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Gretna at Brookville

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:57:31 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 30 2013 12:00:00 AM EDT

The Bees have won two straight championships, and 29 games in a row.


There were plenty of unknowns this week at Brookville where head coach Jeff Woody left in the offseason. Gone along with him, 28 seniors from last year's Bees team that won a second consecutive state title.

New head coach Marshall Schmitt didn't get the luxury of a warm up game in his coaching debut, as Dyon Rosser and the high flying Gretna Hawks came a callin' off Timberlake Road outside Lynchburg.

The two teams have combined for 8 state titles, including three between them the last two seasons.

Rosser started with some fancy footwork, working hard for a Hawks first down as they tried to build on a 7 point lead. Rosser's arm then got some work to Von Bennett who made a nice catch in the endzone and Gretna was rolling on the road, stunning the Brookville crowd.

Brookville's 29 game winning streak was in some serious jeopardy at this point.

Andrew Bell was doing his part though.  He was running with some purpose and was not gonna stop until he picked up 54 yards for a Bees touchdown, their only score of the half.

There was too much Rosser though. He finished things off with an interception and a 70 yard touchdown return.  That was an exclamation point as Gretna turned in an impressive performance to whip Brookville 42 to 20.

Kevin Saunders/Gretna Head Coach: "Our coaches did a great job.  We had a great plan coming in.  I felt really good and confident, so it was a good victory for our football program."

Marshall Schmitt/Brookville Head Coach: "We didn't tackle well on defense and we didn't have good support from our secondary on offense.  Going forward we've got to get better on defense and stay on our blocks on offense.