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Your Hometown Soap Box: Trouble brewing on Y&R, B&B

By Web Staff, WDBJ7,
Published On: Sep 12 2014 10:00:00 AM EDT
Your Hometown Soapbox


Can anyone else say seeing Shamar Moore this week on Y&R was amazing! Sure do wish he was back on as Malcolm full time, but doubt ever seeing that happen. Meredith Baxter Birney coming to Y&R as Nikki’s drinking partner and as the mother to Stitch and Kelly has also been pretty good.

Looks like Hillary is safe from Malcolm since he actually only came to town for a couple of days. Anyone who knows Malcolm and Neil know that they usually share their partners, but looks like this time Neil is going to be sharing his partner with his son, Devon. It was nice to see Lilly apologize to Hillary and thank her for taking care of her dad, but we all know when she finds out about Hillary and Devon things are going to get really ugly between the two of them.

Now that Maureen knows Nikki is Victor Newman’s wife, will she turn to blackmailing Nikki for her drinking? I’m sure you all saw her eyes light up when she saw Nikki’s picture in the paper and found out her name was Newman. How much longer will Nikki be able to hide the fact that she is drinking again from her family? Victor is beginning to think something is up with her and he isn’t even home much anymore to see what she is doing.

Looks like Victor’s approach to bringing Phyllis out of her coma is going just as he had planned. I still think Phyllis looks a bit scary right now, but hey, I guess when you have been in a coma for a year you kind of have the right to not look 100 percent. I was kind of hoping her nurse, who was banished from the hospital wing that Phyllis is in, would be able to get a hold of Jack and let him know she is awake, but it looks like that may not happen.

Jack is sure having a hard time getting past the memory of Phyllis. He has seen her in his bed when he woke up with Kelly. He even imagined her sitting on the couch discussing take out after Kelly left to get groceries to cook Jack a meal. I think once he goes back to Georgia and sees Phyllis is awake he is going to have some serious guilt issues about leaving Phyllis. Not sure if he and Kelly will be together long after he sees Phyllis is awake, but not sure what Phyllis will do about Jack being with Kelly either. They say she is not going to be the same Phyllis this time around.

Mariah is not the least bit happy about Sharon being her mom right yet. I’m sure once she figures out she would have a lot of money if she accepted the fact Sharon is her mom, her entire attitude will change. Kevin is getting ready to head down a bad road with Mariah, I do believe. Sure, Kevin needs to have a great storyline, but Mariah, please! I’m sure the writers could find someone better for him to hook up with. She is going to be trouble with a capital T for Kevin.

Can you believe Wyatt and Hope! I was shocked when I heard Wyatt ask his dad to make Liam move out of the house in Malibu so he and Hope could move there to start a family. Bill needs to remember Liam is the one who has been cheated here, not Wyatt. Liam was in Paris to marry Hope, but Quinn assisted in that not happening and now she is married to Wyatt.

Bill knows Quinn pushed Ivy off the bridge, but instead of coming clean with Liam he keeps her secret. Not good! He needs to be the one to fill Liam in on the truth. This is not going to look good for him in Brooke’s eyes when she finds out he knew this and did nothing about it.

Hope is messing with Ivy right now and I have to say I do not think it is going to end well for Hope. I think Hope trying to keep Ivy away from Liam is only going to push her closer to him. Where does she get off anyway? She is married, to Liam’s brother and she needs to let Liam “heal” in his own way. I’m sure Ivy will be able to get his mind off of Hope.

Myah is really trying her hand at getting Rick back, but will it work? Will she be able to convince Rick that Caroline is not right for him and that they need to be together? We all know where this is going! Myah is going to figure out a way to make Rick think Caroline and Ridge are having an affair so she will be able to help Rick get past his wife’s betrayal.

Is Caroline going to assist Ridge with the collection or will she let Rick know what is going on to keep him from thinking she is cheating? I think she needs to fill Rick in on Ridge’s secret before she ends up without her husband.

Looks like there are a lot of secrets waiting to come out over the next few weeks, but for this week, this is a wrap. Keep watching WDBJ7 for all your drama needs and I will see you again next week. Have a great weekend.

Sept. 5, 2014

Looks like Ashley is coming back to Y&R and Stitch may be on her radar, but is Stitch interested in Ashley or is he going to end up with Abby? I’m thinking Victoria is going to be a thing of the past in the not-so-far-off future, but will Abby be his new love or will Ashley be of interest to him since she will be working so closely with him at Jabot? I’m hoping he ends up with neither one of the three, but I’m sure they will put him with one of the Abbotts.

Did Dylan kill Ian? Not sure what is going on with that story, but Dylan did go after him and when he returned to the coffee house he was covered in blood. Avery saw the blood, but will she believe he just cut himself? I don’t think so, especially when Ian is missing and can’t be located. Serves Ian right, he should have left Genoa City a long time ago, but if he had left town we would not know Mariah is Sharon’s daughter.

Speaking of Mariah and Sharon, will Mariah become the daughter Sharon has been missing? Yeah, I’m sure she will since she knows what Sharon is worth, money-wise. She can go from living on the street to being the daughter of a Newman. Money, cars, the good life is what she was after when she was working for Victor, now she can have it all just because Sharon is feeling really guilty of the way Mariah was brought up.

Victor has made sure that Phyllis came out of her coma, but will she remember what Sharon has done? I’m sure in time she will, but for now, she will just be laying in the hospital bed looking all scary. Her eyes seem so dark and empty. Wonder how they do that? The way she said Summer’s name was all freaky too. When will the hospital let the family know that Phyllis is awake? Shouldn’t that have been the first people that were told, I mean, after Victor of course? After all, he was the reason they did the special treatment to bring her out of the coma.

Is Jack going to be able to stay away from Phyllis since she is out of her coma? Will Kelly become a memory of the past for him? Kelly has made sure that Jack has gotten rid of everything in the Abbott mansion that was Phyllis’ so she would feel comfortable there. Will that be enough?

I still want Jack with Phyllis, but not sure if that will work out. I also want Nick with Phyllis, but not sure about that one either. I know I want the truth about Sharon to come out sooner rather than later so Summer will be able to get back to being Nick’s daughter. Jack will definitely be hurt by this news, but it would be better to pull this band aid off now than to keep dragging it on.

Neil being blind is not the best storyline. I know, they had to do something to make Hillary and Devon stay away from each other longer, but Neil does not play a blind person very well. I think they need to let him catch Hillary and Devon together so that storyline can move forward. Dragging this out is a bit much.

Michael and Lauren are having some serious issues in the bedroom, but will this be the end of them? Not at all! Michael and Lauren tend to grow together during the midst of any bad situation.

Look at all the times that Sheila was in the picture and how they handled all those situations. I know, this is not like Sheila at all, but they needed a good storyline. This one will bring attention to them as lovers and not just as Kevin’s family, not sure where the story is going to go, but it is going to be a good ride getting there. I did think it was kind of gross for Lauren to go to Lilly for bedroom advice; she is like half her age.

Now onto poor Liam! Now that Hope is married to Wyatt, will he be able to move on? From what he said at the BBQ it looks like he may be able to give it a try. Who does Hope think she is to tell Ivy she needs to back off of Liam? She is the one who married Wyatt a few hours after Liam was a little late because he was saving Ivy from drowning.

If Hope knew that Quinn pushed Ivy off that bridge she would so be leaving Wyatt to be with Liam, but Bill won’t be telling anyone that little secret. I think it would serve Hope right to have to stay with Wyatt and have Quinn for a mother-in-law. She deserves everything she gets from this point on. Like Ivy said, Hope is a LOGAN!

Wyatt was not too happy when Hope came home and let him in on her conversation with Ivy, but then again, why would he be happy about his wife telling Ivy to back off of her ex?

That is just who Hope is, my opinion, she is just like Brooke in a lot of ways. Remember she is the daughter of Brooke and Deacon, so she has some messed up DNA to begin with. Remember who Deacon was? He was Brooke’s son-in-law when she slept with him and got pregnant with Hope.

Deacon is doing everything in his power to get Brooke back, but will it be enough? Will Hope wishing her parents were happy assist him in his venture? I hope so, I have always liked Deacon with Brooke, but then again, Brooke doesn’t go for men with no money or power. Deacon doesn’t have either one of those, so he may be out of luck where Brooke is concerned.

August 29, 2014

What a week this has been on both of the soaps! Not sure where to begin with all the drama and back stabbing.

Let’s start off with the love triangle of Neil, Devon and Hillary. Can anyone say “it isn’t a secret to anyone who is not blind?” Seriously! Jack has already caught on to the way Devon and Hillary feel and he isn’t even around them that much. Does Lilly not see what is going on right in front of her? You would think that she would be able to tell that her brother is in love with her stepmother.

Neil is going to be so hurt when the truth comes out. I still think he will stumble up on the truth while blind.

Jill has planted the seed in Lauren’s head that Michael is cheating on her or has she? Yep, I think so.

Now that Lauren has that little idea will she think that Avery and Michael are having an affair or will they actually have one? I think Michael loves Lauren too much to do that to her, but then again, one just never knows what is going to happen. It would almost serve Lauren right for cheating on Michael last year.

Sharon has another daughter!! We all knew that was going to be the plot a couple of weeks ago, but to see how sick Ian is just amazes me. Ian marrying Mariah! That is just so wrong. I hope Nick and the GCPD get to her in time. I’m sure that since Kevin is on the case that it will be a lot easier to find her. I feel that someone is going to end up killing Ian before this is all said and done. Maybe it will be Dylan and then Avery will turn to Michael for comfort? Hmmm could be.

What is Abby thinking kissing Ben? That is going to be interesting. Will he move on with Victoria’s sister since it seems as if Victoria is going to be back with Billy? Will Victoria be able to handle that relationship? Things do need to heat up for Abby, but this time let’s hope she isn’t such a child about her relationship and she actually has matured a little.

Victor has done it again with getting Summer to sign those papers without even realizing it. Now Phyllis is going to be waking up and hopefully telling the truth about Sharon. Nick needs to know that Summer is his biological daughter. I am not sure what will happen between Nick and Sharon once this news comes to surface.

Kaye’s memorial was beautiful, until Nikki began her falling all over impression. She had me laughing when she was trying to talk to Ben and the expressions on her face. Yea, she is an alcoholic, but goodness, you would think that since she has played one SO many times that she would be better at it.

I’m sure Paul will find out first and this may upset Nina, but I bet Paul ends up leaving Christine because of Nikki or that Christine leaves Paul because of Nikki.

The Bold & the Beautiful is beginning to get a bit boring. Sure they have a couple of good story lines, but they drag them out so long. Liam should have been with Hope the minute Hope found out that he was in Paris, but nope, they are going to drag it out until Christmas!

So glad to see Ivy beginning to put her moves on Liam. Take that Hope! You may not know what you want, but Liam did and now Ivy wants Liam....go Ivy!

Brooke is making Bill work to get her, but will it work? Sure, she will end up back with Bill Spencer and Deacon will be left out in the cold. I honestly think that Deacon has changed a bit and may deserve a chance with Brooke. Maybe Hope will be able to assist her Dad a little and get her Mom to see Deacon in a new light.

Rick needs to watch the help a bit better. I think there is some trouble brewing for his character in the not-so-far-off future. I think between running Forrester Creations, his love life, and the fact that Ridge can’t design anymore; he will have his hands full.

I guess we will have to wait to see if Phyllis wakes up from her coma, does Michael have an affair with Avery, will Nikki get caught nipping on the Vodka, does Devon get the woman, and will Kevin save Mariah and make Sharon the happiest woman in Genoa City? Will Ridge be able to design again, will Brooke fly off with Bill, and will Bob Barker take a couple more punches at Wyatt?

Keep tuning into WDBJ7 for all the daily drama of the soaps and see you all next week. Have a safe and happy holiday.

July 22, 2014

Let’s start with the Mariah and Sharon plot. Can she really be Sharon’s daughter? Of course she can and she is (in my opinion)! Helen took Mariah for her own when she knew Sharon was giving her daughter away to begin with. Will Mariah or Sharon be able to handle the news of them being family? Will Sharon go even more insane than she already is?

I think this storyline for Summer and Austin is a bit much. Yes, I am glad he did not have to go to jail, but I do think the mushy stuff between them is too much. Did Austin really think Summer was going to let him go to jail when she has millions of dollars in trust? Of course not, he has it made and he knows it. I can’t wait to see what Phyllis thinks of her son-in-law. This should be interesting.

Victor is really up to his old tricks again. Making the grant available for Daniel to get him out of the country so that he can do what he needs to with Phyllis and letting Summer have access to her trust so she can pay to keep Austin out of jail. What a great grandfather he is and such a loving man to try to help Phyllis. Yeah, right! He is only out to find out the secret that Sharon is hiding.

Nick is trying too hard to save Sharon from Mariah when he should be trying to save himself from Sharon. What will happen with him when he finds out the truth about Summer and what Sharon has done to Phyllis? Will he ever be able to love again? Yep, he will be with Phyllis. I say this because Jack and Kelly will have moved in with each other and possibly be married by the time Phyllis comes out of her coma and gets her memory back. I do not think she will remember a lot of things when she first wakes up.

Devon is out of luck once again when it comes to his love for Hillary. Hillary’s guilt will keep her away from Devon and with Neil, but will Neil overhear the two of them talking or will his sight come back just in time to catch them together? I’m thinking that Devon and Hillary will be together and Neil will begin to get some flashes of light and images and then BAM there will be his wife and his son together!

Moving to the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle; what in the world was Hope thinking? Sure Liam was a bit late, but dang give the man a chance to get there. Who in their right mind runs off to Monte Carlo minutes after the love of her life is late to marry the brother? Yep, you got it, HOPE LOGAN! She is so much like her mom it is not even funny.

Bill Spencer is pushing Liam to celebrate the wedding, but what Liam should be doing is telling Hope that he was there, but some crazy lady pushed Ivy into the water and he couldn’t get to her in time. He couldn’t have just left her there to drown. Actually, I take that back, he should move on and let Wyatt have Hope. After all, she wanted him enough to take that leap of faith off the end of the yacht. Let her see what life is with Quinn as a mother-in-law. That should be fun!

Deacon needs to stay as far away from Quinn as possible, but he isn’t going to do that. He is going to make a huge mistake by becoming her patsy in all her little schemes. Deacon wants Brooke back, but aiding Quinn is not going to get her for him. I think this is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

My hopes for next week are that Phyllis wakes up with complete knowledge of what Sharon has done; Hope remembers that she is a LOGAN, but she never wanted to be like her Mom, Neil regains his sight and then Devon can be happy and Kevin hooks up with Mariah! Yes, I said that! I think Kevin needs some action in his life.

I hope you all have a great weekend and see you next week right here on Keep watching your favorite hometown news leader, WDBJ7.

August 15, 2014

Of course Neil is blind! He was either going to have something really bad happen to him or he was going to die when Cane was showing him the electrical wiring in that “dream house” for Hillary. This way the writers can drag out the love triangle even longer.

I like Devon with Hillary. I know, she doesn’t deserve either of them, but I would rather see her with Devon. It is just kind of creepy to see her with Neil, don’t you agree? I bet that Neil is going to get his sight back and no one is going to be aware of it so that he will be able to catch Devon and Hillary in their little love game.

Nikki is really irritating me! How many times is she going to go back to the bottle before enough is enough? I know that being an alcoholic is hard, but goodness, give us all a break. Between her MS and her addiction all she is getting lately is pity.

Victor could not have believed that she was bringing him a drink, please, he knows Nikki better than anyone, but he doesn’t realize that she is getting ready to crack open a bottle of Vodka? I don’t see that, but hey, maybe he is getting less aware in his old age.

I have to admit that seeing Jack say goodbye to Phyllis was kind of difficult. I just wish that he would have seen her hand move or her eye flutter, but that would have been way too easy. Wonder if he is going to marry Kelly and then they let Phyllis come out of her coma? I hope she is back in Genoa City before the trial of her son-in-law because Summer is going to need her mom during that time.

Who the heck is Mariah? Who is her mom? I wonder if she truly is Mariah or if she may actually be a long-lost twin of Cassidy and Sharon never knew that she gave birth to twins? Could be, Sharon is a quack at times and she was very young when she had Cassidy. Sharon has already told Mariah that her family is complete now that she has her in her life. Seriously? Mariah is still hiding things from Nick and Sharon and she is also after Nick!

The jealousy monster has come to live in Christine lately. Poor Paul having to put up with her whining all the time about Nikki and the fact that Nikki kept Dylan away from him. It’s not like Paul wants Nikki or vice versa, but she just can’t seem to let them be friends. I think she has a real problem with any woman being interested in Paul at all. Why not? Paul is a handsome man and has proven to be a good man for the most part, but he does seem to find his way into some messed up relationships.

I am guessing that Kevin is writing a book of some sort. If the book includes all the voices that have been in his head over most of his life, there is no doubt it would be a best seller. All joking aside, I think Kevin does deserve a break from all the bad things that seem to happen to him. Kevin deserves a good relationship with a good woman.

Chelsea and Billy seem to be getting friendly again. Adam needs to be making his way back to town before Conner begins to truly believe Billy is his daddy. The writers are probably waiting to bring Adam and Phyllis back around the same time.

Onto B&B, can anyone say that they did not see Hope and Wyatt tying the knot? I kind of figured that she would end up with Wyatt, but prayed she would not be so stupid and really go thru with it. When I saw her leave him and take off the diamond, I was sure she was running to the nearest phone, but she just wanted to take a plunge in the water with Wyatt. She is really beginning to be like her mom with each passing day.

I feel so sorry for Liam, but hey, if she can marry Wyatt just because he was a little late, then let her go! He deserves so much better out of life and from the looks of it Ivy wants to give him that.

Will Deacon be able to figure out the truth behind the death of Ricardo or will Quinn get away with it?

I think Deacon will figure it all out and hopefully sooner rather than later. I know, Quinn needs to move on, but she does make for some interesting story lines. I do not like her or her son, but what is a soap without a villain? Quinn is B&B’s villain right now.

Ally is not happy about her cousin being married to Wyatt at all and I am sure that she will have something to say about it when they arrive back to LA. I think I heard her tell Oliver that she loved him on today’s episode! I think they make a fairly cute couple, but we need a bit more out of them. Give us something besides carnations and fairy tales. Ally is not a little girl; she needs some real romance in her life. Maybe he Aunt Pam should spike a lemon bar for Oliver!

We will just have to wait until next week to see what is going to happen with all our favorite families, but until then, I hope you all have a great weekend and keep watching Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7.

August 7, 2014

I was saying earlier in the week that there may not be much to talk about in my blog, but as usual, things begin to heat up as the week ends.

Was glad to see Nikki win her court case with Ian, but it is sad to see her past mistakes appeared in the tabloids. We all probably knew when she ran out of Michael’s place that she was headed to the local bar. Of course, that is probably the same bar that Devon is hoping to meet Hillary at later in the day. Maybe her drinking won’t be hidden for long, but then again, maybe she will see Devon and Hillary in a not so great position and have something to hold over them to keep quiet about her drinking.

Devon sure is making his intentions to Hillary known. He wants her and from the way it looks he is going to have her. Will she meet Devon at the bar? Will they do more than chit-chat and gaze into each other’s eyes? Oh yea! I think that Hillary will not be able to hold back any longer, and their relationship will get very heated over the next few days. I have to say that I would much rather see him with Hillary than Abby.

Poor Neil has already spent who knows how much money on this house and for what? To give to a woman who is in love with his son, a woman who can’t seem to kiss him anymore without seeing Devon. Cane needs to come clean with Neil and let him know what he knows. Save the man from so much pain!

I also liked it when Sharon gave Victor a piece of advice, stay out of her life. Firing her shrink may keep her from being able to remember what has happened for a longer time, but I think that Phyllis is getting ready to make her appearance and the news will come out. Sharon won’t be able to hide it any longer. With or without the assistance of her shrink, Victor will get the truth, he always does.

Mariah is beginning to play Nick like a violin. I couldn’t believe it when she actually baked him a peach pie and claimed it was her favorite too. Nick was not too happy with her when he heard her talking to her Mom on the phone. Did anyone else notice that he also made sure to ask her what her Mom’s name was? I think he is going to be looking her up in the near future. Will be interesting to see who she turns out to be.

Kevin got lucky this time around with not having to go to jail. I don’t think that the Genoa City Police should have even thought about locking him up. He is the one who found out that Stitch is not really who he claims to be. I know, it was not Kevin’s place to steal the badge, but who else would have done it? No one! Stitch needs to be ousted for what he has done. Sure, he claims it was an accident, but who knows if it really was.

Victoria needs to do as she has been and just try to stay away from Billy and Stitch. They are both pains and she doesn’t need to be around all that drama. Wait, I forgot, this is a soap and soaps are all about drama. I still think the baby is Billy’s, but I do not think that Billy and Victoria will end up back together. I think Billy is going to end up with Chelsea in the end.

Let’s discuss Hope, Liam and Wyatt! AGAIN we have the love triangle, but this time Hope is supposed to be this woman who is in charge of a huge designer clothing line, but she can’t see that Wyatt is playing her. Please! I think that they need some new writers on this show. Why is it that Hope has to be so much like her mother? Brother vs. brother must be the way the Logans operate.

Look at Katie and Brooke, both going after the same men. Sure Ridge and Bill are not brothers, but it is kind of the same thing, just sister vs. sister. Come on, there has to be something else that this family can do besides make clothes, swap partners and eat lemon bars all day.

I guess now that Quinn is out and on the plane, sitting right behind Liam and Ivy that she will make sure that Liam doesn’t show up at the spot to meet Hope and then she will be back with Wyatt. Maybe Liam will arrive on time, but Quinn will make sure that Wyatt has Hope someplace else so she can’t see that Liam has arrived. Either way, Liam will not get the girl in Paris.

Looks like there may be some interesting things happening in the next few weeks on Y&R, so that may give us some juicy tidbits to talk about. As usual, B&B will be as they have been for the past few years, so we will just have to wait and see what happens there.

Be sure to keep watching your Hometown Station, WDBJ7, for all the interesting things to come to Genoa City and Los Angeles. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you next week!

August 1, 2014

What a week this has been for truth to makes its way out into the open! What will everyone do with all this new information? Lives will be changed, but will they all be changed for the better?

Stitch finally had to come clean with what he was hiding and yes, it was that he committed a murder, but he murdered his father. Not only did he go to prison for that, but he also stole someone’s identity when he got released and isn’t even who he claims to be.

Then Kevin finds out that he didn’t put a check mark in the box “have you ever been convicted of a felony” when he was applying for jobs, service, college, etc. Kevin is now going to have to answer to that, but will Stitch have to go back to jail for breaking the law again? He should, but I think Kevin should not go to jail. Without him butting in Stitch’s business we may not have found anything out before the end of summer.

Will Victoria take Stitch back or will she act like she has some sense and leave him standing all alone?

I guess you can tell from my question that I would like to see her move on, but not with this new Billy, leave them both.

Devon and Hillary are really beginning to get closer than they should, but I am kind of glad. I think that they should be together. Granted, I don’t want to see Neil hurt, but he knew what he was getting when he started messing with her. Right? Wonder if Neil gives Hillary the house that he is buying and they get divorced if he will keep it or will she take it? I’m thinking that she and Devon will live in it and maybe Neil can stay in the guest room.....

Jack and Kelly have admitted that they are in love with each other, but I don’t think that relationship is going to last long at all. Jack is too in love with Phyllis and the guilt of “cheating” on her will eat him alive. Jack is one of the good guys on Y&R and will not abandon Phyllis in her time of need. Kelly needs to just pack up and move on. I don’t mean to the Abbott mansion either.

Mariah sure is making some silent moves on Nick! Wonder what Sharon is going to think of her precious new friend when she figures that mess out? I think that Sharon has her work cut out for her when it comes to the next few months. With Mariah going after Nick and with Phyllis coming out of her coma she will have to be watching out for herself all the way around.

Victor is only being nice to Austin in hopes that he can get Summer to give her blessing to have this new treatment done on Phyllis and I think that he may get his way with that. Of course, if he has to he will just go around everyone and do it anyway. He is VICTOR NEWMAN and he gets what he wants!

The truth about Ridge’s accident also came out this week! Dollar Bill Spencer has really done it this time.

He had Ridge dropped out of the helicopter and almost killed. I bet he wishes now that he would have killed him. Now that Brooke has had second thoughts about their relationship and what he means to her.

Deacon is right there to try to help Brooke get over Bill and all the other men that have been in her life. I honestly can’t believe that she would go back to Deacon. I mean after all, he is her daughters’ ex-husband. I guess she really doesn’t care who she is with, she truly has no morals, in my opinion.

Wyatt and the hope diamond! I can’t believe that Hope accepted it, wait, yes I can! She is her mother’s daughter and she is Deacon’s daughter, so why would I think anything different?

Poor Liam just stood there as his brother made major moves on his fiancée in front of everyone at the press conference. Rick should have known that something was up when Wyatt said he was holding one. Ally did NOT look happy about the whole situation. Will she go off the deep end over this?

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend. Keep watching YOUR Hometown News Leader WDBJ7 to see the happenings of our favorite families.

July 25, 2014

Looks like Summer’s visit to Georgia to see Phyllis may be assisting in the return of “Red” to the show.

When Summer is filling Phyllis in on the happenings of Genoa City she moves her hand.

Chelsea admits to Kevin that she is not telling Billy who Stitch truly is for her own reasons, but Kevin knows it is because she wants Billy for herself. Adam has his assistant go into the apartment and “fix” things so that Chelsea will remember him in hopes that she will not move on with Billy.

Billy comes to see Chelsea after a family dinner that did not go well with the Abbott’s and finds the book from Ben’s high school. He questions Chelsea and she fills him in that Ben is a murderer and that Rayburn is not his real name. Billy heads out to find out what the truth is.

Jack sees Victoria out and tries to let her know that she needs to make sure she knows who Ben truly is, but she insists that she will be moving on without Billy and with Ben. She is unaware of what Ben’s past is and Jack doesn’t want to hurt Kelly by telling her, but when Jack and Kelly are in Kelly’s office Billy comes in and wants the truth.

Will Jack be the one to tell or will Kelly? Will Billy find Ben and let Victoria in on this secret before Victoria does something she may regret? I am so anxious to find out the truth!

Who in the world did Ben kill?

I am so over Ian, Dylan and Nikki! It was good of Nikki to let Dylan in on the journal and on some of the things that he may hear from it, but goodness gracious, can we move it on a bit and just get to the ruling.

Will Victor get away with having Phyllis treated with this new technique without any of her family being made aware of it? Sure, he will, he is VICTOR NEWMAN!

I am still a bit on the fence with Devon and Hillary. Not sure if I would rather see her with Neil or Devon.

If she is with Devon then she would be with him because of passion and the want to be with him, but I think that she is staying with Neil because she feels a need to not hurt him.

As for B&B happenings for this week, not a lot, but then again, the writers are getting a bit blah, my opinion.

Ridge now knows that Bill was the one who ordered him to be dumped from the helicopter and they are heading back to fill Brooke in on this secret. Will this mean that Bill is on his own and that Brooke is going to try to get Ridge back? Will Deacon be able to move in on Brooke?

Glad that Ally has forgiven Oliver, they seem to make a fairly cute couple. Oliver does seem to really care about Ally. Darla being in the cloud so much makes me a bit nervous; does that mean Ally is going to flip out soon because she is seeing her dead Mom so much?

Where in the world are Thorne and Taylor? What happened with their love story? Will Wyatt win back Hope or will he move on to the new Forrester, Ivy? I think that she will end up trying to go after Liam before Wyatt.

I am anxious to see if Ivy puts up with all the things that Hope does or if she will stand up to Hope when it comes to love and who she wants. I am so sick of Hope and all her better than anyone attitudes. Someone needs to put her in her place and I am thinking Ms. Ivy may be just the one to do it.

That’s it for this week. Should be some interesting things going on for next week with both soaps.

Phyllis is supposed to make her debut in August, so that should be happening really soon. Going to be interesting to see if Jack wants Kelly or if he will move on with “Red”....keep watching Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 and see ya’ next week. Have a great weekend.

July 18, 2014

Love triangles, memory loss, memory recovery, regrets, past loves, etc....the plots just keep coming on Y&R and B&B. This has been one interesting week.

Let’s start off with Devon, Hillary and Neil. What is going to happen with this family? Will Devon leave town or will Hillary give into her feelings for him and cut Neil loose?

I think Cain will end up having more to do with the breakup of Neil and Hillary than he thinks. He needs to speak up and let the cat out of the bag! Neil is going to regret buying Hillary a house when he finds out that she is in love with his son and wants to be with him. I do think that Hillary has some feelings for Neil, but I think her passion is for Devon.

Christine is sure having a difficult time dealing with Paul not wanting to have a baby at this point in his life, but is that what her problem is or is it mainly the fact that he has a son with Nikki? I am thinking a little bit of both. Nikki and Paul make a great couple and had Paul known that Nikki was pregnant back in the day, they may have married and had a family. Paul is right to question having a child now, with his health as it is at this time.

Dylan is NOT happy at all with Avery and the fact that she is helping Austin in his defense. Is it just that or is Dylan feeling guilty about Paul getting shot and Avery getting kidnapped? Maybe a little of both...guilt for those two things on top of the guilt that he has been feeling for his friend that died during the War. Dylan is going to have a long road ahead of him to try to come to terms with everything that he has been through in the past few years.

Esther is beginning to see that Jill is not as upset as one would think since the necklace has been “stolen.” I still think that the one that they gave the thief was the real one and she actually has the fake.

Wouldn’t that just be a hoot? Will Esther and even Lauren figure out what is going on with Jill and Colin before it is too late?

Nice to see Jack and Nick coming together for Summer, even if the marriage probably won’t last. Sharon is having all these visions and beginning to put some things together. Will she put it all together before Phyllis comes out of her coma or will Phyllis be the one to bring Sharon down when she gets back to Genoa City? That is going to be a storyline that I am sure to NOT miss!

Glad to see Liam and Wyatt being brothers, but I have a sinking feeling that Wyatt is up to no good in his intentions. Will he try to get Hope back? I think so. Liam is being so naive about his newfound relationship with his brother.

Oliver is doing his best to make things right with Ally, but it is going to be enough? I believe that Oliver will be able to win Ally over and I also think he truly has feelings for her.

July 11, 2014

This has been an interesting week for both soaps! Not a lot of things going on, but you can certainly tell that things are going to be heating up soon on both of them.

Looks like Summer and Austin are going to be having a real wedding before he is sent to prison and divorces Summer. Right! I do not think that he will be divorcing her at all. I think that he will get off with very little jail time, if any, and that they will stay together. Wouldn’t it be nice if Phyllis were to wake up soon and nip this all in the bud? She would not put up with this for one minute. Summer would not be married to Austin and she definitely would not be spending her trust fund on his attorney fees.

I seriously LOL’d when Lilly pushed Hillary into the pool. That was hilarious. I am glad that Lilly is beginning to have a backbone on the show. For so long she has played this poor, innocent, naive young lady who just let whatever happens happen, but not anymore! She knows that Hillary is not good for Neil and she does not want them together, but what will she do when she figures out that Devon is also in love with this woman?

Christine is so worried about Paul and what might have been between him and Nikki that she is going a bit nuts. Sure Nikki and Paul have a son, but that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that Paul loves her any less now than before he found out about Dylan, but Christine has always been a bit of a worrier when it comes to Paul and Nikki. I do think that Nikki and Paul would have made a great couple back in the day and loved it when they showed the flashback of the two of them, but I’m sure that they would not have lasted. No relationship ever does in a Soap.

Ian and his lawsuit against Nikki are a joke. Ian is a joke, but I’m sure he will do all he can to make her pay for something that she really didn’t have any notice of. She didn’t know that Ian could not have been Dylan’s father until Paul was shot. I’m sure Victor will be coming to the rescue of Nikki once again.

What is up with Victoria? She is with Stitch then heads over to see Billy to let him know that she is leaving town for a few days, but acts as if she is happy about being with him. Then when Chelsea comes in she is all bent out of shape because they are friends. What does she want? Does she want her cake and to eat it too? She has Stitch wrapped around her little finger and also has Billy jumping through hoops for her, and she still isn’t happy. I wonder if the DNA comes back as Billy’s if she will even tell the truth. Probably not! She will say it is Stitch’s baby just to keep Billy away.

Chelsea is on her way to finding out who the real Stitch is. He did not want to discuss the friend that they may have in common from Illinois either. Who did he kill? That story needs to unfold a bit faster and Adam needs to get back quicker, before Billy moves in with Chelsea or before Billy finds the camera that Adam has in the baby’s room.

What in the world is up with Quinn? I have to say that I always thought she was out there, but didn’t realize how far out there she truly was. So glad that Deacon had the commonsense to fill Wyatt in on the fact that she made that sword and said she had to take care of something. She would have killed Liam if he had not gotten there. Liam and Wyatt will bond over this, but will this bonding of the two boys interfere with Liam and Hope? Will the drama begin again with the three of them? Or will Ivy coming to town have something to do with Wyatt and Liam?

Glad that Rick has not said anything to Ally yet about the tape he heard with Oliver on it, but not sure how much longer that story will stay quiet. I’m sure that someone is going to let it slip and Ally will be heartbroken and go crazy and do some damage to someone/something.

Ridge is not the man he was before he went after Brooke and he is letting Katie in on the secret, but will she be able to keep it a secret? Will she let her sisters in on this secret and try to get them to help her figure out a way to help Ridge? Ridge is making some headway with his memory, but will he be able to put all the pieces together? Will Spencer be brought down?

I hope that you all have a great weekend and be sure to watch WDBJ7 next week for all of the twists and turns that will be happening on Y&R and B&B. I know I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens with some of the story’s and anxiously waiting for Phyllis to return.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.

July 4, 2014

Not sure where to begin this week with everything that is going on in Genoa City and in L.A.!

Looks like both soaps are trying to win a couple more Emmy’s with the story lines for this summer season.

So happy to see that Paul is doing so well after the surgery, but not liking what Dylan has to go through.

Dylan has just found out that his dad is a great guy and not that awful Ian, but will he live long enough to enjoy life as Paul’s son? I certainly hope so. Paul also deserves to have Dylan in his life. With Ricky gone, this will give Paul another chance. Not to mention Avery and Dylan; she thought she lost him once already and she should not have to mourn him all over again.

Mariah is beginning to have a little bit of a hold on Nick. It appears that Nick is beginning to see Mariah in a different light. Maybe she will wake up to Ian’s intentions before it is too late. It would be nice to see her get a chance to make a new life for herself, but with Ian in her head that is not going to be an easy task.

Summer telling Austin that she is in love with him...what on Earth is she thinking? I guess because he was her first, she is now in love with him. I can’t believe that she was able to bail him out of jail and hire him a defense attorney. Does she really think Austin is going to be her one and only?

So glad that she was advised NOT to testify for Austin, that would be a huge mistake, but it really doesn’t matter now because they have gotten married! Can you believe that she ran off and did that? Did you see the look on Jack’s face? Phyllis needs to come out of her coma, get back to Genoa City and straighten Summer out.

This love affair with Austin is just crazy.

This thing with Stitch and Kelly is ridiculous. Can you believe that they are brother and sister? I had heard from someone who works here that she thought that would be the case, but I honestly did not.

Now who did Stitch murder? Is he in a witness protection program or something? What could he have done that was so bad that his wife would move to Australia and take his son with her? I hope that the writers do not drag this out all summer.

Is Chelsea seriously going to try to get back with Billy? I hope not, I want the new Adam to come in and sweep her off of her feet. I think that she would be much better off with Adam than with Billy. Victoria needs to put her attitude back up on the shelf when it comes to who Billy is with and why. She is the one who wanted the divorce and now she is showing her claws when it comes to Chelsea being with Billy. I think the jealousy card doesn’t need to be played by Victoria at all. She is the one who is pregnant and not sure who the daddy is!

Devon is going downhill really fast with his drinking and sulking over Hillary. Neil has to know that there is something between those two. If he doesn’t, he needs to open his eyes. The elevator scene should have been enough for him to see the truth, but I guess not!

Will Devon get Hillary or will she stay with Neil? Will something bad happen to Devon because of his drinking? Is he going to fall off the roof of the Athletic Club?

Can Jill really tell which necklace is the fake? It would be so funny if she ends up letting them steal the real one instead of the fake one. Who knows if her “spiritual connection” is right! I have to say that I am not too sure about the storylines that they are giving Jill & Colin lately. I am kind of tired of the whole drama of those two.Give me some real drama to sink my teeth into.

Genoa City is not the only place with drama this week....L.A. has its share going on as well. Do we begin with Quinn? Yeah, let’s take a stab at her for starters. “Live by the sword, die by the sword” were the words Quinn spoke to Liam as she stuck his sword necklace in his throat and also while she had him backed down on the couch.

Sounds like a threat to me, but not to her. She is definitely a few apples short of a bushel. I think she is working on an even bigger sword in her workshop to do more damage to Liam. Hope back with Wyatt is all she is wanting and she seems to be working really hard to make it happen. Looks like she will do anything even kill Liam to make Wyatt happy.

Deacon is not sure what to think of Quinn, but it seems to me that he is going to keep a close eye on her. Also appears that he is out for Hope and her happiness this time around. Maybe he has changed in his old age and has decided that his daughter deserves to be happy and that Liam is the one that makes her happy. Not sure what is going to happen when Bill and Deacon meet each other, but I’m sure there will be fireworks.

Ally seems to be falling for Oliver and it looks as if Oliver has begun to fall for Ally, but is Oliver having real feelings for Ally? Rick is not too sure about that since he has heard the tape, but looks as if he is going to give Oliver a chance to prove that he is not out to hurt Ally.

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July! Be sure to keep your channel tuned to Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7, to see what is happening next week.

June 22, 2014

What do all of you think of the new Billy? I personally do not like him, but I guess if you are into that type of character, then he is OK. I am hoping that he begins to grow on me, but as of right now, I think they need to get rid of him. Maybe once Victoria divorces him he will leave the show by going to work at Jabot International or something.

Well she went and did it! Hillary has married Neil and Devon stood there and just watched. This marriage is NOT going to last. Hillary can play happy homemaker with Neil all she wants but her true feelings for Devon will soon come out. I give it a couple of months and she will be wishing she had taken Devon up on his offer.

Colin is really working hard to get that necklace from Jill and is looking at any means to go about it. I am glad that Lilly came in when she did or he may have gotten away with it. You would have thought that he would have told the burglar to try to steal something else while he was in the house. Sure Jill is going to think Colin had something to do with it when all he took was the necklace.

Now we know that Stitch killed someone, but who did he kill? Was it someone that Kelly knew in her past? Was it someone who was threatening his family? I can’t wait for his wife to show up in Genoa City or for Jack to get the answer from Kelly. Did you see his expression when Jack saw Stitch and Kelly together and when he overheard Kelly tell Stitch that she still loves him? Were they lovers or are they family?

There sure was some steam going on at Victoria’s house this week between her and Stitch. I was hoping he would break things off with her, but doesn’t look that way now. Looks like he may have to fill her in on his life and what he has done that is so bad.

Glad to see Dylan and Paul survived, but not sure what to expect in the coming days. Christine is NOT happy at all about Paul being Dylan’s father, and Nikki wants to tell Paul so bad about it. I think Paul has a right to know, but I also think that now is not the best time to tell him.

Abby is getting a bit of what she deserves. I think that the way she is acting is a bit immature and that she needs to grow up. She is a spoiled brat and needs an attitude adjustment. Mariah is just the one to give it to her also.

Rick is back and is alive! Wow, like anyone actually thought he would die. He is too valuable to the show. I do hope that Dollar Bill gets busted for his part in his accident, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Looks like Brooke is beginning to think back to the days of being Ridge’s Logan and wishing that was how things were again.

Myah is becoming a nut case. If you ask me, she needs some real help. She is all over Rick in the steam room, but he rejected her. GOOD for Rick! He needs to be a real man and let her know how he feels about his marriage. Wait until he spills this information to the little wifey…..I would love to be a fly on that wall! I think that she is going to be doing something to try to get rid of Oliver since she overheard him discussing Hope For the Future (HFTF) with Aly.

Quinn is so worried about Wyatt and Hope getting back together that she is about to lose her mind -- what little bit of it she had. I couldn’t believe that she stabbed Liam in the neck with his sword necklace. I think she is making a bigger one in her workshop to kill him with. This storyline is getting really interesting. Will Deacon tell Wyatt that his mom is planning on killing Liam? Let’s hope so.

Well, that is about it for this week. It has been busy on the soaps, but looks like we are all in for a steamy, crazy, hot summer with Y&R and B&B. I can’t wait to watch next week’s on WDBJ7. See ya’ next week and don’t forget to tune in.

June 21, 2014

What the heck is going on with the people in Genoa City? It is like there is something in the water making some of them act a bit crazy these days.

Summer is begging Avery to fight to keep Austin out of prison after he held her at gunpoint and shot Paul. Avery has actually decided to help Austin after Summer filled her in on how much she cares (thinks she cares) for Austin. Thank goodness Summer and Austin used protection; I was thinking that the next storyline would be that Summer was going to be pregnant with Austin’s child. Of course, that can probably still happen.

Chelsea is kissing on Billy in the heat of the moment. That could turn into a bad situation if they were to get together again. Adam is coming back, but if Billy and Chelsea were to have a steamy love affair before Adam were to return, that could make for some great watching. I have to admit, they do look cute together.

Neil and Hillary are getting married and Lilly is trying to accept it, but I doubt that the wedding takes place. I think that Devon will step up and let Hillary know his true feelings for her and either she will call off the wedding or Neil will find out that she does have some feelings for Devon and call it off on his own.

WHAT in the world is Stitch hiding? We now know that he murdered someone, but WHO and WHY? What does Kelly have to do with it all? It had to be something really bad for Stitch’s ex to call him and tell him to keep his mouth shut if he wants to ever see his son again. I just knew when Father Williams confronted Stitch that he would end up in the Chapel and that Victoria would also be there. Go figure, he tells her that he loves her and I think she actually has feelings for him, but she also admitted to Abby that she still loves Billy.

Once again, Brooke has come to the rescue of Ridge! I’m sure all of you knew that if anyone were going to find Ridge, it would be Brooke. Dead or alive, she had to be the one. Glad he is alive, but not sure what I think of the Amnesia! I mean, really, he can remember “Logan,” but not his son! Doesn’t make much sense, but then again not much on B&B does.

Who were these people who found him? Why in the world did they not let the police or the hospitals know that they had found him. Did they live so far off the grid that they didn’t know there was a search going on for Ridge?

Then there is Quinn! What is her plan with Deacon? Deacon needs to watch out for himself, because Quinn is out for nothing but herself and she is definitely trouble. With a capital “T!” Wonder if she is going to be able to worm her way back into Wyatt’s life since Ridge has been found? I’m sure FC is still going to make sure that Quinn and Wyatt are no longer working there, but I’m also sure she will not rest until she has exhausted all avenues to get back to FC and back into her son’s life.

Is Deacon really happy for Hope and Liam? I’m thinking, NOT! I can’t remember, but I do not think that Deacon has met Liam in person. Wonder how the two of them will hit it off? Life is definitely going to be different for the Spencer/Forrester families while Deacon is in town.

Will Paul make it through another week? Will Victoria find out the truth? Will Ridge remember Katie? Will Bill be able to keep his secret? We will all have to keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to those questions and more. Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.

June 13, 2014

Paul is fighting for his life because of Austin and his desire to go after Avery. Looks like all eyes are on Dylan if Paul doesn’t pull through. After all, they did tell him to stay back and let them handle it, but NO he has to play superhero and save Avery.

I do not understand what Summer is thinking. She knows what he has done and is still trying to help him. Did you see the look on Christine’s face when she saw Nikki in the room with Paul? Christine is not going to let that happen very long. After all, Nikki and Paul may have meant something to each other in the past, but Christine is his wife.

Will Stitch tell Victoria the truth before Billy and Chelsea get back from Australia? What is the truth? My guess is that he has killed someone, but who and why? What does his secret have to do with Kelly? Will it be enough for Victoria to walk away from him, even if the baby is his?

Billy should have come clean with Victoria about his reason for leaving town instead of lying to her. Just put one more nail in his love coffin with Victoria, in my opinion.

Victor is starting to be nice to Dylan and you all know that will not end well. Victor is never nice to anyone without it meaning something for him. Sure, he has realized that Dylan is good for and to Nikki, but what is he going to do next with his new found likeness of Dylan?

How will Mariah disappoint Sharon or will she? I am thinking that Mariah is going to change and become someone in Genoa City that is not all bad. Face it, everyone in Genoa City has bones all over the place, but will Mariah be able to make nice after all she has done? I think Nick is setting her up for a fall so that Sharon will get rid of her.

Neil and Hillary seem to be moving on with their relationship even after Lilly has voiced her opinion time and time again. Devon has true feelings for Hillary and will not be able to keep them hidden for much longer. Will she marry Neil or will she run to Devon? I do NOT like her with Neil and I don’t think I would like her with Devon.

I am so glad that Hope has made up her mind and has chosen Liam. I could not be happier with that decision. I think Wyatt is bad news, just like his mom, and needs to move on to another victim. I am not so sure that he is going to move on past Hope without a little more fight, but I’m sure Hope will be able to get past Wyatt. Especially since Brooke is so against Quinn now.

Wyatt has told Quinn to move on, but will she? I think she is going to go to Hope (against Wyatt’s wishes) and try to get her to go back to him. Will she go to the Warehouse like Wyatt told her? NO! She is going to do everything she can to keep her place at Forrester Creations, but I’m sure when Brooke and Eric get back she will wish she was far away from all of them.

I have to say that I did chuckle just a little when Ally told Quinn that she and Wyatt were both LOSERS! Did you notice how Quinn wouldn’t look at Ally; guess she didn’t want Ally to see her all broken hearted after leaving Wyatt’s office.

Next week looks to be very interesting and I’m sure I will be watching all the happenings of the Young & Restless and the Bold & Beautiful right here on WDBJ7, your Hometown News Leader. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

May 30, 2014

Quinn has really gotten herself into some hot water this week. I’m sure that she never thought that sending Ridge the pic of her and Bill would end up like this. Everyone is now wondering if Ridge is dead or alive. I don’t think anyone could fall out of a helicopter and land in the ocean from that high up and survive, but this is the soaps and weirder things have happened. I have heard rumors that Ridge is being recast already, so maybe they are just going to have him MIA for a while and then bring him back after reconstructive surgery or something.

Will what has happened to Ridge make Hope open her eyes to the fact that Quinn and her son are no good for the family? I doubt it, but she did not look happy about Wyatt punching Liam in today’s episode ?. I think they should just put the family out of their misery and get rid of Quinn and Wyatt. Or keep Wyatt, but send Quinn off to jail, where she belongs.

Moving to Y & R for this week --- not a lot going on from what I have seen. Looks like Jill is happy about the necklace, but I think she needs to put it somewhere much safer than in the house. Colin is going to get that necklace and sell it to pay off some of his debt.

Devon and Hillary are bound to get together and Neil is going to be hurt, but hey, I think Hillary and Devon belong together. They make a great couple and if you ask me, Neil needs to be with someone his own age. I would love it if Y&R were to bring Drusilla back. That would be awesome, and can you just imagine the story between Sharon, Phyllis and Drusilla?

Wonder when the “Adam” character will make his arrival? I guess he must have hidden the camera in the baby’s room before he was MIA. Now he is enjoying watching his son from a distance. The way the private investigator talks, he should be coming back soon. That is going to be so interesting. Wonder if Chelsea will feel some sort of connection to this guy or if they will let her know it is really Adam? I’m thinking that she will just have an odd connection to him, if they let her know it is really Adam then he may end up doing time for his part in Delia’s death.

I also have a bad feeling about Victoria and Stitch and what goes on with them in the future. I hear a rumor that the role of Billy has already been recast again! Not sure what the deal is with that, but it should make for an interesting story. Is Billy going to end up leaving the show for good, or will something happen between this Billy and the new Adam that has Billy leaving?

What is up with Avery’s stalker and Summer? Is Summer really going to get involved with him? I see a bad reality check coming for Summer and Avery is not going to like it either. Why is he stalking Avery? What could possibly be his reason?

Guess we will all have to just keep watching WDBJ7 to find out the answers to all the questions. Stay tuned next week and maybe we will all see if Ridge is truly dead or just MIA and will Adam be making his return soon? I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.

May 30, 2014

Goodbye is never an easy thing to say, but the scene with Chloe and her family was kind of tough to watch this week. I think this is actually Chloe’s goodbye to the Young & Restless. I do not think that she will be coming back to Genoa City or at least not the Chloe we all know and love.

Poor Kevin, my heart just breaks for him. He loves Chloe so much and has had a horrible life, up until he got with Chloe. Will he go back to his old ways or will he find a new love and move on?

Jill and Colin are seriously trying to find out all they can about that jewelry box, but will it bring them fortune or just more turmoil? I hope that Jill doesn’t let Colin in on the money, if she finds it. He doesn’t deserve any of her money or her. Cane needs to let Victor in on what he knows about Colin and let Victor take care of him. Then Jill will not have to worry about him trying to get anything over on her.

Summer did not like seeing Jack and Kelly together at the Abbott Estate, but what does she expect? Does she think that Jack doesn’t need companionship? Well, she should know from past experience that Jack needs to have a woman, any woman, on his arm and with Phyllis still in a coma, Kelly is the one for the time being. Will Summer end up taking things too far with Austin or will Avery step in to nip it in the bud? What is Austin after from Summer?

I guess Dylan is going to offer Ian’s ex money for anything that she can give him. Thanks to Victor! Must be nice to be able to just pull a couple thousand out of your desk drawer and throw it away on information.

What is Billy going to do about Victoria being pregnant? Who is the Father? I sure do hope that this plot does not drag out forever. I also hope the baby belongs to Billy.

Abu Dhabi looks like a very beautiful place to have a wedding. From what Bill Spencer have planned, it may just be where Brooke and him tie the knot -- if Ridge doesn’t stop the wedding first. Looks like Quinn has sent him some ammunition to do that with.

Wyatt needs to do something about his Mom and fast because when Hope finds out that Quinn has possibly stopped her Mom from being happy with Bill, she may just turn her back on Wyatt for good. I think that Hope should be with Liam anyway, but it would be better if Hope made the decision based on the guys and not based on all the drama that Quinn brings into the mix.

May 23, 2014

What a week it has been on the soaps this week! My eyes were almost leaking most of this week.

Especially when all of Chloe’s family/friends were discussing how to handle her & all that she has been dealing with these past few months. The intervention was difficult to watch, but glad they played it out like they did. Chelsea & Billy were great in making Esther & Kevin understand that Chloe needs help and more than either one of them can give. Kevin and Esther have finally opened their eyes to what is going on with Chloe and allowing her to be sent away to get the help she needs is a great start. Maybe they are going to have Kevin help her escape from Genoa City before she can be sent to Fairview. Wonder if this is how she will be written out of the soap.  Rumor has it she is leaving Y&R. Not too happy about that, but you see them come and go.

Victoria is in a real bad situation with Stitch, Billy and Baby, but should she let Stitch get away with sneaking into her private records? NO! Victoria begging Stitch to keep quiet. You know that isn’t going to end well at all. Stitch is going to let it slip to Billy and then I think that is when this storyline is going to get more interesting.

Jack seems to be moving on with Kelly, but what will happen when Phyllis is back at the end of the summer? Yes, you heard me, this summer the new Phyllis will be making her debut. Rumor has it that Gina Tognoni (Kelly from OLTL & Dinah from GL) will be the new Phyllis. I remember her from the other shows and she was kind of feisty in those roles. Will be interesting to see it all unfold in the next few months. Will he leave Kelly for Phyllis or will he be so in love with Kelly by that time that he doesn’t go to Phyllis? Not sure, I think that Phyllis (Red) is his soul mate, but how many times can one make the journey back to their soul mate? Even if they do still believe that Summer is Jack’s child, will that be enough to keep them together?

Bold & Beautiful is getting a bit boring, if you ask me. How many times can they keep playing the same storylines until it is just enough? Seriously, it is always a remake of a couple seasons before. If it isn’t Ridge, Brooke and one of his brothers in a love triangle it is Ridge, Brooke, and her sisters’ husband in a love triangle. Not to mention all the triangles with Taylor and now even Hope is getting involved in the triangles. Move on with something else. Maybe add a new family to the mix, one that Brooke, Taylor and Hope have not slept with. Something, anything would be better at times.

The love square between Ridge, Brooke, Katie & Bill just gets more intense and crazy as each passing day. Ridge is so against Brooke marrying Bill that it is making him crazy! Will this wedding happen? Yes, I think it will. Ridge keeps saying it is to keep RJ safe, but I do not think RJ is going to be hurt by Bill. If I were Katie and Ridge was my fiancé I would be a bit on the mad side because of Ridge’s actions towards the relationship of Bill & Brooke. Not sure if I could feel 100% comfortable marrying a man that was so against his Ex-wife marrying someone else, especially when he is getting married again as well.

I think that Quinn is going to let the cat out of the bag about her and Bill and their time together. Her “selfie” will somehow get to Brooke when Bill least expects it. Will that be enough to make Brooke walk away and try to get back with Ridge or will she dismiss it and move on with marrying Bill?

Looks like Liam and Wyatt are still dating the same girl, but will Hope ever make a decision? I think she needs to be with Liam, but with Quinn locking Liam up in the steam room and with her being the person that she is; it may be Wyatt she ends up with. I guess Quinn thinks that forcing Bill to give Wyatt the “Spencer” name was going to make some kind of difference to Hope.

I guess you just need to keep watching Your Hometown Station, WDBJ7, next week to find out. I am getting excited to see what is about to happen on both the soaps. Anxious for Phyllis to come back, anxious for the plots on B&B to unfold and really anxious to see what the deal is with Ian, Mariah & Tyler. Does anyone have a clue who is stalking/taunting Avery?

May 16, 2014

Stitch is something else this week! Did he really introduce himself to the OB/GYN just so he could see what type of doctor she was? Then he requested Victoria’s medical records and of course, now he knows that she is pregnant. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is on her way to Genoa City. Wonder how that is going to turn out? Do you think she will have a long role or will this be something that is just a short stint?

Neil and Hillary are really beginning to get things on in their relationship, but I am thinking that Lilly is NOT going to like it when she finds out that her Daddy is with Hillary? I think Devon may have an issue with that as well, but I think he already knows something is going on with the two of them. I miss Drusilla! You know, they never found her body and now would be a perfect time to bring her back from the bottom of the mountain. That would be an interesting storyline for Neil, Hillary and even Sharon.

Sharon….what on earth is going on with that girl? She wants to break things off with Nick because Victor said she should, but then she goes on upstairs with him. She is truly a crazy one, in my opinion. Looks like she may not find out what her real “secret” is under hypnosis because Nick doesn’t want her going under again. From the scoop on the new Phyllis being cast, she may not have a choice about the truth coming out. I bet that Phyllis will have Amnesia or something when she comes out of the coma and then Sharon will be able to keep her secret.

Jill is so funny when it comes to Colin. She actually has locked him up in the attic of the Chancellor Estate until he signs those papers that state he will not take any of her money. Yea, like that is going to happen. She will have to let him rot up there before he signs those.

Billy & Chloe are headed down a new road. One in which I think Chloe is not going to like. I do not think that Billy will take a chance on losing Victoria for sure by sleeping with Chloe again. I think Chloe will need to find her a new baby daddy.

What about the Bold & Beautiful this week? Can you believe that Ridge is actually thinking that he can order Brooke to NOT allow Bill around RJ? How crazy is that? Sure, it’s OK for him to have RJ around Katie, but not the other way around. Right! Like Brooke is going to let that boat cross the water. Did you see Bill talking to Ridge and Bill telling Ridge that Brooke is NOT going to be his Logan anymore and he needed to get over himself? Loved it!

I kind of feel sorry for Aly, but I also feel bad for Thorne. After all that Thorne has been through with losing his wife the way he did and then to have to raise his daughter alone. Not what any man/woman wants to do, but it does happen in real life. Can Aly forgive Taylor? Will Thorne have to give up on his happiness again? I’m hoping that Taylor and Thorne can be happy with each other and that Aly can forgive Taylor. Forget what she has done, no, but forgive her. Move on with your life. Is Oliver really helping or is he just out for the Forrester name? Not too sure this week.

Glad there wasn’t much going on with Hope and her love triangle this week. Kind of bored with that whole storyline, but anxious to see who she actually picks. Quinn is a bit much, but at least she stirs the pot a bit to keep things going. Does anyone remember what soap she played on prior to B&B?

I hope that you all have a great rest of this week and a wonderful weekend. Keep your channel tuned to WDBJ7 for all of your Hometown information and news. Not to mention, the latest soap info.

May 8, 2014

WOW! Did everyone hear the news about Michelle Stafford? She is going to a different soap, leaving the role of Phyllis in a coma! Yes, in a coma. But the good news is that they are looking to RECAST her! This is going to be really good and I would think soon. I know, Stafford is the only one who can do justice to the role of Phyllis. But hey, we have to give someone else a chance to be as devious, conniving, man stealing, etc. as she was in her time as Phyllis. Wonder if this next person is going to be a red head? After all, Jack’s nickname for her is “red.”

Life in Genoa City is getting pretty crazy, if you ask me. With Victor bringing that Mariah to terrorize Sharon and then to find out that she is also the one who has been messing with Abby and her man….that is just so crazy, then drop Ian into the mix. What is her relationship with Ian? I think that Ian has set Victor up to see if he can get to Nikki thru all this mess. Glad Nick told Victor off, but not sure that will last. How many times in the past has Victor upset one of his children and then found his way back into their lives?

Not sure what the secret is that Stitch is hiding, but I do think that Billy will be finding it out -- hopefully before Victoria does anything stupid. Who does the baby belong to, Billy or Stitch? My opinion is that it has to be Billy’s and that she is going to try to pass it off as Stitch’s to see if she can back away from Billy for good this time.

Chloe is up to no good once again. Will she really be able to use drugs to get Billy to have sex with her so that she can get pregnant again? Why not have one with Kevin? If she thinks having another baby will help her get over Delia then just have one, don’t make it out like you are replacing Delia by having another with Billy.

I think that Jack is really falling for Kelly, but after seeing Summer go off on him for cheating on Phyllis, he backs away from Kelly. Is that what he should be doing? I think that they should let him get involved with Kelly and then let Phyllis deal with her when she comes out of her coma. That would be an amazing storyline. Phyllis can do serious damage when she feels threatened.

Enough about Y&R, let’s move onto B&B. There really isn’t much going on with this one that hasn’t been done over and over. I mean really, Ridge marrying Katie? Like that will actually happen. If it does happen it won’t last long. Ridge is supposed to be with Brooke and down the road it will come about again.

This Wyatt, Liam, Hope triangle is getting to be a bit much. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when you look at Hope and the fact that she has a thing for two brothers. Make up your mind already, choose Liam and be done with it. Wyatt and his Momma need to pack it up and move on.

Is everyone waiting for Ally to go mental when she finds out Thorne and Taylor are at it again? I am, and I am also waiting for her to lay into Oliver when she finds out he is just using her to keep a job at Forrester. I kind of feel sorry for Ally. But seriously, does she not see things that are right in front of her face?

Well, that is it for this week. Hope that you all are enjoying the shows and please, if you have comments about them or my blog, be sure to leave them. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Remember to keep your channel tuned to your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 for all the happenings of Y&R and B&B. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya’ back here next week.

May 1, 2014

Welcome to Your Hometown Soapbox! The place to find out what the happenings are on The Young & Restless and the Bold & Beautiful.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lisa Smith and I work at WDBJ7 in the business office. I have been watching the soaps on CBS since 1980. I guess one could say I have grown up with some of the actors on these shows. I remember watching them with friends and family.

There was no DVR back in the day; we just caught up on the days we were out of school and from the recaps in the paper. Once the VCR became a big hit we could record them and then watch them back later when we had a chance. With today’s technology we can watch them at,, and on our local station, Channel 7.

I am going to be updating this blog once a week and hope that I can get some input from all of the viewers. I would like this blog to be as interactive as it can be. I won’t be able to give you any information that is not available to everyone, but we can have a great time trying to figure out what is going to be happening to who and when. I think that is one of the best parts about watching soaps. It gives us the chance to see just what some people do in strange/odd situations and how bad they mess their lives up within a couple of episodes.

It also allows some of us to live the fantasy life of money and power through our favorite characters. This blog will also give us the opportunity to vent a bit when it comes to plots that we are not too happy about. I’m sure that we have all experienced a few of those in the past, and I’m sure we will see more of them in the future.

The first blog post will be on May 9, but until then, be thinking of plots that you have seen in the past and ones that you see now so that we will be able to discuss them together. The comments section is at the bottom of this article.

We do not have to just chat about Y&R and B&B. We can also discuss the oldies like Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow. Remember, this is YOUR Hometown Soapbox!

Does anyone remember Reva at the fountain? That was a show right there. What about James Steinbeck and all the horrible things that he has done? Victor Newman is the character that my husband likes on Y&R, but I’m not that huge of a fan of his. He does get away with a lot of things and has been for decades. Will he keep getting away with everything or will someone finally bring him down? Will Brooke ever find true love?

See you next week and hope that you all have a great weekend. Remember to keep those thoughts coming and be sure to watch for the next exciting episode every weekday on YOUR Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7.

Lisa Smith is WDBJ7's soap opera blogger. You can comment about soap operas or the blog at the bottom of this article.