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Northwood at Covington

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:30:52 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 15 2013 10:49:04 AM EST

Covington vs. Northwood


In Covington, Rod Tenney's Cougars opened the playoffs in style against Northwood.  The visitors made the trip from Saltville, the home of Big Tom Buchanan of Survivor fame.

Covington was up 14 to 6 and the Cougars kept things going with a huge pass play to Noah Sertig who sprinted down the far side. No one was going to catch him. He took it into the endzone for a 78 yard touchdown. The point after was good making it 21 to 6 Covington.

On Northwood's next possession, Q-B Channing Call rolled out to pass. But Covington's Adam Persinger snuffed out the play for a loss of 15 yards forcing Northwood to punt it away.

The Cougars went back to work.  Luke Moye to Raquann Matthews and that was enough to move the sticks and keep a drive alive.

Then Brandon Phillips took it over the goal line but they ruled he fumbled on the way in.  It was a touchback and Northwood took over.

That only delayed the inevitable.  Covington's Mickey Woodson provided an explanation point for the home team. He made the interception and went the other way on a pick six. 

Covington was all over Northwood tonight 41 to 12.