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WEEK 3 PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Zac Hill, William Byrd

Published On: Dec 24 2013 08:00:28 AM EST   Updated On: Sep 20 2013 12:00:00 PM EDT

Hill led the Terriers to a big victory at Salem last week.


Salem's football team hadn't lost a regular season game since October of 2011, until last Friday night when William Byrd came into their house and pulled-off the one-point win.

Terriers senior quarterback, Zac Hill, did it all for Byrd and earned himself our Spotlight Player of the Week honors.

"To do that, you have to have a group of kids who won't get intimidated,” William Byrd head coach Jeff Highfill said. “Not by their reputation, not by their stadium, not by their fans. A group of kids who will take on anybody. Zac is typical of that group for us."

While being on the field for every play on offense and defense, Zac Hill led the Terriers to a 30-29 win over Salem, snapping a nine-game lose-streak against the Spartans.

"That was pretty nice because most people around here would love to beat Salem and that was my first time beating Salem ever," Hill said.

After trailing 15-nothing, Zac rallied his team and accounted for 10 tackles and one strip near the goal line on defense. And on the other side of the ball he rushed for nearly 200 yards and three touchdowns, throwing for 77 yards with no picks in 16 attempts. He also threw the game-winning two-point conversion with 90 seconds left in the game to put his team-up by one point.

"Coach was like, ‘We're going to drive down the field and score. We're going for 2.’ He already had the play wrote up and everything so we all knew we were going for 2."

When it comes to making gutsy calls like going for the win instead of the tie, coach Highfill knows he can count on Zac to keep an even keel and get the job done.

"He leads by example. And Zac's not intimidated or afraid of anybody and he went in there and sort of set the tone for us,” Highfill said. "His facial expression never changes. It hadn't in basketball. It hadn't in football. You won't see anything from Zac. You don't see him pumping his fist like he's done anything good."

Going along with his "always keep fighting" mentality is the level of intensity of which Zac plays, which resulted in him going through two helmets in the game.

"It was a run where it came right at us on our sideline and he broke 3 or 4 tackles, stiff-armed a couple of guys and then threw a couple of them off and somehow when it was all over and he got up and his helmet was all twisted around a little bit,” Highfill said. “I think the chin strap was where the problem was. It was busted."

Zac's contributions propelled the Terriers to a 3-0 start to the season, something Byrd hasn't done since 2003.