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WEEK 1 PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Dyon Rosser, Gretna

Published On: Dec 24 2013 05:51:02 AM EST   Updated On: Sep 07 2013 01:09:25 AM EDT

The Gretna Hawks got out to a 1 and 0 start to the season thanks in large part to senior Dyon Rosser. Karen Loftus checks in with this high flying Hawk, our first Friday Football Extra Player of the Week for 2013.


The Gretna Hawks got out to a 1-0  start to the season last week, thanks in large part to senior Dyon Rosser.

Gretna made a big statement in week one, defeating the 2-time defending double-A state champs, Brookville. The 42-20 Hawks victory snapped the Bees' 29-game win-streak.

Dyon Rosser, FFE Player of the Week described it saying, "It felt good. We went in knowing they were state champs and they had a little record going on but since the past few years, we're known for breaking records. That's the reason coach really put it on the schedule. We don't want to go out there and play teams that don't really got a name to them. We want to play some one who's state champs. Give us some confidence going into the season."

Last Friday's win was certainly a confidence booster for Dyon, who single-handedly torched the Bees. On offense, the 3-year starting quarterback was 6 for 10 passing for nearly 100 yards,  throwing for 2 touchdowns. He also did work on the ground with 14 carries for 155 yards and another touchdown.

Dyon Rosser, "I was pretty pleased. I had a few mistakes here and there but overall I was pretty pleased."

But it wasn't just on offense that Dyon stood out. As a starting safety, he had two interceptions returned for touchdowns-- one for nearly 80 yards and the other for 50.

Dyon Rosser, "It felt really good. Once that defense came in and I got that interception, everything just kept going on and let us win the game."

Kevin Saunders, Gretna Head Coach, "I knew he would play that well. I don't think people realized he's been all state defensive back for us for 3 years so he's tremendous at defensive back. He's been a great player all the way around. He's a product of the great quarterbacks that Gretna's had over the years and he's just another one of them and he happens to play both ways. We don't have many that go both ways but he's too good not to be on the field."

Since Dyon's on the field for practically every snap, he's a constant presence for his teammates to look to for guidance.

Kevin Saunders, "He's not a vocal leader. He's by example but when he gets vocal, they really pay attention. It takes a lot to where he'll jerk them up but he will. He is the leader of the team. There's not doubt about that. He makes all the calls. He'll check at the line. He'll make all the secondard calls. He's extremely smart in the classroom too so he's got a lot going for him and they listen to him. They do respond to him. And he's the one who doesn't have to have the stardom. He just happens to be a good player that happens to do really well. It doesn't matter to him whether he's got a bunch of yards. It's all about winning."

Dyon Rosser, "It was satisfying because the team looks up to me as a leader and it I can get that spark I get them going and once every body's going, I don't think we can be stopped."

And if Dyon's right, the Hawks will be vying for their 6th state championship come December.