copies. Don’t forget to come out and get your copy for $19.95 including tax. If you can’t make it out you will also be able to order them online after July 1 at

June 19, 2015

Bold & Beautiful

I have got to admit that I was a bit upset this afternoon after watching Thursday's episode of B&B! I can’t believe that Steffy may win again when it comes to Liam! YES! I said Steffy! I can’t stand her and Liam together and so hope that Liam starts thinking with this head instead of the jealousy he feels because Wyatt kissed Steffy. Ivy deserves to be with Liam and Liam deserves someone who doesn’t just up and run at the drop of a hat. Sure Liam and Steffy have a past, but like Wyatt said to Bill…it is a PAST! Get over it and move on with Ivy. For goodness sakes Liam was built for saving women and Ivy needs saving.

I do feel that Liam will do his best to not hurt Ivy, but will it be enough? Will Liam be able to walk away from a woman in need? Will Steffy turn to Wyatt in this time of doubt with Liam? Maybe the writers should put Wyatt and Ivy together. They have both been on the receiving end of Liam and his crazy ways.

Who else thinks that Steffy is just faking her congratulations to her dad and Caroline? I think Steffy is still upset about the two of them and she will end up doing something to come between them. After all she is Stephanie’s granddaughter and has a lot of Stephanie’s traits.

Young & Restless

I am sad to see Avery leaving the show soon. I saw online somewhere that she taped her last appearance earlier this week. I certainly hope they don’t kill her character off, but with the storm happening in Genoa City this week they probably will. I was telling my supervisor during lunch today something bad is going to happen because there is a storm. Usually someone dies, runs off the road, gets beat up or something. I think this will be her last few episodes.

Looks like the real Jack is still alive and well, but on some island somewhere. How in the world is he going to find his way back home and will he be bringing Marco’s ex-lover with him? I see this getting very interesting. The real Jack is going to make it back to Genoa City, but he is going to fall in love with the new girl and Phyllis is not going to like it one bit. Jack is going to wonder how Phyllis didn’t realize that Marco was not Jack. I have been wondering this myself. How does she NOT know that she is with a fake Jack? Will Marco win his old flame back from the real Jack?

Wonder which person is going to end up shot this time around? Will it be the fake Jack or Victor? I’m thinking maybe the fake Jack. If the fake Jack ends up shot maybe it will be a way to get this storyline under control. The fake Jack will need a blood transfusion or something and no one in his family will be a match. TA DA he isn’t even Jack. You have all been fooled by Victor Newman once again!

I am a bit lost on something in the storyline right now; how did Gabriel come to be Jack’s son? I remember Victor having a meeting with the fake Jack and telling him that he knew who Gabriel really was, but I don’t recall it coming up that he belonged to Jack. Now the entire town thinks Gabriel is Jack’s long lost son. This may turn into a fairly good story. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Jack was really Gabriel’s father, but didn’t know he had a son? Then to find out that Gabriel is really dead and Adam has taken his place! WOW what a story that could turn into.

Let me be the one to say I think the next major hookup at the GCAC will be ……YES! You all guessed it! Lilly and Joe Clark! I am just waiting on them to get a room so they can be drinking buddies in private. Joe has been kind of hitting on Lilly since he came to town and now she is mad at Cain, Michael and Lauren so she needs to get back at them. What better way than to go to bed with another man? Looks like Lilly is getting ready to play an entirely different type of role.

There seems to be so much going happening in both towns, but for me B&B is a bit easier to follow here lately. Maybe once they wrap up some loose ends on Y&R it will be fun to watch again. We need to know who the murderer truly is and put an end to Michael’s cancer. Michael needs to be the fighter that he has always been on the show.

Keep your channel tuned to WDBJ7 and your mobile devices on for all the latest on our favorite shows. See y'all next week and hopefully we will have some good news about Ivy and possibly find out who the murderer is in Genoa City. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay hydrated in all this heat.

June 12, 2015

Young & Restless

How many of you were watching this week and realized that life in Genoa City isn’t all peaches and cream? ME!!! I think that sometimes the fantasy of living in the lap of luxury gets the better hand, but these people have some serious issues going on within their little town.

For starters, the real Jack finds his way out of the chains on the cargo ship, but what happens next? The cargo ship blows up because he was starting a fire on top of the crates of cocaine. Seriously Jack; what were you thinking? At least the fake Jack was willing to pay all that money to get him back alive and is now out a ton of money. Wonder how the fake Jack is going to cover up losing all that money when it is found out that the money was transferred and will Kyle get into some serious trouble over this? I’m sure Kyle will be the one to take the fall. The fake Jack (Marco) is not a stupid man at all and Victor is going to see that first hand soon. I don’t think the real Jack died in that explosion, but it may take him a little longer to swim to shore and get to Genoa City.

I’m glad that Avery did come back, but we all know she is being written out of the show. My thoughts are that Sharon is going to end up doing something to Avery and Joe is the one who is going to make it happen. Whatever happens to Avery over the next few weeks is going to be due to Joe and his manipulation of Sharon. Sharon is too stupid not to figure Joe out, but will Dylan be able to forgive Sharon for whatever it is she is going to do to Avery? I don’t think so. Maybe Dylan will see Sharon for the crazy woman she truly is and move on about his business.

Cain and Lauren will end up together, but it won’t be due to their fighting not to. Cain wants his marriage with Lilly and we all know that Lauren wants her marriage with Michael, but Lilly and Michael seem to be pushing them together. Lilly can’t forgive Cain 100 percent for hiding information from her about Devon and Hillary so she is going to keep punishing him. Michael is punishing Lauren because he thinks she only needs him for the sex in their relationship. This is not going to end well for Lilly or Michael.

I see Lilly landing in bed with Joe before it is all said and done. Joe has been flirting with Lilly since he came to Genoa City. She has tried to fend him off, but I don’t think she will be worrying about keeping him at bay much longer since her husband has kissed Lauren.

What is up with Ashley? Brain surgery? Are they getting ready to write her off OR will Stitch feel as if he needs to save Ashley and leave Abby? That may be what is going to take place. Ashley does have feelings for Stitch and he is a doctor, so he may end up wanting to help Ashley with her recovery and then you know what will happen next…..Stitch will be with Ashely and poor Abby will be alone.

Bold & Beautiful

I was thinking in the beginning of the week that Quinn had been silent for the past few weeks, but NOT anymore! Here we go again with Wyatt and Liam and the other woman (Steffy). Wyatt makes his move on Steffy and Liam doesn’t like it, but instead of just being a man and being faithful to Ivy he is going to leave Ivy for Steffy. What in the world is he thinking? Does he not want Wyatt with Steffy so badly that he would leave/hurt Ivy? I never thought Liam would do this, but looks as if he may do it after all.

Sure Ivy has to go back to Australia, but it isn’t like she would never be able to come back to the US. Besides that Liam has a jet and could fly over to Australia anytime he wanted. Ivy deserves much better. Maybe she should hook up with Wyatt. I could see Quinn and Ivy becoming friends and eventually family. Yeah, right!

I am loving the scenes with Caroline and Ridge. I know! Ridge is way too old for her, but at least he is trying to help her get back on her feet. I kind of thought Caroline would have gotten upset when he came into the room with a walker, but instead she embraced it and took a few steps on her own. I’m sure the writers will milk this story for as long as possible, but it is nice to see her back in LA.

Didn’t see much of Rick and Myah this week. Maybe the writers are going to let them rest a bit and move onto something else. With this show only being a half an hour it isn’t easy to put too many storylines in motion at once.

Be sure to keep your TVs, laptops, smartphones and iPads tuned to WDBJ7 for all the drama on our two favorite soaps. Next week should be an interesting one with all the new plots taking place on the shows. I’m looking forward to wrapping up some of the older ones and bringing on some new ones. Have a great weekend and keep watching WDBJ7!

June 5, 2015

Young & Restless

Looks like Sage may have a hard time convincing Gabriel the baby she is carrying is Nick’s, but will she even get to carry this baby full term? I thought for sure when she was screaming at Gabriel she was going to end up losing the baby, but as for now she seems to be holding onto the unborn child. I hope Sage gets to have her baby, but I’m kind of hoping Gabriel is the dad. I’m sure we will all find out soon because Gabriel is not going to keep his secret much longer. He wants to tell Chelsea the truth, but fears losing her.

Neil is moving forward with his divorce, but it is all part of his revenge plan. I’m sure this storyline will be an interesting one once it starts to unfold. I doubt that Devon will be able to save Hillary from Neil’s wrath, but I’m sure he will do his best to try. Hillary doesn’t deserve to be with Devon or even be happy. I don’t understand how Devon can even take her back after all she had done to his family.

Kevin and his little crew of friends are beginning to get on my nerves once again with this murder of Austin and Courtney. WHO is the murderer? Could it be one of the original victims or is it really someone outside their circle? Could it have been Fenmore? Could it have been Stitch?

Nikki seems to be moving on with her treatment and her Dr. Angel seems to be looking out for her well-being. I guess he doesn’t know WHO Victor Newman is or what Victor can do to him and his career, but on the other hand it didn’t look like the good doctor was really too worried about who Victor is. As I have said before I think Nikki will be with the doctor before it is all over with.

I think the best part of Y&R this week was when Summer walked back in Avery’s apartment and saw Joe standing at the counter! Then instead of keeping it to herself she actually told Avery. WOW! Things are going to get interesting now between Joe and Avery. Not to mention Dylan and Avery. What will this mean for them? Will Avery be able to get Dylan back from Sharon? Will Joe talk his way out of this by using guilt on Avery? Maybe this part of the story is how she is going to be written out of Genoa City. I hate that Avery is really leaving, but I guess it just opens up a new door for something else to happen.

Looks like the real Jack is mistaken for Marco and may end up having to die in Marco’s place. Will Jack be able to convince the people on the ship that he is not Marco? Will he end up with Marco’s ex and never make his way back to Genoa City? I wonder if Marco would leave the job he has started in Genoa City if he knew that the love of his life is with the real Jack? Not sure how much more abuse the real Jack can take on the ship. They have really given him a beating over the last week.

Bold & Beautiful

Can you believe that Rick actually punched Bill Spencer? That was great, but I’m surprised Bill didn’t punch him back. Rick had it all and gave it up for the love of Myah. Such a sweet day for Rick and Myah. I don’t believe it, but hey, it is what it is. Everyone deserves to be happy and Myah makes Rick happy.

What is Brooke going to say when she finds out that Rick has left Forrester Creations and is devoted to Myah? I don’t think Brooke likes the fact that Myah is transgender, but if she wants to keep her son in her life she will have to learn to like it. Rick and Myah seem to be solid. For now anyways.

Not sure how happy Eric is now that Ridge is CEO of the company, but he could have saved himself a lot of heartache if he would have just used the morality clause and gotten Rick out of the CEO chair. Eric should have known that Ridge was not playing around about getting Rick out, but he just let everything happen and go down as it did.

I’m sure that all the employees of Forrester are excited that Myah and Rick are gone, but will they stay after Eric tells them what has happened. I’m sure most of them are loyal to Eric, but they also need to keep their jobs and working for Ridge would have to be better than Eric.

I like how the writers included Caroline’s real accident in the storyline. The way she handled herself while talking about the car accident and how she just couldn’t believe that there was a car on top of her body. She is a real trouper for going through all she has had to go through and coming back on the show so soon. Glad they didn’t write her off and she is still with B&B.

I have to say I am glad my life is not full of all this drama. Sure, I have my share, but nowhere near as much as these families do. It is good that the writers bring light to some of the topics on the shows, but sometimes there is way too much time spent on them. Bring it up, get it out there and move on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to keep watching your favorite soaps on WDBJ7. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

May 29, 2015

Thank goodness the writers have put Nikki in a treatment center. I was beginning to think that they were killing her off, but they didn’t. They do have her looking rough though. Nice that her doctor at Home Treatment facility is named Angel. That was a good little addition to the story. I’m sure Nikki will end up with Angel before the end of her battle with alcohol. Glad that Neil and Victor had the intervention for Nikki. She needed to hear what all of her friends and family think about her drinking. Maybe this time she will be able to stay away from the bottle.

Neil seems to be looking a bit younger since he has shaved and cut his hair. Maybe the writers wanted him to take on the new look because they were planning on putting him with Devon’s ex-girlfriend. Neil did seem to be enjoying himself at the party when Devon realized who his dad was bringing with him. I guess what they say is true and that karma can come back to bite you. I liked how she made sure that Devon knew she did not like being used to help him hide his affair with Hillary from Neil. I don’t see her taking much off anyone, especially Devon.

I don’t like Avery and Dylan breaking up. I’m not happy about Avery being more than just a helper to Joe. I think Joe is loving all the attention. Dylan is getting in way too deep with Sharon. Sharon is a black widow and she is getting ready to pounce all over Dylan’s life and turn it upside down. Can’t Dylan see that she is crazy? Why does he not fight for Avery? Joe didn’t treat Avery right the first time they were married, so what makes Avery think he has truly changed that much? I guess now Sharon and Joe are going to work together to make sure that Dylan and Avery stay apart.

I think that the fake Jack is actually the killer of Austin and Courtney. Not sure if he personally did the job, but I would say he had a hand in them. Seems like he was going to finish off Victor’s spy when he showed up at the hospital and found that he had already died. Noah, Summer, Kyle, Abby, Kevin and Mariah need to keep their eyes and ears open because I do not think they are safe yet. I can’t believe that Stitch is innocent in all this mess. I still feel like he had something to do with it all.

Stitch and Abby are having a fun time with their new relationship, but will Ashley be able to keep her hands off of Stitch? Doubtful! I see her being able to control herself for the time being, but she isn’t going to stay away from him for long. It won’t matter to her that Stitch is in a relationship with her daughter. Why would it? It didn’t matter that Stitch was in a relationship with Abby’s sister or that Austin was married to her niece. Crazy how all these women are on the soaps.

I have to say this about the whole Nick becoming a dad again and then maybe I will let it go, but no guarantees. First of all his daughter Faith drives me nuts. She is seven years old! Why is Nick allowing her to have so much control over his love life with Sage? Secondly he and Sage are not supposed to be together any longer, but they still act as if they are. Thirdly why does he need to find Sage a house? He needs to find him a new house and let Sage stay at his place on the ranch. That would be an awesome storyline, don’t you think? Sage, Nikki and Sharon all on the same property and trying to stay nice to each other. Lastly I can’t believe that Nick actually takes Sage’s word when she said that the baby is his!

Does he not think that Sage ever slept with Gabriel/Adam? Seriously Nick! Get a clue! You have been through these DNA issues in the past. Get the kid tested and be 100 percent sure it is yours. I’m thinking it isn’t, but then again, who am I?

What is up with Michael and Lauren? Where were they all week? What about Cain and Lilly? Where is their relationship heading? I also haven’t seen much of Jill and Colin, but that is OK because they don’t do much for the show anymore at all.

With all the happenings in Genoa City you would think that Los Angeles would be calming down, but I think that Los Angeles is just beginning to get fired up. Rick thinks that because his daddy has faith in him and is supporting him as CEO that he still rules the roost, but Ridge is getting ready to bring him down. When Ridge puts his mind to something it usually happens.

Forrester Creations is getting ready to have their own earthquake and I’m sure it will be felt for miles. Eric should have listened to Ridge and taken Rick out of the CEO chair, but instead he listened to Rick reminding him of all the things Ridge has taken from the two of them. To be honest, if Ridge took them from Rick and Eric then it was probably because they were never truly theirs to begin with. Right? Brooke had always loved Ridge and that is undeniable. Rick was treating Caroline as if she was a horrible person when Rick was truly the one being horrible. Sure she kissed Ridge, but Rick slept with and moved Myah/Myron into the mansion. Big difference!

Now that Steffy is back and is willing to help Ridge and Liam with the takeover where will this leave Liam and Ivy? Steffy says she is willing to just work with Liam, but we all know that she will not do it without teasing him and trying her best to work him up. Ivy is a Forrester and she will have to fight if she wants to keep Liam to herself. This is going to be an interesting turn of events. Sure would be nice if Hope were also in the picture. Can you imagine if Steffy, Hope and Ivy were all after Liam? WOW! What a cat fight that would turn into. I think I would pay to see that.

That about wraps up this week, but be sure to tune in next week to see if any of these storylines wrap up. Hoping the murderer is found soon and that the real Jack gets to find his way home, but as usual we have to wait and see. Keep your channel tuned to your Hometown station WDBJ7. See you next week and have an amazing weekend.

May 22, 2015

Finally the truth about Myah/Myron is out in the open. Although the reaction from Rick wasn’t what I had thought it would be. I figured he would have ran for the hills as fast as he could, but instead he surprised me (and I’m sure a few others) and said he was OK with her being transgender. I kind of hate that she thinks Rick hung up on her when she asked him if he loved her, but you would think that she would have noticed his headlights disappearing and his horn stop blowing and then turned around to check, but nope, she thinks he hung up on her.

Brooke is avid that Rick not contact Myah, but I don’t see that happening. I’m sure Rick will find a way to get to her. After all he loves her and wants to be with her. Why is Brooke standing in his way if she is OK with Myah being transgender? I honestly don’t think she is as OK with it as she claims to be.

Ridge is doing his best to get Rick out of the CEO chair over all this mess, but Eric doesn’t seem to be cutting Rick out of his job just yet. I think that Rick does need to take some time to figure out what has just happened in his life, but that doesn’t mean Ridge should be CEO. Eric needs to come out of retirement and run the company alongside his son, Rick until things get better.

Nicole surprised me by telling Myah the truth about how Bill Spencer found out her real identity. I guess there was no way for her to keep that a secret when everyone at Forrester already knew that she let the cat out of the bag to Wyatt. Will Nicole forgive Wyatt? Probably! I’m sure that Nicole still sees dollar signs when she looks at Wyatt and just because her sister can’t have the life that she dreamed of doesn’t mean Nicole shouldn’t. Right?

Looks like things are once again heating up for Nikki over in Genoa City. Of course she is drinking again! Of course she isn’t going to get help! This storyline seems to be all Nikki can play anymore. I hate that the writers keep taking her to that level. Yes, Victor wants to help and so does Neil, but she isn’t going to let anyone help her. I wish they would just stop all the drinking for Nikki and let her have a decent plot to play.

Sage is not sure what to do now that Adam knows she is pregnant. Could this baby be Adam’s? Sure it could be and it probably will be, but there will be some big mix up in the DNA and Nick will think it is his forever. I’m thinking that something will be wrong with the baby’s vision and everyone will know that the baby is Adam’s.

Chelsea and Adam are good together and the writers need to let that storyline finish up. Put them together and don’t worry about anything else for them. Just let them be happy. I don’t want the town to find out that Gabriel is Adam; just let Gabriel and Chelsea live happily ever after. Maybe let Chelsea know, but no one else. If Billy were to find out he would go after him for Delia’s death, but Billy could also face some charges for shooting Adam. Guess we will just have to wait and see how this turns out.

This fake Jack is up to something and whatever it is can’t be good. I am beginning to think that maybe he is the one that killed Austin and Courtney. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? There is no picture of the mystery drug dealer and they can’t seem to locate him. Victor even thinks that he may be the one who killed Austin and Courtney. I still can’t figure out if he did kill them, why? It’s not like the fake Jack had surgery to look like the real Jack. At least when Victor goes to see the fake one in prison he already looked like Jack. It is all confusing to me. Fake Jack in Genoa City and real Jack tied up in a bed somewhere all drugged up.

The worse thing to me that happened this week was when Michael was telling Lauren that he wants a divorce. It breaks my heart to see Michael going through all of this alone. I know, he doesn’t have too, but he wants to keep Lauren and Fen untouched by this horrible disease, but in all reality he is bringing it to them in full force. Making Fen think that it is his fault that his parents are not together and making Lauren think that Michael doesn’t love her anymore. It is just heart breaking. Good thing I can watch some of this in my office (eyes tend to leak at times).

That about wraps it up for this week. I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy you extra-long weekend and remember to be thankful and spend time with family. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all the happenings in our fantasy towns. See ya’ next time.

May 15, 2015

I am so worked up about the Bold and the Beautiful that I can barely see straight. Come on already! Get the story out about Myah! Bill needs to stand on the roof top of Spencer Publications and let everyone know that Myah was a born Myron. Doesn’t look like Myah is ever going to tell the story of how Myron became Myah. This story has drug on long enough. I am so ready to see Rick’s face when he finds out that Myah is transgender. I am so sure that Rick is not going to stay with Myah, but I have been known to be wrong on occasion and this may be one of those times, but I am hoping that he leaves Myah. I still think she needs to go back to making the Abreva commercials.

It has been touching how Ridge is trying to keep his brother safe from all this Myah drama, but where was his compassion when he was sleeping with his brother’s wife? He wasn’t worried about Rick’s feelings then! Ridge is so self-centered that it makes me sick. Ridge wants to be the brother to Rick in this time of need, but also wants Rick to suffer a huge loss by losing Myah and possibly the CEO chair of Forrester Creations.

Wait until Katie finds out that Bill went behind her back and ran the story on Myah! Her wrath is going to be bad. Not only will Bill have Katie on his tail, but Ridge, Wyatt and Liam will be there also. Oh well, they should know by now that Bill Spencer answers to no one and does what he wants to do. Especially when it comes to making Spencer Publications number one in the industry.

Let’s switch over and see what has been happening in Genoa City these past couple of days. I can’t believe that Dylan and Avery are over! Let me take that back; I hate that Dylan and Avery are over, but I could see it coming. Avery is not over Joe and now that she is spending so much time with him she sees it too. Maybe they will hook up and maybe they won’t, but I do see her standing by his side through his paralysis because she feels so guilty.

Dylan on the other hand is not going to let Sharon get away with what she did by sending that text to Avery. Or at least I hope he doesn’t. I don’t want to see Sharon with Dylan! As a matter of fact I would like to see Sharon off of Y&R, but that won’t be happening any time soon. She is going to do everything in her power to get Dylan in bed. She has to have a man at all times. I think she is bi-polar, but I think she has other issues as well. Just not sure what they may be. Who is she to tell Nick that he should stop seeing Sage when she is wanting to start seeing Dylan?

Nick is going to have a hard time explaining Sage’s pregnancy to Faith and Sharon, but I hope he gets back with Sage and soon. They are kind of cute together. How many of you want to bet that this baby is actually Adam’s/Gabriel’s? I hate to say this, but I think that when the baby comes it is going to have the same eye issue that Conner had when he was born. Then what will Sage do? She won’t be able to keep that kind of a secret and neither will Gabriel/Adam.

Will that be how Chelsea finds out that Gabriel is really Adam? Not sure on that one, but I hope that she finds out soon. She is already calling out Adam’s name while having sex with Gabriel. Maybe Gabriel is loving Chelsea the same way Adam did. I guess it might be kind of hard to disguise that type of intimacy. Gabriel isn’t bothered by her calling him Adam either. You would think Chelsea would wonder why Gabriel isn’t bothered by that, but hey who am I to judge why Chelsea does what she does or thinks as she thinks?

I was shocked when it was Fenmore that came into the cabin. So, he says he has been in contact with the killer, but he didn’t say it was him. I still think it is either Fenmore or Stitch. I can’t figure it out why Austin had to die, but I guess the documentary is as good as any other reason, but there really wasn’t anything on there that had not already been outed by someone in Genoa City at one time or another.

I couldn’t believe it when Stitch told Ashley that he has true feelings for Abby. Seriously! He doesn’t have feelings for anyone, but himself. He is such a liar and a con man. I can’t believe that all the women of Genoa City have not seen through him. He is almost as crazy as his sister.

Speaking of Kelly! Man she is off her rocker in a big way! Poor Jack (the real one) tied up and drugged up in some faraway place with Kelly acting like she is taking care of him. The cops are in on the conspiracy/kidnapping of Jack and believe that Kelly and Victor are doing what is best for Jack, but Jack can’t seem to make the cops see he is the prisoner and they are the crazy ones.

The fake Jack is up to something, but I can’t figure it out yet. I think he is working towards bringing Victor down, but how does he plan on doing this? He needs to be very careful because Victor will resort to murder if he needs too. Especially if he feels threatened. I don’t see the fake Jack being able to hold up his end of the bargain for much longer. I think that someone is going to find something out about him and soon. I was thinking that once they ran x-rays and tests on him at the hospital they would figure something out, but I guess the fake Jack is missing the same organs as the real Jack since no one ever mentioned any of it to Phyllis or the rest of the Abbott family.

I guess that wraps it up for this week. I can’t believe that this is my 52nd blog post. That is so crazy, but it has been fun. I have enjoyed watching Young and the Restless since 1978 and the Bold and the Beautiful since it began airing and I hope to keep watching them for a long time to come. I know the families seem to get more crazy as time goes on and sometimes (more times than not) the writers do the same story lines over and over, but I still enjoy them. I do wish that when the writers do some of the story lines they wouldn’t make them drag out as long, but it is what it is. I have to say that I miss the Guiding Light and As the World Turns, but I am glad they are not on any more because I just don’t have that kind of time to watch them all and write about them.

I hope to see you all again next week and maybe, just maybe, Myah’s story will be out and we will find out who the murderer is in Genoa City. Have a wonderful weekend and keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap needs.

May 15, 2015

Looks as if things are beginning to heat up for Myah/Myron on Bold & Beautiful. I knew once Carter told Ridge that Myah was born Myron things were going to begin to get a little crazy. Ridge played nice and didn’t tell Rick, but instead went to his Dad and Brooke with his new information. Telling Brooke was one of Ridge’s better moves lately. Brooke is not going to allow Myah to hurt her son and she has made Myah aware of this. I am so glad this story line is almost over. I’m thinking Rick will not put up with Myah’s lies and she will be banished from his life and Forrester Creations.

Nicole on the other hand is falling in love with Wyatt and I would say it is safe to say that Wyatt is having feelings for Nicole. Will Wyatt be able to keep Nicole around Forrester after the news of her sister gets out or will Rick banish Nicole as well? After all, Nicole knew the truth and let Myah keep telling her lies and deceiving Rick and the entire Forrester Creations family.

Guess we have to wait until next week to see how this actually plays out, but hey, I’m willing to wait a few more days. I can’t wait to see Rick’s face when he finds out that he has fallen in love with a woman who was a man at birth. This is going to be an interesting twist to B&B.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Genoa City over the next few weeks. I heard that one of the writers has left the show, so maybe this means that some of the drama on this show will disappear. I know it is a soap opera, but there is only so much drama that one person can keep up with at a time. Or at least for me there is.

I doubt that Michael is going to sleep with the prostitute, but she is being very nice to him by listening to his issues. Michael is such a great guy and why the writers are making him out to be so horrible is beyond me. He has Cancer, but that shouldn’t mean that he resorts to sneaking around, lying and leaving his family. Michael should be trying to keep his family together right now. Lean on them for support; not push them away.

Lilly is having some serious thoughts about Cain and Lauren, but will they actually come true? I think so. I have a feeling that when Lauren finds out that Michael paid a woman to come to his hotel room that she will go to Cain and be so upset about it that Cain tries to make her feel better and they end up in bed together. Why not? Lauren has cheated on Michael in the past and gotten away with it. Now Michael is hoping that she moves on with someone new so he can feel better about himself. I have news for Michael, he isn’t going to like it once it happens. Lilly will not forgive Cain when/if it happens!

Can anyone else believe that Kelly actually made the police think the real Jack is her patient? OMG this storyline is beginning to be a bit much. The real Jack was so close to getting free and then she persuades the police that he is crazy. Did the police not realize that she had been stabbed? Why did they not contact some of the people that Jack was telling them to call?

Will the doctor’s figure out the fake Jack is not Jack? I know the real Jack has had surgery’s and given up parts of his body to save others, so how will the fake Jack having those parts be explained? Organs don’t just grow back! Maybe they will just keep the fake Jack in a coma for a year until they figure out where to go with this storyline. Look at how long Phyllis was in a coma. This could be a way for Phyllis to get back at Jack. She could stay with him for a little while and then decide to fall in love with someone new. Kind of like he did with Kelly. I don’t see that happening, but then again I never saw Victor bringing someone from prison to Genoa City to portray Jack.

Victor is definitely trying to make sure he has everything under control. He got a hold of Kyle’s cellphone so that no one would see that Kelly made a phone call to Kyle the day of the accident. Now he is trying to convince Neil to forge Jack’s name to the papers that will complete the merge of Jabot and Newman Enterprises. Will Neil risk everything and do it? Probably! He has gotten dumber in his old age.

Dylan is making such a big mistake by kissing Sharon. She will think he is in love with her, but he is still in love and wants to be with Avery. I do believe that Avery wanted to be with Dylan up until the end of today’s show. Joe is playing Avery for all he is worth. Will she give in? Yea, she is going to stay with Joe and break Dylan’s heart. Which will set Dylan up to be pursued by Sharon. Just what we need Sharon being with Dylan when Dylan is such a great guy. Run Dylan! As fast as you can from that evil woman. She is NO good!

Sharon played it right today when she was talking to Christine. I still have a feeling that Sharon may have had something to do with Courtney and Austin’s death, but I’m not 100 percent sure she did it alone. I would say she would have had to have some assistance, but who? Who would team up with the crazy lady to kill those two? What would be in it for them?

Guess we all will wait it out another week to see what happens on both soaps. I certainly hope Rick finds out the news about Myah before he makes that long trip to Big Bear, but I have a feeling he will find out once he is up there and possibly wreck on the way home. I believe Ashley is going to figure out that Victor doesn’t have all the signed papers needed and call his bluff. Will she be able to go up against Victor and come out on the winning end? It would be nice if someone could. Will Michael allow his illness to ruin his life or will he decide to fight for what is his? Is Lilly going to realize that her thoughts may in fact come true and her marriage to Cain be truly over? Come back next week to WDBJ7 and watch with me. Have a great weekend and see you all soon.

May 1, 2015

I don’t even know what is going on half the time with the Young & Restless any more. Between the murders, lies, twins, sleeping with everyone, kidnapping and takeovers it is hard to keep up.

Kelly is busy trying to make the real Jack think Phyllis is dead and the fake Jack is busy trying to stay out of jail. Victor has everything going to his plan or does he? The fake Jack seems like he may have something up his sleeve that may throw a wrench into Victor’s plan of keeping control of Jabot. How long does Victor actually think that the fake Jack can keep up his end of the deal? The real Jack wouldn’t go out and buy fancy cars just to take a ride in. He definitely would not have merged Jabot with Newman Enterprises. Things are going to begin to come undone for Victor and hopefully it is sooner rather than later.

I have to say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree where Victoria and Victor are concerned. Victoria is so angry about so much in her life that she is taking it out on everyone that she comes into contact with. Victoria wants Billy back, but she won’t admit it. Victoria gave up on Stitch which was a good choice because he was not as into her as he was Abby. Now she is upset with Abby for sleeping with Stitch, but she doesn’t show much anger about it. Seems like she is taking all her anger out on Ashley and for once Ashley hasn’t really done anything to Victoria to deserve what is being done to her.

Billy overhearing Chelsea and Gabriel has really opened his eyes. This wedding is going to be the talk of the town for years to come. Will Chelsea end up with Gabriel or will she end up alone? Gabriel and Sage were getting pretty hot and heavy as the show closed today. What on earth is Nick going to think when he finds out what happens between Sage and Gabriel? I think Nick will be the one to walk in on them. I wish that Nick wouldn’t have told Sage that they needed to be apart just because of Faith. Faith is not going to like anyone that Nick or Sharon are ever with and he needs to figure that out.

This mess with Michael and Lauren makes me unhappy. They are great together and the writers are making a huge mistake by not keeping them together. Michael is going to beat the cancer and leave his wife. That makes absolutely no sense at all! If Lauren ends up with Cain then what will happen with Lilly. There really are not any single guys on Y&R that I can see her with. Lilly is a special kind of woman and goes so well with Cain.

Is Devon going to jeopardize his family life with Lilly and Neil to have a relationship with Hillary? I certainly hope not. He needs to let her go and move on. She isn’t worth all the heartache that he will have to endure if he goes back to her. I think Hillary actually does care for Devon, but I wouldn’t be able to ever trust a word she said after all she has done. Not only did she tell Devon and Neil that she was just after revenge, but she has slept with the ADA to assist in Neil getting off on the charges of killing Christine’s unborn child. Not who Devon needs to be with at all!

I’m wondering who will be the next one to be charged in the death of Austin. You know Michael is not going to wait very long before he lets everyone know that it was not only Sharon’s fingerprints on that tire iron. Was it Kyle? I think it may have been Kyle. Or what if it was Fen? Will Michael tell that truth or will he let Sharon take the rap?

Let’s move onto Los Angeles and the transgender issue that is happening there. Will Rick find out that Myah is transgender before he asks her to marry him or will she tell him the truth? I don’t think the truth is going to keep Rick, but then again there are stranger things that happen on soaps. We all know this for a fact. Maybe Rick will be fine with it. Maybe he will see that Myah is a wonderful person even though she has been lying to him all this time about being a woman. Actually, she is a woman, but she was born a man.

Wyatt is beginning to have some strong feelings for Nicole, but will Nicole be able to keep the secret from Wyatt or will she give in to make sure she could possibly have a life after Myah is no longer Queen of the Forrester mansion? If Wyatt finds out the truth from Nicole he may keep dating her, but if he finds out the truth from someone else he may dump her in the end. Heck he may even think that she isn’t really who/what she claims to be.

Liam is bound and determined to find out what the big secret is and when he does he will definitely use it to his advantage. Will it be enough to get Rick out of the CEO chair? Bill just wants to make sure that his investment in Forrester doesn’t go down the drain once this news breaks. Will the fashion industry be ok with it or will Forrester suffer?

Guess we are all in the same boat and have to wait until next week to see what takes place. I hope that Billy and Chelsea do not get married. I would like to see Chelsea with Gabriel, but I want Gabriel to be honest and tell everyone he is Adam. I hope that Billy goes back to Victoria where he belongs. Michael needs to stay with Lauren. Devon needs to move on past Hillary. Someone needs to find Jack or he needs to escape. They need to wrap up the Austin/Courtney murders for once and for all. Myah needs to be found out so that Rick can be taken down from his high horse.

Keep watching your Hometown soaps on WDBJ7 and I will chat with you all again next week. Oh and don’t forget that WDBJ7 is turning 60 years old this year and to celebrate we are doing a 60th Anniversary cookbook and would like you all to contribute your favorite recipe. You can go to and submit your recipe or you can email them to

April 24, 2015

WOW! Can things in Genoa City get any more crazy? Seriously what are the writers thinking? It seems to me like they are just taking stories from years ago and revamping them with different characters or even the same characters.

Neil is not going to be serving time for the death of Christine’s baby because his soon to be ex-wife slept with the assistant district attorney and now that guy is scared he will be found out so he offers Neil a deal. Hillary thinks she did some great thing by keeping Neil out of jail, but it was for her own benefit that she slept with the ADA. Hillary was worried she would lose half of her divorce settlement if Neil went to jail. Does she actually think that by helping Neil stay out of jail that she will have a chance with Devon? I think it is in her plan to use this to get him back. I certainly hope Devon sees past her evil ways and leaves Hillary alone.

This whole double Jack mess is just that a big mess. Seriously how can Phyllis think that Jack is Jack when he is doing so many crazy things? Merging Jabot with Newman would not have happened if the real Jack was there. Billy getting fired would not have happened. Phyllis smelling alcohol on Jack would not have happened. Not to mention Ashley noticing all the things that the fake Jack is doing. Billy even sees that something is not right and he never pays attention.

The real Jack is being held hostage by crazy Kelly. Does this sound anything like a Sheila or Diane storyline? Yes, it does! Wouldn’t it be great if Kelly really is Diane? That would be some craziness right there. I’m sure Kyle and Jack would surprised if that were the case. Imagine Phyllis’ response if Kelly were actually Diane. I would love to see that happen.

Billy not paying attention is about to end his relationship with Chelsea. How could he not see that something had happened between Gabriel and Chelsea when he saw them coming out of his apartment? Could he not tell there was tension there? Sure there usually is some kind of tension between the two of them, but even I could see it when she was coming out of his place. Then for Gabriel to just vanish and not be heard from. Red flags should be going up all over the place, but not for Billy. He just can’t see what is going on right in front of him.

Talking about being in the dark and not seeing things right in front of you. Glad to see Victoria finally got away from Stitch. That relationship was never going to go anywhere. If Abby can pull Stitch away from Victoria then there was never really anything there to begin with. Stitch is just out for what he can get and right now he wants Abby. Why not? He has had her sister and her mother.

Ashley is beginning to come into her own on the show. At least she is trying to save Jabot from Victor while Jack just lets Victor have his way with the business that John worked so hard to build. John would never have allowed this merge to take place, but then again neither would the real Jack. I don’t see Victoria and Ashely working too well together at all. Ashley is not going to like taking orders from Victoria and I’m sure that Victoria is going to be dishing them out to everyone. Especially now that she knows Abby has slept with Stitch.

Lilly needs to pay a bit more attention to Cain and the relationship that Cain is beginning to have with Lauren. Cain is the type of man who wants to be the person taking care of everything and right now Lauren is needing a man to take care of her. Michael is away playing lawyer with Sharon leaving Lauren lonely and in need of a man. Cain is just the man for the job.

The more I think about Sharon killing Austin the more I think she did it. There are just too many things pointing to her guilt and she has no idea how or why these things happened to her. As usual she is roaming the neighborhood in a fog. Dylan and Michael need to move on and let whatever happens happen because they will not be able to help her.

Although Genoa City has a lot going on there are a few good things happening in Los Angeles as well. Wyatt may be onto something with Nicole. He has her on the plane talking about how he may be feeling something for her, but wants to make sure that neither of them have any secrets between them. Yea, right! Like you don’t have a big secret right now! You are only after Nicole to find out the truth about Myah and Rick. What Wyatt and the rest of them don’t know is that Rick doesn’t even know what the secret is! Rick has no idea there even is one.

Liam is so set on finding out what Rick is hiding that they are looking in the wrong places. Rick’s computer holds no evidence of the secret because Rick isn’t hiding anything. It is Myah and Nicole. When Rick finds out there will be no Myah at Forrester or will there? I’m not sure that he would be able to forgive her, but then again he does seem to have lost his marbles lately. Maybe he won’t mind being in a transgender relationship.

Quinn and Deacon did it! They got married and even did it against Hope’s wishes. That says a lot for Deacon and how he truly feels for Quinn. Or does it? Maybe Deacon figured he would marry Quinn because he needed a place to live and money in his pocket, but felt that he would never get that from Brooke, so he went on with the wedding. I don’t see Hope ever accepting this marriage. Of course I can’t say much as I would blame her for not wanting it.

Guess next week we will see more of what the Abbott’s and Newman’s have in store for us and each other, but will Genoa City survive all this drama? Not to mention all the double identity’s going on. With Jack being two people and Gabriel being Adam it can get crazy.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep watching WDBJ7. See you next week.

April 17, 2015

Did Chelsea just really go to Adam/Gabriel for some kind of payback because she saw Billy kissing Victoria? Yes, she did! Wonder if she will be able to tell that it is Adam or if she will feel something larger than life with him? I kind of hope that this is the end of the line for this storyline. The writers have drug this one out way too long. Chelsea belongs with Adam and Billy belongs with Victoria.

Now this whole Jack thing has sent me for a loop. Seriously has Victor managed to bring in someone who looks just like Jack? Guess that is why he needed finger prints. The fake Jack was in the computer room and Victor will go to the police with that information if Jack doesn’t return in 24 hours. Jack won’t be in Genoa City or even returning any calls, emails, etc., because Victor has made sure of it. Kelly has the real Jack and is beating on him while Phyllis is doing whatever with the fake Jack and doesn’t even realize it isn’t really Jack. That I do NOT understand, but I guess Phyllis just doesn’t know her man like she thinks she does. Wonder how long this will go on? Will Nikki go to the police with what she knows about the fingerprints?

This storyline about Michael and Lauren is beginning to irritate me. Michael has cancer, but he needs to let Lauren in and let her help him. No one should have to go through that alone and Michael is just pushing Lauren away. Lauren is trying so hard to spend time with Michael, but he is trying just as hard to push her into Cain’s arms. I see Cain and Lauren hooking up and when that happens look out because Lilly is going to blow!

Michael being Sharon’s lawyer leads me to think that she is innocent. Michael wouldn’t take her case if he thought that she killed someone. I don’t even think he would take her case to get away from Lauren. At least I would hope that he wouldn’t take it for that reason when he thinks she may be guilty. I was thinking that Dylan would volunteer to stay with Sharon, but Michael didn’t waste any time volunteering his time.

Looks to me like Avery will be guilt driven to go back to Joe, but will Joe accept her knowing that she is only coming to him because she feels guilty that he is paralyzed? Sure he will! I think Joe is happy (in a way) that he took that fall and now Avery has a guilty mind towards him. I don’t think Joe likes being paralyzed, but I’m sure he will ride it to the end. I bet he even pulls an old soap opera trick and hides the fact that he can walk after a few months. Just wait and see!

Moving onto Los Angeles and the drama of Forrester Creations….I don’t see too many people attending Quinn and Deacon’s wedding! What makes Quinn think that anyone would be there after all that she has done to everyone? I don’t see this wedding taking place at all. I have a feeling that the person that Brooke was talking to was Hope…..maybe Hope will come back to give Deacon an ultimatum. I’m not 100 percent sure that he would back out of the wedding because of Hope, but I do think if she asked him to not marry Quinn that he may think twice about it. Quinn on the other hand will be on the rampage if Deacon backs out. No one will be safe in LA!

Wyatt overhearing Myah/Myron and Nicole was just what Spencer needed to get this take over started. Once Wyatt finds out the truth Rick will have to step down. If Rick tries to stay CEO of Forrester Creations when he finds out that Myah was born Myron then Forrester Creations may fall to the wayside. Can you imagine the scandals? They will be worse than anything that Brooke ever brought to Forrester Creations.

Wonder if Ridge is going to stay with Caroline after he had that discussion with Brooke about age difference and feelings? My thought is that once Rick finds out about Myah/Myron that he will go to Caroline for a shoulder to cry on and she will leave Ridge. Of course, I have been wrong before about these plots and this may not be any different, but I see Caroline and Rick back together sooner rather than later.

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to keep watching WDBJ7 for all the latest drama in your favorite towns. I know I am excited to see who the murderer is in Genoa City and if Quinn will go off on the entire Forrester Creations crew.

April 10, 2015

I just can’t figure out why Carter did not say anything to Rick about Myah/Myron! Then he had a chance to tell Quinn, Ivy and Wyatt, but did not do it! He needs to let the cat out of the bag and soon. I can’t wait to see Rick’s face when he finds out that he has been spilling all these compliments on Myah about being the greatest woman around when she is actually a he. That is going to be awesome! Rick is going to go off the deep end when he finds out that he has been sleeping with a woman/man.

I think that the secret may come out soon since Carter made his remark about Myah to the others. Quinn is going to be on a mission now to find out the truth. What is it that Myah is hiding and how can she use it against her to get what she wants?

Looks like Ivy and Wyatt may be getting close and that won’t be good for Liam. Seems to me that Hope left and now they are going to put Ivy in her place. Doesn’t seem like the writers can give Liam the life he wants without making him work extra hard for it. Of course, I did hear that Steffy is coming back so maybe they will put Steffy back with Liam again. I hope not! I think Steffy and Wyatt deserve each other.

Pam is doing her best to get Ridge to take over Forrester Creations, but she is not getting very far with it. Ridge doesn’t seem to care about taking it over. Ridge actually seems like he is ready to move on. Maybe Ridge and Caroline need to form their own design house and show Rick how a business is supposed to be ran! Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?

Gabriel/Adam needs to fess up to Chelsea once and for all. Why keep dropping hints about knowing Adam and about how he feels for her without just telling her that he is Adam? He already knows that Chelsea loves Adam and would go to him if he were to come back, so just tell her! Wrap up this storyline and let Chelsea be with Adam and put Billy back with Victoria.

Victoria is not thinking straight when it comes to Stitch and Abby. Does she not see the looks that are flying between Stitch and Abby? Even Ashley can see that there is something going on between the two of them. I don’t like Abby, but I think that Stitch would be good for Abby.

Sage has fallen for Nick and I think Nick is falling for her, but will Sharon allow this relationship to blossom? I think Sage can hold her own when it comes to Sharon. Sage must really care for Nick if she is willing to give up all that money for him. Hope that she gets her happily ever after. I really like Sage and think she could be good for Nick, but will Nick want her after he finds out she has been lying to him about who Gabriel is?

What is Hillary up to now? I think she is going to sleep with the ADA so that she can use that to get the case against Neil thrown out of court. Good plan, but will it backfire on her? Not sure if that would help Neil’s case or hurt it in the end. Neil needs to just let Leslie handle things and act like he has a little bit of sense.

I hate that Courtney had to die. Noah deserves to be happy, but it seems that whenever he gets close to being happy something happens. Seriously, this whole murder storyline is beginning to be a bit much. Is it Sharon? I don’t think so. Someone is watching her while she was with Dylan at her house. Nick couldn’t have killed Courtney because he was with Noah. All the others that were there when Austin was murdered are all accounted for, but there is one person who wasn’t at the wedding, FENMORE! Could Fenmore be the real killer and if so, why? What would he gain?

Who is the mystery person working with Victor? I thought it could be Kelly, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t think she is dead, but not sure she would be the one. What are they going to use the fingerprints for? Are they going to be used to frame Sharon with the tire iron? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for tuning in this week for the scoop on our favorite soaps and catch you next week right here on WDBJ7 for the latest. Have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to share the road this weekend because there will be a lot of bikers out there.

April 3, 2015

Rick has definitely lost his mind! Why on Earth would Rick bring Quinn back to Forrester Creations? Is he trying to run off all the employees or does he just think Quinn will get rid of them for him? She is not in her right mind and with Deacon hanging out with Brooke we will all be seeing just how insane Quinn truly is!

Deacon is trying to do right by helping Brooke when she needs him, but Quinn is not happy with either of them now that she knows who Deacon has been helping. Quinn is about to go off the deep end again and I’m afraid that Brooke will be the one that is one the receiving end. I’m sure that the sharp object Quinn is working on in her shop will be what she uses on Brooke. Will Brooke be able to survive Quinn? Will Deacon come to Brooke’s rescue again? I’m thinking that Brooke will survive, but I’m wondering if Deacon will suffer at the hands of Quinn once Wyatt lets his Mom know what he overheard.

Nicole is pushing all the right buttons with Myah these days. Myah is a bit nervous about leaving Nicole alone with Rick due to her big secret. Myah needs to just come clean to Rick so that Nicole has nothing to hold over her head. Sure she will lose Rick, but at least Nicole won’t be able to blackmail her any longer.

Over in Genoa City things seem to be calming down a little bit, but I am still not close to figuring out who killed Austin!? Was it Sharon? After hearing Faith talking to Dylan about the woods and the car breaking down; it kind of makes me think that maybe Sharon did have something to do with Austin’s murder.

Then again there is Kyle and his love/lust for Summer. Can anyone else believe that Kyle came to town to make sure that Summer wasn’t hurt by Austin or did he come to town to get rid of Austin so he could have Summer? I kind of think that he wanted Summer all along, but when they were brother/ sister it was not possible, but when he found out they were not brother/sister he decided to get rid of Austin and make his move on Summer.

Sharon telling Nick about her discussion with Austin the way she did makes me mad. Sharon is only blackmailing him to get what she wants. Nick needs to just go to the police and tell them what actually happened so Sharon can’t use it against him, but instead he goes straight to Avery to have the paper changed on Faith’s custody.

Joe and Avery are getting a bit too close for comfort if you ask me. Phyllis is also noticing the closeness between the two of them. Avery may think It is nothing, but Joe has plans for their relationship and it doesn’t include them just being friends. Will Avery end up with Joe? Yea, she will. Avery can’t stay with one man too long. She was with Joe then Dylan and then Nick and then Dylan again, so why not go back to the beginning with Joe?

Paul sure laid down the law to Nikki when she went to him for help with the fingerprints, but why in the world did she let Victor know that she had the envelope? What is she thinking? Who is Victor’s helper? I am beginning to think it may be Stitch. Stitch seems to be getting a bit sneaky here lately.

Abby is going to end up in bed with Stitch real soon. Probably on their trip to get Kelly’s ashes (I still do not think she is dead). I can’t believe that Victoria actually told Stitch to take Abby with him! Does she not see the chemistry between the two of them? Is she hoping that he goes to Abby so that she can cry on Billy’s shoulder again? YES! That is it! Victoria is hoping that Stitch will sleep with Abby and that she will be able to give her sob story to Billy and he will come back to her.

I guess we will have to wait until next week to see if we get any answers too our questions. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7 and I will see ya’ next week.

March 27, 2015

I guess it is true; Myah was a boy when she was born. Then she went to Los Angeles to become a woman. Rick is not going to like this at all when he finds out. Myah has pleaded with Nicole not to tell anyone about who she truly is, but will Nicole keep this secret? Myah wants to wait until Rick asks her to marry him before she tells him. Does Myah really think that Rick will go through with the wedding after he finds out Myah was a Myron? I’m thinking NOT!

Brooke is really trying not to drink, but she is having a difficult time of it. Deacon is being a great sponsor, but will he be able to keep things between him and Brooke legit or will he give into his weakness where Brooke is concerned? My thought is Deacon will not stay true to Quinn for long. Sure, he wants too, but as Brooke has made very clear in the past to everyone; no man is safe around Brooke Logan.

Quinn has finally realized that her elaborate wedding may not be that elaborate after all. Deacon and Quinn need to just go to the Justice of the Peace for their big day because no one will be showing up to the event. Unless they invite people that neither one of them know; then maybe they would have a good turnout for their big day. Wyatt may be there, but he is probably the only one that would show up. I doubt very seriously that Hope would show up at all.

Let’s head on over to Genoa City and see what kind of drama has been taking place over the last few days. Looks like Sharon is losing her mind again. Is she the one who killed Austin? I doubt it. I think that she did the interview and bashed Nick, but I don’t think she killed Austin. I am still not sure who killed him, but I am certain that it was not Summer. I had thought maybe Stitch, but not so sure about that anymore. Too be honest the entire storyline is beginning to be a bit much and I truly am not paying 100 percent attention to it. I have gone from thinking it was all a dream of Summer’s to thinking that Kevin was imagining plots for his book, to thinking that Stitch or Sharon had killed him and I even had a thought that maybe Austin was a twin and he was still alive, but now I am just lost in the entire story.

Neil confessing to running Christine down was a good thing to do, but Hillary is not happy about it at all. She is so worried about her half of Neil’s money that she is willing to lie on the stand. Lucky for us Neil can’t stand her and won’t allow that to happen. Leslie will be sure that Christine doesn’t get away with having Neil put away for a crime that was an accident. I understand she lost her baby, but it wasn’t like Neil aimed for Christine. He had no idea that she was even there. Christine is so dramatic about all aspects of her life. She needs to go on an extended vacation someplace far away. Paul needs to move on without her. Paul can do so much better than Christine. I did like it when Neil told Hillary that it would almost be worth losing all his money to see her end up with nothing. Wait until Hillary has a run in with Leslie. That is going to be interesting.

I still have no idea who in the world Victor has been talking to in the confessional. I also do not think the picture he gave to Phyllis of Kelly laying on a stretcher was real either. Kelly is far from dead and Victor

will bring Kelly back when the time is right. If I were Phyllis I would have wanted to actually see the body, not just a picture of her laying with her eyes closed.

I was hoping that Gabriel would tell Chelsea that he was Adam while they were stranded on the side of the road. Gabriel was doing so well when he was talking to Chelsea and then he began to get a bit talkative about Adam; which began to scare Chelsea. Just tell her who you are! She will come back to you. Chelsea admitted that she feels as if she is cheating on Adam with Billy, but he didn’t even use that as his opening. Just get it over with already.

Billy and Victoria need to just realize that they still love and need each other. The tension between the two of them as they were discussing Stitch and Chelsea was intense and I’m sure they both felt it. Why keep the viewers in suspense…..just put them back together. I would like to see the old Billy come back if they do decide to let them reunite. He was so much better than this one.

That’s it for this week. Looks like things are going to be heating up in LA as well as Genoa City over the next few weeks. Where will the writers of B&B go with the transgender storyline and will Austin’s murderer come forward soon? I guess we all have to keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to all of our questions. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

March 20, 2015

My, my Myah. Or should I say Myron! LOL!

I almost feel out of my chair when I heard what Nicole had to say to Myah on Wednesday’s show. I have to admit that I never saw that coming! I was beginning to think that Myah had been involved in some shady pictures/movies, or maybe that Myah was Nicole’s real mother, but never would I have thought that Myah was a Myron.

I kind of remember when Myah first came to Los Angeles that she had a baby, but the baby had died in a car accident. So, if she was a man then how in the world did she have a baby? Who knows where this is going or even if that is the real story behind Nicole’s blackmail. All I can say is that Rick is not going to be too happy about this news.

Brooke and Deacon both being at the same AA meeting seems a bit odd, but at least Brooke is trying to get some help and Deacon is trying to stay away from the alcohol. Deacon helping Brooke with her sobriety may not be the best answer for him or her. Quinn is happy that Deacon is helping a friend, but if she knew the friend was Brooke would she be as happy about it? Doubtful!

Quinn is so excited about getting married that she really isn’t paying much attention to anything right now. She is not worried that Deacon has no job, nothing to do with all his free time and she doesn’t seem to be working on building her business right now either. When Quinn has free time on her hands things can get dangerous, and I see that happening for Brooke. I see Quinn finding out that Deacon is helping Brooke and then Quinn will go after Brooke.

What on earth is happening in Genoa City? Who killed Austin? Was it Stitch? I think that Austin was killed for the documentary that he was doing, but I do not think that Victor had anything to do with his murder. Sure, Victor is a mean person without a conscience, but he would not kill anyone. Especially if it meant that one of his family members would be hurt or even worse -- charged with murder. I am beginning to think that maybe Sharon had something to do with it, but I also think Stitch might have had a little something to do with it.

Neil and Nikki need to just come out with the truth and let the cards fall where they may. Nikki will more than likely get off because of who she is and who her husband is, but not sure about Neil these days. He may actually do some time over this mess.

Hillary sure did spill the beans to the man at the bar. We now know that she actually did love Devon, but to try to save Devon and Neil’s relationship she said she was just trying to get back at the family. Will Devon find this out? Sure he will! Will it matter to Devon? Sure it will! Will Lilly be angry when Devon takes Hillary back? Yep, you can bet your paycheck on that.

Phyllis and Kelly are still a mess, but will Phyllis be able to survive Kelly? I think that Phyllis may have met her match with Kelly. Kelly seems to be a bit shy of a full load, if you ask me. Smashing Phyllis in the head with a champagne bottle and then leaving town. Of course she needed to call Jack so she could try to play on his sympathies. Phyllis is not liking what is going on one bit and she is going to make sure that Jack stays away from Kelly.

I was so hoping that Gabriel told Billy who he really is at the engagement party, but he didn’t. I guess we have to wait a little longer for that story to come out. I was kind of hoping that Sage blew the whistle, but so far she hasn’t. She is definitely beginning to get chummy with Nick though. I have a feeling that Sage will be the one to let it slip about who Gabriel truly is and it will be to Nick. Sage won’t be able to keep it a secret too much longer.

That’s it for this week. With CBS running the basketball games, our soap operas will be preempted until Monday, March 23. They will pick up right where they left off Wednesday. Be sure to watch all that is happening on your Hometown Sation, WDBJ7. See you next week.

March 13, 2015

OK, I am so over who killed Austin that I can’t even watch it half the time anymore. Sure the writers needed to fill in a few weeks of air time, but seriously, enough is enough. Now I guess we are going to have to sit through the members of the “who killed Austin” club being beat in the head or even worse.

I still think that Kyle is behind this, but does he have someone helping him is what I am wondering. I don’t think that he could be doing it all alone. Does Austin really have some evidence on Victor and could Victor be behind all of this? I don’t think Victor would have had his own daughter, Abby, hit in the head and left out in the cold, but then again Victor has done stranger things in the past.

Who is this person that Victor keeps talking to in the church confessional? Maybe this person is the one who has been up to the cabin and watching all the goings on from a distance. At first I was thinking maybe it was Kyle or even Kelly, but now I am not sure who the heck it is or what they are planning to do.

Looks like Kelly kept her end of the deal with Victor’s plan to get Phyllis off the hook for poisoning her, but will she end up with Jack in the end? I do not see Phyllis giving Jack up too easily, but then again she did tell Avery that she wasn’t sure there was going to be a wedding between her and Jack. Phyllis even burned the wedding dress from her Grandma Harris in the fireplace instead of altering it to wear at her wedding. I still think Phyllis is not all there and the medications that she was on to come out of her coma have done serious damage to her mentally.

Talking about mental conditions, Neil seems to be heading down a bad road and I’m not sure if anyone will be able to save him. Now that Hillary knows Neil is the one that killed Christine’s baby will she go to the police with that or will she use it to her advantage with her divorce proceedings? I can’t believe that Nikki is willing to take the fall for the accident. Christine is out for blood right now and she doesn’t care whose it is. Especially since Kelly has decided to drop the charges against Phyllis and Christine can’t put Phyllis away again!

Not sure what is going on with Avery, Dylan and Sharon right now, but I do think that Avery is going to end up with Joe. For some reason she doesn’t feel as if Dylan and herself are on the same page and she is doing a lot of thinking in the past. Will she leave Dylan for Joe and push Dylan to Sharon? Probably so.

I see that they are finally getting Michael treatment for his cancer, but as I was watching it I became a bit upset with it all. I know people who have had cancer and they do not do as well as Michael is doing directly after chemo or radiation. I think if the writers are going to write cancer into Michael’s life they should at least make it seem like he truly is going through something. Don’t you think? I hope the writers keep Lauren close to Michael and don’t have her going to another man just because Michael has Cancer.

Looks like Brooke and Deacon are both heading into Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but they didn’t go into the meeting together. I’m sure Deacon was surprised to see Brooke there, but will Quinn feel the same way about their meeting or will she go after Brooke again? Quinn is a crazy lady and I’m sure that Brooke is going to end up on the bad end of this deal.

Wyatt seems to be really worried about Quinn and Deacon’s impending marriage, but looks as if Quinn thinks Deacon is a responsible, thoughtful person and she doesn’t feel as if she needs any papers to ensure her money stays where it is. I know, Deacon may have changed, but he doesn’t work and he still lives the great life. How? Because he is using Quinn’s money! Prenuptial is the way to go, but Quinn won’t allow it. She will regret that decision if the wedding actually takes place.

I am wondering what Hope will say when she finds out her Daddy is going to marry the crazy lady who was the reason she lost her baby? Will Hope let this marriage happen? I think not, but then again stranger things have happened.

Rick needs to have his butt kicked and kicked good! How can Eric sit back and let him treat the employees and the family members like trash? It is just crazy how he has changed over the last few months. It kind of looks like Myah is actually not liking how he is treating Ally at times, but I doubt that will make much of a difference to R ick in the end. I was kind of proud of Ivy for standing up to Rick, but he laid right back into her and shut her down. Eric needs to get a handle on Rick before he ruins what Eric and Stephanie worked so hard to build.

Guess that is it for this week. Remember that with the March Madness airing on CBS right now the shows are being viewed on different channels. WDBJ7’s sister station MY19 is airing them at their regular times. POP is also airing them at 6:30 p.m. (B&B) and 7 p.m. (Y&R). If you miss them just watch for the blog next Friday and hopefully you will be able to catch up. Have a great weekend and see ya’ soon.

March 9, 2015

I can’t believe all the things that are going on in Genoa City! I thought the last few weeks were bad, but it seems like the hard times just keep coming to all the GC families. Where do we begin?

Summer has finally remembered some interesting facts about her GREAT husband! Yep, he is/was a cheater and not with just anyone, but with her Aunt Abby! I would have never thought that Austin would have slept with Abby, but oh well, he did and now his loving, trusting, caring wife Summer is out for blood.

I’m sure that Mariah is a bit upset that Austin slept with Abby and not her, but I think that Mariah got the better end of the deal with Kevin. I know Kevin is not the best guy on the show, but he at least is trying to make a better life for himself and he does care for Mariah. I just hope that Mariah doesn’t end up hurting Kevin in the long run.

I still kind of think that Kyle had more to gain from getting rid of Austin than anybody else. If he could get Austin out of the way then he may just have a chance with Summer. Or so he thought! Now that Summer knows he knew about Abby and Austin that may not be the case any longer.

Will Nikki be able to get out of this jam? Will Neil come clean once he sees that Nikki is in jail? I can’t believe that Nikki is willing to take the wrap for running down Christine when she actually was trying to do something good for a change. Christine has been out for Nikki for a long time and now is her chance to see if she can bring Nikki down. I guess Paul is going to charge her with the murder of his unborn daughter and also attempted murder on Christine. Good thing Nikki wasn’t drinking this time around.

Who in the world was in the confessional with Victor? I wish Jack would have just opened that door, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen! It will be a few more weeks before we see who the secret party is in his plan. To be honest I am not even sure what the plan is. Is he trying to get Jack back with Kelly? Maybe he is just trying to keep Phyllis away from Jack. Maybe he is planning on bringing Jack down by way of Phyllis and Kelly. Who knows? I just had a thought….what if it is Diane that he is making all these plans with? Wouldn’t that be a great storyline?!

Nice to see that Lilly has started talking to Devon again, but I’m sure that it won’t last long. I have a feeling that Devon is going to do his best to get the truth out of Hillary about her true feelings. Will he find out that she truly loves him or will we get lucky and they just write her out of the show?

Enough about the lives of all the GC families….let’s move onto LA and the fashion designers. I hear that “Hope” is going to be coming back to LA. Not sure for how long, but I was kind of hoping that we were done with her. Guess not! I certainly hope that Liam can stay as committed to Ivy when Hope returns as he was able to when Steffy was making her moves on him. I like Ivy and Liam v. Hope and Liam. Hope brings too much drama to Liam’s life.

Can anyone else believe that Deacon proposed to Quinn? I have to say I would not have thought that would happen. I would have thought that he would try to get back with Brooke, especially after he kissed her, but he must have decided against it and is going to try to make a life with Quinn. Not sure that he will survive that marriage, but oh well, I guess he gets kudos for trying.

Caroline is trying her best to get Ridge to move forward with helping Liam take over Forrester, but will Ridge do it? Will he go against his father to get control of Forrester? I think he will and I also think he should. Eric made Ridge CEO and then when he found out about Caroline and Ridge he then took the CEO away and gave it to Rick.

Speaking of Rick! I can’t believe that he actually had Ally give Myah a foot massage! I would have been like NO! Not going to happen! Ally just wants her own shoe line and seems like she is willing to do anything to get it. I think she should stand up to Rick and be more like Stephanie! That would make Rick stop and take notice.

That about wraps it up for this week. I am looking forward to the storylines wrapping up, but I am even more looking forward to some spring weather! Don’t forget to keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7. See you all again next week.

February 27, 2015

Hillary is one cold hearted; well you know what she is! All this time she was playing Neil and Devon to bring down the Winter’s family. Lilly knew all along that Hillary was no good, but she began to fall for her lies and took her into the family.

Now that Neil has been told and Devon has overheard the confession of the real Hillary will their family come together to get her out of town or will they still be a broken family. I hope they do not let Hillary win this battle and they turn to each other to heal from all the deceit and lies. I’m sure Devon is feeling pretty bad now that he knows he has fallen in love with a true piece of trash. Wait until Lilly finds out the truth! I’m sure that Hillary will not be gloating once Lilly gets a piece of her.

Lilly is certainly within her rights to be angry with Cain, but should she let Hillary win by allowing her marriage to fall apart because of Hillary’s lies? NO, she needs to open her heart back up to Cain and rebuild her family.

Lilly and Cain are no good without each other. Those two have been through a lot over the years and have always come up fighting. Jill has done a great job making Lilly see the light, but will Cain mess it all up by drinking the night away with Colin? Will Colin even let Cain know that Jill called wanting him to come home to Lilly? I think Colin would prefer Cain not be with Lilly. Sure he loves his son and his grandchildren, but Colin has always thought that Lilly was holding Cain back.

Kyle has made his return to Genoa City and has all the people from the cabin wondering just what in the heck has happened. Did Kyle move Austin’s body? Did Kyle actually set all this in motion? Was it Kyle that Noah saw standing outside the cabin? Kyle told Jack that he came up for Abby’s party, but Abby acts as if Kyle didn’t know there was a party. Abby is bringing up questions about Kyle and his fall into the ravine.

If Kyle did fall en route to the cabin why are there no marks on him? Whose bloody towel did Kevin and the others find in the trunk of Kyle’s car? I believe that Austin is dead, but who killed him is not clear at all. At first I was thinking maybe this was a dream of Kevin’s, but it has gone on too long. I do not think that Fen would have drugged everyone in the cabin, but if he didn’t then who did? I was chatting with one of the ladies in our Master Control this morning and we both think the writers just threw this storyline together because none of it is making much sense. I guess we will all have to wait and see where this one ends up.

Jack seems to be hiding something. Sure, he is hiding the fact that he did sleep with Kelly from Phyllis, but is it intentional or is it because of his head injury? I would like to believe that Jack did not sleep with Kelly on Valentine’s Day, but we all saw Ashley confront Jack, so I would assume that it was not Kelly’s imagination.

Phyllis is going to make sure that Kelly is run out of town by enlisting the assistance of Victor, but is Victor going to help or hinder Phyllis’ efforts. Victor is up to something, but who is he working with? Is the person in the church confessional a man or woman? I think that it may be Kyle or even Kelly in the confessional.

Nikki has finally confessed to having a drinking problem again to her children. I have to say that I am so past all of that mess! She looks horrible and for her to be so passé about it makes me sick. She has been lying to everyone for months about her problem and now that the truth is out she has to get as much sympathy as she possibly can.

YES she needs help because she is an alcoholic, but does that mean Nick and Victoria have to be the ones to pick her back up again. I think if Victoria had her way about it that she would put Nikki in a rehab and move on, but Nick is always so forgiving with his mom. Oh well, I guess we will see how this one turns out in the next few weeks. I’m sure Victor will keep making her life a living hell so she will keep having a reason to drink.

Nick is really beginning to take a liking to Sage and it kind of seems like Gabriel is a bit jealous at times.

Maybe Gabriel should move on with Sage and let Chelsea be a memory, but I don’t see that happening. Someone is going to find out who Gabriel is and soon. Billy is already asking all kinds of questions about Gabriel’s bullet wound. Gabriel told another lie to get around the truth about how he got shot, but I don’t think Billy is going to let that story lie for long. He has a feeling that Gabriel is not who he claims to be and Billy will find out the truth.

With all that is going on in Genoa City it makes LA look kind of boring right now, but hey at least Eric came back and still was not able to see just how stupid his idea of making Rick CEO really was. Eric has to be blind! How in the world can he not see that Rick is a great con man? Eric wants to believe in his son so badly that he is blind to what is going on. Rick shot a gun into an office that was occupied by his wife and his brother.

Rick has Myah’s portrait hanging in the mansion where Stephanie’s portrait should be hanging. Rick has been ordering Ivy and Ally around like puppy dogs and the rest of Forrester is scared to death, but can Eric see a problem with that? NO! He just lets Rick apologize to everyone and thinks it is all OK now.

I certainly hope that Liam is able to bring Rick down, but I wouldn’t want him to move ahead with Steffy by his side. I like Liam with Ivy and I also think that Ivy will fight for Liam. Maybe if Hope would have fought a little harder for Liam then Steffy wouldn’t have had a chance with him previously. I will say that Ivy has her work cut out for her when it comes to Steffy, but Liam does seem to be committed to Ivy, so we shall see.

Brooke is really going down a path of destruction. This drinking that she is doing has taken a horrible turn for the worse. Katie was not too impressed with her at the wedding, but did anyone say anything?

Nope! Deacon is heading down a road of no return with Brooke, but I am thinking that Quinn will not be too happy with him at all. Quinn thinks that Deacon will not betray her, but she has to remember that Deacon came back to LA for Brooke and Hope. He only hooked up with Quinn after Brooke let him down. Deacon has always wanted Brooke and I’m sure that since he planted one on her that she will want him right back.

Maybe Deacon will be the one to save Brooke from herself and her drinking problem. I just hope that Quinn doesn’t do as Wyatt suggested and go nuts when she finds out that Deacon is betraying her with Brooke.

Why is it that Myah doesn’t want her little sister to be living in that big mansion with her and Rick? Is she afraid her sister will fill Rick in on some bad secrets or is she afraid that Rick will want her little sister? Who knows what her reasoning is, but I am looking forward to this storyline. I think it will be one for the record books for Bold & Beautiful.

This is it for this week. I hope that you are all shoveled out of your homes and can enjoy this weekend weather. Remember to keep your TV tuned to WDBJ7 for all your soap and weather needs. See ya’ next week!

February 20, 2015

Where in the world do I begin with what is going on this week on Y&R? Sometimes I think the writers make too much happen too fast and it kind of makes me wonder why they do because it makes it difficult to keep up, but hopefully I can recap what’s going on and still manage to make some sense out of it all.

From what I can gather the entire town of Genoa City is falling apart, planes are falling from the sky and people are being murdered.

Neil let everyone on the plane know that he could see again by reading the liquor bottle as he was beginning to get drunk on the plane and hold onto his brief case like there was a bomb in it. Actually I did kind of wonder if there was a bomb in it, but thankfully Colin made sure he located it to see what it was. I’m sure he was hoping it would be loaded with money when he found it!

Lilly is not happy with anyone that kept the secret from her about Devon and Hillary, especially her husband, Cain. I’m sure that she will get over it, but she is not going to make it easy on Cain. Cain spent all that time looking for Lilly and even risked his life to do so, but will she think about that? Doubtful! Neil and Devon are frantically trying to keep Hillary alive, but will they be able? What is the secret that Hillary has to tell Neil? Is she going to tell him sorry for cheating on you with your son? Maybe she will tell him that she is pregnant and it is Devon’s. What if she has to tell him something about her dead mother? Maybe there is another child of Neil’s out there he doesn’t even know about!

Just as Sage finds out that Nick wants to possibly have a relationship with her the building collapses and she may never get the chance she has waited all her life for. Is Joe going to be able to leave town after this or will he stick around to see what his future may hold with Avery? Will Avery leave what she has with Dylan to go back to Joe?

Sharon seems a bit off of her rocker since she had the wreck, but will Dylan be able to figure it out before she does something really crazy? Why would she think that Nick would be upset with her about taking Faith to a hotel when he called and left her a message telling her to be safe and call him when she got to where she was going? She seems to me to be hoping that Nick doesn’t make it out of the underground collapse alive.

Victor has finally figured out that Nikki has been drinking, but will all that has happened be enough to make him forget about it? Will she be able to get away with it since she will probably be sober by the time she is safe from the collapse?

Jack has a secret to tell Victor, but will he do it? Is he going to let Victor know that Gabriel is really Adam? Will Jack tell Victor before Billy figures it all out? What the heck is Jack thinking having sex with Kelly in the storage room? He didn’t seem like he was happy about it, but he also didn’t seem like he cared if Ashley knew about it or not. Kelly on the other hand was very satisfied, but she seemed a bit set a back when Jack just threw her dress at her and told her to go out first. I kind of thought that was funny and my husband had a good laugh at it also. Will Phyllis come out of the underground with a different look at her relationship with Jack?

Gabriel went back in after Billy! I didn’t see that coming. I thought for sure that he would make sure Conner was out safe and then act as if he couldn’t locate Billy. Now he has some explaining to do since Billy remembers some of what Gabriel was saying while he was rescuing him. I was kind of hoping that Billy would be gone, but he isn’t. Not because I don’t like Billy or what that character brings to the show, but THIS Billy is so humdrum that it just doesn’t seem like Billy any more.

We know that Fenmore spiked the punch that Abby made and everyone at the Abbott cabin has awoken to a dead Austin. I was talking to one of the ladies in Master Control about this part of the show this morning and we were both trying to figure it all out, but neither one of us really has a clue what may be going on.

The cat is also out of the bag that Kevin is the online writer and this scene is kind of like the last chapter in his story. I don’t think that Summer could have killed Austin, but she did have a flashback showing her putting the statue in the couch. Mariah also had a flashback when she was outside with Austin’s body of Austin and Abby kissing; does that mean that maybe Mariah killed him or maybe she told Summer about it?

I don’t see Summer believing Mariah if she had told her about what she may have seen. Did Fenmore kill Austin because he is still in love with Summer? Is this all just a bad dream that Kevin or one of the others is having and when that person wakes up it will all be over and Austin will be alive? So many ways that this storyline can go and I am not even ready to guess. I certainly hope that Courtney doesn’t risk her career for Noah because I do not see him risking anything for her.

Heck he isn’t even willing to commit to her, but he wants her to lie about Summer admitting that she killed Austin so his little sister doesn’t get into any trouble.

Enough about Y&R, next move onto LA and see what all these people have been up to this last week.

Looks like Steffy is making her mark in LA and that Ivy has been put on notice about it. Will Ivy be a match for Steffy or will Steffy be able to get Liam back? Steffy usually gets what she wants and she has always wanted Liam! I have a feeling that Wyatt and Ivy will end up together in the end. I know nobody wants to see that happen, but Liam is going to give into Steffy because of Forrester and Wyatt will be there to pick up the pieces of Ivy’s broken heart. Just like he did with Hope!

Brooke has turned into a lush overnight with her drinking, but will Deacon save her from herself? Brooke is so upset that all her men are happy with others that she has turned to the bottle for comfort. Ridge is with Caroline, Bill has married Katie and Deacon is with Quinn; poor Brooke she has no one. Maybe if she were to look elsewhere for a good man she may find one. Go outside the family Brooke!

Bill and Katie finally are married again, but for how long? We all know that Bill Spencer is not going to be true to one woman for too long. Will it be Brooke? No, but it will be someone. Katie is just what he thinks he wants at this time in his life. He is trying to be a Dad to Will and make a family for Liam and Wyatt to share in.

I was thrown aback when Eric came back and actually is OK with all that Rick has been doing. He is fine with Myah’s portrait hanging in the main house and fine with everything Rick has been doing since he has been away. I guess it is true what they say, money changes everything and since the bottom line looks good on the quarterly report Eric is fine with how Rick is handling things. Ridge is NOT going to be happy when he finds this out.

I suppose we will all have to watch next week to see what happens with Genoa City and LA, but until then we all need to try to stay warm in this arctic blast of weather that we have been receiving. I will catch up with all of you next week right here on Keep your TVs tuned to WDBJ7 for all the happenings of our favorite families and also for all your weather updates.

February 13, 2015

My husband and I were chatting about what has been going on with Neil, Devon and Hillary this past week and he thinks that Neil is going to be out for blood (of course he would think that way because he is a man), but I am thinking that Neil will be wanting vengeance, but I do not see him getting what he wants.

I feel as if Neil is going to keep his sight secret for as long as possible, but I also think that by doing this he will only be hurting himself. How many times will he be able to watch Hillary and Devon together and not let on that he can actually see them? How can Hillary and Devon not realize that Neil can see them? I’m sure the facial expressions are much different when one is not blind v. being blind!

Neil can’t keep allowing Hillary and Devon to parade around in front of him and do nothing! Or can he?

Not sure if Nikki knowing Neil can see is a blessing or not. Although I guess since she knows his secret and he knows her secret they are both going to have to keep playing their own little game. Let’s hope that neither one of them slips up and lets the cat out of the bag.

Nikki is not happy about Phyllis living at the Ranch and neither is Jack, but Victor has her right where he wants her! He is up to no good, but will Phyllis be able to get out while she can or will Victor and Kelly hook up and bring Phyllis down? Victor just wants everyone to think that the drugs that brought Phyllis out of the coma did not make her crazy, but I’m not 100 percent sure of that.

I think that Kelly is the one who is messing with Phyllis. The dress being the same, the car running out of gas and the poisoning….all Kelly! I believe that Kelly has been in a psychiatric hospital in the past and that Avery stumbled upon something when she was going at her today. Did anyone else see Kelly’s face when Avery was mentioning that maybe Kelly needed to stay at Fairview? Then she went and pulled a butter knife on Avery.

I see Sage and Gabriel/Adam are getting a bit closer, but will they end up being true husband and wife? I doubt it. Sage is really into Nick and Gabriel/Adam is hung up on getting Chelsea back. Not sure if that is going to work out in his favor or not. Chelsea seems really committed to Billy and when she was asked if she would take Adam back if he were to walk in….she had no answer. I think Chelsea would take Adam back if she knew that Billy had shot him in the car that night.

Who is the sneaky one inviting all the younger couples to the Abbott cabin on Valentine’s Day? I have been trying to figure this out, but truly have no clue. At first I was thinking it was Fen, but when the invites began going out to more than just Summer …I began to doubt that. I guess we shall see who it is soon enough.

Brooke and Steffy are back in LA and both are looking for love, but I don’t think they are going to find it. Brooke is upset that all the men from her past that are still alive are all with someone else and don’t want her, but will Deacon be able to stay away? I think not. He wanted Brooke bad when he cheated with her and made Hope and he still has a place in his heart for her and her money.

Ridge thinks he is in love with Caroline now and has told Brooke he is committed to that relationship. Bill has moved back in with Katie and they are engaged again. Thorne is in Paris with Taylor and seems to be doing just fine.

Who will Brooke latch onto this time? Maybe she will go to Eric when he returns to LA.

Ivy needs to watch her back where Steffy is concerned. Sure she has Liam right now, but so did Hope and Steffy managed to come between them more than once. I think that Liam does care a lot for Ivy, but he also wants control of Forrester and to do that he will have to give into Steffy sooner or later. Steffy will have it no other way!

Rick also needs to watch himself around Steffy. She wants to be CEO and knows that she can do the job.

If Liam does what Steffy wants then Rick will see a hostile takeover remove him from CEO. Steffy will be taking Myah’s portrait down and putting Stephanie’s back up so fast it will make heads spin.

Caroline and Ridge are certainly beginning to get hot and heavy in the Loft, but will it last? Will Ridge go against his daughter and keep his relationship with Caroline going or will he see that it is not right? My guess is that he doesn’t care how old/young she is and yes, he will keep it going as long as Caroline agrees. After all he has a hot, young, blonde chasing after him and all he has to do is stand there and wait for her. I don’t see too many men turning away from that.

Not sure what life has in store for the families of these soaps, but I’m sure whatever it is will be a little bit of a surprise. I’m sure that there will be some major storyline coming for Neil and his family to put guilt on someone. Victor will get caught doing something that he thinks will save his family from harm, but in fact will only make things worse. Christine and Paul will probably not see the birth of their child because Christine is too determined to bring Phyllis to justice for things that happened years ago.

Brooke will end up with someone, but will he be from her past or will there be a new guy? Will Hope come back and stir the pot with Steffy and Ivy over Liam? Will Rick finally get what is coming to him and be knocked off his pedestal? Not sure about any of it, but I do know that if we stay tuned to WDBJ7, that we will soon find out.

See you all next week and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

February 6, 2015

The verdict is in on who will have sole custody of Faith Newman….the winner is NICK! Who else besides me knew that was coming? Sharon is feeling as if all of her family is turning against her. Mariah actually told the truth on the stand, so she is now banished from Sharon’s life. Noah told the truth on the stand, but she knew he would not lie. What did Sharon expect? She has done some seriously wrong things over the past couple of years and she needs to pay for them.

Will Dylan decide to come to Sharon’s rescue since he and Avery are in a tiff or will he actually do the right thing and admit to Avery he was out of line by accusing her? Sure she was in Joe’s room, but she did nothing with him. Except slap him; which I found a bit funny.

Looks like Victor is either being very nice by stopping the takeover of the Warehouse District and by selling Chancellor Industries to Jill and Cain or he is up to no good and we just don’t know it yet. I am leaning towards the no good part; especially when it comes to Jill. He may be backing out of the Warehouse mess because he figured he wouldn’t win as easily up against Dylan, but selling Chancellor to Jill and Cain may be another story.

Cain and Devon did a great job of keeping Colin quiet about Devon and Hillary, but now what will they do to keep Colin quiet to Lilly? Not sure if the Colin train wreck is going to be stopped this time around. I think Cain is trying to keep everyone happy, but one would think that Cain would realize Colin is a deadbeat and deserves NOTHING. Colin has always been out for himself and who cares who gets hurt in the process.

Lilly on the other hand seems to be digging into what is going on and I kind of think that she will figure it all out in the end. Will Cain loose Lilly over the secrets he has been keeping for Devon?

Speaking of Devon and Hillary, is anyone else fed up with all the sneaking around? How in the world do these people sleep at night? Seems to me that having an affair would be very stressful and would not be worth the effort to keep it going. If Hillary would devote as much time into her marriage as she does her affair, her marriage may be great!

This whole thing with Phyllis and Kelly has me baffled. Did Phyllis really do all the things that Kelly is saying she did? Is Kelly actually the crazy one and just making Phyllis think she is? From the way Stitch was talking to Kelly I am beginning to think that maybe Kelly lost more than her husband and son before she came to Genoa City. Jack seems to be wanting to stick it out with Phyllis, but will Phyllis be able to forgive him for putting her in Fairview? Summer is having a very hard time with all this and it makes me wonder if she and Austin will be able to get past it all or will she end up losing her mind also?

Christine is going to end up losing the baby that she and Paul tried so hard to make. Her hatred toward Phyllis is getting the best of her. Will she be able to back away before she ends up losing the baby or will she feel the need to keep going with all her vengeful anger towards Phyllis? I hate to say it, but I kind of hope that she doesn’t get to have the baby and that she also doesn’t get to put Phyllis away. I just do not like Christine and never have. Even when she was “Cricket.”

Looks like things are getting a bit hot in LA this week with Liam deciding to start a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. Will he be able to pull it off? I’m sure that Steffy will end up assisting him in the takeover and she may even do her best to get Liam away from Ivy, but not sure if she will be able to pull that off. Especially since we now know that Wyatt and Hope are over.

Hope may come back and try to claim Liam as hers again. Ivy will have a fight on her hands either way. My opinion is that Ivy gets Liam. They are cute together and the other two have hurt Liam so many times before. Liam deserves some happiness.

Wyatt did make me smile when he told Rick off and quit. Of course, he will be going back to Forrester so that he can play the double agent and give info back to the Spencer’s for the takeover. Will Wyatt be able to play both sides or will he and Rick end up battling it out daily?

Brooke seriously thinks that she can make Rick get back with Caroline and that she can force Ridge to not be with Caroline. Who does she think she is? I know, the Queen of Forrester is who she thinks she is, but I bet Caroline ends up with Ridge anyway. Brooke needs to remember that she left and didn’t want Ridge anymore when she was all in love with Bill. Then she left Bill for Italy and now she has returned home to Ridge with Caroline and Bill with Katie.

I think it is funny how things have happened. Wonder if she will now turn to Deacon and try to take him away from Quinn? Not sure if Deacon would go to Brooke now that he is with Quinn. Quinn may give Brooke a run for her money.

I want to end this week with a request that we all keep our thoughts and prayers with Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, Bold & Beautiful) as she was hit by a car earlier in the week and is recovering. I am wondering if the writers will use her injuries in the show or will she be re-cast for a brief period of time.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep your TV’s turned to WDBJ7 for all the best daytime drama around. See ya’ next week!

January 30, 2015

Looks like Rick has not learned a thing since he shot Grant Chambers back in 1997; because he has shot at Caroline and Ridge while they were “making out” on the couch at Forrester Creations. I was actually hoping that Rick did shoot one of them, but instead he just shot into the office.

Rick is losing his mind and from the looks of it Brooke is going to back him up on everything he has done lately, so I guess it is OK to just act like a maniac while being the CEO. I have a feeling there are some things getting ready to happen at Forrester that may bring Rick off of his pedestal and put Myah back on the streets where she belongs! Maybe, if we are all lucky, Myah will go back to filming Abreva commercials!

Brooke is not happy with the situation that her family is in at this time. All the sleeping around and of course Ridge has not made her homecoming a great one. I’m sure that since she has lost Bill back to Katie she was hoping that she would be able to make some kind of amends with Ridge, but now he is in love/lust with Caroline. WOW things change so much from one day to the next in these soaps!

Ivy has done a great job filling Liam in on what is going on at Forrester, but will Liam be able to shake things up enough to keep all the employees safe? When Steffy makes her grand entrance back to LA there should be some shaking up at Forrester, but will it be for the better for all involved? Is Steffy going to put dibs on Liam again and woo him away from Ivy or will Liam finally be able to stay away from Steffy? I have a feeling that Liam is going to request Steffy’s help with the Forrester situation and Steffy is going to request something from Liam in return. We all know that what Steffy wants she usually gets.

Will Ivy finally be Steffy’s match?

Now that Liam has filled Bill in on what is happening at Forrester I’m sure that Bill will be giving Liam whatever assistance he may need to get Rick back for all he is doing to Ivy and Caroline. Neither one of them are going to allow Rick to keep tormenting those girls.

Looks like the people in Genoa City are also dealing with some issues this week. I have to say that I am beginning to get a bit bored with the Devon, Hillary and Neil story. Give it a rest! Put Devon and Hillary together and let Neil move on. How long do the writers think they need to drag this out? They have come so close to being caught time and time again. Devon has had to pay Colin millions of dollars and still isn’t safe. LET IT GO! Put us all out of our misery with this storyline.

Phyllis seeing a shrink! Didn’t see that coming, but I guess she is trying to do whatever she needs to in hopes of keeping her life with Jack. I don’t think Jack would turn to Kelly after all that he has seen Phyllis going through, but Phyllis just can’t seem to understand that. Wonder where she thinks she is going with that suitcase? Is she going to commit herself for observation or is she running to keep Christine from prosecuting her. Christine is probably foaming at the mouth hoping to get Phyllis on the stand AGAIN!

This whole thing with Dylan, Avery and Joe is also beginning to bore me. So what if Avery has left Joe for Dylan! Does that give Joe the right to do the rotten things he has been doing? No, but with Victor backing him up financially, why not?

I am not 100 percent sure that Victor is aware of all that Joe has been doing in hopes of getting his hands on the Warehouse District, but knowing Victor, he probably wouldn’t care what has to be done as long as he gets what he wants. Dylan is going to end up shooting Joe over all this mess. I hate it when the writers bring people onto the show and then turn them into killers when they are such great characters. Dylan was always such a great guy. Now he is angry, vengeful, hostile, gun toting and out for blood.

Speaking of Victor and him getting what he wants; will he really back off of the formula that belongs to Jabot to save his family? Ummm NO! Does anyone who has watched Y & R for a couple of months think that Victor is going to do anything for family only? Not me. I’m sure that he will try to keep his underhand moves against Jabot as quiet as he can so that he is able to stay in Katie’s life as a grandfather, but will Victoria catch on to his evil ways and vow to leave her father’s side again? No!

Victoria is Victor! They are of the same mold and I’m afraid Stitch is going to be hurt in the process. Stitch needs to pack up and run as fast and as far away from Victoria as possible.Sage is really beginning to show her feelings for Nick, but how will she be able to pull all of this off while being married to Gabriel/Adam?

Adam has Chelsea & Billy thinking that he and Sage are a couple, but Sage has told Nick that she is married to Gabriel/Adam. Genoa City is a small town so this lie will not be kept quiet for long. Now Sage and Gabriel/Adam are moving right next door to Chelsea and Billy! How awkward is this going to be? Is Gabriel/Adam going to be able to place a bug in Chelsea’s apartment again so he can hear what is going on or will he have cameras secretly placed all over the place so he can watch? Either way it looks like things may be getting interesting with this story.

The only thing we can do is keep watching WDBJ7 weekdays for the insight of each of our favorite characters. I know I will be! What I want to see is Devon end up with Hillary. Liam to be happy with Ivy since Hope is out of his life. I would like to see Myah out of the picture all together. Katie needs to be back with Bill. Michael needs to be cured of his Cancer. Billy and Victoria need to be back together and Chelsea needs to realize who Gabriel/Adam really is.

See you all next week and keep watching WDBJ7 for all the juicy twists and turns. Have a safe an wonderful weekend.

January 23, 2015

Does anyone remember back in the day when Dallas was on TV and the cliffhanger was “Who Shot JR?” Well, this week I am asking “Who Did Rick Shoot?” Was it Ridge, Caroline or both of them? Did he miss and just scare them or maybe he just winged one of them! Go figure the last 60 seconds of Thursday’s episode would be Rick with the gun. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Can you believe Myah actually is parading around the mansion in Brooke’s bedroom line? She is just nasty! I don’t care what they put on her, she is just plain nasty. I thought Brooke was going to come unglued when she came to the mansion and Myah answered the door in her underwear! Then Brooke saw Myah’s picture hanging where Stephanie’s portrait should be. Things are going to get interesting now that momma is back! She never has liked Myah and with the way she was looking at her she does not like her now.

Myah’s little sister coming to town may be an interesting storyline. Will she become a model for Forrester? I’m sure she will. I think little sister is going to be out for revenge and I’m sure she will be able to get herself some of it.

Deacon really seems to be in love with Quinn, but with Brooke being back will that relationship last? Brooke has always been the true love for Deacon (in his eyes), but he never really had a chance with her because of Ridge, but now that Ridge is with Caroline or possibly dead; Deacon may be able to make a move on Brooke that will work out in his favor.

Bill is doing all he can to get Katie to let him back into her life, but Katie seems to be holding her own with all of it. She did well with her VP placement at Spencer and she seems to be keeping him at bay with living at the house. Good for you, Katie! Stand up for yourself!

Bill, on the other hand, is not too happy with Ridge or the situation with Caroline, but what will he be able to do about it? If it happens to be Caroline that was shot then Bill will not stop until he gets a hold of Rick. Things are going to get more interesting on B&B over the next few weeks. I’m sure of it.

I like that Liam and Ivy are beginning to get closer. They do seem to care for each other, but will Liam be able to keep his love for Ivy when/if Hope comes back to town. I’m not real sure that he would be able to say no to Hope. Liam did tell Ivy he loves her and he was glad to be in love with someone who didn’t make it complicated, so maybe it will work out for him this time around.

Is anyone else wondering if Phyllis is the one doing everything to Kelly or is Kelly trying to make out like Phyllis is doing it? At first I was thinking Kelly was doing it all, but the doctor that brought Phyllis out of her coma told Jack there have been side effects. Is Phyllis having a really bad side effect? I can remember years ago when Phyllis was crazy without it being a side effect to medication! Will Jack and Phyllis make it through this or will Jack end up with Kelly in the long run?

Stitch certainly doesn’t like the fact that Victoria is not taking Kelly’s side over Phyllis. How can she? Victoria knows Phyllis and I’m sure she is beginning to think Kelly is doing something to set Phyllis off. Victoria has seen all the sides of Phyllis and right now she doesn’t think Phyllis is capable of doing all that Stitch seems to think she is doing.

Colin is going to make another move on Devon, but will Devon give in or will he let Colin do his bidding with the information he has? If it were me I would not have allowed Colin to get the first million from me. I think I would have had to let him tell Neil about the affair back then. At least it would have all been out in the open and Devon wouldn’t have to keep hiding with Hillary.

Summer was mean to Mariah and when Austin saw that side of Summer he didn’t like it. Sure Mariah kissed her husband, but like Austin said it didn’t mean anything. Summer is so jealous it is going to end up ruining her relationship with Austin. I actually would like to see Mariah with Kevin and Summer alone. I think Austin can do much better than Summer. Even Fen could do better, but he has been in love with Summer since middle school.

Nick and Sage seem to be hitting it off pretty good. I’m sorry, but Faith is just a brat! I do not see why they give her roles where she speaks. I know she is a part of the storyline, but she gets on my last nerve. Always whining and carrying on about her daddy and her mommy. Get over it kid! They are not going to be married! Sage on the other hand may end up having to divorce Gabriel/Adam if she isn’t careful with how close she gets to Nick.

Gabriel/Adam sure did mess up when he was talking to Chelsea about the “hotel.” I think she will be figuring things out sooner rather than later. She did get a bit nervous at her studio with Gabriel/Adam after that comment.

Chelsea told Gabriel/Adam that she thought they should only meet at Jabot from now on. I’m sure Billy will like that, but will Gabriel/Adam be able to stay away? Not! Billy see’s that this new guy in town is up to something, but he just hasn’t been able to figure out what that something is yet.

So many things have been going on in both cities this week. I can’t wait to see who Rick did shoot and will Brooke tear into Myah? Will Neil figure out what Hillary is doing behind his back? Is Phyllis going over the edge with no way of returning or will it be found out that Kelly is really the bad person in this scenario?

Well, if you are like me you will be tuning into WDBJ7 every day next week from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. to find out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

January 16, 2015

I have to start this week with the Bold & Beautiful! Rick and Myah are making me ill. Seriously, hanging her portrait in the mansion where Stephanie’s portrait has been hanging was just ridiculous! I can’t imagine what Stephanie’s spirit is doing right now. I was talking to Sarah (a girl here at work) the other day and we were discussing what Steffi would do to Myah if she were to come back from Paris. I think the writers need to bring Steffi back and let her be the way she was back in the day. Let her loose on Myah and Rick! WOW that would be an amazing ride.

It does seem like Myah is in love with Rick, but I still think that Rick is still in love with Caroline. He only told Myah that he loves her because she was going to leave and that would have put a wrench in his plan to keep hurting Caroline. Without Myah by his side to torment Caroline, Rick actually doesn’t have anything.

Caroline needs to move on with her own life and do that without Ridge! Ridge is not good for any woman and Caroline can do way better. Caroline needs to take some time and get away from Rick and Ridge. She should take off to Paris and make great designs there. I say this, but I think she will end up with Ridge because she feels as if she can’t do any better and she feels drawn to him.

Wonder when they are bringing Hope and Wyatt back into the picture? I haven’t even heard if they are re-casting the role of Hope. I would think that they would, but will they have her chase after Liam or will she just stay with Wyatt?

Moving onto Genoa City; not sure which family to start with this week, so I guess we will just begin with Phyllis. She is up to her old self again and I am afraid that she may lose Jack with all her shenanigans with Kelly. Why can’t she just realize that Jack loves her and move on? Sure while she was in her coma Jack moved on with Kelly, but as soon as she was back he was committed to Phyllis again. He could have just left Phyllis twisting in the wind, but he did the right thing and went back to her. I just wonder if Kelly is going to figure out a way to catch Phyllis at her own game.

Speaking of being caught; will Neil ever figure out that his wife and his son are lovers? This whole storyline is beginning to be a bit much and dragging it out is just crazy. Hillary will end up pregnant, but it will belong to Devon. Devon will not allow Neil to raise his child and Neil will have to find out the truth.

Let’s just move this story along a bit and get it over with.

Gwen is really beginning to fall for Devon and now Devon is feeling like he needs to break things off with her. I do not think it is going to be as easy as he thinks. Gwen knows how much Devon is worth and she is all for being with a wealthy man. I think she also has a sneaky suspicion about Devon and Hillary.

Will Lilly be able to throw a wrench in Devon and Hillary’s getaway to Chicago? Sure she will. Maybe that will be where the truth comes out. Maybe Lilly will go to Chicago with Hillary and catch Devon and Hillary slipping around. That would be an interesting twist of events. Especially since Lilly is beginning to like Hillary.

I am also getting sick of poor Nikki! Seriously, how many times are they going to play the alcoholic card with her? I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but she seems to rely on the Vodka bottles more than she should. I don’t blame her for thinking she needs to drink. If I were married to Victor I would probably be an alcoholic, but she has a great support system and she needs to use them. Get over yourself, Nikki, and move on.

Another thing about her that drives me nuts is that she has MS, but her drinking doesn’t seem to affect it at all. Wouldn’t you think that if she were taking medication for her MS that drinking would not work well with that? Wouldn’t you think that it would be harder for her to hide her drinking from people who are supposed to know her?

Dylan needs to be careful when it comes to Victor. He has not realized just who Victor Newman is, but I am afraid that he will be learning this soon. I have to say that I do think that he was mugged by thugs hired by Victor or Joe. I also think that Victor is only going after the Warehouse District because Dylan has the Crimson Lights and he is Paul and Nikki’s child. If Dylan wasn’t in business there Victor probably wouldn’t have even thought of selling the Warehouse District.

Joe is certainly pulling out all the stops to try to win Avery back, but I honestly feel that Avery will not waiver from Dylan. She seems to truly be in love with Dylan. I kind of like it when Joe messes with Avery and gets her all fired up. She slapped him good today!

Ashley is not the least bit happy about Stitch and Victoria. I don’t think she wants Stitch, but I do think she wants Stitch to be a little more careful with Jabot information around Victoria. After all, Victoria is Victor’s daughter and Newman is always looking to outdo Jabot. I don’t think Victoria would risk her relationship with Stitch to find out secret information for her father, but then again she is a Newman and she has worked right alongside her father for years. Victoria has learned from the best.

Adam is beginning to make his way into Chelsea’s life, but Billy is standing guard and doing a pretty good job of it. Billy definitely does not like the fact that Adam is working at Jabot and he definitely doesn’t like him possibly moving into the same building that he and Chelsea live in. I can’t wait to see if Conner has a connection with Adam when he finally gets to “meet” him.

Nick is going to find out what the deal is with Adam/Gabriel and when he does all heck is going to break loose. Nick already has a sneaky suspicion about Adam/Gabriel because of the answers that he gave when they were discussing boarding school. Good thing that Sage is able to hook up with Nick and fish for information about Adam/Gabriel. Will Sage get close enough to Nick to get the good stuff on Adam/Gabriel so she can fill him in or will Nick figure it all out before then?

This has been one exciting week on both soaps. I am interested to see what the gun is all about on B&B and who will be shot. I think Rick is going will use it on Ridge when he finds out that Caroline and Ridge have gotten a lot closer.

Will Ivy and Ally be able to make Rick understand that what he is doing is hurting the family? Will Myah stay at the mansion as the woman of the house or will someone come to town and knock her off that pedestal? Is Hillary going to end up pregnant with Devon’s child? Will Kelly be able to catch Phyllis pulling a stunt? Will Genoa City ever find out Michael has cancer? Is the Warehouse District doomed? Thanks for watching WDBJ7 and stay tuned for more.

January 9, 2015

Looks like Nikki’s sobriety has not lasted as long as she may hope! Didn’t she just tell Paul that she was clean and would not be drinking again? I guess this one little bump in the road with Victor going behind her back, yet AGAIN, has derailed her.

Paul knows that Nikki will not be able to stay sober, but will he be able to be her hero this time around? Nikki has always been able to count on Paul when she was in trouble, but I’m thinking that this time Christine may have something to say about him being Nikki’s hero.

Seriously, did anyone actually think that Victor was not behind the warehouse takeover? Who else has that kind of money? This is just opening the door for Jill and Cane to get into something together and try to take Chancellor Industries away from Victor. I’m sure they will manage to get it back, but at what expense and for how long?

Dylan needs to realize Victor is who he is and nothing or no one will be able to stop or change him. Victor has been the devil the entire time he has been on Y&R and I don’t look for the writers to be changing him anytime soon. Dylan also needs to stop flying off of the handle so quickly. Does he not remember what happened when Ian was in the picture and he was assumed guilty of murder? Now he is flying off the handle with Joe and, who knows, Joe may end up missing at some point. Joe may do it to try and get back at Dylan for stealing Avery.

Was anyone else surprised to see Devon make his move on Gwen? I was at first, but, hey, he deserves to be happy. If Neil and Hillary are going to stay together then Devon needs to move on. Why should Hillary be the only one who is happy?

Looks like Kelly and Phyllis are going to be similar to Phyllis and Diane (blast from the past)! Kelly slapped herself and blamed Phyllis for it. What a hoot! Will Kelly win this round? I think so, but I also think that Phyllis needs to step back and re-evaluate her situation. Kelly doesn’t seem as laid back as Diane was. Looks to me like Kelly is in this for the long haul and she may just win.

Michael needs to move on with his treatment. I understand wanting multiple opinions, but Stage 3 is not to play with. If he doesn’t get help for it now, he may not get another chance. Cancer is such a horrible disease and it comes after everyone. No discrimination of any kind, and once it gets a hold of you it tears through you and your entire family without any remorse. Fight this Michael! Do it now! Don’t wait until they have to write you off the show.

My my, Myah! She has played her cards right, up to now. Once Pam saw that Stephanie’s portrait had been taken off of the wall in the main house, things changed. Pam will not stand for this one minute. Rick thinks that he is doing the right thing by making Myah his right hand, but when he set Pam in this new whirlwind, he actually may have just opened up a bad hurricane. Does everyone remember when Pam was not on her medication? Talk about everyone having a bad day! She was horrible. No one was safe from her. Now Myah is going to be on Pam’s radar and I doubt that Myah will enjoy this ride.

Rick has done a lot of things that were wrong in the past, but what he is doing know is just plain evil. Sure Caroline should have to make things right for KISSING Ridge, but Rick has been SLEEPING with Myah for weeks now. Caroline crossed a small line in her marriage, but Rick has done way more than that. I do not see why Caroline thinks that she needs to be with Rick now anyway? Why would she want him back? He isn’t that great and she was rich without him, so it’s not like she needs him for money or even prestige.

I think that Ridge and Caroline need to back away from Forrester and let Rick fall flat on his face with his new found power. Without Ridge and Caroline to design they have nothing. I’m sure Rick’s power won’t last him long when Eric finds out that there are no designers to keep his clothing line up and running. Not to mention that Rick has taken Stephanie off of the wall of the mansion. WOW, this is going to get good!

I hope that all of you are staying warm during this cold snap that we are having. Keep your blankets and your hot cocoa close by, sit a spell and keep up with all the current information by watching your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7. See you all next week!!

January 1, 2015

The holidays have certainly been interesting on the soaps! Not sure where to begin, but I am anxious to see how all of these twists and turns end up over the next few weeks. Looks like the year 2015 is coming in HOT!

Adam has shown his hand to Jack, and Jack is not happy about it. But he really can’t do anything to change the way things are going since he has found out that not only is Adam really alive, but Billy had shot him when they were in the car. If Jack turns Adam in, then Billy may have to suffer the consequences of shooting him. What is Jack going to do? Will he be able to keep this lie from Phyllis and the rest of his family? Will all the lies lead him back to the bottle?

Jack has so much on his plate right now with the women in his life, he doesn’t need anything else going on. Phyllis is onto Kelly and her ways. If Kelly thinks she will be able to get anything over on Phyllis then she has another thing coming. Phyllis will not allow Kelly to take anything away from her.

Speaking of the bottle….Nikki looks as if she is handling her drinking a bit better these days. She doesn’t seem to be as much of a mess as she was when she was sneaking around drinking. I wonder if when she was looking so bad if that was when she was really sick. I heard that she was going through something a couple of months ago, but had kept working. Good thing for her Neil is still blind when he came into the AA meeting as she was beginning to start her story. Now Paul knows Nikki had been drinking, what will he do with that information? Will he be there to help her again, or will this be the last straw for Paul? He needs to focus on his new life with Christine and their new baby.

Neil’s vision is going to be one of the big storylines for Y&R in the coming months. I think since Neil’s son (in real life) has passed away, they are going to be writing him out for a while and he will go away for some type of healing and come back with his vision. Then all heck is going to break loose because he will be able to see there is something going on between Hillary and Devon.

Hillary is becoming more and more jealous of Gwen with each passing day. What does she think is going to happen? Sure, Devon is in love with Hillary. But he is a man and Gwen is not going to stop making moves on Devon. Especially since she knows he is a billionaire and available (in her eyes). I don’t blame her at all. She should try to make Devon happy and see where it goes.

Glad to see Stitch is finally getting a happy ending. I am glad the writers did not put him with Ashley or Abby. He belongs with Victoria, but when Adam/Gabriel gets to Chelsea who will Billy end up with? I think Billy is still in love with Victoria and seeing Stitch with Victoria and his new baby girl does bother him. I am not 100% sure the Stitch, Victoria, Billy triangle is done yet. We still may see some fireworks from that love triangle. Stitch does seem to have some issues with Billy & Victoria when they are co-parenting, but will Stitch be able to keep his feelings under control?

Who would have thought Ashley knew who Joe Clark was? I have never heard Ashley speak about him until she saw him in the bar. From what I can gather they had some type of relationship in New York, but she must have ended things. Did anyone else see the look on Avery’s face when she saw Joe with Ashley on New Year’s Eve? If those walls could talk, what tales they’d tell.

This whole thing with Victor having someone spy on Jabot to get information on the new line is crazy. Ashley couldn’t be smarter than Victor! How did she know that he had a spy in her lab? Jack is going off because he doesn’t want Victor to have access and Ashley is like “no problem, I have it covered!” Nothing is covered when it comes to Victor Newman. All the Abbotts should know that by now, wouldn’t you think?

Interesting turn of events with Adam/Gabriel and the death of Gabriel’s father; he committed suicide when Victor took over his company with a hostile takeover. Now we know why Constance is so against Victor Newman and why she wants him brought down. I’m sure that Adam/Gabriel will be more than willing to assist Constance with bringing Victor down.

It is nice to see that Michael is coming to terms a bit more with this cancer scare, but seems like he is laughing it off way too easily. I’m not sure how far the writers are going to take this story, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Glad all of his family is now aware of the issue, and at least they are trying to have a nice holiday.

Excited about Avery and Dylan’s engagement! They make a great team. Their love has been tested, but they have stayed true to each other. How will Avery handle being whisked away for a month with Dylan, and leaving Michael to man the office alone? How will Michael handle this with everything else he has going on?

Sage and Nick seem to be on the path to more than a friendship. Nick is beginning to run into her a lot lately and now he is lending a sympathetic ear to her. This may end badly. Will Sage fill Nick in on who Gabriel really is? Will she feel the need to if they begin to get romantically involved?

How many of you would keep quiet about Myah and Rick? NOT ME! I would be telling Caroline the truth right away! Who does he think he is? He struts around the office like he is king, but if it was not for Caroline he wouldn’t be CEO. Eric made sure of that, but Rick is now trying to figure out a way for Eric to sign away all rights to Forrester Creations. I certainly hope that since Ivy has told Liam about Myah and Rick that someone busts them out.

With Hope in Italy and Liam in LA, Ivy has been worried that she will lose Liam, but looks to me like Liam is going to stay with Ivy. I think Hope has had her chance (time and time) to be with Liam. And yes, it is true that something has always happened, but there is a reason for things to happen. Maybe, just maybe, they are not meant to be together. Maybe Ivy is who Liam is to be with.

Wyatt needs to go to Italy and be with Hope. They both need to heal and get past all this grief. I just want him out of LA. I have never really liked his character and wouldn’t mind if they wrote him completely out of the show. Oh, and take your mom, Quinn, with you!

Katie and Bill need to get back together and Ridge needs to go to Italy to be with Brooke. I never liked Ridge with Katie, or Bill with Brooke. I didn’t like the original Ridge, but this one is worse if you ask me, so send him to Italy and find a new Ridge.

That’s it for this week. I want to take just a minute to thank all of you who actually read/share my blog and let you know that I enjoy blogging for you all. May you all have a blessed New Year. Keep watching your favorite soaps on your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7.

December 19, 2014

Looks like Sharon actually thinks that she deserves forgiveness for all that she has done to everyone in Genoa City. NOT, would be my answer to that. Sure she was off of her medications and not in her right mind, but once she realized all she had done she did nothing to fix all of it.

Sharon knew things were going to be bad for her if the news of all her she had done got out, but she didn’t care or even worry about it. She just kept on lying and manipulating people to get what she wanted. I am glad that Phyllis fired her and that Jack is standing by Phyllis’ decision. Nick is doing the best thing for Faith by trying to get full custody of Faith, but will it actually happen? Will Nick be able to make the courts see that Sharon doesn’t deserve full custody of Faith?

Glad to see Michael and Lauren handling the cancer together. Hope that they fill Fen in on what is going on before he finds out from someone else. Wonder if Michael’s cancer will get much worse while he is waiting for the holidays until he attempts to see the doctor? I think he needs to get started now and work out the holidays in between. Hate that Fen feels as if he doesn’t belong.

Sage must have been something to Gabriel other than a friend. I am thinking that the two of them were lovers and kept it secret. Why else would she be so worried about Adam going to Genoa City alone and possibly trying to hook back up with Chelsea? Sage seems a bit jealous to me. Nick thinks she is hiding something and I’m sure if he runs up on her again he will be finding out what is up. I believe that Sage and Nick will be more involved with each other in the coming months.

Chelsea is having a difficult time letting go of Adam these days. On the other hand Billy is having a difficult time living without Delia this time of year as well. The relationship between the two of them doesn’t seem like it would work for long since Billy has so much hate for Adam.

The gown that Chelsea made for Katie is beautiful. Glad that Victoria didn’t have anything bad to say about it. Looks as if Stitch is settling in as the step-dad figure for Katie and it seems as if Billy is OK with that. Victoria may be living in a Norman Rockwell kind of life now with Billy being the biological dad and Stitch on the hook to play step-dad.

Hillary and Devon are going to get caught soon if they do not watch what they do. I could not believe that Devon invited Hillary to his suite right in front of the entrance to the Athletic Club. Does he not think that people listen? Did not take Lilly long to ask him why he was inviting Hillary to his suite. You would think that Devon would get a room elsewhere since he owns the Athletic Club. It’s not like he doesn’t have the money to do it.

Paul and Christine are having a baby! Nikki is the reason for it! I think I heard Paul right when he said that, but was truly shocked. I’m sure Christine was as well. Not sure how I feel about them having a baby at this point in their lives, but who am I to judge? Wonder how Daniel is going to feel about Christine having Paul’s baby? Hope this time around Paul gets to deal with a normal woman vs. the crazy one that was Ricky’s mom.

I can honestly say that I am so glad that Hope is gone! I know she will probably be back, but at least we all get a break from her for a few weeks. A much needed one, if you ask me. I have not seen anything about her leaving on the show. Does Wyatt even know that she has left?

Katie has finally given up on the ribbon that Ridge put on her finger months ago and has a new life on her mind. One with Dollar Bill Spencer! She is good with Bill. Katie and Bill had the Cinderella relationship and I think they can have that again.

I can’t believe that Rick is actually going to try taking total control of Forrester Creations. Does he think he is that good at getting things past his father or even Ridge? Myah on the other hand is going to be the downfall. I look for her to slip up and say something to someone or do something that alerts people as to what is going on.

Caroline is truly trying to let Rick know that she is trying and that she wants this marriage to work, but Rick is too busy sneaking around with Myah to even care. He has given Myah a new place to live and a place for them to rendezvous during the day. Caroline needs to wake up and realize that Rick is cheating! Rick is doing what she and Ridge NEVER did. Can she not smell Myah on him when he comes around?

There will not be a blog next week due to the Christmas holiday, but I wanted to take a minute and wish all of you happy holidays. Be safe, spend time with your family and enjoy! Be sure to keep watching WDBJ7 to keep up with all the happenings in LA and Genoa City.

December 12, 2014

WOW! This has been on emotional week on both soaps. I have to say the writers are working overtime this month with their storylines. I wasn’t sure if I should scream, cry, rant or just watch as all the storylines were beginning to take shape. Sure, we all know that this person is going to go after that person or this person will lose their baby at some point, but when the writers get together and make it happen, WOW!

Jack should have known from the beginning that Phyllis was going to find out about Kelly at some point in time. One would think that when she was making it a point to have Kelly help with the wedding that it would have been a sign to him that she had some kind of idea as to what had happened while she was away, but NO he had no clue at all.

Well guess what? He has a clue now! I like how Kelly stood up to Phyllis and let her know that it was not all her in the relationship and that Jack had a hand in moving her into the mansion, etc. Jack walking in when he did was priceless. I honestly could not believe that he left Phyllis to go check on Kelly, but maybe that gave Phyllis some time to cool down.

Summer is right in the middle of all this mess with Jack and Phyllis. I kind of feel for her, but she didn’t want to tell her mom anything that may upset her too much based on the doctor’s and their request.

What was she supposed to do? Summer did exactly what she should have and kept quiet. Phyllis will forgive her just as she has forgiven Jack.

Joe is messing with fire if he thinks Lilly won’t let him know real fast and in a hurry that she is not going to agree to him tearing down the Warehouse District just because he flirts with her. I like how she called him out on it and then filled Cane in on the flirting. I kind of thought Cane would go after Joe, if only to say back off my wife, but didn’t see that happen.

Hillary is not going to be able to stay with Neil much longer. She is having a very hard time dealing with Devon trying to date others to cover their affair. Seriously does anyone really not see how Devon and Hillary look at each other and how Hillary acts when Devon is around? End this affair and fill Neil in on what is going on before it is too late and he figures it out on his own. Either way people are going to be hurt, so they should just nip it in the bud.

Chelsea needs to realize that Billy will never be able to see Adam or Adam’s life in a good way and that if she stays with Billy he will end up saying things that Conner will not understand as he grows up. Gabriel needs to get to Genoa City for keeps so he can take Chelsea away from Billy and be with his family. Sage needs to realize that Adam is not Gabriel and what the two of them had is no more. Adam is for Chelsea and I do not see him detouring from her.

Kevin needs to move on with Mariah. I think they are cute together and they both need someone. Chloe is not coming back to Kevin and no one else is there for Mariah, so why not? They are both free to see whoever they like. They’ve kissed and now they can move onto the next step of the relationship….a cup of hot chocolate.

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Lauren laughing at Michael. I was like NO she didn’t just laugh at him, but then I saw where the writers were going with the scene. Michael is one strong cookie, but I am glad he finally told Lauren the truth. Now maybe they can move on and get Michael the help he needs before it gets any worse.

Hope, Liam and Wyatt! This love triangle will never end. I hate that Hope fell down the stairs after arguing with Quinn and lost the baby, but she should not have gone outside with her in the first place.

Of course, Quinn should have not been there at all. Had Wyatt done as Hope and Liam had asked several times and gotten the restraining order, this may not have happened. Will Hope leave Wyatt for Liam since there is no baby? Will Liam even take Hope back since he has supposedly fallen in love with Ivy?

Will Wyatt realize that his Mom is a crazy woman and should never be around people? I hope that Hope and Liam do end up together, but don’t want Wyatt hurt either.

Bill and Katie seem to be getting closer these days. I like the two of them together and kind of wish she would untie that engagement ribbon and move on with Bill. After all Ridge has a ton of money and still has not bought Katie a ring. He even has Wyatt and Ivy working at Forrester Creations and has not asked one of them to make her a special ring. What is up with that? How long with Katie wear that ribbon?

Maybe he will buy her a beaded ring for the wedding band when/if they get married.

Wonder what next week holds for all the families of the two best soaps on TV? Should begin to wrap up some of the plots and bring in some new ones. Will Chelsea see Adam in Gabriel’s eyes? Will Adam see Connor and loose it? Will Stitch and Victoria become a happy family? Will Hope leave town with Liam to regroup (come back as another Hope)? What will happen with Deacon? Will he leave with Hope or stay with Quinn? I guess we have to be patient and watch again next week on WDBJ7.

December 5, 2014

I have to get something about Y&R off of my chest this week. Why would the writers devote an entire episode to Nick and his past life? That was the worst hour of Y&R that I can remember watching for a long time. Whew! Now that I have gotten that off of my chest we can move on.

Who, besides me, thinks that Sage is going to come to Genoa City and become the new love interest for Nick? I saw that coming the minute the dog (Gabriel/Adam’s) came into the cabin that Nick was staying in during his drinking spell.

I am still trying to figure out the Gabriel/Adam storyline. Was Gabriel the one who was helping Adam out of the car, and then Gabriel actually dies, and Adam figures out who he is in real life and takes over his identity? If so, how does Sage fit into all of it? How does she know that Adam is Adam and not Gabriel? If Adam was burned up so badly no one could tell his identity, then how does Sage know Adam is Adam and not Gabriel?

Stitch is NOT the baby’s daddy! I started thinking he could have been, but from the DNA test, he isn’t. Of course, this is a soap and DNA tests have been known to have been messed with, but I’m kind of leaning towards the idea this one is true. Billy is Katherine’s daddy. Katherine is such a beautiful name for the baby as well.

Victoria looked as if she was a bit shocked when the results were given, and Stitch could not get out of that room fast enough. Poor Stitch! He is so in love with Victoria and wanted that baby to be his so he could have a new start in life, but as usual he did not get what he wanted. I hope that Maureen is found and she has to do time for the murder of her husband; maybe then Stitch will be able to at least see his son again.

I fear that Michael waiting until after the holiday’s to do anything about his cancer is not going to turn out for the best for him or his family. He needs to fill Lauren in on the diagnosis so she can help him get through this and hopefully become a cancer survivor.

Mariah sure is becoming a better person in some ways, but I do think she is going to attempt to put some type of moves on Austin. She has made it clear to Austin that Kyle is coming back to town and that Summer HAD a relationship with Kyle before she thought she was Jack’s daughter. Mariah is trying to put doubt in Austin’s head so she can move in for the kill. I honestly do not think she will get far with Austin, but then again she is Sharon’s daughter.

Phyllis is back to her old self and moving on with her plans for the wedding of the year to Jack, with the help of Kelly! Jack is doing his best to derail that train, but I do believe the train is on a track to a bad part of town and Phyllis is the conductor. Wasn’t it great when Phyllis told Sharon she was fired? Loved it!

Hillary did not look too happy about having to fake a lunch with Devon and the “new” girl, but if she will not let Neil in on the secret then she needs to get over it. Devon is just trying to keep the lie under wraps until Hillary is ready to be truthful. I am still kind of hoping Hillary winds up pregnant, but not sure if that is going to come about. There would be no way Hillary would be able to hide the fact that she and Neil were NOT having sex when she got pregnant and then she would have to explain the baby somehow. Lilly would have a field day with all the information, if she knew what that information really is. She is already having serious doubts about Devon and his “new” girlfriend after the lunch at the club.
Moving onto to Hope and her pregnancy; didn’t she just find out she is pregnant? She sure is beginning to have a baby bump and they gave her a baby shower already too. Maybe the writers are trying to move the storyline along since she is leaving the show. I still have not heard if they are going to recast her role or if it will end somehow.

Quinn just can’t seem to stay away from Hope, and now Wyatt has finally taken the steps to ensure his wife and his unborn child’s safety with this restraining order. Wyatt should have taken this step earlier. Sometimes it seems that Liam is more caring for Hope and the baby than Wyatt is. I was kind of hoping Liam and Hope would just run away together, but don’t see that happening either.

Glad to see Ivy and Liam are moving along with their relationship, since Liam doesn’t seem to have one with Hope. Ivy seems to be good for Liam. She makes him happy, and she sure does seem like she is truly in love with him. It is good for him to finally have that in his life. No doubt at all in his mind of her feelings towards him.

Guessing 2014 is going to end as dramatically as it began with all the storylines going on in LA and Genoa City. Hoping all the families can find a way to get along for a minute or two during the holiday season. I’m sure there will be some kind of drama when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and I can hardly wait to see what that drama is. Meet you all back here next week to see what the happenings are in both towns. Enjoy your weekend, and keep watching your favorite soaps right here on your Hometown station WDBJ7.

November 21, 2014

Billy & Stitch came to Victoria’s rescue this week and delivered a beautiful baby girl in the Jabot parking garage. It seems like Billy & Stitch bonded a little while delivering the baby and are now able to be in the same room with each other without fighting over Victoria. Victoria is doing the right thing by getting the DNA test done so everyone can move on with their lives. My boss is hoping that the baby belongs to Stitch, but at first I was hoping Billy. After thinking about it, I kind of hope she belongs to Stitch. Billy needs to move on with Chelsea and Victoria needs to move on with Stitch. Too much damage has been done to all involved to turn back now.

Maureen has escaped from the hospital! Who, besides me, saw that coming? I’m sure they will find her because Victor will call on all of his people to hunt her down. Nikki is going to be glad she is gone because her secret will be safe for now.

Jack is going to have to come clean with Phyllis soon! Phyllis is doing all she can to make Jack sweat, but he still has not come 100% clean with her. He should have just told Phyllis about Kelly when he asked Phyllis to marry him, but no, they just went upstairs to bed. Of course, Phyllis began 100 questions after that and he still didn’t fill her in on all the truth.

Kelly on the other hand is so excited to have Jack back in her life that she doesn’t even see he is not “with her." Jack has always been with Phyllis! Even when he wasn’t with Phyllis the two of them have always had a real bond. Does Kelly not even pay attention to what Jack replies to her when she tells him she loves him? He says nothing back.

Colin got what he wanted out of Devon, but will he be able to make Jill believe where the $2 million came from? Jill needs to get rid of that man. He is such a loser and a liar. I kind of figured that Devon would pay him off, but I was hoping that he wouldn’t. I wanted to see Devon tell Neil so that Colin would have nothing to hold over his head.

Grace is doing what she does best when it comes to Nick. At least this time she got some of what she was anticipating. Nick even said he was going to have to stop getting into relationships so quickly. Does this mean Nick and Grace will be an item? I hope not! I don’t like her and have never really liked her. She is more of a money grubber than Sharon was in the beginning. She needs to go back to LA and play Donna on Bold & Beautiful.

This new Adam is very handsome. I’m sure he is going to be turning some heads once he makes his way to Genoa City. Will he go straight after Chelsea? How is he going to get to her? Will Sage be coming to Genoa City with him? This is going to be one interesting plot to follow.

Dylan does not like Avery’s ex being in town and now that he knows the two of them have shared a kiss he is even less happy about it. I don’t see Avery going back to her ex, but she should have been honest with Dylan when the kiss happened.

Let’s move to B&B and all that they have going on. Myah has got to go. I know right now she is a large part of the storyline, but maybe they should think of recasting her role. She needs to go back to doing the Abreva commercials. I do not like how she is playing this part at all. Sure she is supposed to be Rick’s new main squeeze, but seriously, she is NOT Forrester material. Never will be!

Katie knew exactly what she was doing by filling Bill in on what had transpired between Caroline and Ridge. She knew by telling him she would be able to send him off into a tailspin for Ridge. Looks to me like she wants Bill back; maybe she is tired of wearing that ribbon of a ring on her finger. Good for you, Katie! Stand up for what you want, even if it is a cheating with your sister kind of husband. After all, Brooke did leave LA so Katie could try to win Bill back.

Hope on the other hand only wants Liam, but she has lost him to Ivy. Liam has told Ivy he loves her and has even begun wearing the necklace she made special for him. Good for Liam! Looks like Liam has stopped being Hope’s door mat and has begun to live life on his own terms. I like Liam and Ivy together and they both seem happy. By now I’m sure you all know Hope (as we know her) is leaving B&B, but are they going to recast her? I haven’t seen an answer about that yet, so if any of you know, please share.

That’s it for this week. Next week looks to be interesting. I hope the DNA comes back on baby girl Newman before Thanksgiving. Maybe Neil will find out about his wife and son on Thanksgiving. Will Michael or Kevin let Lauren in on his cancer news next week or keep her in the dark a bit longer? Will Caroline and Ridge become a couple since it seems as if Rick and Katie are done with them? Does Hope stay with Wyatt or will she miss Liam so bad that she has to leave town (like Brooke has done on occasion)?

Guess we all have to wait and see! Keep up with all the drama of our favorite soaps right here on WDBJ7. I will not be posting next week due to the holiday, but I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

November 14, 2014

We thought last week was a roller coaster ride! This week has been even crazier than the last. Both soaps are really bringing it with all the drama that they are dishing up lately. Not sure where to begin, but we have to begin somewhere, so why not begin with my new favorite “villain” Phyllis!

Phyllis is so great right now! She is playing this wedding to the hilt. Let’s get Kelly to help with the event planning. Let’s invite all of our friends, family and random people. I love it! She is getting Jack right where she wants him and she wants him away from Kelly. Jack is feeling so guilty right now that he can’t even seem to think straight. He went home to tell Phyllis about Kelly and ends up practically married.

What a hoot!

Summer is beginning to remind me of a younger Phyllis. With all the anger that she has toward Sharon right now I would not want to get in her way. I can’t wait for her to actually lay into Sharon. Mariah needs to realize that Summer is not going to allow her to disrespect Phyllis in any way. Austin needs to remember that he is married to Summer and that she does NOT like Mariah and will NOT tolerate him taking her side about anything. I think that Summer and Mariah could turn into Diane and Phyllis.

Wouldn’t that be a great storyline?

I was glad to see Nick go to Avery and ask for her help with getting custody of Faith. He needs to get Faith away from Sharon. Sharon can’t seem to take care of herself anymore. Faith will grow up to be just like Sharon if Nick doesn’t do something about it now. Let Mariah stay with Sharon and live a happy life alone. I hope Nick stays away from her this time around. Who knows what will happen between the two of them? If Summer has anything to do with it they will not be together.

Kevin now knows the truth about Michael, but will he be able to keep that secret? I think Michael needs to tell Lauren. Let her be there to help support him during this time. Kevin is right in wanting to tell her, but for his brother, he will keep quiet. For now.....

What in the world was Maureen thinking when she locked Victoria in that room at the Jabot garage? Did she really think that no one would miss her? Now Maureen has had a heart attack and can’t tell Stitch what she has done. Will this turn out horrible for Victoria? Will she lose the baby? Will Billy find her in time? I’m thinking that Billy will be the one to find Victoria and will end up delivering the baby. Still not sure who the daddy will be, but leaning toward Billy.

Who in the world is the woman with Adam? NO I’m not talking about Sage. I’m wondering if the old lady is his Mom back from the dead and no longer blind or is she Adam’s Grandma on Hope’s side? I was actually talking to one of my coworkers from Master Control and she seems to think the older lady is Adam’s grandmother from Hope’s side. Guess we will see soon enough. I’m leaning toward the grandmother storyline.

Nikki almost got caught drinking when Victoria came in, but go figure, she didn’t. I still can’t believe that her own family can’t tell that she is a lush again. What do they see when they look at her? Can they not tell that she is drunk? Do they not realize that she is not on her best game? You would think that one of the many friends/family would be able to tell she was nipping on the bottle again.

Hope has certainly been bit by the JEALOUSY bug! I think it is funny. I do wonder if they are going to recast her or if they are going to find a way to right her out of the show. I hope they recast her with someone who isn’t so whiny. Ivy on the other hand isn’t taking anything from Hope. She is holding her own.

Wyatt is about to get himself in a ton of trouble with Hope. She heard him preparing a romantic boat ride, but she is also going to find out that the boat ride was not for them. Doubt that she is going to be happy when she finds out that Wyatt has set Liam and Ivy up for a romantic evening.

Quinn is seriously deranged and needs some help. If she thinks that Hope is ever going to come around to her way of thinking, she is mistaken. Hope hates Quinn and I doubt that will change. I just do not see what Deacon sees in her. Other than a bed partner and a free place to stay since Brooke is out of the picture.

Looks like Eric is beginning to realize that Stephanie may not be out of that house after all. Did you see the picture fall off of the wall? Freaky! To say the least. I don’t like Taylor with Eric. Actually, I don’t like Taylor with anyone. She needs to go back to Paris.

Next week we should get to see Adam’s new person and maybe find out who the older woman is. Hope that Victoria and the baby make it out of the garage safely. Maybe Hope and Liam will finally finish their storyline by not being together any more once he makes his move on Ivy. Will Devon and Hillary finally let their secret out? Guess we all have to wait until next week and see what happens.

Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your daily drama needs. See you next week and please try to stay warm during this cold front we have moving in.

November 7, 2014

What a roller coaster ride this week has been! Ups, downs and even a few sideway curves have been thrown on both soaps this week. There are some weeks that seem better than others and this has been one of them.

Who, besides me, can say they are glad that Sharon has been busted?! I was so happy when Phyllis took her to the stairs where it all began. Sharon was going to throw Phyllis down those stairs again if she were given the chance, but luckily Phyllis got herself turned around and was able to keep her balance.

Thank goodness that Victor had been having Phyllis followed since her return so that Nick, Jack and himself would be able to find them when the time was right. Go figure that Victor would be the one to fill Nick and Jack in on the truth, but Phyllis was in NO way going to let Sharon off the hook without admitting to her guilt. Way to go “Red”!

I feel sorry for Jack, Nick and Summer for all that Sharon has put them through. To think that someone (Sharon) who is supposed to love another (Nick) unconditionally would be able to do the things that she did for her own happiness. Nick was right when he walked away from her!

Nick and Sharon both lost Casey and both knew the pain that losing a child causes, but Sharon still let Nick go through all that pain all over again when she made Summer out to be Jack’s daughter. Then to let Summer feel as if she had lost her father and her mother all in the same time frame. What kind of person does that? I’ll tell you: SHARON! She has always been conniving and out for number one, but this time she messed up and will have to suffer the consequences.

Will Jack go to Kelly over all of this? Will Phyllis lose the love of her life because she didn’t let him in on the news when she got back to Genoa City? I think so. Phyllis is going to end up with Nick again or at least I hope so. Sure, she and Jack are meant to be, but how can Jack forgive Phyllis for her hand in this when she knew all along that Summer was not his? Yes, Phyllis wanted to hear Sharon admit it, but she could have let Jack in on her suspicions. Wouldn’t you think?

Devon and Hillary are getting ready to be black mailed about their affair. Will Devon give in? Nope! I’m thinking that this storyline is about to get good. Devon isn’t going to keep the secret about his love for Hillary too much longer because he is not going to want to pay to keep it secret. Sure he has billions of dollars, but he doesn’t want to spend it to keep the secret. He wants Hillary and this may be his only way to have her to himself.

Victoria is beginning to realize that Stitch may not be as bad as she had anticipated in the beginning. Yes he was in prison, but was he there because he did committed murder or was he covering up for someone else? My feelings are his mom did it and he took the wrap. Hopefully he will tell Victoria and then they can move on with their relationship.

Cancer! I do not like that word and hate that Michael has it. I want him to be able to get the support he will need from his family. So happy that Kevin has been sneaking around and now knows, but he needs to tell Lauren and Fen. He is going to need all the support he can get in this time. I hope this storyline does not mean the end of Michael Baldwin! That would be such a sad day.

Is anyone ever going to figure out that Nikki is drinking again? Paul has been worried about her for a few weeks now, but she is still making out like she if fine. Well, she isn’t and she is beginning to look haggard and in need of some type of help. I don’t understand how all these people can say they are her friends and family, but they have no clue as to what she is doing right under their noses.

Poor Hope! She is so jealous of Ivy and Liam that she can barely see straight. Hope needs to realize that she is married and having a baby with Liam’s brother. Hope needs to let Liam go and let him move forward with Ivy. Ivy is doing a great job on letting Hope know that she is not willing to sit back and just let Liam suffer through all of his pain alone. Ivy is going to be with Liam whether Hope likes it or not.

I have a thought about this Amsterdam trip that I want to share with all of you. I am thinking that Quinn is going to show up and something bad is going to happen with Hope and Quinn that will end her pregnancy. Not sure what it may be, but you know that Quinn is not going to stay in the states with her unborn grandchild in Amsterdam. Liam is going to be there to help Hope get through the loss of her child, but I still think he will stay with Ivy after the fact.

Myah makes me sick! Literally! I can’t stand to even watch her on the show. I don’t like her looks or her tone and her almighty attitude. The writers are doing a great job with the storyline for Rick, Caroline and Myah, but why make Myah such an evil person all of the sudden? Caroline needs to knock her off of her pedestal and take her man back. Caroline is a Spencer and she must have some of the Spencer ways about her. Use what you have been given and get your man back!

That’s it for this week. Hope that next is as good as this one was. Have a great and safe weekend. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your drama needs.

October 31, 2014

CBS is doing a great job this week on the soaps! So much is going on that I honestly do not know where to begin! I have to pick someplace, so here we go: Phyllis is truly back and this new one is beginning to grow on me. She actually looks more evil than Michelle did when she played the role of “Phyllis.”

She knows the truth about her accident and she is just waiting for the perfect time to fill Nick in. Sharon needs to listen to Casey’s warning about the truth coming out and she needs to buckle up for the ride that Phyllis is about to take her on.

I’m so excited about this storyline. Do people seriously think that Phyllis will not bring down the house on this marriage? Summer knows her Mom is not happy about a lot of things going on and that is why she is hoping her Dad (Nick) would have been able to talk some sense into her, but all Nick did was make her even more ready to blow up. Hopefully the writers let this storyline end soon! I can’t wait to see Sharon try to back pedal her way out of this one.

Jack! What in the world are you doing? Have you lost your mind? What if that had been Phyllis walking in on you and Kelly? You think she hates Sharon, well she is not going to be too happy about Kelly when she finally figures all that mess out. Remember Diane? Remember Phyllis running her over? Remember the pool house? Memories of Phyllis flood my mind when I see this new one in action.

Lilly needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. She has told Devon and Neil that she thinks Hillary is pregnant, but Hillary says no. I’m thinking that she is and just doesn’t realize it yet. Come on! She has to be! How else are they going to keep this story going? They can’t just have Devon and Hillary sleeping around all the time and nothing come from it. My opinion is that the writers need to move on with it and put Hillary and Devon together for good. So what if Neil gets hurt? He slept with his brother’s wife and got her pregnant -- or has everyone forgotten that Neil is not Mr. Nice Guy?

Dylan is in for a big surprise concerning the coffee shop. Yes, I do believe that Joe is the one who is making sure that Dylan loses his coffee shop and possibly Avery. I doubt Dylan will lose Avery, but I’m sure Joe will make a move on her.

Who in the heck is the woman from the church when Chelsea said goodbye to Adam? Is she someone that Adam has hired to watch over Chelsea? Chelsea is not too happy about receiving the hanky back that belonged to Adam and for it to happen on Halloween that is freaky!

Stitch needs to tell Victoria that his Mom is the one who actually killed his Father so he can move on with her and live a happy life. Who knows, maybe if the truth comes out his ex will find a way to come to town and bring his son. Maybe Stitch and his ex will get back together and then Billy will come back to Victoria.

Michael can’t go thru this possible cancer storyline without some type of support. He needs to let Kevin know what is going on and then maybe Kevin will be able to help him, but the way he is handling the situation, Kevin is thinking that Michael is having an affair. This will only lead to heartbreak for someone.

Blown away with Myah and all that she thinks she is! That is how I feel right now! I know I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not like Myah!! If it were me in the situation with Caroline, Myah and Rick; I would have slapped her silly in Brooke’s living room when she started talking all hateful to me in front of Rick! Who does she think she is? She thinks she is Rick’s new girl, but it won’t last long.

Once Eric lets Rick know that he has changed his mind and that he wants Rick to be CEO he will forgive Caroline. Then he will throw Ridge out on his butt or he may keep him on as a designer. Either way, Ridge is NOT CEO, which does make for a better day.

Katie needs to also do something about Ridge and his ego. Ridge acts as if nothing happened with Caroline, but hello, you kissed her and you still have not bought Katie a real ring. She has a ribbon on her finger. Sure, the ribbon was cute for the first month, but it isn’t like you are broke. Buy her a ring or cut the ribbon loose and let her go so she can pursue Bill and a possible future with him.

Loving the interaction that Liam and Ivy have been having. Hoping that they hook up and make a life with each other since Hope is no longer in the picture. When Hope first became pregnant there was a story in my head that possibly Quinn would do something and Hope would lose the baby and end up with Liam, but I don’t see that happening. So, let Liam be happy with Ivy!

That is about it for this week, but I hope to see all of you back here next week for another few paragraphs about the fantasy lives of the soaps. Keep watching them on WDBJ7.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween. Watch out for the possible snow coming our way.

October 4, 2014

Where do I begin? So much has happened over the last two weeks on both soaps, but I will have to admit that Y&R has more story lines going on than one can shake a stick at. Guess that is as good a place to start as any.

Phyllis is sure making herself known around Genoa City again as the one to stay away from or as the one to keep close. You’ve heard the saying about keeping friends close, but enemies closer! I think Phyllis fits that to a tee.

Glad to see she is awake and back home, but she certainly is making Jack and Summer’s life a bit crazy. Jack is so confused that he doesn’t know which way is up and Summer is scared to let her mom in on any news. I feel that Jack needs to let Phyllis know about Kelly and after seeing the looks that Phyllis was giving yesterday when she walked in on them, it may happen today. I would not want to be on the receiving end of Phyllis’ anger, would you?

Summer is trying to be a good daughter, but in the end will she end up ruining her marriage by trying to keep all this a secret or will Austin give Phyllis what she wants so she will accept him into their family? I say, give her what she wants and don’t worry about anything else. Phyllis is going to find out soon enough, so Austin might as well get something out of it, right?

I do not like where the writers are taking Michael’s story line. Cancer! Will he tell Lauren or will he keep it a secret? I think he will end up telling Avery and NOT Lauren! Seems as if the writers want to use Avery/Michael together for some reason, why else would they have put them in the same law office together?

Whose baby is Chloe’ carrying? Did she somehow get pregnant by Billy before leaving town or did she have an affair with her doctor or another patient while in California? This will be interesting and I’m sure the writers are not going to let that story lie quiet for too long. I’m betting that the baby is Billy’s.

Stitch and Ashley are good together, but is it that stinky new fragrance or does Stitch really like her? I think that fragrance has something to do with it. Kind of like an aphrodisiac or something. It wasn’t long after he was complaining of how bad it smelt that he was kissing her. Victoria sure does have a jealousy toward anyone that Stitch is kissing, but then again, he does seem to be caught kissing more than his fair share of women in Genoa City.

As for Hillary, Devon and Neil, I am so over their love triangle. Hillary should have left Neil when she was given the chance. All this sneaking around is crazy. Sure Neil is blind, but did he not smell Devon in the room? Could he not tell that someone else was there with him and Cane? I thought that when you lost one sense that the others got better, guess not in Neil’s case.

I agree with Lilly, I think Hillary is going to be pregnant and it is going to be Devon’s. We all heard Neil complaining that they had not had sex since before his injury, well; she had sex with someone because she is going to be pregnant. Explain that, Hillary!

Onto the lives of the Forresters! Bold & Beautiful is getting fairly good this time around. Sure there is a lot going on, but at least they are giving some of the characters that normally don’t have a back bone a back bone. Yes, I’m talking about Hope!

I love that she is standing her ground with Quinn. Who in their right mind would want their child subjected to a person like Quinn? Looks like Wyatt is also standing beside his wife’s wishes. Is that because he fears she will leave him if he doesn’t or is it because he knows his mom is a crazy woman? I’m thinking a little of both. Will Deacon be able to walk away from Quinn? If he knows what is best for his relationship with Hope he will or he won’t have one with her AGAIN!

Love that Liam is moving on with Ivy, but still wish he was with Hope. I actually thought that there would still be a chance for the two of them, but not sure if that boat is going to float. Are they going to let Liam and Ivy become an item and then send Hope to Liam again or will this be the end for them? I do think Liam and Ivy are cute together, but not sure if she is the woman for him.

Caroline is falling for Ridge and I do not think that just because Ridge is able to design again that they will not be together. For some reason it seems that Ridge is not truly committed to Katie and that he doesn’t really want Brooke, but he is infatuated with Caroline. Could the bond between Ridge and Caroline be enough to blow the Forrester family apart or will they both be able to refrain from one another and move forward?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Myah turns my stomach. I don’t like her, don’t like the way she acts or looks. I think they need to write her off or recast her. Of course, her role is fairly important right now, but when this all blows up in her face, she needs to be axed from Forrester and the show.

Well, that is it for this week. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Get out and look at the leaves changing while we have great weather. Enjoy your time with your family. I will catch you all next week with some more updates of our favorite soaps from WDBJ7.

October 10, 2014

She’s BACK! Phyllis is back in all her glory, white dress, hair done and ready to make a smashing entrance at Nick and Sharon’s wedding! Did you all see the faces of everyone in the church? Like they had seen a ghost! I thought the best one was the one Sharon gave or maybe Kelly. They were both really stunned. I think the entire church was stunned. Not sure how this Phyllis will pan out in the long run, but she has sure gotten off to a great start in Genoa City.

Sharon running out of the church after seeing Phyllis was great. I just hope that Phyllis blows her out of the water before she has a chance to marry Nick for real. Sure, Faith will be hurt, but she needs to know what type of woman her mom truly is.

Nick must think there is a slight chance that whatever the secret is may be enough for him to step aside because he went to Phyllis to ask her if she had memory of the secret. Then Sharon comes in asking the same thing. I’m sure the smile Phyllis had on her face when they both left means she knows what the secret is, but she is going to wait for the best time to drop that bomb.

Jack should have let Kelly leave when he had the chance. We know he has feelings for Kelly, but like Lilly was telling Devon, they are not the same as he has for Phyllis. Jack and “Red” have a connection that goes really deep. I’m sure Kelly wants to be as far away from Phyllis when she gets out of the hospital.

I know I would! Phyllis is scary at times and it looks as if this Phyllis is going to make the other one look tame.

This love triangle between Billy, Victoria and Chelsea needs to end. Adam needs to make his way back to Genoa City so Billy will go back to Victoria. On the other hand, he may be headed that way already.

Considering how he heard Chelsea call out to Adam in her sleep. He just got up and left. Will he go to Victoria? Would Victoria take him back? I think she would!

Lilly needs to watch her step when it comes to minding Devon’s business. He is not happy with her or the employees of the GCAC sticking their nose where it does not belong. Lilly even wanted to tell Neil she thinks Devon has a woman on the side. WOW! Would Neil be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Probably not, he had a hard time seeing their feelings for each other when he had his sight.

Let’s get busy with Hope and all she has going on lately. Yes, she is pregnant and Quinn now knows this.

Quinn is NOT happy with Hope right now because Hope stood up to her and told her that she wanted her nowhere near her baby. Can you blame Hope? NOPE! What I don’t understand is how Wyatt can even think of allowing his crazy mom around his child? Does he not think she would be just as crazy over the baby as she has been over him? I have to say, if I were Hope I would be a bit scared. Get her out of town before she does something really bad. I honestly do not look for Hope to carry to term.

Charlie is so cute when he shows his little jealous side about Pam. Who would have thought Pam would have someone as sweet as Charlie chasing after her? Was it the lemon bars? Does anyone remember when Pam was so crazy and going after Donna? Remember that time that she had Donna up at Big Bear and poured honey all over her and then opened the door to the cabin to bring the bears in? Those were the days of great storylines!

As for Caroline and Ridge, I do not like where this storyline is going. At all! I think Caroline having dreams of Ridge are just gross. He is old! I am not too pleased with this new Ridge, but like him better than Moss. Even so, don’t make the storyline too difficult to watch.

Will Ridge or Rick be CEO of Forrester? I’m thinking that Rick will get it, but then again, Eric has played favorites with Ridge for a long time. Will Stephanie being gone be the reason Eric leans in a different direction with the new CEO or will it be because Ridge can’t design anymore and he wants him to have a different reason to come to work each day?

I was kind of shocked when Brooke decided to step away and let Katie have Bill back. She is normally a very greedy woman. Not in her nature to care about anyone else or their feelings. Maybe she is mellowing out in her older years. Who knows, she may even be gaining some morals.

I can’t believe this is my 24th blog about the best soaps on TV, but it is. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts with all the viewers and like to hear your thoughts as well. Feel free to comment and share. Thanks again for making Your Hometown Soapbox part of your life and for allowing me into your home.

I will be on vacation next week, so there will not be a blog, but I will catch you all up on Oct. 24. Keep watching WDBJ7. Have a wonderful week.

October 3, 2014

Can anyone say “bail hearing”? I was wondering what in the world had happened when everyone who is anyone in Genoa City landed in jail, but then the writers began to fill in the gap by going back in time.

Something the writers do so well!

Summer being offered the drink at the bar was good news for Nikki. Once again, she was able to sneak off and gulp down a glass of Vodka. I can’t imagine how in the world her friends and family do not know she is staying half lit most of the time! Do they just think she is crazy all the time or do they not pay attention to her at all?

Mariah is beginning to become one of my favorite characters on Y&R. She is making her way through the people in Genoa City and doing a dang fine job of it. She has Kevin wishing she was his, she has Abby all bent out of shape due to her ex, Summer is not liking the friendship Mariah is beginning with Austin, but Sharon and Faith are eating her up.

Speaking of Sharon, does anyone besides me think the marriage to Nick will NOT happen? I think Phyllis is going to make her debut to all of Genoa City during the wedding. Does Phyllis remember what happened to her and how she ended up in the hospital? I am thinking she does. Especially when they showed her looking at the ticket Sharon received. Will it be enough to keep Nick from marrying her?

Sure it will! Will Jack forgive Sharon, as he has in the past? Nope! I think when this news hits the floor Sharon won’t be the “innocent” one any longer.

How does no one know Phyllis is gone from the hospital? Where is she staying? One minute it looks like she is at the Abbott mansion, but the next minute it looks like she is in a hotel. Now she is pawning her diamond for money. She is a rich woman, go to the bank and get your money. That would be what I would do. Stop hiding out and let the world know I have arrived!

Will Victor find something out about Faith? I have always thought that Faith was Adam’s, but then when the writers never did anything about it, I just assumed she must have been Nick’s. Could she belong to someone else, after all, the DNA test needed to be ran again to determine if 100 percent.

Wonder what is up with Michael? Is it cancer or something else? I think maybe they are going to give him cancer, but I am also hoping they do not write him out of the show. He is so great and I just love his character.

Dylan is not going to be happy when he finds out that Joe is in town, even if it is only for one night.

Avery seems to be a bit nervous about him being in Genoa City. I have to say, they did choose a good-looking man to play her ex. Maybe Joe will come back to town and bring along some issues for Avery to deal with. The writers do seem to be giving her more drama-filled story lines lately.

Things seem to be heating up for Chelsea and Billy. Victoria sure does seem a bit jealous of it, but hey, she is the one who wanted the divorce. She needs to move on with her own life. Even if Chelsea won’t be with Billy for long, I think once Adam makes his way back to Genoa City Billy will be in Chelsea’s past.

They need to bring him back and get this story started. We need some good action with the three of them, especially if they plan on keeping this Billy. He still is not my favorite, but he is beginning to grow on me.

Did anyone see Hope tell Quinn that she was NOT going to a part of her child’s life? WONDERFUL!!! I was so happy to see Hope let Quinn in on that tidbit of information. Seriously, who does Quinn think she is? She has done so many things wrong to Hope and the people Hope cares for over the last few months.

How can Quinn think that Hope would want her anywhere near her or the baby? I’m sure Quinn is NOT going to be happy, but hoping Wyatt will be able to keep her in line. I am beginning to think Quinn may end up doing something to hurt Hope’s unborn child and then Hope and Liam may FINALLY have a chance to be together.

Ivy sure is beginning to move in on Liam, but it also doesn’t look like Liam is backing down from Ivy and her advances. Lunch, dinner, maybe breakfast, if Ivy has her way. Eric even seems a bit impressed with Ivy and Liam being together.

Can anyone say they should have cast someone else to play Eric’s brother? I’m sorry; I just do not like that man in general. Something about him, but anyway, it is what it is and I guess we will have to put up with him for a while. Hope he isn’t on the show for too long.

I was really shocked when Brooke decided to tell Katie that she was going to Italy and she wanted her to attempt to build a new relationship with Bill. Sure, I knew she would be off the show because she is going to be working on Dancing with the Stars in Italy, but had no clue the writers would try to put Katie back with Bill. Does this mean Ridge may end up with Caroline? Will Myah get Rick back?

Things sure are beginning to take shape on both soaps, but we will all just have to keep watching to see what the end results will be. Join me back here on next week for the scoop and keep watching WDBJ7 to stay current. Have a great weekend.

Sept. 26, 2014

I have been watching Y&R and B&B for what seems to be forever and still can’t figure out how the writers keep coming up with all these storylines.

Victor keeps moving ahead with all of his antics, Nikki becomes an alcoholic over and over, Phyllis is heading back to town with a truck driver, Victoria is jealous of Billy and Chelsea, Myah is now making her plans to ruin Rick and Caroline’s marriage, Bill is hoping that his sons can work things out, Hope is pregnant by a man that she doesn’t want to be married to, Ivy has fallen for Liam, the list just keeps going. Let’s break it down a little and see if we can make any sense out of any of it this week.

Looks like Victor is checking DNA for the wrong person. Victor thinks Mariah was talking about Faith, but she didn’t get all the correct information, he should be checking Nick’s DNA against Summer’s DNA.

Maybe Victor will figure it out before it is too late. Before Nick actually marries Sharon! Will Phyllis make her debut back in Genoa City just in time for the wedding or will she be too late?

Phyllis coming back to town may make Lauren happy, but I don’t see her return having a happy ending for Kelly. Sure, Jack is letting Kelly change the house up to make her happy and make her feel like it is her home, but will Jack be able to keep away from Phyllis once she gets back? Summer may have a large influence on that relationship. I’m sure her wanting her parents together may assist in Jack’s decision to leave Kelly. Of course, I am just speculating that Jack will return to Phyllis.

How long do you think Michael will be able to keep it a secret from Lauren that he is taking medication to assist him in the bedroom? Sure, he is able to keep up now, but seriously, how long? Once that news comes to light and Lauren realizes Michael is in need of help in that area I’m sure sparks will be flying between the two of them. Could open the door for Avery and Michael? Possibly!

Avery is in a bad position right now with her new business with Michael and her fear Dylan may have done something really bad to Ian. How is she going to handle all of this? Paul is also in a bad position with Christine due to his feelings and willingness to help Nikki and his newfound love for his son, Dylan.

I could not imagine being in either of those positions. Did Dylan kill Ian? Did Victor have someone kill Ian? Did Avery have something to do with his disappearance since the call came from her landline? This is going to be a long storyline.

What is the new secret that Stitch is keeping? Why does his Mom not want him to tell Victoria about it? Was his Father molesting a member of the family and that is why he killed him? Will this secret allow Victoria to see Stitch is a different light? If so, will the new light she sees him in be one that will allow her to move on with Stitch and not be so jealous of Billy and Chelsea?

Speaking of Billy and Chelsea! Where the heck is Adam? When is he going to be coming back to Genoa City? If he doesn’t get back soon he will not have a chance with Chelsea and Conner because she will be back with Billy. Not that I think this relationship will work, but I have seen other couples make it work, so I guess giving these two a shot isn’t so bad.

I can’t believe Liam has lost Hope forever! This was their chance at happiness and now to see Hope is pregnant with Wyatt’s child is just crazy! I was hoping the two of them would finally be able to be happy, but now they are both in for a life of unhappiness.

Wyatt is thinking Hope is staying because he “won”, but she is only there because of the baby, which she has not even mentioned to Wyatt. That kind of leads me to think that something may happen with the baby that would open the door for her and Liam again. I knew she would not get rid of the baby, but she may have a miscarriage before she even tells Wyatt. Weirder things have happened on these soaps.

Now that Brooke knows about the baby, will she be able to keep it a secret? If she tells Bill, will he go to Wyatt with the news? I’m thinking if she does tell Bill she will ask him to stay quiet about it so Hope can figure things out and he may just do this to keep Brooke’s faith in him. This could be a way for Bill to gain some of Brooke’s trust back.

Quinn needs to be locked up! Will Ivy do it? I would hope someone sees her for what she really is and that is a crazy woman. Hope will not have a minute’s peace being married to Wyatt if he allows Quinn back into their lives.

Next week should be interesting. Phyllis should be back in Genoa City. Victor should have the results back from the DNA. Dylan will either be in jail or out of town. Myah is going to be making more moves on Rick. Ivy may go after Liam even harder than she was. Who knows what will happen, but I know we will be able to catch it all on WDBJ7. See you all next week and have a good one.

Sept. 19, 2014

Divorce, babies, people coming out of the woodwork, lies, adultery, backstabbing, jealousy, it is all here this week. Both soaps have a lot of things going on, so let’s get started.

Neil has asked Hillary for a divorce. Of course, this could be her way out, but she is trying to convince him into letting her stay. What is she doing? She leaves Devon’s bed and goes to Neil for this meeting to hear he is willing to let her go, and she says NO! I don’t understand that move at all, but I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next.

Victoria sure does look a bit jealous of Billy and Chelsea, but why should she feel guilty now? She was the one who filed for divorce and who isn’t sure who her baby’s daddy is. I think she needs to just go back to Stitch and be done with it. If the baby is Billy’s, then I’m sure he will be a father to the child. If it is Stitch’s baby, then he will already be there for the child.

Looks like Abby is still not too sure about Stitch, but I think the way they argue with each other may mean they are beginning to warm up to each other. I know, doesn’t make much sense since they argue so much, but opposites do tend to be attracted to each other.

Nikki’s drinking is really beginning to take over her world again. Snapping at all the people around her and sneaking, she is bound to get caught soon. She has never been one to hide her alcoholism for long. I’m surprised that Maureen hasn’t already let the cat out of the bag to her kids about Nikki drinking, but I also think she is going to hold this over Nikki’s head and use it to get some money out of her.

The story between Kelly and Maureen looks to be a touchy subject to Kelly. She is not happy about her mom being in town at all. Of course, it seems like Stitch doesn’t want her around either, so she should just leave, but as I said before, she is in need of something. Probably money and what better way to get that than blackmail. Looks like Jack is going to be trying to fix the relationship between Kelly and Maureen, but will that just lead to more trouble, of course it will!

Will Phyllis be making her debut during Nick and Sharon’s wedding or the reception? It would be an awesome time for her to come back to Genoa City. She should come back during that time and have all of her memory about the fall and blow Sharon out of the water. Would I be happy, oh yea!

Kevin and Mariah seem to be getting closer these days. Misfits usually do tend to stick together. Kevin is so afraid of being alone, being in the dark, locked away, etc. and Mariah is so outgoing and out to do whatever it takes to survive. They would be a good couple together. Mariah kind of reminds me a bit of Chloe, as far as the way she goes and gets what she wants. Could be the reason Kevin seems to be getting closer to her.

Liam, Hope and Wyatt are all in a mess again, thanks to Quinn and her trip to Paris to stop Liam from marrying Hope. Yes, she has been found out, of course, she tried to lie her way out of it at first, but Liam had hard evidence against her this time. I kind of feel sorry for Wyatt for having such a horrible person for a mom, but he is the one who has allowed her back into his life, so he gets what he gets.

Will Hope make the right decision and leave Wyatt for Liam or will she feel sorry for Wyatt and stay with him? I am hoping she leaves and goes to Liam, but I also thought that Ivy was cute with Liam, so I am kind of on the fence.

Quinn, on the other hand, needs to be locked away somewhere. She is going to end up seriously hurting someone if they don’t do something with her soon. Look at everything she has done since she began the show. The lady is nuts!

Bill is playing with fire when it comes to his boys. Playing favorites will do nothing but get him in trouble with one of them. Quinn is going to see to it that Bill does everything within his power to make sure Wyatt gets everything she wants for him. She is also trying to get Bill, but not too sure that will ever happen.

Looks like we will all see where Liam, Wyatt and Hope end up soon or will we just see another version of Brooke’s life? We all know it, but some are just too scared to say it, Hope is Brooke made over! There I put it out there, does anyone disagree?

That is it for this week. Keep watching your favorite soaps on your Hometown station, WDBJ7, and I will see you all next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sept. 12, 2014

Can anyone else say seeing Shamar Moore this week on Y&R was amazing! Sure do wish he was back on as Malcolm full time, but doubt ever seeing that happen. Meredith Baxter Birney coming to Y&R as Nikki’s drinking partner and as the mother to Stitch and Kelly has also been pretty good.

Looks like Hillary is safe from Malcolm since he actually only came to town for a couple of days. Anyone who knows Malcolm and Neil know that they usually share their partners, but looks like this time Neil is going to be sharing his partner with his son, Devon. It was nice to see Lilly apologize to Hillary and thank her for taking care of her dad, but we all know when she finds out about Hillary and Devon things are going to get really ugly between the two of them.

Now that Maureen knows Nikki is Victor Newman’s wife, will she turn to blackmailing Nikki for her drinking? I’m sure you all saw her eyes light up when she saw Nikki’s picture in the paper and found out her name was Newman. How much longer will Nikki be able to hide the fact that she is drinking again from her family? Victor is beginning to think something is up with her and he isn’t even home much anymore to see what she is doing.

Looks like Victor’s approach to bringing Phyllis out of her coma is going just as he had planned. I still think Phyllis looks a bit scary right now, but hey, I guess when you have been in a coma for a year you kind of have the right to not look 100 percent. I was kind of hoping her nurse, who was banished from the hospital wing that Phyllis is in, would be able to get a hold of Jack and let him know she is awake, but it looks like that may not happen.

Jack is sure having a hard time getting past the memory of Phyllis. He has seen her in his bed when he woke up with Kelly. He even imagined her sitting on the couch discussing take out after Kelly left to get groceries to cook Jack a meal. I think once he goes back to Georgia and sees Phyllis is awake he is going to have some serious guilt issues about leaving Phyllis. Not sure if he and Kelly will be together long after he sees Phyllis is awake, but not sure what Phyllis will do about Jack being with Kelly either. They say she is not going to be the same Phyllis this time around.

Mariah is not the least bit happy about Sharon being her mom right yet. I’m sure once she figures out she would have a lot of money if she accepted the fact Sharon is her mom, her entire attitude will change. Kevin is getting ready to head down a bad road with Mariah, I do believe. Sure, Kevin needs to have a great storyline, but Mariah, please! I’m sure the writers could find someone better for him to hook up with. She is going to be trouble with a capital T for Kevin.

Can you believe Wyatt and Hope! I was shocked when I heard Wyatt ask his dad to make Liam move out of the house in Malibu so he and Hope could move there to start a family. Bill needs to remember Liam is the one who has been cheated here, not Wyatt. Liam was in Paris to marry Hope, but Quinn assisted in that not happening and now she is married to Wyatt.

Bill knows Quinn pushed Ivy off the bridge, but instead of coming clean with Liam he keeps her secret. Not good! He needs to be the one to fill Liam in on the truth. This is not going to look good for him in Brooke’s eyes when she finds out he knew this and did nothing about it.

Hope is messing with Ivy right now and I have to say I do not think it is going to end well for Hope. I think Hope trying to keep Ivy away from Liam is only going to push her closer to him. Where does she get off anyway? She is married, to Liam’s brother and she needs to let Liam “heal” in his own way. I’m sure Ivy will be able to get his mind off of Hope.

Myah is really trying her hand at getting Rick back, but will it work? Will she be able to convince Rick that Caroline is not right for him and that they need to be together? We all know where this is going! Myah is going to figure out a way to make Rick think Caroline and Ridge are having an affair so she will be able to help Rick get past his wife’s betrayal.

Is Caroline going to assist Ridge with the collection or will she let Rick know what is going on to keep him from thinking she is cheating? I think she needs to fill Rick in on Ridge’s secret before she ends up without her husband.

Looks like there are a lot of secrets waiting to come out over the next few weeks, but for this week, this is a wrap. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your drama needs and I will see you again next week. Have a great weekend.

Sept. 5, 2014

Looks like Ashley is coming back to Y&R and Stitch may be on her radar, but is Stitch interested in Ashley or is he going to end up with Abby? I’m thinking Victoria is going to be a thing of the past in the not-so-far-off future, but will Abby be his new love or will Ashley be of interest to him since she will be working so closely with him at Jabot? I’m hoping he ends up with neither one of the three, but I’m sure they will put him with one of the Abbotts.

Did Dylan kill Ian? Not sure what is going on with that story, but Dylan did go after him and when he returned to the coffee house he was covered in blood. Avery saw the blood, but will she believe he just cut himself? I don’t think so, especially when Ian is missing and can’t be located. Serves Ian right, he should have left Genoa City a long time ago, but if he had left town we would not know Mariah is Sharon’s daughter.

Speaking of Mariah and Sharon, will Mariah become the daughter Sharon has been missing? Yeah, I’m sure she will since she knows what Sharon is worth, money-wise. She can go from living on the street to being the daughter of a Newman. Money, cars, the good life is what she was after when she was working for Victor, now she can have it all just because Sharon is feeling really guilty of the way Mariah was brought up.

Victor has made sure that Phyllis came out of her coma, but will she remember what Sharon has done? I’m sure in time she will, but for now, she will just be laying in the hospital bed looking all scary. Her eyes seem so dark and empty. Wonder how they do that? The way she said Summer’s name was all freaky too. When will the hospital let the family know that Phyllis is awake? Shouldn’t that have been the first people that were told, I mean, after Victor of course? After all, he was the reason they did the special treatment to bring her out of the coma.

Is Jack going to be able to stay away from Phyllis since she is out of her coma? Will Kelly become a memory of the past for him? Kelly has made sure that Jack has gotten rid of everything in the Abbott mansion that was Phyllis’ so she would feel comfortable there. Will that be enough?

I still want Jack with Phyllis, but not sure if that will work out. I also want Nick with Phyllis, but not sure about that one either. I know I want the truth about Sharon to come out sooner rather than later so Summer will be able to get back to being Nick’s daughter. Jack will definitely be hurt by this news, but it would be better to pull this band aid off now than to keep dragging it on.

Neil being blind is not the best storyline. I know, they had to do something to make Hillary and Devon stay away from each other longer, but Neil does not play a blind person very well. I think they need to let him catch Hillary and Devon together so that storyline can move forward. Dragging this out is a bit much.

Michael and Lauren are having some serious issues in the bedroom, but will this be the end of them? Not at all! Michael and Lauren tend to grow together during the midst of any bad situation.

Look at all the times that Sheila was in the picture and how they handled all those situations. I know, this is not like Sheila at all, but they needed a good storyline. This one will bring attention to them as lovers and not just as Kevin’s family, not sure where the story is going to go, but it is going to be a good ride getting there. I did think it was kind of gross for Lauren to go to Lilly for bedroom advice; she is like half her age.

Now onto poor Liam! Now that Hope is married to Wyatt, will he be able to move on? From what he said at the BBQ it looks like he may be able to give it a try. Who does Hope think she is to tell Ivy she needs to back off of Liam? She is the one who married Wyatt a few hours after Liam was a little late because he was saving Ivy from drowning.

If Hope knew that Quinn pushed Ivy off that bridge she would so be leaving Wyatt to be with Liam, but Bill won’t be telling anyone that little secret. I think it would serve Hope right to have to stay with Wyatt and have Quinn for a mother-in-law. She deserves everything she gets from this point on. Like Ivy said, Hope is a LOGAN!

Wyatt was not too happy when Hope came home and let him in on her conversation with Ivy, but then again, why would he be happy about his wife telling Ivy to back off of her ex?

That is just who Hope is, my opinion, she is just like Brooke in a lot of ways. Remember she is the daughter of Brooke and Deacon, so she has some messed up DNA to begin with. Remember who Deacon was? He was Brooke’s son-in-law when she slept with him and got pregnant with Hope.

Deacon is doing everything in his power to get Brooke back, but will it be enough? Will Hope wishing her parents were happy assist him in his venture? I hope so, I have always liked Deacon with Brooke, but then again, Brooke doesn’t go for men with no money or power. Deacon doesn’t have either one of those, so he may be out of luck where Brooke is concerned.

August 29, 2014

What a week this has been on both of the soaps! Not sure where to begin with all the drama and back stabbing.

Let’s start off with the love triangle of Neil, Devon and Hillary. Can anyone say “it isn’t a secret to anyone who is not blind?” Seriously! Jack has already caught on to the way Devon and Hillary feel and he isn’t even around them that much. Does Lilly not see what is going on right in front of her? You would think that she would be able to tell that her brother is in love with her stepmother.

Neil is going to be so hurt when the truth comes out. I still think he will stumble up on the truth while blind.

Jill has planted the seed in Lauren’s head that Michael is cheating on her or has she? Yep, I think so.

Now that Lauren has that little idea will she think that Avery and Michael are having an affair or will they actually have one? I think Michael loves Lauren too much to do that to her, but then again, one just never knows what is going to happen. It would almost serve Lauren right for cheating on Michael last year.

Sharon has another daughter!! We all knew that was going to be the plot a couple of weeks ago, but to see how sick Ian is just amazes me. Ian marrying Mariah! That is just so wrong. I hope Nick and the GCPD get to her in time. I’m sure that since Kevin is on the case that it will be a lot easier to find her. I feel that someone is going to end up killing Ian before this is all said and done. Maybe it will be Dylan and then Avery will turn to Michael for comfort? Hmmm could be.

What is Abby thinking kissing Ben? That is going to be interesting. Will he move on with Victoria’s sister since it seems as if Victoria is going to be back with Billy? Will Victoria be able to handle that relationship? Things do need to heat up for Abby, but this time let’s hope she isn’t such a child about her relationship and she actually has matured a little.

Victor has done it again with getting Summer to sign those papers without even realizing it. Now Phyllis is going to be waking up and hopefully telling the truth about Sharon. Nick needs to know that Summer is his biological daughter. I am not sure what will happen between Nick and Sharon once this news comes to surface.

Kaye’s memorial was beautiful, until Nikki began her falling all over impression. She had me laughing when she was trying to talk to Ben and the expressions on her face. Yea, she is an alcoholic, but goodness, you would think that since she has played one SO many times that she would be better at it.

I’m sure Paul will find out first and this may upset Nina, but I bet Paul ends up leaving Christine because of Nikki or that Christine leaves Paul because of Nikki.

The Bold & the Beautiful is beginning to get a bit boring. Sure they have a couple of good story lines, but they drag them out so long. Liam should have been with Hope the minute Hope found out that he was in Paris, but nope, they are going to drag it out until Christmas!

So glad to see Ivy beginning to put her moves on Liam. Take that Hope! You may not know what you want, but Liam did and now Ivy wants Liam....go Ivy!

Brooke is making Bill work to get her, but will it work? Sure, she will end up back with Bill Spencer and Deacon will be left out in the cold. I honestly think that Deacon has changed a bit and may deserve a chance with Brooke. Maybe Hope will be able to assist her Dad a little and get her Mom to see Deacon in a new light.

Rick needs to watch the help a bit better. I think there is some trouble brewing for his character in the not-so-far-off future. I think between running Forrester Creations, his love life, and the fact that Ridge can’t design anymore; he will have his hands full.

I guess we will have to wait to see if Phyllis wakes up from her coma, does Michael have an affair with Avery, will Nikki get caught nipping on the Vodka, does Devon get the woman, and will Kevin save Mariah and make Sharon the happiest woman in Genoa City? Will Ridge be able to design again, will Brooke fly off with Bill, and will Bob Barker take a couple more punches at Wyatt?

Keep tuning into WDBJ7 for all the daily drama of the soaps and see you all next week. Have a safe and happy holiday.

July 22, 2014

Let’s start with the Mariah and Sharon plot. Can she really be Sharon’s daughter? Of course she can and she is (in my opinion)! Helen took Mariah for her own when she knew Sharon was giving her daughter away to begin with. Will Mariah or Sharon be able to handle the news of them being family? Will Sharon go even more insane than she already is?

I think this storyline for Summer and Austin is a bit much. Yes, I am glad he did not have to go to jail, but I do think the mushy stuff between them is too much. Did Austin really think Summer was going to let him go to jail when she has millions of dollars in trust? Of course not, he has it made and he knows it. I can’t wait to see what Phyllis thinks of her son-in-law. This should be interesting.

Victor is really up to his old tricks again. Making the grant available for Daniel to get him out of the country so that he can do what he needs to with Phyllis and letting Summer have access to her trust so she can pay to keep Austin out of jail. What a great grandfather he is and such a loving man to try to help Phyllis. Yeah, right! He is only out to find out the secret that Sharon is hiding.

Nick is trying too hard to save Sharon from Mariah when he should be trying to save himself from Sharon. What will happen with him when he finds out the truth about Summer and what Sharon has done to Phyllis? Will he ever be able to love again? Yep, he will be with Phyllis. I say this because Jack and Kelly will have moved in with each other and possibly be married by the time Phyllis comes out of her coma and gets her memory back. I do not think she will remember a lot of things when she first wakes up.

Devon is out of luck once again when it comes to his love for Hillary. Hillary’s guilt will keep her away from Devon and with Neil, but will Neil overhear the two of them talking or will his sight come back just in time to catch them together? I’m thinking that Devon and Hillary will be together and Neil will begin to get some flashes of light and images and then BAM there will be his wife and his son together!

Moving to the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle; what in the world was Hope thinking? Sure Liam was a bit late, but dang give the man a chance to get there. Who in their right mind runs off to Monte Carlo minutes after the love of her life is late to marry the brother? Yep, you got it, HOPE LOGAN! She is so much like her mom it is not even funny.

Bill Spencer is pushing Liam to celebrate the wedding, but what Liam should be doing is telling Hope that he was there, but some crazy lady pushed Ivy into the water and he couldn’t get to her in time. He couldn’t have just left her there to drown. Actually, I take that back, he should move on and let Wyatt have Hope. After all, she wanted him enough to take that leap of faith off the end of the yacht. Let her see what life is with Quinn as a mother-in-law. That should be fun!

Deacon needs to stay as far away from Quinn as possible, but he isn’t going to do that. He is going to make a huge mistake by becoming her patsy in all her little schemes. Deacon wants Brooke back, but aiding Quinn is not going to get her for him. I think this is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

My hopes for next week are that Phyllis wakes up with complete knowledge of what Sharon has done; Hope remembers that she is a LOGAN, but she never wanted to be like her Mom, Neil regains his sight and then Devon can be happy and Kevin hooks up with Mariah! Yes, I said that! I think Kevin needs some action in his life.

I hope you all have a great weekend and see you next week right here on Keep watching your favorite hometown news leader, WDBJ7.

August 15, 2014

Of course Neil is blind! He was either going to have something really bad happen to him or he was going to die when Cane was showing him the electrical wiring in that “dream house” for Hillary. This way the writers can drag out the love triangle even longer.

I like Devon with Hillary. I know, she doesn’t deserve either of them, but I would rather see her with Devon. It is just kind of creepy to see her with Neil, don’t you agree? I bet that Neil is going to get his sight back and no one is going to be aware of it so that he will be able to catch Devon and Hillary in their little love game.

Nikki is really irritating me! How many times is she going to go back to the bottle before enough is enough? I know that being an alcoholic is hard, but goodness, give us all a break. Between her MS and her addiction all she is getting lately is pity.

Victor could not have believed that she was bringing him a drink, please, he knows Nikki better than anyone, but he doesn’t realize that she is getting ready to crack open a bottle of Vodka? I don’t see that, but hey, maybe he is getting less aware in his old age.

I have to admit that seeing Jack say goodbye to Phyllis was kind of difficult. I just wish that he would have seen her hand move or her eye flutter, but that would have been way too easy. Wonder if he is going to marry Kelly and then they let Phyllis come out of her coma? I hope she is back in Genoa City before the trial of her son-in-law because Summer is going to need her mom during that time.

Who the heck is Mariah? Who is her mom? I wonder if she truly is Mariah or if she may actually be a long-lost twin of Cassidy and Sharon never knew that she gave birth to twins? Could be, Sharon is a quack at times and she was very young when she had Cassidy. Sharon has already told Mariah that her family is complete now that she has her in her life. Seriously? Mariah is still hiding things from Nick and Sharon and she is also after Nick!

The jealousy monster has come to live in Christine lately. Poor Paul having to put up with her whining all the time about Nikki and the fact that Nikki kept Dylan away from him. It’s not like Paul wants Nikki or vice versa, but she just can’t seem to let them be friends. I think she has a real problem with any woman being interested in Paul at all. Why not? Paul is a handsome man and has proven to be a good man for the most part, but he does seem to find his way into some messed up relationships.

I am guessing that Kevin is writing a book of some sort. If the book includes all the voices that have been in his head over most of his life, there is no doubt it would be a best seller. All joking aside, I think Kevin does deserve a break from all the bad things that seem to happen to him. Kevin deserves a good relationship with a good woman.

Chelsea and Billy seem to be getting friendly again. Adam needs to be making his way back to town before Conner begins to truly believe Billy is his daddy. The writers are probably waiting to bring Adam and Phyllis back around the same time.

Onto B&B, can anyone say that they did not see Hope and Wyatt tying the knot? I kind of figured that she would end up with Wyatt, but prayed she would not be so stupid and really go thru with it. When I saw her leave him and take off the diamond, I was sure she was running to the nearest phone, but she just wanted to take a plunge in the water with Wyatt. She is really beginning to be like her mom with each passing day.

I feel so sorry for Liam, but hey, if she can marry Wyatt just because he was a little late, then let her go! He deserves so much better out of life and from the looks of it Ivy wants to give him that.

Will Deacon be able to figure out the truth behind the death of Ricardo or will Quinn get away with it?

I think Deacon will figure it all out and hopefully sooner rather than later. I know, Quinn needs to move on, but she does make for some interesting story lines. I do not like her or her son, but what is a soap without a villain? Quinn is B&B’s villain right now.

Ally is not happy about her cousin being married to Wyatt at all and I am sure that she will have something to say about it when they arrive back to LA. I think I heard her tell Oliver that she loved him on today’s episode! I think they make a fairly cute couple, but we need a bit more out of them. Give us something besides carnations and fairy tales. Ally is not a little girl; she needs some real romance in her life. Maybe he Aunt Pam should spike a lemon bar for Oliver!

We will just have to wait until next week to see what is going to happen with all our favorite families, but until then, I hope you all have a great weekend and keep watching Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7.

August 7, 2014

I was saying earlier in the week that there may not be much to talk about in my blog, but as usual, things begin to heat up as the week ends.

Was glad to see Nikki win her court case with Ian, but it is sad to see her past mistakes appeared in the tabloids. We all probably knew when she ran out of Michael’s place that she was headed to the local bar. Of course, that is probably the same bar that Devon is hoping to meet Hillary at later in the day. Maybe her drinking won’t be hidden for long, but then again, maybe she will see Devon and Hillary in a not so great position and have something to hold over them to keep quiet about her drinking.

Devon sure is making his intentions to Hillary known. He wants her and from the way it looks he is going to have her. Will she meet Devon at the bar? Will they do more than chit-chat and gaze into each other’s eyes? Oh yea! I think that Hillary will not be able to hold back any longer, and their relationship will get very heated over the next few days. I have to say that I would much rather see him with Hillary than Abby.

Poor Neil has already spent who knows how much money on this house and for what? To give to a woman who is in love with his son, a woman who can’t seem to kiss him anymore without seeing Devon. Cane needs to come clean with Neil and let him know what he knows. Save the man from so much pain!

I also liked it when Sharon gave Victor a piece of advice, stay out of her life. Firing her shrink may keep her from being able to remember what has happened for a longer time, but I think that Phyllis is getting ready to make her appearance and the news will come out. Sharon won’t be able to hide it any longer. With or without the assistance of her shrink, Victor will get the truth, he always does.

Mariah is beginning to play Nick like a violin. I couldn’t believe it when she actually baked him a peach pie and claimed it was her favorite too. Nick was not too happy with her when he heard her talking to her Mom on the phone. Did anyone else notice that he also made sure to ask her what her Mom’s name was? I think he is going to be looking her up in the near future. Will be interesting to see who she turns out to be.

Kevin got lucky this time around with not having to go to jail. I don’t think that the Genoa City Police should have even thought about locking him up. He is the one who found out that Stitch is not really who he claims to be. I know, it was not Kevin’s place to steal the badge, but who else would have done it? No one! Stitch needs to be ousted for what he has done. Sure, he claims it was an accident, but who knows if it really was.

Victoria needs to do as she has been and just try to stay away from Billy and Stitch. They are both pains and she doesn’t need to be around all that drama. Wait, I forgot, this is a soap and soaps are all about drama. I still think the baby is Billy’s, but I do not think that Billy and Victoria will end up back together. I think Billy is going to end up with Chelsea in the end.

Let’s discuss Hope, Liam and Wyatt! AGAIN we have the love triangle, but this time Hope is supposed to be this woman who is in charge of a huge designer clothing line, but she can’t see that Wyatt is playing her. Please! I think that they need some new writers on this show. Why is it that Hope has to be so much like her mother? Brother vs. brother must be the way the Logans operate.

Look at Katie and Brooke, both going after the same men. Sure Ridge and Bill are not brothers, but it is kind of the same thing, just sister vs. sister. Come on, there has to be something else that this family can do besides make clothes, swap partners and eat lemon bars all day.

I guess now that Quinn is out and on the plane, sitting right behind Liam and Ivy that she will make sure that Liam doesn’t show up at the spot to meet Hope and then she will be back with Wyatt. Maybe Liam will arrive on time, but Quinn will make sure that Wyatt has Hope someplace else so she can’t see that Liam has arrived. Either way, Liam will not get the girl in Paris.

Looks like there may be some interesting things happening in the next few weeks on Y&R, so that may give us some juicy tidbits to talk about. As usual, B&B will be as they have been for the past few years, so we will just have to wait and see what happens there.

Be sure to keep watching your Hometown Station, WDBJ7, for all the interesting things to come to Genoa City and Los Angeles. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you next week!

August 1, 2014

What a week this has been for truth to makes its way out into the open! What will everyone do with all this new information? Lives will be changed, but will they all be changed for the better?

Stitch finally had to come clean with what he was hiding and yes, it was that he committed a murder, but he murdered his father. Not only did he go to prison for that, but he also stole someone’s identity when he got released and isn’t even who he claims to be.

Then Kevin finds out that he didn’t put a check mark in the box “have you ever been convicted of a felony” when he was applying for jobs, service, college, etc. Kevin is now going to have to answer to that, but will Stitch have to go back to jail for breaking the law again? He should, but I think Kevin should not go to jail. Without him butting in Stitch’s business we may not have found anything out before the end of summer.

Will Victoria take Stitch back or will she act like she has some sense and leave him standing all alone?

I guess you can tell from my question that I would like to see her move on, but not with this new Billy, leave them both.

Devon and Hillary are really beginning to get closer than they should, but I am kind of glad. I think that they should be together. Granted, I don’t want to see Neil hurt, but he knew what he was getting when he started messing with her. Right? Wonder if Neil gives Hillary the house that he is buying and they get divorced if he will keep it or will she take it? I’m thinking that she and Devon will live in it and maybe Neil can stay in the guest room.....

Jack and Kelly have admitted that they are in love with each other, but I don’t think that relationship is going to last long at all. Jack is too in love with Phyllis and the guilt of “cheating” on her will eat him alive. Jack is one of the good guys on Y&R and will not abandon Phyllis in her time of need. Kelly needs to just pack up and move on. I don’t mean to the Abbott mansion either.

Mariah sure is making some silent moves on Nick! Wonder what Sharon is going to think of her precious new friend when she figures that mess out? I think that Sharon has her work cut out for her when it comes to the next few months. With Mariah going after Nick and with Phyllis coming out of her coma she will have to be watching out for herself all the way around.

Victor is only being nice to Austin in hopes that he can get Summer to give her blessing to have this new treatment done on Phyllis and I think that he may get his way with that. Of course, if he has to he will just go around everyone and do it anyway. He is VICTOR NEWMAN and he gets what he wants!

The truth about Ridge’s accident also came out this week! Dollar Bill Spencer has really done it this time.

He had Ridge dropped out of the helicopter and almost killed. I bet he wishes now that he would have killed him. Now that Brooke has had second thoughts about their relationship and what he means to her.

Deacon is right there to try to help Brooke get over Bill and all the other men that have been in her life. I honestly can’t believe that she would go back to Deacon. I mean after all, he is her daughters’ ex-husband. I guess she really doesn’t care who she is with, she truly has no morals, in my opinion.

Wyatt and the hope diamond! I can’t believe that Hope accepted it, wait, yes I can! She is her mother’s daughter and she is Deacon’s daughter, so why would I think anything different?

Poor Liam just stood there as his brother made major moves on his fiancée in front of everyone at the press conference. Rick should have known that something was up when Wyatt said he was holding one. Ally did NOT look happy about the whole situation. Will she go off the deep end over this?

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend. Keep watching YOUR Hometown News Leader WDBJ7 to see the happenings of our favorite families.

July 25, 2014

Looks like Summer’s visit to Georgia to see Phyllis may be assisting in the return of “Red” to the show.

When Summer is filling Phyllis in on the happenings of Genoa City she moves her hand.

Chelsea admits to Kevin that she is not telling Billy who Stitch truly is for her own reasons, but Kevin knows it is because she wants Billy for herself. Adam has his assistant go into the apartment and “fix” things so that Chelsea will remember him in hopes that she will not move on with Billy.

Billy comes to see Chelsea after a family dinner that did not go well with the Abbott’s and finds the book from Ben’s high school. He questions Chelsea and she fills him in that Ben is a murderer and that Rayburn is not his real name. Billy heads out to find out what the truth is.

Jack sees Victoria out and tries to let her know that she needs to make sure she knows who Ben truly is, but she insists that she will be moving on without Billy and with Ben. She is unaware of what Ben’s past is and Jack doesn’t want to hurt Kelly by telling her, but when Jack and Kelly are in Kelly’s office Billy comes in and wants the truth.

Will Jack be the one to tell or will Kelly? Will Billy find Ben and let Victoria in on this secret before Victoria does something she may regret? I am so anxious to find out the truth!

Who in the world did Ben kill?

I am so over Ian, Dylan and Nikki! It was good of Nikki to let Dylan in on the journal and on some of the things that he may hear from it, but goodness gracious, can we move it on a bit and just get to the ruling.

Will Victor get away with having Phyllis treated with this new technique without any of her family being made aware of it? Sure, he will, he is VICTOR NEWMAN!

I am still a bit on the fence with Devon and Hillary. Not sure if I would rather see her with Neil or Devon.

If she is with Devon then she would be with him because of passion and the want to be with him, but I think that she is staying with Neil because she feels a need to not hurt him.

As for B&B happenings for this week, not a lot, but then again, the writers are getting a bit blah, my opinion.

Ridge now knows that Bill was the one who ordered him to be dumped from the helicopter and they are heading back to fill Brooke in on this secret. Will this mean that Bill is on his own and that Brooke is going to try to get Ridge back? Will Deacon be able to move in on Brooke?

Glad that Ally has forgiven Oliver, they seem to make a fairly cute couple. Oliver does seem to really care about Ally. Darla being in the cloud so much makes me a bit nervous; does that mean Ally is going to flip out soon because she is seeing her dead Mom so much?

Where in the world are Thorne and Taylor? What happened with their love story? Will Wyatt win back Hope or will he move on to the new Forrester, Ivy? I think that she will end up trying to go after Liam before Wyatt.

I am anxious to see if Ivy puts up with all the things that Hope does or if she will stand up to Hope when it comes to love and who she wants. I am so sick of Hope and all her better than anyone attitudes. Someone needs to put her in her place and I am thinking Ms. Ivy may be just the one to do it.

That’s it for this week. Should be some interesting things going on for next week with both soaps.

Phyllis is supposed to make her debut in August, so that should be happening really soon. Going to be interesting to see if Jack wants Kelly or if he will move on with “Red”....keep watching Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 and see ya’ next week. Have a great weekend.

July 18, 2014

Love triangles, memory loss, memory recovery, regrets, past loves, etc....the plots just keep coming on Y&R and B&B. This has been one interesting week.

Let’s start off with Devon, Hillary and Neil. What is going to happen with this family? Will Devon leave town or will Hillary give into her feelings for him and cut Neil loose?

I think Cain will end up having more to do with the breakup of Neil and Hillary than he thinks. He needs to speak up and let the cat out of the bag! Neil is going to regret buying Hillary a house when he finds out that she is in love with his son and wants to be with him. I do think that Hillary has some feelings for Neil, but I think her passion is for Devon.

Christine is sure having a difficult time dealing with Paul not wanting to have a baby at this point in his life, but is that what her problem is or is it mainly the fact that he has a son with Nikki? I am thinking a little bit of both. Nikki and Paul make a great couple and had Paul known that Nikki was pregnant back in the day, they may have married and had a family. Paul is right to question having a child now, with his health as it is at this time.

Dylan is NOT happy at all with Avery and the fact that she is helping Austin in his defense. Is it just that or is Dylan feeling guilty about Paul getting shot and Avery getting kidnapped? Maybe a little of both...guilt for those two things on top of the guilt that he has been feeling for his friend that died during the War. Dylan is going to have a long road ahead of him to try to come to terms with everything that he has been through in the past few years.

Esther is beginning to see that Jill is not as upset as one would think since the necklace has been “stolen.” I still think that the one that they gave the thief was the real one and she actually has the fake.

Wouldn’t that just be a hoot? Will Esther and even Lauren figure out what is going on with Jill and Colin before it is too late?

Nice to see Jack and Nick coming together for Summer, even if the marriage probably won’t last. Sharon is having all these visions and beginning to put some things together. Will she put it all together before Phyllis comes out of her coma or will Phyllis be the one to bring Sharon down when she gets back to Genoa City? That is going to be a storyline that I am sure to NOT miss!

Glad to see Liam and Wyatt being brothers, but I have a sinking feeling that Wyatt is up to no good in his intentions. Will he try to get Hope back? I think so. Liam is being so naive about his newfound relationship with his brother.

Oliver is doing his best to make things right with Ally, but it is going to be enough? I believe that Oliver will be able to win Ally over and I also think he truly has feelings for her.

July 11, 2014

This has been an interesting week for both soaps! Not a lot of things going on, but you can certainly tell that things are going to be heating up soon on both of them.

Looks like Summer and Austin are going to be having a real wedding before he is sent to prison and divorces Summer. Right! I do not think that he will be divorcing her at all. I think that he will get off with very little jail time, if any, and that they will stay together. Wouldn’t it be nice if Phyllis were to wake up soon and nip this all in the bud? She would not put up with this for one minute. Summer would not be married to Austin and she definitely would not be spending her trust fund on his attorney fees.

I seriously LOL’d when Lilly pushed Hillary into the pool. That was hilarious. I am glad that Lilly is beginning to have a backbone on the show. For so long she has played this poor, innocent, naive young lady who just let whatever happens happen, but not anymore! She knows that Hillary is not good for Neil and she does not want them together, but what will she do when she figures out that Devon is also in love with this woman?

Christine is so worried about Paul and what might have been between him and Nikki that she is going a bit nuts. Sure Nikki and Paul have a son, but that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that Paul loves her any less now than before he found out about Dylan, but Christine has always been a bit of a worrier when it comes to Paul and Nikki. I do think that Nikki and Paul would have made a great couple back in the day and loved it when they showed the flashback of the two of them, but I’m sure that they would not have lasted. No relationship ever does in a Soap.

Ian and his lawsuit against Nikki are a joke. Ian is a joke, but I’m sure he will do all he can to make her pay for something that she really didn’t have any notice of. She didn’t know that Ian could not have been Dylan’s father until Paul was shot. I’m sure Victor will be coming to the rescue of Nikki once again.

What is up with Victoria? She is with Stitch then heads over to see Billy to let him know that she is leaving town for a few days, but acts as if she is happy about being with him. Then when Chelsea comes in she is all bent out of shape because they are friends. What does she want? Does she want her cake and to eat it too? She has Stitch wrapped around her little finger and also has Billy jumping through hoops for her, and she still isn’t happy. I wonder if the DNA comes back as Billy’s if she will even tell the truth. Probably not! She will say it is Stitch’s baby just to keep Billy away.

Chelsea is on her way to finding out who the real Stitch is. He did not want to discuss the friend that they may have in common from Illinois either. Who did he kill? That story needs to unfold a bit faster and Adam needs to get back quicker, before Billy moves in with Chelsea or before Billy finds the camera that Adam has in the baby’s room.

What in the world is up with Quinn? I have to say that I always thought she was out there, but didn’t realize how far out there she truly was. So glad that Deacon had the commonsense to fill Wyatt in on the fact that she made that sword and said she had to take care of something. She would have killed Liam if he had not gotten there. Liam and Wyatt will bond over this, but will this bonding of the two boys interfere with Liam and Hope? Will the drama begin again with the three of them? Or will Ivy coming to town have something to do with Wyatt and Liam?

Glad that Rick has not said anything to Ally yet about the tape he heard with Oliver on it, but not sure how much longer that story will stay quiet. I’m sure that someone is going to let it slip and Ally will be heartbroken and go crazy and do some damage to someone/something.

Ridge is not the man he was before he went after Brooke and he is letting Katie in on the secret, but will she be able to keep it a secret? Will she let her sisters in on this secret and try to get them to help her figure out a way to help Ridge? Ridge is making some headway with his memory, but will he be able to put all the pieces together? Will Spencer be brought down?

I hope that you all have a great weekend and be sure to watch WDBJ7 next week for all of the twists and turns that will be happening on Y&R and B&B. I know I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with some of the story’s and anxiously waiting for Phyllis to return.

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July 4, 2014

Not sure where to begin this week with everything that is going on in Genoa City and in L.A.!

Looks like both soaps are trying to win a couple more Emmy’s with the story lines for this summer season.

So happy to see that Paul is doing so well after the surgery, but not liking what Dylan has to go through.

Dylan has just found out that his dad is a great guy and not that awful Ian, but will he live long enough to enjoy life as Paul’s son? I certainly hope so. Paul also deserves to have Dylan in his life. With Ricky gone, this will give Paul another chance. Not to mention Avery and Dylan; she thought she lost him once already and she should not have to mourn him all over again.

Mariah is beginning to have a little bit of a hold on Nick. It appears that Nick is beginning to see Mariah in a different light. Maybe she will wake up to Ian’s intentions before it is too late. It would be nice to see her get a chance to make a new life for herself, but with Ian in her head that is not going to be an easy task.

Summer telling Austin that she is in love with him...what on Earth is she thinking? I guess because he was her first, she is now in love with him. I can’t believe that she was able to bail him out of jail and hire him a defense attorney. Does she really think Austin is going to be her one and only?

So glad that she was advised NOT to testify for Austin, that would be a huge mistake, but it really doesn’t matter now because they have gotten married! Can you believe that she ran off and did that? Did you see the look on Jack’s face? Phyllis needs to come out of her coma, get back to Genoa City and straighten Summer out.

This love affair with Austin is just crazy.

This thing with Stitch and Kelly is ridiculous. Can you believe that they are brother and sister? I had heard from someone who works here that she thought that would be the case, but I honestly did not.

Now who did Stitch murder? Is he in a witness protection program or something? What could he have done that was so bad that his wife would move to Australia and take his son with her? I hope that the writers do not drag this out all summer.

Is Chelsea seriously going to try to get back with Billy? I hope not, I want the new Adam to come in and sweep her off of her feet. I think that she would be much better off with Adam than with Billy. Victoria needs to put her attitude back up on the shelf when it comes to who Billy is with and why. She is the one who wanted the divorce and now she is showing her claws when it comes to Chelsea being with Billy. I think the jealousy card doesn’t need to be played by Victoria at all. She is the one who is pregnant and not sure who the daddy is!

Devon is going downhill really fast with his drinking and sulking over Hillary. Neil has to know that there is something between those two. If he doesn’t, he needs to open his eyes. The elevator scene should have been enough for him to see the truth, but I guess not!

Will Devon get Hillary or will she stay with Neil? Will something bad happen to Devon because of his drinking? Is he going to fall off the roof of the Athletic Club?

Can Jill really tell which necklace is the fake? It would be so funny if she ends up letting them steal the real one instead of the fake one. Who knows if her “spiritual connection” is right! I have to say that I am not too sure about the storylines that they are giving Jill & Colin lately. I am kind of tired of the whole drama of those two.Give me some real drama to sink my teeth into.

Genoa City is not the only place with drama this week....L.A. has its share going on as well. Do we begin with Quinn? Yeah, let’s take a stab at her for starters. “Live by the sword, die by the sword” were the words Quinn spoke to Liam as she stuck his sword necklace in his throat and also while she had him backed down on the couch.

Sounds like a threat to me, but not to her. She is definitely a few apples short of a bushel. I think she is working on an even bigger sword in her workshop to do more damage to Liam. Hope back with Wyatt is all she is wanting and she seems to be working really hard to make it happen. Looks like she will do anything even kill Liam to make Wyatt happy.

Deacon is not sure what to think of Quinn, but it seems to me that he is going to keep a close eye on her. Also appears that he is out for Hope and her happiness this time around. Maybe he has changed in his old age and has decided that his daughter deserves to be happy and that Liam is the one that makes her happy. Not sure what is going to happen when Bill and Deacon meet each other, but I’m sure there will be fireworks.

Ally seems to be falling for Oliver and it looks as if Oliver has begun to fall for Ally, but is Oliver having real feelings for Ally? Rick is not too sure about that since he has heard the tape, but looks as if he is going to give Oliver a chance to prove that he is not out to hurt Ally.

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July! Be sure to keep your channel tuned to Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7, to see what is happening next week.

June 22, 2014

What do all of you think of the new Billy? I personally do not like him, but I guess if you are into that type of character, then he is OK. I am hoping that he begins to grow on me, but as of right now, I think they need to get rid of him. Maybe once Victoria divorces him he will leave the show by going to work at Jabot International or something.

Well she went and did it! Hillary has married Neil and Devon stood there and just watched. This marriage is NOT going to last. Hillary can play happy homemaker with Neil all she wants but her true feelings for Devon will soon come out. I give it a couple of months and she will be wishing she had taken Devon up on his offer.

Colin is really working hard to get that necklace from Jill and is looking at any means to go about it. I am glad that Lilly came in when she did or he may have gotten away with it. You would have thought that he would have told the burglar to try to steal something else while he was in the house. Sure Jill is going to think Colin had something to do with it when all he took was the necklace.

Now we know that Stitch killed someone, but who did he kill? Was it someone that Kelly knew in her past? Was it someone who was threatening his family? I can’t wait for his wife to show up in Genoa City or for Jack to get the answer from Kelly. Did you see his expression when Jack saw Stitch and Kelly together and when he overheard Kelly tell Stitch that she still loves him? Were they lovers or are they family?

There sure was some steam going on at Victoria’s house this week between her and Stitch. I was hoping he would break things off with her, but doesn’t look that way now. Looks like he may have to fill her in on his life and what he has done that is so bad.

Glad to see Dylan and Paul survived, but not sure what to expect in the coming days. Christine is NOT happy at all about Paul being Dylan’s father, and Nikki wants to tell Paul so bad about it. I think Paul has a right to know, but I also think that now is not the best time to tell him.

Abby is getting a bit of what she deserves. I think that the way she is acting is a bit immature and that she needs to grow up. She is a spoiled brat and needs an attitude adjustment. Mariah is just the one to give it to her also.

Rick is back and is alive! Wow, like anyone actually thought he would die. He is too valuable to the show. I do hope that Dollar Bill gets busted for his part in his accident, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Looks like Brooke is beginning to think back to the days of being Ridge’s Logan and wishing that was how things were again.

Myah is becoming a nut case. If you ask me, she needs some real help. She is all over Rick in the steam room, but he rejected her. GOOD for Rick! He needs to be a real man and let her know how he feels about his marriage. Wait until he spills this information to the little wifey…..I would love to be a fly on that wall! I think that she is going to be doing something to try to get rid of Oliver since she overheard him discussing Hope For the Future (HFTF) with Aly.

Quinn is so worried about Wyatt and Hope getting back together that she is about to lose her mind -- what little bit of it she had. I couldn’t believe that she stabbed Liam in the neck with his sword necklace. I think she is making a bigger one in her workshop to kill him with. This storyline is getting really interesting. Will Deacon tell Wyatt that his mom is planning on killing Liam? Let’s hope so.

Well, that is about it for this week. It has been busy on the soaps, but looks like we are all in for a steamy, crazy, hot summer with Y&R and B&B. I can’t wait to watch next week’s on WDBJ7. See ya’ next week and don’t forget to tune in.

June 21, 2014

What the heck is going on with the people in Genoa City? It is like there is something in the water making some of them act a bit crazy these days.

Summer is begging Avery to fight to keep Austin out of prison after he held her at gunpoint and shot Paul. Avery has actually decided to help Austin after Summer filled her in on how much she cares (thinks she cares) for Austin. Thank goodness Summer and Austin used protection; I was thinking that the next storyline would be that Summer was going to be pregnant with Austin’s child. Of course, that can probably still happen.

Chelsea is kissing on Billy in the heat of the moment. That could turn into a bad situation if they were to get together again. Adam is coming back, but if Billy and Chelsea were to have a steamy love affair before Adam were to return, that could make for some great watching. I have to admit, they do look cute together.

Neil and Hillary are getting married and Lilly is trying to accept it, but I doubt that the wedding takes place. I think that Devon will step up and let Hillary know his true feelings for her and either she will call off the wedding or Neil will find out that she does have some feelings for Devon and call it off on his own.

WHAT in the world is Stitch hiding? We now know that he murdered someone, but WHO and WHY? What does Kelly have to do with it all? It had to be something really bad for Stitch’s ex to call him and tell him to keep his mouth shut if he wants to ever see his son again. I just knew when Father Williams confronted Stitch that he would end up in the Chapel and that Victoria would also be there. Go figure, he tells her that he loves her and I think she actually has feelings for him, but she also admitted to Abby that she still loves Billy.

Once again, Brooke has come to the rescue of Ridge! I’m sure all of you knew that if anyone were going to find Ridge, it would be Brooke. Dead or alive, she had to be the one. Glad he is alive, but not sure what I think of the Amnesia! I mean, really, he can remember “Logan,” but not his son! Doesn’t make much sense, but then again not much on B&B does.

Who were these people who found him? Why in the world did they not let the police or the hospitals know that they had found him. Did they live so far off the grid that they didn’t know there was a search going on for Ridge?

Then there is Quinn! What is her plan with Deacon? Deacon needs to watch out for himself, because Quinn is out for nothing but herself and she is definitely trouble. With a capital “T!” Wonder if she is going to be able to worm her way back into Wyatt’s life since Ridge has been found? I’m sure FC is still going to make sure that Quinn and Wyatt are no longer working there, but I’m also sure she will not rest until she has exhausted all avenues to get back to FC and back into her son’s life.

Is Deacon really happy for Hope and Liam? I’m thinking, NOT! I can’t remember, but I do not think that Deacon has met Liam in person. Wonder how the two of them will hit it off? Life is definitely going to be different for the Spencer/Forrester families while Deacon is in town.

Will Paul make it through another week? Will Victoria find out the truth? Will Ridge remember Katie? Will Bill be able to keep his secret? We will all have to keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to those questions and more. Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.

June 13, 2014

Paul is fighting for his life because of Austin and his desire to go after Avery. Looks like all eyes are on Dylan if Paul doesn’t pull through. After all, they did tell him to stay back and let them handle it, but NO he has to play superhero and save Avery.

I do not understand what Summer is thinking. She knows what he has done and is still trying to help him. Did you see the look on Christine’s face when she saw Nikki in the room with Paul? Christine is not going to let that happen very long. After all, Nikki and Paul may have meant something to each other in the past, but Christine is his wife.

Will Stitch tell Victoria the truth before Billy and Chelsea get back from Australia? What is the truth? My guess is that he has killed someone, but who and why? What does his secret have to do with Kelly? Will it be enough for Victoria to walk away from him, even if the baby is his?

Billy should have come clean with Victoria about his reason for leaving town instead of lying to her. Just put one more nail in his love coffin with Victoria, in my opinion.

Victor is starting to be nice to Dylan and you all know that will not end well. Victor is never nice to anyone without it meaning something for him. Sure, he has realized that Dylan is good for and to Nikki, but what is he going to do next with his new found likeness of Dylan?

How will Mariah disappoint Sharon or will she? I am thinking that Mariah is going to change and become someone in Genoa City that is not all bad. Face it, everyone in Genoa City has bones all over the place, but will Mariah be able to make nice after all she has done? I think Nick is setting her up for a fall so that Sharon will get rid of her.

Neil and Hillary seem to be moving on with their relationship even after Lilly has voiced her opinion time and time again. Devon has true feelings for Hillary and will not be able to keep them hidden for much longer. Will she marry Neil or will she run to Devon? I do NOT like her with Neil and I don’t think I would like her with Devon.

I am so glad that Hope has made up her mind and has chosen Liam. I could not be happier with that decision. I think Wyatt is bad news, just like his mom, and needs to move on to another victim. I am not so sure that he is going to move on past Hope without a little more fight, but I’m sure Hope will be able to get past Wyatt. Especially since Brooke is so against Quinn now.

Wyatt has told Quinn to move on, but will she? I think she is going to go to Hope (against Wyatt’s wishes) and try to get her to go back to him. Will she go to the Warehouse like Wyatt told her? NO! She is going to do everything she can to keep her place at Forrester Creations, but I’m sure when Brooke and Eric get back she will wish she was far away from all of them.

I have to say that I did chuckle just a little when Ally told Quinn that she and Wyatt were both LOSERS! Did you notice how Quinn wouldn’t look at Ally; guess she didn’t want Ally to see her all broken hearted after leaving Wyatt’s office.

Next week looks to be very interesting and I’m sure I will be watching all the happenings of the Young & Restless and the Bold & Beautiful right here on WDBJ7, your Hometown News Leader. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

May 30, 2014

Quinn has really gotten herself into some hot water this week. I’m sure that she never thought that sending Ridge the pic of her and Bill would end up like this. Everyone is now wondering if Ridge is dead or alive. I don’t think anyone could fall out of a helicopter and land in the ocean from that high up and survive, but this is the soaps and weirder things have happened. I have heard rumors that Ridge is being recast already, so maybe they are just going to have him MIA for a while and then bring him back after reconstructive surgery or something.

Will what has happened to Ridge make Hope open her eyes to the fact that Quinn and her son are no good for the family? I doubt it, but she did not look happy about Wyatt punching Liam in today’s episode ?. I think they should just put the family out of their misery and get rid of Quinn and Wyatt. Or keep Wyatt, but send Quinn off to jail, where she belongs.

Moving to Y & R for this week --- not a lot going on from what I have seen. Looks like Jill is happy about the necklace, but I think she needs to put it somewhere much safer than in the house. Colin is going to get that necklace and sell it to pay off some of his debt.

Devon and Hillary are bound to get together and Neil is going to be hurt, but hey, I think Hillary and Devon belong together. They make a great couple and if you ask me, Neil needs to be with someone his own age. I would love it if Y&R were to bring Drusilla back. That would be awesome, and can you just imagine the story between Sharon, Phyllis and Drusilla?

Wonder when the “Adam” character will make his arrival? I guess he must have hidden the camera in the baby’s room before he was MIA. Now he is enjoying watching his son from a distance. The way the private investigator talks, he should be coming back soon. That is going to be so interesting. Wonder if Chelsea will feel some sort of connection to this guy or if they will let her know it is really Adam? I’m thinking that she will just have an odd connection to him, if they let her know it is really Adam then he may end up doing time for his part in Delia’s death.

I also have a bad feeling about Victoria and Stitch and what goes on with them in the future. I hear a rumor that the role of Billy has already been recast again! Not sure what the deal is with that, but it should make for an interesting story. Is Billy going to end up leaving the show for good, or will something happen between this Billy and the new Adam that has Billy leaving?

What is up with Avery’s stalker and Summer? Is Summer really going to get involved with him? I see a bad reality check coming for Summer and Avery is not going to like it either. Why is he stalking Avery? What could possibly be his reason?

Guess we will all have to just keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to all the questions. Stay tuned next week and maybe we will all see if Ridge is truly dead or just MIA and will Adam be making his return soon? I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.

May 30, 2014

Goodbye is never an easy thing to say, but the scene with Chloe and her family was kind of tough to watch this week. I think this is actually Chloe’s goodbye to the Young & Restless. I do not think that she will be coming back to Genoa City or at least not the Chloe we all know and love.

Poor Kevin, my heart just breaks for him. He loves Chloe so much and has had a horrible life, up until he got with Chloe. Will he go back to his old ways or will he find a new love and move on?

Jill and Colin are seriously trying to find out all they can about that jewelry box, but will it bring them fortune or just more turmoil? I hope that Jill doesn’t let Colin in on the money, if she finds it. He doesn’t deserve any of her money or her. Cane needs to let Victor in on what he knows about Colin and let Victor take care of him. Then Jill will not have to worry about him trying to get anything over on her.

Summer did not like seeing Jack and Kelly together at the Abbott Estate, but what does she expect? Does she think that Jack doesn’t need companionship? Well, she should know from past experience that Jack needs to have a woman, any woman, on his arm and with Phyllis still in a coma, Kelly is the one for the time being. Will Summer end up taking things too far with Austin or will Avery step in to nip it in the bud? What is Austin after from Summer?

I guess Dylan is going to offer Ian’s ex money for anything that she can give him. Thanks to Victor! Must be nice to be able to just pull a couple thousand out of your desk drawer and throw it away on information.

What is Billy going to do about Victoria being pregnant? Who is the Father? I sure do hope that this plot does not drag out forever. I also hope the baby belongs to Billy.

Abu Dhabi looks like a very beautiful place to have a wedding. From what Bill Spencer have planned, it may just be where Brooke and him tie the knot -- if Ridge doesn’t stop the wedding first. Looks like Quinn has sent him some ammunition to do that with.

Wyatt needs to do something about his Mom and fast because when Hope finds out that Quinn has possibly stopped her Mom from being happy with Bill, she may just turn her back on Wyatt for good. I think that Hope should be with Liam anyway, but it would be better if Hope made the decision based on the guys and not based on all the drama that Quinn brings into the mix.

May 23, 2014

What a week it has been on the soaps this week! My eyes were almost leaking most of this week.

Especially when all of Chloe’s family/friends were discussing how to handle her & all that she has been dealing with these past few months. The intervention was difficult to watch, but glad they played it out like they did. Chelsea & Billy were great in making Esther & Kevin understand that Chloe needs help and more than either one of them can give. Kevin and Esther have finally opened their eyes to what is going on with Chloe and allowing her to be sent away to get the help she needs is a great start. Maybe they are going to have Kevin help her escape from Genoa City before she can be sent to Fairview. Wonder if this is how she will be written out of the soap.  Rumor has it she is leaving Y&R. Not too happy about that, but you see them come and go.

Victoria is in a real bad situation with Stitch, Billy and Baby, but should she let Stitch get away with sneaking into her private records? NO! Victoria begging Stitch to keep quiet. You know that isn’t going to end well at all. Stitch is going to let it slip to Billy and then I think that is when this storyline is going to get more interesting.

Jack seems to be moving on with Kelly, but what will happen when Phyllis is back at the end of the summer? Yes, you heard me, this summer the new Phyllis will be making her debut. Rumor has it that Gina Tognoni (Kelly from OLTL & Dinah from GL) will be the new Phyllis. I remember her from the other shows and she was kind of feisty in those roles. Will be interesting to see it all unfold in the next few months. Will he leave Kelly for Phyllis or will he be so in love with Kelly by that time that he doesn’t go to Phyllis? Not sure, I think that Phyllis (Red) is his soul mate, but how many times can one make the journey back to their soul mate? Even if they do still believe that Summer is Jack’s child, will that be enough to keep them together?

Bold & Beautiful is getting a bit boring, if you ask me. How many times can they keep playing the same storylines until it is just enough? Seriously, it is always a remake of a couple seasons before. If it isn’t Ridge, Brooke and one of his brothers in a love triangle it is Ridge, Brooke, and her sisters’ husband in a love triangle. Not to mention all the triangles with Taylor and now even Hope is getting involved in the triangles. Move on with something else. Maybe add a new family to the mix, one that Brooke, Taylor and Hope have not slept with. Something, anything would be better at times.

The love square between Ridge, Brooke, Katie & Bill just gets more intense and crazy as each passing day. Ridge is so against Brooke marrying Bill that it is making him crazy! Will this wedding happen? Yes, I think it will. Ridge keeps saying it is to keep RJ safe, but I do not think RJ is going to be hurt by Bill. If I were Katie and Ridge was my fiancé I would be a bit on the mad side because of Ridge’s actions towards the relationship of Bill & Brooke. Not sure if I could feel 100% comfortable marrying a man that was so against his Ex-wife marrying someone else, especially when he is getting married again as well.

I think that Quinn is going to let the cat out of the bag about her and Bill and their time together. Her “selfie” will somehow get to Brooke when Bill least expects it. Will that be enough to make Brooke walk away and try to get back with Ridge or will she dismiss it and move on with marrying Bill?

Looks like Liam and Wyatt are still dating the same girl, but will Hope ever make a decision? I think she needs to be with Liam, but with Quinn locking Liam up in the steam room and with her being the person that she is; it may be Wyatt she ends up with. I guess Quinn thinks that forcing Bill to give Wyatt the “Spencer” name was going to make some kind of difference to Hope.

I guess you just need to keep watching Your Hometown Station, WDBJ7, next week to find out. I am getting excited to see what is about to happen on both the soaps. Anxious for Phyllis to come back, anxious for the plots on B&B to unfold and really anxious to see what the deal is with Ian, Mariah & Tyler. Does anyone have a clue who is stalking/taunting Avery?

May 16, 2014

Stitch is something else this week! Did he really introduce himself to the OB/GYN just so he could see what type of doctor she was? Then he requested Victoria’s medical records and of course, now he knows that she is pregnant. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is on her way to Genoa City. Wonder how that is going to turn out? Do you think she will have a long role or will this be something that is just a short stint?

Neil and Hillary are really beginning to get things on in their relationship, but I am thinking that Lilly is NOT going to like it when she finds out that her Daddy is with Hillary? I think Devon may have an issue with that as well, but I think he already knows something is going on with the two of them. I miss Drusilla! You know, they never found her body and now would be a perfect time to bring her back from the bottom of the mountain. That would be an interesting storyline for Neil, Hillary and even Sharon.

Sharon….what on earth is going on with that girl? She wants to break things off with Nick because Victor said she should, but then she goes on upstairs with him. She is truly a crazy one, in my opinion. Looks like she may not find out what her real “secret” is under hypnosis because Nick doesn’t want her going under again. From the scoop on the new Phyllis being cast, she may not have a choice about the truth coming out. I bet that Phyllis will have Amnesia or something when she comes out of the coma and then Sharon will be able to keep her secret.

Jill is so funny when it comes to Colin. She actually has locked him up in the attic of the Chancellor Estate until he signs those papers that state he will not take any of her money. Yea, like that is going to happen. She will have to let him rot up there before he signs those.

Billy & Chloe are headed down a new road. One in which I think Chloe is not going to like. I do not think that Billy will take a chance on losing Victoria for sure by sleeping with Chloe again. I think Chloe will need to find her a new baby daddy.

What about the Bold & Beautiful this week? Can you believe that Ridge is actually thinking that he can order Brooke to NOT allow Bill around RJ? How crazy is that? Sure, it’s OK for him to have RJ around Katie, but not the other way around. Right! Like Brooke is going to let that boat cross the water. Did you see Bill talking to Ridge and Bill telling Ridge that Brooke is NOT going to be his Logan anymore and he needed to get over himself? Loved it!

I kind of feel sorry for Aly, but I also feel bad for Thorne. After all that Thorne has been through with losing his wife the way he did and then to have to raise his daughter alone. Not what any man/woman wants to do, but it does happen in real life. Can Aly forgive Taylor? Will Thorne have to give up on his happiness again? I’m hoping that Taylor and Thorne can be happy with each other and that Aly can forgive Taylor. Forget what she has done, no, but forgive her. Move on with your life. Is Oliver really helping or is he just out for the Forrester name? Not too sure this week.

Glad there wasn’t much going on with Hope and her love triangle this week. Kind of bored with that whole storyline, but anxious to see who she actually picks. Quinn is a bit much, but at least she stirs the pot a bit to keep things going. Does anyone remember what soap she played on prior to B&B?

I hope that you all have a great rest of this week and a wonderful weekend. Keep your channel tuned to WDBJ7 for all of your Hometown information and news. Not to mention, the latest soap info.

May 8, 2014

WOW! Did everyone hear the news about Michelle Stafford? She is going to a different soap, leaving the role of Phyllis in a coma! Yes, in a coma. But the good news is that they are looking to RECAST her! This is going to be really good and I would think soon. I know, Stafford is the only one who can do justice to the role of Phyllis. But hey, we have to give someone else a chance to be as devious, conniving, man stealing, etc. as she was in her time as Phyllis. Wonder if this next person is going to be a red head? After all, Jack’s nickname for her is “red.”

Life in Genoa City is getting pretty crazy, if you ask me. With Victor bringing that Mariah to terrorize Sharon and then to find out that she is also the one who has been messing with Abby and her man….that is just so crazy, then drop Ian into the mix. What is her relationship with Ian? I think that Ian has set Victor up to see if he can get to Nikki thru all this mess. Glad Nick told Victor off, but not sure that will last. How many times in the past has Victor upset one of his children and then found his way back into their lives?

Not sure what the secret is that Stitch is hiding, but I do think that Billy will be finding it out -- hopefully before Victoria does anything stupid. Who does the baby belong to, Billy or Stitch? My opinion is that it has to be Billy’s and that she is going to try to pass it off as Stitch’s to see if she can back away from Billy for good this time.

Chloe is up to no good once again. Will she really be able to use drugs to get Billy to have sex with her so that she can get pregnant again? Why not have one with Kevin? If she thinks having another baby will help her get over Delia then just have one, don’t make it out like you are replacing Delia by having another with Billy.

I think that Jack is really falling for Kelly, but after seeing Summer go off on him for cheating on Phyllis, he backs away from Kelly. Is that what he should be doing? I think that they should let him get involved with Kelly and then let Phyllis deal with her when she comes out of her coma. That would be an amazing storyline. Phyllis can do serious damage when she feels threatened.

Enough about Y&R, let’s move onto B&B. There really isn’t much going on with this one that hasn’t been done over and over. I mean really, Ridge marrying Katie? Like that will actually happen. If it does happen it won’t last long. Ridge is supposed to be with Brooke and down the road it will come about again.

This Wyatt, Liam, Hope triangle is getting to be a bit much. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when you look at Hope and the fact that she has a thing for two brothers. Make up your mind already, choose Liam and be done with it. Wyatt and his Momma need to pack it up and move on.

Is everyone waiting for Ally to go mental when she finds out Thorne and Taylor are at it again? I am, and I am also waiting for her to lay into Oliver when she finds out he is just using her to keep a job at Forrester. I kind of feel sorry for Ally. But seriously, does she not see things that are right in front of her face?

Well, that is it for this week. Hope that you all are enjoying the shows and please, if you have comments about them or my blog, be sure to leave them. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Remember to keep your channel tuned to your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 for all the happenings of Y&R and B&B. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya’ back here next week.

May 1, 2014

Welcome to Your Hometown Soapbox! The place to find out what the happenings are on The Young & Restless and the Bold & Beautiful.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa Smith and I work at WDBJ7 in the business office. I have been watching the soaps on CBS since 1980. I guess one could say I have grown up with some of the actors on these shows. I remember watching them with friends and family.

There was no DVR back in the day; we just caught up on the days we were out of school and from the recaps in the paper. Once the VCR became a big hit we could record them and then watch them back later when we had a chance. With today’s technology we can watch them at,, and on our local station, Channel 7.

I am going to be updating this blog once a week and hope that I can get some input from all of the viewers. I would like this blog to be as interactive as it can be. I won’t be able to give you any information that is not available to everyone, but we can have a great time trying to figure out what is going to be happening to who and when. I think that is one of the best parts about watching soaps. It gives us the chance to see just what some people do in strange/odd situations and how bad they mess their lives up within a couple of episodes.

It also allows some of us to live the fantasy life of money and power through our favorite characters. This blog will also give us the opportunity to vent a bit when it comes to plots that we are not too happy about. I’m sure that we have all experienced a few of those in the past, and I’m sure we will see more of them in the future.

The first blog post will be on May 9, but until then, be thinking of plots that you have seen in the past and ones that you see now so that we will be able to discuss them together. The comments section is at the bottom of this article.

We do not have to just chat about Y&R and B&B. We can also discuss the oldies like Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow. Remember, this is YOUR Hometown Soapbox!

Does anyone remember Reva at the fountain? That was a show right there. What about James Steinbeck and all the horrible things that he has done? Victor Newman is the character that my husband likes on Y&R, but I’m not that huge of a fan of his. He does get away with a lot of things and has been for decades. Will he keep getting away with everything or will someone finally bring him down? Will Brooke ever find true love?

See you next week and hope that you all have a great weekend. Remember to keep those thoughts coming and be sure to watch for the next exciting episode every weekday on YOUR Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7.

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